April 7, 2020
  • 5:34 pm 6 Weekly Rituals That Have Completely Changed My Life
  • 4:34 pm A Money Manifesting Ritual (with Landria Onkka)
  • 4:34 pm A Simple Druid’s Rite – The Lego Core Order of Ritual (with voiceover)
  • 1:34 pm POWERFUL Hypnotic SLEEP (ASMR) • MONEY & ABUNDANCE Soothing Meditation
  • 1:34 pm Guided meditation for students
Grace Bible Ministry Arkadelphia, AR Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Butter’s a De they will last a Kentucky
fried church because it could
but losing 10 yards from the
pickup window that day Kentucky
fried but Ripken’s you’ll never go
hungry food to B air because you
can separate out next door ditch
a chicken dinner and we can shop but I just dying a few Morris
owner thank everybody who a
joint this Sunday morning because begin
studying our way through the
book of the fissions but I’m
having a great time doing so but
enjoy in Darcy fissions to fight we’re
back to move in its vision into
the fissions to a six but us coming Sunday morning but we’re gonna say or like god has provided the lever should but in the
intensified stage of the and
gelid conflict but so you wanna be here Sunday
morning run a study fissions to
six together but it will
certainly be a blessing everyone and shows up but I thank those who have join
us online tonight’s Ornda Livingston as well as from
hot springs Arkansas but airy and Jerry Stevens are
with us from Texan should or Randa Davis is with us from
rock springs Arkansas but Ast burn a store and a day
are with us from Mindanao or get
four different computer should
doubt on the you to do but I should baton and Judy are
with us from San Diego but mom its online and each mom
for logon and wife is logged in
from home but then Janice is with us from
Tennessee so I call it be for
being out there but it’s something else can cite
all but as Wednesday night where
Linda Louisiana but no one thank
all of those who came to the but so wonderful time began to meet people that you’re
gonna see in heaven bat file you
get to heaven but and not black minded believer says Starr
defined in this day and age
should someone who thinks like
you do but those who listened a
bibl develop their rack lower and a
compatibility or rude troops but
a late fee out but shall we
study but were down there and the name of the conference
and is a high and telling you
the truth but take a better Taiwan to be
and but is the truth but Taiwan
that’s because should but really
took a look at what is truth but or down there now a few miss
that copper she can go out to
grace topper and Donna ward and
you can go out there and listen
t but lesson but as a recording sorrow
encourage you to grant a goal of aaron’s in the fired
but some exciting things that
were to share with you but man I
got brand new resources for
studyi but so is just an exciting time
and ministry Nasser I’ve got you in mind or
some of the study resources and
so or chat of the inter for our
ministry and the every time we don’t
allow but cabledata look at revelation
chapter night teenage or really gonna look at vs. five
to rule backed but now and tonight there’s a subject that
comes up and recover its but out before we began our
bible study we’re gonna let a
few moments of silent time or
you can pry and represent
yourself it for those from grace it is to use than a rebound
technique if needed that simply
first Jeong one night we confess
our since his fight for and just
to to watch Bauer is together for
just a few moments often she
sowed a rare but father got ahead only
delighted I have our freedom and
be able to come together and
study your word pray you make it a source of
encouragement and also a
challenge to say and Jesus name we pray in an or lace and chapter 19 but are six or read six to remove nine but john is riding entire remember that all scripture is
got breached but means it came
from the source of god and john is recording what god
gave him but I had as a ward but loss of
the great multitude us church
edge believer should but I the wind but we’ll beat by island differ
people who have a but different
talked on these different groups
and you might get different or but outcomes depending in so doing less of a great mall 2 to
8 is what we believe is the
church page believer should but the sound of many waters
these are friends of the grime
including old testament saints but and as the sound of mighty
fund arrange these are
tribulation believe a Tsang valet and psi spreading
should but or to god or omnipotent or
rye inks word for running B is in the
heiress to active indicative but
means a coronation but it is to become a king or
