February 25, 2020
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Guess My Phobia | Lineup | Cut

– No matter what, don’t freak out. – Fuck you. – Go ahead. – Yo, aye. – It’s okay, he’s looking
to see where he can walk. Okay, hold on, I’ll connect,
I’ll connect, I’ll connect. – My name is Parker. – I’m Crystal. – Cid, is my name. – What am I afraid of? – I’m pretty scared of heights. – (laughs) Do I have any phobias? Not that I’m aware of, no. – Oh, do I have to experience it. – What if I have one of the phobias. – Do I get like a list? – Oh. – They look fearless, hi. – [Group] Hi. (Crystal roars and laughs) (honking) – So crazy. (honking) – Clowns. – Okay, come on up. Squeeze his nose, like,
“Oh, you’re so cute.” – Ah. – Oh, I’m sorry. – No, she doesn’t. – And then come on up. Come on, you gotta honk the… And the nose. Okay, you’re a little scared. Wait, would you put… – No. (Crystal laughs) – Just be his friend. He’d probably make a balloon (mumbles). – Touch his what? – Touch the nose. Touch the fro, touch the nose. (Group laughs) – So, when did you realize
you’re afraid of clowns? – It was around the age of seven, I watched the movie IT. My aunt actually forced me
to watch the movie with her. Circus’s, mm, haunted houses, mm. – What was your physical
reaction to the clown being here? – Well, I’m already like
shaking thinking ’bout it again. I’m sweaty, my heart’s beating
so fast, like I cannot. – How bad is it affecting your life? – Clowns aren’t just walking around the world as often anymore. – Oh yeah they are, trust me, there’s a bunch of clowns out there. (group laughs) – I mean you’re not that scary. – There we go, I think I
just cured the first one. First patient, right here, cured. – Cotton balls – I’ve heard of people being grossed out by the sound of cotton rubbing, but I didn’t realize there was a phobia. – Throw it at them. Every one of them, one by one. If I just like… See, like, they’re not,
you know, no ones… Is this even real, oh. How’s it goin’? – Been better. – Been better, this is freaking you out. May I ask, why? – I don’t know, if I
touch it my teeth hurt. – Whoa. – Yeah. – Have you, like, gone
to the doctors about this or talked to anybody about this? – No. – Do you wanna live with this? – I find ways around it so, I don’t really care at this point. – So you’re an individual that avoids obstacles instead of going through them? – When it comes to cotton, yeah. – It’s just cotton balls,
I mean look at this thing. Put it on my head, ’cause I
was sweating a little bit. You know what I mean? Do they talk to you? (Woman laughs) Doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t attack you, doesn’t hurt you. – Yeah, it does, it does, it
hurts me, it hurts my teeth. – Okay, I’m sorry. (group laughs) The whole goal today is to
cure everybody of their phobia. – I think phobias can
be cured, absolutely. – Aw, hi baby. It’s okay, oh. I’m sorry, it’s okay. I’m sorry, okay, I’m sorry. – Everyone’s gonna pet him. Come forward. Look at that see, next. He’s scared too. – That’s good. (group laughs) – How about we just have her hold it. – No, don’t. – There it is, come forward. – Why are you afraid of bunnies? – I had an experience when I was seven years old and I was just petting it and it started to hump my arm. I don’t like that, I don’t like being humped by anything I just meet. – But it didn’t bite you or anything. – No, but like I would never let it get close enough to bite me. – Okay. – Oh my god. – Here you go buddy. – No. – Look how cute he is. – Do you think you can hold the bunny? – I will sit down and try. – Okay, yep, see he’s
just trying to stabilize. – I know, I’m trying to stabilize him. (group claps) – Thank you. (gagging) – Ew. (woman retching) – Oh, that’s so fucking disgusting. – Vomit. I couldn’t tell who was scared. Hi. – What’s up. – Wanna smell that? – Yeah.
– Good, bueno. Hi.
– Hi. – Oh, ding, ding, ding. – So, you’re afraid to look
at it, smell it, what is it? – Anything to do with… – The sound? – Mm-hmm. – What? – Do you have any physical reactions? – Well right now I’m shaking. – Oh yeah, you are. – Just from that, sometimes
