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God of War – What You Need to Know! (Original Saga Story Summary)

With the upcoming God of War for PS4, we see
series protagonist Kratos taking on a new mythological foe, so we here at Suggestive
Gaming figured now would be a good time to go over Kratos’ first set of opposition:
the greek pantheon. So strap yourself in, because this is What
You Need to Know about the entire original God of War saga, from start to finish. Our story begins with the Primordials, the
very first beings to come into existence, fighting for control of their creation, Earth. This war ravished the world, and eventually
the three Furies were born from the rage and power of the battle. The Furies were then tasked to honor oaths
between the various beings of Earth. Their first victim was the Hecatonchires,
Aegaeon, who had broken an oath to one of the first Gods, Zeus. To make an example of Aegaeon, the Furies
petrify his body into The Prison of the Damned for anyone who dared to break an oath in the
future. Eventually the Furies began to take guidance
from the God of War, Ares, who convinced them to join him in a siege on Olympus. Believing their forces to be too weak, the
queen of the Furies, Alecto, birthed a son with Ares hoping to create a powerful warrior. This warrior, Orkos, proved to be a failure
in Ares’ eyes, and was disowned; however, the Furies decided to use him as their oath-keeper. With Ares still in search for his warrior
to help take over Olympus, Zeus hears of a prophecy foretelling his death at the hands
of one of his sons, a ‘marked warrior’. Ares is tasked to find and dispose of this
threat. Ares discovers Deimos, a young Spartan who
bore a birthmark all over his body, and storms the city to capture him. During the kidnapping, Deimos’ brother,
another young Spartan by the name of Kratos, attempts to stop the God, but he is struck
down, leaving a scar over his right eye. Ares attempts to kill Kratos for this, but
his sister, Athena, the goddess of war, convinces him to spare the boy. Deimos is then taken to the god of death,
Thanatos, to prevent the prophecy and protect Zeus. Kratos, tortured by his inability to save
his brother, vows to never fail like that again, and tattoos a replica of Deimos’
birthmark on himself in remembrance. Kratos’ rage and pain remained with him
as he became a leading member of the Spartan army, eventually marrying a Spartan woman
named Lysandra, and the two have a daughter whom they name Calliope. Calliope unfortunately contracts a plague,
which infects her skin and causes the Spartan authorities to decide for her to be thrown
into a chasm and left to die. Kratos then sets off to find the cure for
her disease, a mysterious element with exceptional healing abilities called Ambrosia. Unbeknownst to Kratos, the Gods had a wager
in which they selected various heroes whom they believed would first obtain the Ambrosia. Kratos was chosen by Ares, likely due to their
prior run-in in which Kratos displayed his resilience and bravery. After battling the other Gods’ selected
heroes, Kratos fights a climactic battle with an army of Barbarians and their leader Alrik,
who was trying to retrieve the Ambrosia to heal his own father. Kratos eventually bests Alrik, and captures
the Ambrosia, but at the cost of many of his men. Upon returning to Sparta, Kratos heals his
daughter, and the King of Sparta bestows on him the title of Captain. As captain of the Spartan army, Kratos leads
his men to many victorious battles, often slaying scores of enemies with an increasing
hunger for power, despite the wishes of his wife. Eventually, Kratos comes across a familiar
enemy, the barbarian king Alrik who still blames Kratos for his father’s death. Kratos and his army are no match to the rebuilt
Barbarian army, and Kratos, moments away from death at the hands of Alrik, calls out to
Ares in desperation. Ares, seeing a candidate to overthrow Olympus,
accepts Kratos’s offer of loyalty, and kills the Barbarians in exchange. He then gives Kratos the Blades of Chaos,
symbolizing his servitude to the God of War. Under Ares’ loyalty, Kratos slays many innocents,
razes villages, and spreads chaos in the name of Ares. Under Ares’ influence, Kratos slowly loses
his humanity with every battle fought for the god. Soon, Kratos is tasked to raid a village of