and so here we have the crowning
of the print ruler of the church
Jesus Christ king of Kings award or seventh wettest be glad in
ridge or was there to Ord should
that indicate but lost eight
shortstop and te you get will be
abl but acting as should black you
never can attend this life but acting as here but is it
hindered but one thing we get tide up in
the human realm and we base our
happiness on odd things of the
art should but life it in with a or light meter actor some along
don’t upset sexy that speech or get at it on the sayings we
have a lather I close will I
have the right food will have
the right counts but lower should but like strong
mix but see our happiness
sometimes is in bald and things
and then our circumstances could
we w but say we get tight up in the
human rail but a lot worse up close to do but as a pol tells us
concentrate on the above thanks
or Christ is seated but the
right hand of god the father and
if we could j but we can’t say Jesus Christ BN
the state of strategic victory
CHE did at the right hand of god
the father or he could break fr or helped finally begun gonna be Friday but what
humans sank happiness as but Newman sank to equal bring
happiness humans think but danes
bring happiness and humans think
that circumstances bring happin but in the truths B acting as
but as bible Dr. Ni in the soul and so what we’re gonna say here
is the living were but Jesus Christ B is mined data but are fixed fellowship but unbroken fellowship but long we as baton drugs of
files and zeev and medians and
possibly it daily and should bob
believer should but we’re all
scor B99 should bobble square it away or what true worship you but can you imagine the shell
out but I love the fact that
there is a shed out to but the new year but you imagine what that is,
satellite will not be a U.N.
believer Shattuck but I looted
blow at one time but say the bible says the
angels are saying a nurse to say
our farm and did not or at
decides he’s as Christ Ronan
their singin B you imagine know what the
sound will be won over a billion
Daly and see if you will a
believer she out but I do you of
Bhutan school to be an amazing but say these are one of the
things that god has prepared for
a Bell’s who are loving but say the mind can can saying to unless seven junk make sure
and records the fact that
purpose perfect tackiness plus
age B is the array on but will be engulfed the hand
but as the gladden ridge Ellis
and guild Gilman Dory but there is an object to
our worship but the manage glove the lamb
has come but is wife has made herself a
rating but we saying this is the bride
of Christ the church had but
she’s matter self ready but
under the judgment of ½
production of but I was granted to be our
Riady in final ended but now but we say that Dewey or as a wreck shun body will be
given tuned but loser believers
out why are believers and
everyone will be claimed in a
one will and they will be given a
resurrection body but lane and black now the wire
by act here is an indication
that some will have reward but including the lore of
morningstar but it finally in and gist bar
righteous and us of the sites
but justification or stein Denny said a mere act bless it all those who are
called to the marriage supper of
the lamb but he said many duties of the
true sayings of god but so we say here but marriage supper is actually
a misnomer because one way CY
supper owner should buts Jason
cady and all its could get to it
so but are or we could all we
fending for ourselves tonight
that’s what week but I let my
house because that ceja
scattered I got w but of this is actually a
marriage bank whipped but equipped but when you go to the banquet
it’s more than just a meal but
is actually a protocol but airs a pentagon but many
times you will have but OM but IE certain debts but we’ll have a to art and not
a letter of introduction of the
gifts should but of nobility but I love of but maybe of a man but Arce is of the meal but is of this nature you have a
protocol is not everybody get a
TV dinner inside and out in
front of Bic’s starring OK but it’s a banquet but so this is a formal event to separate is really not a
great arm but actually banquet but a lot were saying in
revelation 19 includes the
church but they are teachings of this
bank whipped towards the jute deter juice
center or lease AM in the gospels but one of those should and B as
the parabola of the 10 barge and
it’s all want to De seer that we if you or I’ll look at two of the
parables or a look at this one very
quickly if and if possible backboard but we should recognize that
this comes from Mac you 25 vs.
