February 25, 2020
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  • 4:15 pm معايدة صاحب الغبطةيوحنا العاشر بطريرك أنطاكية وسائر المشرقميلاد ٢٠١٩
Guided Body Scan Meditation for Mind & Body Healing

do not listen to this recording whilst driving or whilst operating machinery only listen when you can safely relax and bring your full awareness to your own complete comfort hello this is Michael Seeley welcoming you this guided meditation is a mindfulness based body scan type of relaxation and awareness and is also a light trance exercise to promote internal health with the connection of your mind in your body for healing when performed regularly a simple process of this body scan can bring many positive benefits such as physiological stress release an improved immune system a more positive mental outlook akarma and more relaxed attitude in general and also a healthier mind state of non-attachment and acceptance daily meditation has now been scientifically proven to enhance our health for the better and so I send to you all intentions now for your continually improving health as you listen so begin now by taking your first few moments to position yourself comfortably allow your body to settle and yet remains supple alert and awake allow your thoughts to come and settle and yet remain conscious of your wakeful mind and present whenever you are ready gently close down your eyes and bring your awareness to your internal state you just noticing and accepting this current moment take some moments to notice you iEARN thoughts notice how thoughts can first appear and come into your mind and notice wherever it is that thought disappear – as they go paying no particular attention to any specific thought just being mindful of thoughts as they arrive and as they retreat and now notice your own breath as you noticed those sensations as you inhale as you breathe in and notice those sensations within your body as you exhale and breathe out just allowing the breath to more easily flow flowing in and flowing out as you let go of any need to control the breath just observe the breath itself as it comes and as it goes now allow your attention to move down to your feet taking your awareness into your feet and feeling whatever sensations you can feel there notice any tingling or warmth in the feet any sensations of pulse in the toes you might like to move those toes oh it all as you feel those muscles contract and feel their sensations through the arches of the feet noticing the soles of the feet and feeling any sensations or warmth at the heels knowing there is no right or wrong to this awareness there is no judgment required just a simple acceptance of the sensations at your feet and now you can imagine a simple technique where you can send your breath to wherever you choose and as you do your breath will carry warmth and relaxation and health so now send your breath into your feet and as you breathe in you can imagine yourself sending oxygen to your feet knowing that with a healthy flow of oxygen the healthy nutrients of your body can also flow now feeling that release into the feet as all muscles loosen spreading from the toes through the arches and along to the heels as well as the tops of both feet can release and now both feet entirely can relax and soften and let go now as you continue to breathe at healthy energy breathing in relaxation and breathing out hole tension take your awareness now into your curves feeling deeply into the calf muscles are the same whatever sensations that may be there feeling any warmth or tension any holding of energy just witness and observe accepting whatever it is that you can feel and if you notice any discomfort or tightness and just allow your mind to remain impartial to that discomfort or tightness because you are observing with a quiet curiosity and notice our sensations in the cars as well as the sensations at the front of the shins slightly flexing the lower legs now if you wish and sensing those small movement of the muscles and nerves and fibers now direct your healing intentions as you send your breath into your curves and around to the front of your shins as you breathe in deeply into the lower legs allowing your body's natural warmth and vitality to continue sending that peaceful healing energy and now notice the lower legs loosen and relax in their own way feeling those changes of sensation as all muscles and fibers and nerves just let go now shift your attention to your thighs taking your awareness into the upper legs sensing whatever it is you can feel in your thighs becoming aware of your quadriceps muscles in feeling the muscles of the hamstrings and even the connections of tendons where muscles connect and attach to bone bringing your full awareness into the whole of your thighs and before you now take in a deeper breath you may visualize all of the healthy energy contained within your breath and now directed into the thighs visualizing their breath penetrating into the deepest parts all the way into the smallest cells molecules and atoms of your body now take your awareness to the buttocks and the hips feeling sensations across the pelvis and where the hip joints connect to the upper legs just acknowledge and accept any sensations you observe now breathe into the hips as you send your breath there breathing in to allow a softened and loosened pelvis and breathing out all tension breathing into the hip joints and