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Greek Orthodox | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

Hey guys, it’s Zach! Don’t be fooled by the beard. It is me. We’re here at a Greek Orthodox Church. Because this is a personal one for me. My grandma is greek and I am ashamed to say I have never gone to church with her. So I thought it would be kind of fun and also I want to sort of connect with a part of my grandma’s life that has been so important to her. So Grandma, thank you for the three decades of love and souvlaki and spanakopita and bakalava and everything you’ve done. This ones for you. What?! This is the most ornate place I have ever been in my life. Hey, Jesus This is, uh, quite the place. -Welcome to St. Sophia Cathedral.
-Thank you so much for having me. -Yeah So I am NOT Greek Orthodox, but my grandma is. -Really So -Yeah, and I’ve never been to church with her before Cause I- I- I didn’t know- Are all Greek
churches like this? Uh, All greek churches are ornate. All Orthodox churches are very
ornate. We love images, icons -Ok, well I guess like grab a chair that’s not a throne and we’ll talk about Greek Orthodoxy. -Sounds good. -Awesome man First of all thanks for inviting me and I have to get
this out of the way Are you Greek? *laughs* Not even a drop Greek. I did not know that you could be Greek Orthodox
and not be Greek. Funny enough, that was my
impression too. Did you grow up in the church or… -How did this happen? Yeah, how did this happen? -So I grew up in a
black baptist church the tambourine shakin’ grandmothers
dancing in the front and that was kinda my experience. -How old are you? -I’m 26 You’re 26. So before you converted to Greek Orthodoxy did you have any idea about it? I had no idea about Orthodoxy until my senior year of high school. I took a
church history class. This Orthodoxy thing just really
interested me because I had never heard of it. Even though my grandmother is Greek I have no idea what being Greek Orthodoxy actually means. Orthodoxy claims to the like the Church of
Christ. The Church which Christ established with his apostles.
Becoming Orthodox isn’t about being Greek it’s not about
being more right or whatever it’s about finding Christ and more fully. The idea of fullness is what I was seeking. I had come from
what I felt was a shallow understanding and a shallow
experience. And orthodoxy claims to, and I believe, holds the fullness of the
faith. And so we have this need for
experiential faith. We reverence icons. We speak of the lives of
the saints. It’s a very organic faith. Are all Orthodox churches, are they so ornate? The architecture is trying to communicate to us
that God is bending the heavens. God is bending the world to be- to be present
with us. When we come into the church we believe
that we enter into the kingdom of heaven. To the end times. and so we have this really grand view of what it means to be a Christian. What it
means to worship in his presence. -So this is almost what heaven is like? -That’s what we believe. -That’s the goal. -The goal of any Orthodox Church is to give you a
taste of what heaven is. So how are you involved with the church and
how does it affect your life? -I serve in the altar on Sundays and
other feast days, holidays. -But don’t you actually… You live here right? Not in this room
in particular. I live really close by. The church owns an
apartment complex behind here and I work also as the Events
Coordinator so I book the weddings and sacraments and
baptisms. I also teach in Sunday school. I teach the
junior high kids. -You run the youth group. Are we having a
meeting there tonight. Is that what’s going on? It’s a young adults group so the average age is probably about 30. -What do you normally talk about at these meetings? -We talk about being orthodox in
American in the 21st century. We try to talk about how do we connect this
ancient faith to the modern world. I often wonder what the difference is between the prayers that God answers and the
ones that he doesn’t -In Orthodoxy there’s really only
one prayer like and its “Lord have mercy” and we pray that prayer for every thing and
everybody in the whole world. The difficulty of faith is seeing mercy through pain and seeing mercy through
loss and seeing mercy through disappointment. -If we think God’s
not answering our prayers… He’s answering that right prayer that
“Lord have mercy” and so we just need to like kind of quit
thinking that we’re the ones that are gonna save the world. And turn to the one who has saved the
world and who continues to save the world and just
become a part of his purpose and when we do that we find our prayers
being answered more and more. -For the converts in the room, when you decided to start searching did you go other
places as well then arrive here or was this the first place you looked? -I grew up a Protestant and there
was a whole thing about getting saved and that, you know, all you need to do
is accept Jesus into your heart to be saved and then you’re saved. To build a
relationship with God is- it’s a challenge. Takes a lot of discipline. It takes understanding. It
takes that yearning to come into practice. -There’s something very appealing of if you accept Jesus into your heart your
saved and then you’re just like “done!” – Yeah, Game over Orthodoxy is a path. It’s a way of life that offers that. That offers true
spiritual growth. It offers a means for spiritual growth. It doesn’t
say that the goal is unattainable. It says it’s hard, but it says like, when you
do these things you live this way, you love this way, you
forgive this way you pray this way, you’ll reach this end. I know there’s probably a thousand more questions… -Sorry and it’s okay, it’s just timewise we do start doing our prayer
service. Would you wanna go and join us in the chapel? -Absolutely Thank you guys for being so
open and sharing such wonderful stories. [Hymn] Christ has risen from the dead By death Jesus trampled death. -What I really wanna get a sense of is what made you decide to devote your
entire life to the church? I’m sure your yiayia, your grandma, talked to you about
about Greece and the struggles that the Greek culture
went through, the people went through under Turkish rule. Orthodoxy is a faith that has been
suffered for two thousand years and it comes out
of suffering and it’s like up front with reality that
life is hard. Life is painful but we find salvation. We
find Christ in suffering. What would you say is the
thing that you’ve most suffered with. My parents split up
when I was younger and a lot of family drama growing
up. My brother has sickle cell anemia. The combination of my
parents breaking up and my brother’s pain was like really tough on me and it sometimes still is.
I don’t know there lots of- Everybody’s life offers challenges. How has orthodoxy helped you through that? It’s given me…hope. It’s given me the assurance that… that pain isn’t abandonment. That trials aren’t judgment. That god is always calling out to people in love. He’s seeking people and in his own love for us. God is love and love is a creative force and so that’s
why orthodoxy is so creative. There is such beautiful music and icons
its all poured out of love and love is painful. Love hurts right? -I’ll agree with that. -I think so. So I just had a beautiful experience with a
bunch of Orthodox…Well they’re not Greek! Most of them are not Greek! Which has been very illuminating to me. I can see why my grandma would want to come to a place like this and would feel the presence of something bigger than herself. My grandma is one of the most
passionate people you will ever meet and she’s mainly passionate about
cooking and making sure that you always had more food to eat but now I can see that maybe it started in church and it might be not Christian but I’m I might- I might steal some things. Everything here looks nice. SoulPancake! Subscribe! 😀