one for tea and but and she won a time the
mighty 25 of the great you might
wanna make some notes there in
your bible but im gonna be taken this glam
by Lattimore but ward but in some accounts should but B and De farce to buyers should
Jesus teaches the bearable
member pat Bowlen means to throw
long side and soak it until a
story a pat of that inversion should but says inverse one then the
kingdom of heaven to a be
likened it to 10 that large and
should but take their LAN should
but in but should recognize and that
daytime that Jesus wrote guest
Jewish weddings were not black
American wedding should but all
they but man maybe Fortier even 50
years old before it got married
the first time do you know what
you had to be solidified but had to have a job B had that have schools B had to have money to that not
only that denied that have
integrity as he was not well
known in the community could do
would no but either would give away their
daughter Julie but so here is what you gonna
find out but jeez they’re at botanic that Dooley women B unearthed been a decision to
accept Jesus Christ the savior didn’t get in the bible Dr. and butter’s tired most important
decision is going to be who you
marry but EU Mary but so back in the age in days
they really had probably a
better deal than we have now but they met the goals wold like
about this but is Doggett not
have a lot a say in how they got
the Mary because it got maybe he may be
living in a community any may be
living there for years China
bill respect in the community
tried but he know laws should wear all
this angle goals I’ll do that they’ll at Le but he probably knows their
character but net loss and algae but already does he takes out one he think
it’s a double duty as a goal and
site at a would you one got on a
date B ghost Abadie but says it do you think that I
might be a but died while centaur for your
dollar but and the father can say none
of the lich marital dollar and
the defendant had to go on down
the road tighten up but he said he may say possibly
tell me about use of but so there may be several
conversations but blend into the
details of blacks but of logic by the knowledge or do you think bobby Ed not
night Donner all to be a black
old to do in this marriage do you think she would fit and
that is saw a lifestyle that
you’ve offer had offered but at
negotiations that goal but if they maybe through all of
these negotiations that would
eventually saddle but all and but gallery but possibly came
west a brat but old but maybe even but IE
Bly each or a price was paid to
the father but in the other direction but now maybe in a hard up
striated for the daughter’s hand
in marriage many time should Ort 10 acres of land but so these kinds of things
should dip plates but what’s it back but
negotiation was over but we’re pretty much married
but a share cans on the deal the
girl might not ever had to say
event but not wise the marriage
contact but a wiring and in fact but in Jewish should ground not
even engaged but we’re fully married and oak
did get not yet concentrated jails to say was a great meant but in that may be specified the
wedding date but many times should bliss
wedding date was set Wanda two
years in the future B should recognize that many
times I grunt blots he figured
out who is bade was gonna be he
was so all happy about getting
marri or is wife to move into it blew my house was completed gas
what he did day and gave let
back to collect is black but some the died the actual
letting the grime whether by
that the house of the black but
Sosa big dell in Jewish history
histor but in a few are a bloody any
self respecting Jewish Beloit order got and let him but a limousine and terry had an ole Miss Chet would have
final are says should but name I
have a lot of glove injure get
detailed in their raking Glenn
date but and just really nice wheels
could do a thing as you can hear
the carriage coming down the
street it had so much by a
silent but sewing she’d she hears a new
dollops but people are from almaraz
wrote in their but he noted the sewing rats are
and here but then clean and holler and
insane the back 9:00 AM begun missed guy’s got inked and so this was a big deal but on they hear the grime pull
up a father the bride takes his
daughter takes the Guru Joe
lang’s their hands bang gives her why it’s begun takes the bride’s handgun
his skin as current disk orchard
out the door and they’re married
at is the ceremony but squad t but unlike at a command my ward
takes up the house B no baby its
small out an old ID one of those
level but many else’s should b but he goes and picks is one of
that’s pretty cool but if you need year but
marriage certificates signed up
can always do that a later but it’s illegality getting