Athena’s followers due to Ares’ jealously of Athena, whom their father Zeus favored. There, he encounters an oracle, who warns
Kratos of dark things awaiting him inside the city’s temple. Kratos ignores this warning, and enters the
temple, blindly slaughtering those inside. However, afterwards, Kratos comes to realize
that those inside the temple were none other than his beloved wife Lysandra and daughter
Calliope. Ares reveals that he had transported them
there secretly in order to sever Kratos’s human ties and create the perfect warrior. Kratos leaves the bodies of his family inside
the temple to burn, and as he exits, the oracle curses him, binding the ashes of his wife
and child to Kratos’s skin, forcing him to wear another reminder of his failures,
and turning him into the Ghost of Sparta. Kratos then renounces his allegiance to Ares,
and breaks his oath, causing the Furies to hunt him down and torture him with endless
illusions. Kratos then finds himself trapped in an illusion
of his former home in Sparta. Orkos appears before him and helps him break
the illusion using Lysandra’s necklace and ring. Orkos then convinces Kratos to seek out Aletheia,
the Oracle at Delphi. He finds the Oracle captured, but is unable
to prevent her from being mortally wounded. Before her death, she informs Kratos that
the only way he can be free of his oath to Ares would be to slay the oath’s enforcers:
the Furies. Kratos returns to Orkos who informs him of
Ares’ true intentions all along to use him to overthrow Zeus. With this knowledge, Kratos travels to Delos
to slay the Furies. Upon his arrival, however, he is ambushed
and captured by them, and they proceed to torture him in the Prison of the Damned. After two weeks of torture, one of the Furies
leaves an opening for Kratos to exploit and escape his imprisonment. After various battles and illusions, Kratos
is able to outsmart and outfight the Furies, slaying all three of them. After the death of the Furies, Kratos returns
to his home in Sparta where he finds Orkos, who reveals to Kratos that while he killed
the Furies, they transferred Kratos’ oath to him, keeping the bond with Ares’ intact. Orkos hands Kratos his blade, and asks him
for an honorable death in order to permanently end Ares’ hold on them. Kratos complies, killing Orkos, and burning
his home with the former oath-keeper’s body still inside. No longer under servitude to Ares, Kratos
dedicates his life to serving the Gods of Olympus as their trusted warrior. After defeating an invading Persian army for
the Gods, Kratos appears before them to ask for his next task, suddenly, however, he sees
the Sun fall from the sky, enveloping the world in darkness. Kratos follows the last trace of light he
can see to the Temple of Helios. After speaking to Athena, Kratos concludes
that Helios had been captured, allowing the God of Dreams, Morpheus, to entrance other
Gods into a deep sleep, allowing him to take control of Greece. Inside the temple, Eos, Helios’s sister,
tasks Kratos to awaken her brother’s Fire Steeds in order to find him. In return, she promises to relieve Kratos
of his nightmares, which haunt him in the form of a melody his daughter used to play
on her flute. He does this, and the steeds take him to Helios’s
location: the Underworld. There, he meets, Charon, the ferryman on the
River Styx, who ultimately denies Kratos passage, as it is not his time. Kratos engages him, but is knocked unconscious
and thrown into Tartarus, the darkest depths of the Underworld where the Titans had been
chained by Zeus. Upon waking, Kratos witnesses Atlas’s chains
broken, and the Titan missing. Kratos fights his way through Tartarus, eventually
climbing out to confront Charon once again. After defeating him, Kratos uses his ferry
to follow Helios’s light down the river Styx to a temple. There, Kratos sees his daughter upon the shore. He followers her inside, but instead finds
Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. Persephone reveals to Kratos that he can meet
his daughter once again, and she is now residing in the Elysium Fields. Persephone tells Kratos that to see his daughter
again, he must make a sacrifice; to give up all of his weapons and powers given to him
by the Gods. Kratos does this, transferring his powers