breathing out all tightness now continue your breath as you visualize and sense and feel up through the whole length of your feet and legs now allowing that healthy healing breath to oxygenate your body's entire lower half now bring your awareness into your stomach noticing the rise and fall breathing in deeply easily and freely as the stomach rises feel the sensations and as the stomach Falls fear the release feeling into the center of your breath energy now allowing your awareness to expand into the space of your body's deepest energies and take your awareness around into your lower back as you notice the release breathing into your lower back with your healing intentions remembering there is no need to force your breath just allowing the breath to gently flow wherever your attention flows now move that attention up to your chest noticing the gentle movements at your chest as you're flowing breath is also allowing that rise and fall noticing the sensations at the diaphragm level the level just below the upper chest as the diaphragm expands and contracts always allowing every part of you to move gently and with natural ease breathing in and breathing out you know bring your awareness to your upper back as you feel into the shoulder blades and sensing into this place in between a shoulder bones sending your breath into the upper back and allowing the expansion of healing natural energy they're allowing the cells of your body too deeply heal and allowing healthy energy to dissolve any tension that finds and become aware of the length of your spine as you send your breath into your spine and into and in between each vertebrae allowing the spine to easily lengthen and adjust as it may now all healthy breath flows into your chest and your entire back and all tension and tightness simply flows out carried away on your exhaling breath becoming aware of the shoulders now the sensations at the shoulders and breathing in health to the shoulders now taking your awareness into your upper arms the front and the back of the upper arms noticing sensations that are there boys accepting with your awareness and now breathing in to the upper arms allowing your awareness to send that healing breath notice the feel at your elbows feeling their elbow joints and breathing into the elbows as you allow their breath to continue to flow down into the forearms releasing any tension with your awareness across the forearms now down into the wrists and feeling the palms and the fingers now breathing into your hands and your wrists and your forearms your upper arms and now all the way from your shoulders to the tips of your fingers you are energizing and oxygenating with that healing healthy breath you bringing your awareness to your neck now feeling the sensations that are presently at your neck contained within the neck and around to the throat allowing that space to ease and relax as you're healthy breath flows all and more easily down through the throat and releasing the neck now becoming aware of your head as it sits atop your upper neck you might like to tilt your head just gently in one direction or the other feeling that comfort and sensation and accepting whatever it is that you might first be feeling as you then make the choice to send your healing intentions throughout your entire head breathing in and breathing out noticing the face muscles and the lips which can gently part and release and noticing the muscles of the jaw and the tongue and the cheeks and your nose and the muscles around your eyes and even you're a pilot breathing in calmness and relaxation breathing out everything that is no longer needed becoming aware of the temples and across your forward and the back of your neck around the ears and all the way to the very top of your head and now allow all of that crown energy to cycle and circulate from the very top of your head all the way down through your entire body all the way down through your entire body releasing and letting go as you allow our natural health to fill into your deepest pain and you can take as long as you might choose to stay with this healthy breathing awareness breathing smoothly calmly and deeply in your meditation and then when you are ready allow your fingers and toes to begin to move and allow all normal sensations to return to your healthy body and you can let your eyes gently open once again coming back to your fully alert conscious presence feeling alert rejuvenated and relaxed thank you for listening I wish you all a peace and health and relaxation and talk to you soon you

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    Thank you Michael for your wonderful body scan meditation . The best so far !

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    Started this one at 10pm and managed to stay awake for it through the whole thing. (Usually I just fall asleep immediately) I wasn't quite awake and wasn't quite asleep because as soon as he said "when you're ready, go ahead and open your eyes" I heard it immediately and was surprised that it had ended so quickly. To me, it had felt like I had just started it but in reality it took a half hour. Very strange feeling..

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    I kept laughing at first because it felt strange and cool because I actually felt everything he said I was going to feel, this was an amazing experience

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