because I let the grains house
there is not anywhere from blond
to 30 day banquet but at was his France but put this thing on and they
got B get up to a dollar spent
by got half a beef on the grail but got cases of land guest
Jesus might water in the lion but a banquet like serious but then I have many friends is
so on the Calvert Cade goes onto
the grounds house but in the meantime the bats
friends had been invited to the
banquet De but have to wait outside and ~
Brad shows that but so you have a free ends of
the bride at sat down Las but had the friends of the
Grumman and sad that all should show as dared to golfer and should grow
as the friends of the bride but
are called large and should but
some now are getting some acts c but Don Duong jot up B escort
sturdy into the house should do
and the bride’s friends get
coming at Bator is now ceremony at all and gas may spend as much time
as a week there and in the
couple leave on their honeymoon
and but I love it because Jewish
honeymoons does anybody know how
long they lasted but all year but I liked it too but says Gluck at Wichita trying should but get as but your wine at the par one
year and other words I want a
lot on the battlefield for a
whole year after they got
married Sally but then I had a go back on the
battlefield after year and lest
they were killed immediately but Lemond but have announced
capped the memories could of the
marriage should tell Astor the
rest of our life buts logical gods lodge Cooley
is rational B invented human lives but we should expect that he
knows how to get the most and baton so here is a pawn of logic
for all you and status spent a
lot of money on expensive
wedding date that money it’s but the only one year on England
but I belong you can afford but I have like Allah sit down
waiting or you come and say may
and a site du 1 May heal but sat and Elam a higher but said OK you marry an outside
and you can leave act but say
that didn’t spend any money but
you have to tip but it’s gonna ask if you
believe in Christ but I’ll
believe that a wedding between a
believer none believer but in its a maestro Deng get
their socks in the angel of
style fit that moment but white B all have to have an expensive
wedding and honeymoon would be
battered but some now we can get down to
the sword son of teaching on but few 25 B and but what is tall to a but
it means at that time this is
the time of the second advent to either kingdom of heaven buts a record efforts to the
second advent in the Milan Il
wry Ina of the Lord Jesus Christ to list out for a moment bus’s a jew censured passage but so it centers on it Dietrich
B end of the tribulation were
Jesus retired should Bataan have all of the Jews
going to be seeing this event but gonna be looking up and they’re gonna see the return
of a group but as he is gonna be what it’s but are due Brad but you but if you’re tired besides up kingdom is from
heaven th but I see is the king
he comes from heaven and that’s
what’s called the kingdom of
that of B lack and unto use a future
tenants to indicate that these
events should but not a kurd at
the point at which it was
written 10 dungeons are friends of the
black but is Jewish B kuhl and they’re waiting and Gore the
coming of the grand has crashed but an old but gonna find out
that there’s five believers
impact on believers mass plot
was signed by old glove these
are free a or we find love when we’re going
into the banquet to oh but lodges represent the
population of the Ira specific
lead Jewish population doing that regulation to its they have to wait outside but and they have to provide
their own lacked but state to up
their LAN IP should but in what fourth to meet bill
Bragg Ryan but I like this analogy be
called is curable be cost but
bible says separate tribulation
is gonna have one Pineda of
intense hea a table at the Hyde but so blacked but in Dennis gonna be followed
by dint tents and darkness but so I believe that this
parable was teaching about but
darkness of the RS but in fact
it is a spiritual darkness or which the unbelievers dwell but Astor eyes on the arts but is the same as arriving at
the door of the grounds house or the bank what will be held bus’s same pitcher we have and
revelation and by 197 through
nine but this is our passing but now we’re gonna find out in
another parable that the banquet
halls or leads the bank would all but a good question or to find
out in the next herbal where it
ends begun eye and Jesus Christ has
the bride the bride is the
church but at that end of the
tribulation the bride is ready
to come back with a grew but as a pitcher of the calming
but the grim style should grimace Christ a brush church
the barge and should buy a