into the Forsaken Tree, and regains his humanity. He reunites with his daughter, but the reunion
is interrupted by Persephone, who reveals her true intentions. She reveals that it was her who released Atlas,
whom she tasked with destroying the pillar that holds the Earth. She intends for this to kill everyone, including
herself, to free her from her imprisonment by Hades as his wife. Kratos painfully makes the decision to give
up his ability to see his daughter and re-gain his weapons. Doing this, he once again becomes the Ghost
of Sparta, and against his daughter’s wishes, takes off to stop Persephone. Kratos finds the Queen at the base of the
pillar, and she carries him to the top. There, the two engage in a final battle. During this battle, Persephone attempts to
confuse Kratos and convince him to return to Elysium to be with his daughter. Kratos resists this, however, and Persephone
orders Atlas to take care of him. Atlas does not get this chance, however, as
Kratos chains the Titan to the ceiling of the Underworld and returns to Persephone,
besting her in battle and killing her. Her body explodes, destroying the pillar and
leaving Atlas the only thing holding the world together. Atlas, though defeated, taunts Kratos, as
he remains a slave to the Gods. Kratos accepts this fate, as he can only hope
that serving the Gods will cause them to free him from his nightmares. Atlas then predicts to Kratos that they will
meet again before Kratos leaves to return Helios to the sky. Weak, and now knowing that his sins will never
allow him to see his daughter again, Kratos falls from the chariot, landing on a cliff
overlooking the Aegean Sea. Some time after waking, Kratos is sent into
the sea to kill a Hydra and return peace to the waters. After doing so, he is approached by Athena,
who asks Kratos to save her city, Athens, from her brother Ares, whose army is currently
advancing. Kratos, seeing an opportunity to get revenge
on Ares, agrees on the condition that the Gods free him of his nightmares once and for
all, as well as offer him a chance at redemption. Kratos enters Athens to find the town’s
Oracle, who tells him that in order for the mortal to defeat a God, he must seek the power
of Pandora’s Box, which is locked inside a Temple, constructed on the back of the Titan
Cronos, who Zeus cursed to wander the Desert of Lost Souls for eternity. Kratos makes his way to the temple, encountering
a mysterious grave digger on the way. Inside the temple, Kratos solves several puzzles
in order to find Pandora’s box. However, Ares senses this, and throws a pillar
from Athens, impaling Kratos and killing him. Ares then arrives and steals the box as Kratos
dies and returns to the Underworld. However, with help from the grave digger,
who refers to Kratos as “my child”, he is able to climb from Hades and return to
Athens. There, he opens Pandora’s box, and gains
the power to confront Ares. After a battle, Ares tortures Kratos by forcing
him to relive his family’s death at his hands. Kratos resists this, however, and Ares is
forced to strip the Blades of Chaos from Kratos’s Arms, and kills the illusion of his family
in front of him. Freed from the illusion, Kratos finds a nearby
sword being used as an ornamental bridge, and uses it to kill the God of War. The Gods praise Kratos for killing the rebelling
Ares. Kratos then asks Athena to finally free him
of his nightmares. Athena then finally reveals to Kratos that
while she can forgive his sins; his nightmares will stay with him forever. Kratos, feeling abandoned by the Gods, climbs
back to the cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea, and feeling death as his only escape,
throws himself off. However, Athena stops him at the bottom, claiming
that there is now an empty throne upon Olympus. Kratos then enters a portal, and claims his
throne as the new God of War. Still haunted by his memories, Kratos decides
to explore his past, against Athena’s wishes. He makes way to the Temple of Poseidon, in
Atlantis. Poseidon attempts to stop Kratos, but he defeats
his defenses and reaches the city. There, Kratos finds, much to his surprise,
his mother, Callisto, dying on the ground. She reveals to him that his father is the
one who brought her there, and that his brother, Deimos is still alive, but does not have much