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  2. Eastern Westerner Posted on July 20, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    I was born in an Orthodox country by Orthodox parents. Serbia, now I have a more complicated take on religion but here's my few words on Orthodox Christianity"

    Orthodox Christians never had an "Inquisition", Orthodox Christians never went on mass murdering crusades or put scientists to the torch.

    This religion has kept a huge number of people united through an era of 500 years under Turkish sadistic rule. There was no government to take care of the people, just day in and day out survival, and no rights for those who haven't accepted Islam.

    Except for the barely existent Orthodox Church. It saved whole people (like Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians) from extinction by reminding them what they are – through God. And it is thanks to God, this church and the courage of it's followers that countless people have been saved through a period of over 4 centuries.

    Then Yugoslavia came to be after WWII. Country first, fuck the church. Multiculturalism which tried to invent a new culture and throw out the old ones – Catholics, Muslims and Orthodox living together, but none of them were allowed to be Catholic, Muslim or Orthodox. The great leader Tito dies and every group goes fucking mental killing and butchering everything that doesn't go to the same Church building as they do.

    That is when all of these 3 churches started doing something disgusting – unifying for violence and using the word of God for politics.

    After the war a great Partriarch of Serbian Orthodoxy came to be, a great humanitarian who rarely spoke but did so much… He passed and even though you'll hear everyone stating that they are Orthodox in my country or for example Bulgaria (personal experience) everyone is a quazy agnostic. The church is ok, but has it's head for too much in the past with hate towards members of the LGBT  community and so on…

    We'll see how it goes but Orthodoxy is like that great kind hero who chose to spread love and understanding among all turned into a grumpy old dude who clings to the past, doesn't mean we shouldn't respect it and love it still though 🙂

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