collection of the art or I they called version should a cause they have free wheel but I like that get you ever recognize that
possibly the most powerful but aspect of human life is
choice but possibly the most powerful
aspect but human lights but or with chills or you would choose for our
guests crashed but in determine
ARI turn all future but of the
lake of fire was god that’s
pretty but enormous but began to look
at how long deterrent Ian should but the power of chores should
but you will learn the bible and
we will reject the bible as
Christians but those who grow up in Christ
likeness or dinner receiver
award alas for eternity but
those who reject the bible but
as the gu but it’s huge but power of cholo it should but I long do you get to
exercise the power of choice but that’s a good question for roulette together but all along we you get to
exercise the power of chilled
it’s but you could say you’re but in that time of god
consciousness but until physical decks but the power of Chula it’s but say that years of urgent a powered chill B of lifetime at physical death you’re bullish
and is locked B no longer have an impact in
the Angelic conflicts 04 edge or
decisions should buy but sired but slaked in bullish and but much the same as fallen
angels they can go back and
reaching its but our fallen angel forever but is called deaths or oxy and you’re bullish and droll hill we had 10 that
margins that means the power of
charts should or ratings in
their life but it’s enormously pirate based in virgin’s all have free
will and they represent the
population of the are should
Boldt Ian heard a gospel in the
tribula but in death or he will get
everyone a fair shake in
salvation but are still a fine of them
were wise and five of them or
soda should but why is one should or born again but slowly swans are on
believers of the tribulation but I they could be fools
because they bought into
religion to eight walks oriented
salvation but a KB fools because they
didn’t like the sound but the gospel they said I wanna
wait and see how hot fair with
god leader to they believe that you how to
beat got enough for some but in liked the sound of the
gospel honor but a KB finals because they had bought into the
government’s solution B the
problems of life’s a bitter fools nonetheless but a story but at what flourished take
their laps but lamp represents a relation
to everybody had a lack but have free will the technol
with an but as the problem B all here represents positive
bullish and toward BS as Christ and god
consciousness apply as they have free will and
doing the tribulation they heard
the gospel for different blade
should update technol old but means they will negative
signals but a reacted to the gospel
instead of responding a dead and on two different
instances I’ve actually had deep
bowl straightened out and due in
shutter or night gave the ghost and DOS of them are in rejection day letter leaked Dodd inch up blot at Las leading john 336 B does not believe their wrath
of god abides on him when I said
that could but a level each
shirk in the pew but the other guy can’t talk
about it I had never seen it
until then but then the second time I was
teaching and revelation on the
list B but the great black trial but have got was gonna throw
line believers into the lake of
fire for Edward but I got of
aberration but after church on that
occasion a person came up to the
meek and said there’s no leg of
love control anyone into it like
a flo but say you will appeal the
god’s love just like Alyssa for
you better learn about is just
should tell you that our port of
contact but if you cannot learned
of.contact is that justice of
god you’re gonna be just like
that guy who shaken in the
Bakker wrote ca but ceased but SP by optioning
on human viewpoint B us like to
listen for Dole appealed to the
love of god who mushed or recognize that
justice B is our point of
contact but our store back is a
conjunction of contrast but it’s a contrast between the
outside in the site the wise to
the old but let lepers installation the
taking of auld means cost but coz abolish and as expressed
by faith in Jesus Christ De the latter ones were wise
because they were prepared for
the second advent that were
prepared for each earn a tea but also there is a certain
number of people who say all
believe later but he quit smoking thirst this
alias laying out a router but is nothing in the bible back
to back a battle at eight but and sold but a slate by gay
cleanup might be flocking
believe not debts the plant tse and others should bark and
you’ll pol says but Jesus Christ came to save
center should bobble who but I
am the best are the highest dough today is the dates of
audition guy leave now but slats that second advent car
should block the bad guy and