time. Before dying, she tells Kratos to seek out
his brother in Sparta. Kratos then departs Atlantis, but not before
encountering the Titan Thera, whom he frees, destroying the city in a flood. Kratos returns to Sparta, but on his way,
encounters and kills Thanatos’ daughter Erinys. Upon his arrival to the city, he is praised
by its inhabitants, led by a young Spartan who gives Kratos his arms from when he was
the commander of the Spartan army. Kratos goes to the Temple of Ares, and after
encountering a spirit-like version of his younger self, he learns that he must return
to Atlantis to find Death’s Domain. Upon returning, however, Kratos is stopped
by a statue of Poseidon, inhabited by the God, who warns him that he will pay for sinking
the Kingdom of Atlantis. Kratos avoids the statue and makes his way
through the ruins of the city, eventually coming across the Grave Digger once again,
who cryptically warns Kratos not to alienate the Gods. Kratos then finds the Gateway to Death’s
Domain. Inside, Kratos finds and frees his brother,
who becomes enraged at him for seemingly forgetting about him for all this time. Thanatos arrives and intervenes, capturing
Deimos and bringing him to the same cliff Kratos attempted to kill himself from. Kratos saves his brother, and the two reconcile. Kratos gives Deimos his arms, and the two
fight Thanatos together. During the battle, Thanatos kills Deimos,
and Kratos avenges his brother by finally killing the God of Death. A broken Kratos then carries his brother up
the mountain, where the Grave Digger has prepared a grave for him. Kratos ponders what he has become, and the
Grave Digger answers, “Death…the Destroyer of Worlds”. Athena appears before him and attempts to
elevate him to a full God. Kratos stops her, however, and returns to
Olympus, claiming that the Gods will pay for what they have done to Kratos and his family. As he leaves, Athena mythically refers to
him as “brother”. The Grave Digger then buries Callisto next
to Deimos, and proclaims upon a third grave that “now, only one remains” as Kratos
returns to his throne and plans his next move against the Gods, leading his Spartan army
to conquer Greece. After launching this attack, Athena pleads
with Kratos to stop. He claims to owe her nothing and turns his
back on her to assist his army in the town of Rhodes. There, he spots an Eagle, whom he believes
to be Athena in disguise, who robs him of his godly abilities, and instead infuses them
into the Colossus of Rhodes, who comes to life and tries to kill Kratos. Zeus arrives and offers Kratos the Blade of
Olympus, which he once used to win the Great War between the Gods and the Titans. Zeus urges Kratos to infuse the blade with
his remaining godly powers, which renders him mortal again, but allows him to destroy
the Colossus from the inside. Upon doing this however, Kratos is crushed
by the Colossus’s severed hand. Determining that he must retrieve the Blade
of Olympus to get his immortality back, he slowly makes his way over to it, only to be
stopped by Zeus, who reveals himself to be the Eagle that stole Kratos’s power, in
an attempt to kill him to stop him from overthrowing Zeus like he did Ares. Zeus then stabs Kratos, killing him. While he is being dragged into the Underworld
once more, the mother of the Titans, Gaia, saves him and reveals that Cronos, Zeus’
father, ate all of his children in an attempt to stop a prophecy that he would die at the
hands of one of his sons. Zeus’ mother, however, hid him on an island
that was actually Gaia. Gaia raised the boy, but he grew vengeful
and eventually sought to defeat the Titans, which he did using the Blade of Olympus. Gaia offers Kratos help to exact revenge on
the king of Olympus. Gaia gives Kratos the magical horse Pegasus,
and he escapes the Underworld to find the Sisters of Fate in order to change his past
and kill Zeus. Kratos flies to the Island of Creation, and
after besting several powerful foes, including a risen Alrik, he comes across Icarus, whom
he strips of his wings, plummeting below the Earth and landing upon Atlas. Originally refusing to help Kratos, still
holding begrudgement over his imprisonment at the Spartan’s hands, Atlas is eventually
persuaded to help him kill Zeus. Atlas helps Kratos return to the surface,