I’ll start crying. I’ll like hyperventilate. – It’s not doing anything,
it’s just chilling. (group laughs) It’s there. What do you think the
vomit’s gonna do to you? – It just makes me feel gross. – (laughs) Okay. – Do you want to overcome this phobia? – At some point. – Well, there’s no better time than now. And we’ve got a bucket
of puke, right here. Would you touch it? – No, no, no. – You don’t even have to look. Would you put your hand in the bucket, but not touch anything? – No, thank you though. – Yeah. – Fear of ladders? – I think someone’s afraid of going up it. – How far? – Yeah, I think you’re good. Go up the ladder, don’t
worry I’ll hold it. You’re kind of scared,
are you scared of heights? (group laughs) – Everyone has to touch
that ventilation system. Don’t look down, (mumbles). – Oh my god. – Look at that. – Oh my. – See you touch it. – I’m gonna cry. – Look at the beam. – [Woman] You’re so close. – Just reach for it. You’re right there, you’re so close. – Yay. (group claps) – When did you find out about this phobia? – I was like 13 or 14 on a family trip driving in Yosemite Park. I fell asleep on the window and I guess we were driving on the side of the cliff or whatever, and I’m like I woke up
and I just see all the way straight down and I started bawling. – I could see how that’s traumatic. – (speaks in foreign language) (production crew laughs) I got nuts. – It seems like it’s all washed, so I’m gonna have
everyone just take a bite. – Everyone have some nuts. – Ah. – Oh. – You gotta chew. – You gotta chew, chew, chew. – All the nuts, in your
mouth, ah, all the nuts. – No, you gotta bite. You gotta bite, you can do it. – I think it’s you, ’cause you’re the most reluctant to eat the apple. – Your phobia. – Yes. – It’s not nuts. – Nope. – It’s your teeth. – Yep, I’m afraid of them falling out. – You’re afraid of your teeth falling out, because they might get you. – Uh-huh. – Why are you afraid of
your teeth falling out? – My mom told me that her orthodontist tightened her braces way to tight, so her front tooth like
filled up with blood and they had to remove and all that. So, that was just like a huge fear of me. – I don’t think that’s that hard. I think you can overcome that. – I think it’s pretty hard. I usually just crack it in half. – Yeah, but crack in half with your teeth. Do you not drink enough milk? – I don’t like milk. – Start drinking milk. – I will. (laughs) Thank you. – Next. – Bro. (group laughs) – Bro, oh, (laughs). Okay, I think we found my phobia. – How many people are scared of spiders? Wow. I don’t have a fear of spiders. – (mumbles). – (laughs) Alright, man. I’ll keep this way over here. – So you won’t even go closer? – Nah, I’m good, I’m good. – What if it was like on the outside? – I don’t care. – No? What if I blocked it? – I don’t care. (Crystal laughs) – So, what’s up with spiders man? – Alright, so, little ten year old me trying to get some food
in the back in the garden a whole bunch of spiders fell on me. – How many? – Thousand of those. – Thousands of these? – Thousands of those fell on my body. – How did you get them off? – I passed out. (group laughs) – When you run into spiderwebs when you’re walking around, how
freaked out do you get? – Shit, I’ll start passing out. – Dang. – God damn. – Want to try it (mumbles)? Put your hand out flat, no
matter what don’t freak out. – Fuck you. – Go ahead. – Yo, aye. – It’s okay, he’s just looking. He’s looking to see where he can walk. Okay, hold on, I’ll connect,
I’ll connect, I’ll connect. Alright, we’ll do it again. Alright, hold on. Here we go. How did it feel for the
spider to crawl on you? – No shit, it felt like
the devil just touched me. (group laughs) – Be proud of yourself man. Be proud, seriously. (group claps) – It was fun, but obviously no one else had good time, ’cause it was their fear. – Definitely found out I’m more afraid of spiders then I thought. – I think I’m all of the above. You guys can overcome this stuff and if you don’t have the
right support network, I’ll come hang out with you
guys and do this all day. (group laughs) (group claps) – That’s awesome.

Otis Rodgers



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