carried out all slumbered in
slept to that is a delay in the lamps
or not to believe it until to
grimmer at but everyone holds a flooding
their lap until the grim route
should tell my fuel for the
lamps and some do not but six we had the arrival Bhutan at midnight there was a
crime might but love this because but now the bible weaver it’s a
revelation and says the sign of
the son of man and chill appear
in heaven should but I know what Bhutan day and begun any are so
out but in all I can imagine but no less at if you are in the
Civil War you ever heard the
rebel yells but would glitterati
make the hair on your Dax stand
u but and but that other bloody
glove at door suppliers lay some
old civil war veteran that was
in some meeting but they said ordeal and hear the reverent
rebel yells B need dominant
force but he’s an aide sped up and
said but there’s no light for may
even out to produce the rebel
yell but Arkin all only be done at a
formal rind towards Diana mead but now the largest gay are you
gonna hear the line of the tribe
of Judah upcoming kid to the art
at the second dad did take gla but you’re gonna hear a wash apt but and you think that’s gonna
write some hairs on the back of
somebody’s neck but I believe it
will but was a clad a Basie imperfect linear actions
sort B. Ching beans that kept on
being a crack but no lard sometimes for
letting people would turn up all
over town is a groom ago down
the streets of the town people
would ch and the distance I could hear
the cheering and to the new the
ground was coming but hasn’t arrived yet they know
that he’s it coming any men and
but us is in the tribulation
believers will know that he is
com but I have a loaf I do not but I get there lapsed lived by
been out but.the U.S. but their dual
warning of the coming of Christ
is given to all’s or on with evangelism but as he is coming gets closer
and closer summer signing and
some are not but at Doc China push this
parable B floor but lest you
tired into a Pentecostal but say Willett at one time
ladies man out but looking here
could die when the Maiziere when
Jesus came back and then outside
no what your drink and buyer you
know Baggott league at deadliest
Arab thing should but your Mr.
Rapture four or hear the same applet get case
and is gonna be made by at any
cost will let one that could do
I just didn’t have any when Jesus came back knoll but is only one is the guy they
have an dates and Jesus Christ rifle and
Kreisel all at one moment in
time by the way butter’s tea and but only one reason you go to
Yale but Jake Xiong of Jesus
Christ is so but soul knoll here but is a
rejection but Sally say that from bar six
are kept all being a crime may
be all the bridegroom award
cometh is not found in the
original D to do this I have to have their
LAN some bar seven gal barges
arose tram there lamps could
begin that we see are by rhymes
is in or on the Shattuck B says they
trimmed that’s the active list
but ram their own lamps should
another words could but each one
at but like the U.S. B each should
but is responsible care his own
lashed because each one has heard a
gospel and each one is free
wheel and prints Polaris free well in
the in the vine dual ism but every person must make his
own decision for Christ but no one can make it 14 to my father death toll me Ellis had the savings
and B was trying to teach me to take
responsibility for my own life
the time he’d ever said that B set data has to take care
bride doll let people got you sure a
lot you got a row but sold but still bit of people
looking over mom and Eddie or
not hear the shattered but
midland deadliest but not ever
taken r but people who sat in a church
and Allison assigned after for
40 years and the pastors
apostate but never topple are to Gotti
was just emotional but a beaver had a false gospel
could but are gonna be looking
at pastor saint it’s your fault
on but while the people look in a
spouse it’s time to blame it on somebody
else but here we find out that in
virgin’s guess what they had to
do but laughter on lap but to produce a role but is not saying you should
know god will never do for you
what he expects you to do for
yourself bless lateness of ascend Allies
give us your Ol Ryan Lentz ago
that began the point is you have to
make your own decision no one
else can do for you but why the
answer site not sold Battista be
en but guy you’d rather do and that
sell and buy for you cells but now the words you have to
make your get to roll out B to make your own decision or stew and why they went to buy
the bride rain came but I already won and won him to
the marriage and the door shut but he’s of the save one should
but member specifically Jewish people of
the tribulation but it’s
including all believers of the