where he awakens the Phoenix and flies to the Temple of Fates to meet the sisters. There, he expresses his wishes, but the fates
deny him passage. Kratos then confronts the two youngest sisters,
Lahkesis and Atropos, who attempt to take him back to his battle with Ares and force
him to die by the God’s hand in the past. He avoids this effort, and traps the sisters
in a mirror, then destroying it to seal them away for eternity. Kratos then makes his way to the oldest sister,
Clotho, who operates the Loom of Fate. Kratos kills the final sister, and takes control
of the Loom to change his fate. He turns the thread of fate back to his death
at the hands of Zeus, and saves his past self by reclaiming the Blade of Olympus before
Zeus has a chance to. The two then engage in a battle, until Zeus
stuns Kratos with a lightning storm. Kratos plays possum and pins Zeus before driving
the Blade of Olympus into the God’s chest. Before he can kill him, however, Athena appears
and intervenes to protect Olympus. Zeus attempts to escape, Kratos lunges at
him with the blade, and Athena sacrifices herself by jumping in front of it, saving
her father. Kratos asks Athena why she would do this,
and she reveals that she did it to allow Zeus to stop the cycle of sons killing their fathers,
finally revealing that Kratos, is in fact a son of Zeus. Vowing to destroy Olympus, Kratos returns
to the Loom, and turns time back all the way to the Great War. He calls out to Gaia and they return to Kratos’s
time, where an injured Zeus is calling on his fellow Gods to kill Kratos. The Titan army, led by Kratos, then storm
Olympus, with the intent to win the Great War once and for all. The Titans and Gods wage a very intense and
bloody battle, as Poseidon begins to take on Gaia. Kratos draws him into Gaia’s grasp and is
able to weaken him, eventually knocking him onto a platform and beating him before gouging
his eyes out and snapping his neck, killing him and flooding the entire world. Kratos and the Titans then make it to the
top of Olympia and confront Zeus, who, anticipating their arrival, hits them with a blast of lightning
that damages Gaia and knocks her and Kratos off the mountain. Attempting to hang on, Kratos is then betrayed
by Gaia, who lets him fall as he is no longer a use to them now that they have reached Zeus’s
Throne. After falling once again to his death, Kratos
makes his way through the River Styx, lamenting that he was used as a pawn by both the Gods
and the Titans. He then reunites with a reformed Athena, who
is willing to help Kratos from her “new level of existence”. He then realizes the goal of his final quest:
extinguishing the Flame of Olympus in order to finally defeat Zeus. To do this, however, he must find Pandora,
the child of Pandora’s Box’s namesake. Kratos makes his way through Hades and eventually
finds Hades’ palace, and the dead body of Persephone. Hades arrives, and the two battle before Kratos
defeats the God, sealing his soul into his own weapons. Kratos then escapes Hades through a gate,
and encounters Helios, whose head Kratos proceeds to rip off. He then encounters Hermes, who he kills, and
later his own half-brother Hercules, whom he also kills. Kratos meets with Aphrodite and her husband
Hephaestus in order to find their daughter Pandora. Hephaestus refuses to lead Kratos to her,
however, and reveals that after Kratos opened Pandora’s Box, Zeus became overcome with
Fear and forced Hephaestus to reveal to the creation of the key to the box, which later
took on a life of its own as a girl whom he named Pandora. Zeus then took Pandora and banished Hephaestus. Kratos urges Hephaestus, who tasks him with
retrieving the Omphalos stone in order to make a weapon to allow Kratos to find Pandora. In his attempt to find the stone, Kratos comes
across Cronos, who assumes he has tried to kill Gaia, and attacks him. Kratos fights Cronos, and eventually frees
the temple from the Titan’s body before he eats Kratos. Inside his stomach, Kratos retrieves the Omphalos
stone, and cuts his way out and kills Cronos once and for all. Kratos confronts Hephaestus, who he reveals
was trying to send him on a suicide mission. Hephaestus attempts to feign innocence before
trying to kill Kratos instead. Kratos shakes this off and kills him by impaling
him on his own anvil before heading off to retrieve Pandora. Kratos’s quest takes him to the Gardens
of Olympus, where he finds Hera, the wife of Zeus, drunken and belligerent. After making his way through the Gardens,
Hera confronts Kratos once again, insulting Pandora and causing Kratos to lash out and
snap her neck, causing all plant life to die. Kratos makes it to the Labyrinth, and finds
Daedalus, the Labyrinth’s architect, trapped inside. Daedalus claims that Zeus promised him that
he would have his son, Icarus back, once he completed the Labyrinth. Kratos reveals that Icarus was, in fact, dead,
before activating a trap and killing the architect. Inside the Labyrinth, Kratos finds Pandora,
and takes her with him. In the Flame of Olympus’s Chamber, Kratos
raises the Labyrinth to access Pandora’s Box. However, Kratos refuses to let Pandora sacrifice
her life, as he does not want to cause her death as he did his own daughters. She chooses to embrace her fate however, and
breaks free, only to be stopped by Zeus. Zeus mocks Kratos for showing care for Pandora
as if she was his own, and tosses her aside before engaging in battle with his son once
again. During the battle, Pandora attempts to run
into the Flame in order to put it out, before Kratos grabs her to stop her. Pandora pleas with Kratos to let her seal
her fate, and Zeus provokes him by telling him not to fail Pandora like he did his own
family. Kratos reluctantly lets her go, and the Flame
of Olympus is extinguished. In the wake, Kratos opens Pandora’s Box
once again, only to find that it is now empty. Zeus mocks his son again, and the two meet
outside and gaze upon the destruction Kratos has caused. The two are interrupted by Gaia, however,
and she tries to kill them both. The two then enter a wound in Gaia’s chest,
and fight beside her heart, draining the life out of it. Kratos, powered by the heart of Gaia, then
impales Zeus into it with the Blade of Olympus, finally killing both Gaia, and his father,
Zeus. Awakening upon a broken Earth, Kratos finds
Zeus’ body and retrieves the Blade. However, as he tries to leave, Zeus’ spirit
attacks Kratos and drains him of his anger and willpower, replacing it with fear and
loss, the forces that plagued his father. Trapped in his psyche and once again being
tortured by his memories, the spirit of Pandora appears and helps Kratos abolish these torments
through Hope. Kratos returns to the physical world and forces
Zeus’ spirit back into his body. Kratos then charges him and beats him to death
with his bare hands, finally killing him and destroying Olympus for good. Afterwards, Athena appears once more and congratulates
Kratos, asking him to turn over the power he found inside Pandora’s Box so she could
finally give it to mankind. Kratos laments that the world is destroyed,
and anything she would have to give would be useless. Moreso, the Box was empty, and Kratos believed
Pandora had died in vain, simply another casualty in his quest for vengeance. Athena reveals to Kratos that when the evils
of the Titans were first sealed into the box, she placed the most powerful weapon in the
world beside them to counteract them; the power of Hope. Athena had initially believed that when Kratos
opened the Box for the first time, all of its evils had transferred unto him, and Hope
was lost, when in actuality, the evils went to the Gods on Olympus, and Hope was buried
deep in Kratos under his pains. Only upon forgiving himself was the power
able to release inside of him. Kratos, realizing he has nothing left to live
for, impales himself with the Blade of Olympus, freeing the power of Hope into the mortal
world. Athena is angered by this, and tells Kratos
that she is disappointed, to which he responds with a final laugh before she removes the
blade, leaving him to die. Sometime later, we see the mural where Kratos’
body once was now abandoned, with nothing but a trail of blood leading to the great
sea that now enveloped the world. Hey everyone thank you so much for watching
what has become the biggest What You Need to Know yet! We appreciate all of your support, and if
we left anything out, please feel free to leave it in the comments. If you enjoyed this video, please hit the
like button, and subscribe to the channel to see more as they come out. We think you’ll enjoy the next one! See you then.

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