tribunal and should but at a water came the other
large as saying all got lots but the answer them and said
that as a handy you’d buy know
you not but never in second team that
tied to 11 and 12 but says if we at Dai and safe
old B remains frightful or tea cannot bridge and it came
so city that but says I’m not I know you not but not accepted Christ and
therefore reject a savers can only keep the
prayer for eternity by receiving
Christ the savior and these have
not to all we have a glum a nation
of our table and are starting B
says watch but means bill art dist time Enid is really
directed to those in the
tribulation but as time is addressed to the
unbeliever as timed deal art
means be ready but for all you do not know what
day retire within the son of man
comments B only eight but Appalachian and
a salvation but are not ready less you
believed in Christ the savior B emphasis in the spare was
simply deep repaired Clore key
turn NT but at at but have assembled similar
teaching in the church this is
for Jews and the tribulation
really but the bible tells the church
De beer ready or the rapture to be ready to meet the lord in
their but it says that some will
shrink back and shame that asked
his up hearing but and so might do is the bliss
it’ll remember that a blessing help of the rapture but and sold but have a December
Allard teaching for the church or at as Wheatley of lights and tello
shipped but we’ve got mauled metal and
built from bible Dr. But see that simple but laugh in fellowship with
momentum but not function of
GATT debts how you don’t ring back
and chamber at is a paring but few just all happen to beat
our listening to the tape but I ain’t but in bible class but optioning in the sphere the
spirit but as wal B got to shrink back and shady but it’s only know that most
Christian spend most of their
life in carnality and there’s
gonna be a lot of or less the
lord but oaks but was in reverse and ism but all was negative tours alert but then do much with the bible
but here I go unsafe lever but not perfectly happy from
that point all but only loss they’ll experience
is loss of reward and that
really will be head back as the
bee in heaven to the Jesus tells the Jews of
the tribulation bail art but
second advent’s coming but opted
build its De at make some
applicati but we can but the pols say this dear ready because we knoll not what and
Jesus says it’s could block
timer at B’s gonna come Battelle a bind up a lot of Mana
time could teaching despair
below but then I’ve got 9 minutes left
to teach the second war and but
I don’t think I’m gonna try to
start its but I do want to ask you but you
have any questions but terrible that inversions is
really straightforward and
simple and I wanted to open with
that would because it’s gonna
give u regrets a another parable has to do with
the banquet Battelle, do want to London to a that that is gonna finish
at our teaching fallen idol and
gravel a shun Tak Ter 19 or so
as 678 but I do want to tell you this before we and but the bible is full of
encouragement bible in a school of
encouragement B its old glove or lending fox but school to its full of
positive fonts but I’m a stop in to you if
you’re glued to the new should
but if you’re glued to the TVA
but if you’re glued to
whatever’s happ or what’s as god has made a late for you to
beat totally encouraged by all
the time to but ness to put your nose and
his ball get out as dirty air we live in
an but kitsch are mined on the
above thanks should but we got a
banquet coming and Scott be thro or all to be there but neck and white but that’s done but unhindered
fellowship but we’re gonna have
with each other with god you’re at a banquet separately
and odd but thank you for your
tension in attendance this
evening and but wonderful to have you here but look and see who’s online
with this but in the latest endless from
hot springs Arkansas old Gary
and Jerry Stevens are with us
from Texas Orinda davis’ was
from a s but Astor nest or in the day
here with us from Mindanao but
my head should text ever
computers out on you to including john and Judy from San
Diego RY from owned by mom minor
sure she’s in taxes are you and
thank all of the rest of you f but I don’t pray with you will
be dismissed but father got a hat we thank
you for the planned you have for
us thank you that we’re gonna get
to share each highlight IE you turn it in
future with you follow would
globe in knots but the fact that you’re going
is to to chart kingdom on arts
or the banquets but a coronation but lurking
could but is overwhelming would just thank you for letting
us be apartment and Jesus time a private man but a Cal of the autopsy Sunday
morning but but but but was rich groomed and but

Otis Rodgers