January 26, 2020
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Guided meditation for Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia *LONGER MUSIC*

Depression can be seen as a sign of change.
Change within yourself, from your wants and desires to change in your circumstances, people
around you, money and general worrysome scenarios.
Depression usually comes from a snowball effect of bad situations, one after the other after
the other. This sends you deeper into that low mood.
You may feel cut off from people or may even turn your back on friends and family.
Negative thoughts and the seemingly eternal voice in your mind never gives you a break.
With these thoughts and feelings causes restlessness at night, tiredness during times when energy
is needed, anxiety and stress.
I am here to help guide you through this hard time in your life.
I am fully aware that everybody’s depression is different but the attributes are generally
the same. Hopefully, this guided meditation can lend
a hand to you and maybe, just maybe I can hit a note somewhere within you
and your subconcious. Ok, so let’s get started.
Make yourself as comfortable as possible, it matters not if you are laying down or seated.
I will make one request and that is for you to close your eyes. Start to notice the language of your body,
how does it feel? Have you noticed your breathing becoming shallow
and faster since feeling this way? Do your shoulders ache from internal stress?
Pacing seems to be a new thing, along with rigid muscles in your hands and feet.
Dealing with things seems tiresome and makes you feel anxious.
The voice in your head asks so many questions that you aren’t ready to answer.
You need a break from all of this to reflect, to calm and to breathe. This is your mind is sending messages to your
body for you to notice that something in your life needs to change. Take notice of your breathing in a calm manner
and try to not think about anything else, solely focus on your
chest rising and falling. Following the rhythm, just be aware of the cycle. Take a slow deep breath in through your nose
and release through your mouth even slower. Repeat this a couple of times, each time you
breathe out feel your neck and shoulders relax, like a weight
has been taken off them. Now take notice of your breathing again, you
should observe that your breaths are deeper and longer, also feeling
your chest has generously relaxed so much that your shoulders feel the benefit. in and out relaxing more and more. This relaxed moment in time is being sent
down your whole body as relax and feel more grounded. You may possibly hear your breathing become
audible as if you were asleep. Deeper and deeper, calmer and more relaxed. As thoughts enter your mind, give them permission
to leave, you can entertain them later on if you wish. Now is not the time to manage conflict or
deal with anything, this time is just for you. As you relax, concentrate on the darkness
of your eyelids and how heavy they feel. With your body relaxed, feeling heavy, calm
and very loose, your eyelids feel as if they are unable to open, closed
to the world and your mind. This whole experience you feel right now is
of bliss and relaxation, it thoroughly is an oasis of contentment. Your mind can play games on you, drifting
from worry to even trivial things and can be hard to slow down. As long as you remember a thought is just
a thought, worrying about something doesn’t make it so. These thoughts are here to remind you that
a break and a change is needed from within yourself. However long this takes you and the method
you pursue is not important
as long as you take baby steps, one small step at a time that is all that
matters. From sitting outside to going for a walk,
showering, taking a nice hot bath. The simplest pleasures bring a break to the
forces around and in you, giving you space to think and breathe.
Having time to reflect on situations is all important and also ensures that no rash decisions
are made in haste. The way you are feeling comes from deep within
and taking the time to notice what is being said in your mind and body
will help you through. Imagine a bubble around yourself that nothing
can enter. Does it matter what other people think?
Does your situation define you as a person? No!
When you have the time to calmly think about what is going on around you in your life,
look around you, from inside your bubble.
As if looking from a window outside of your life.
You will start to notice the people who have been there for you.
The negative people you should distance yourself from.
An answer to your situation, a goal, a dream. There may not be a fast solution to all these
things, as this will take time. Rather like a placing pieces of a puzzle together.
There will be times when you think you cannot handle certain situations,
you may feel as if you want to give up when something goes wrong in fixing a problem.
DON’T The smallest push, or baby step can show you
that you can do anything. Calmly think about your situation from inside
your bubble now. Feel the safe distance of thinking this way
and the calm manner that you could manage it.
From inside this bubble you are relaxed and have a knowing that you will work on
things when you are ready. Whenever you feel anxious or nervous of a
situation or person, take note of your breathing and remain calm, you can control the over
reacting subconcious feelings that arise from stressful situations.
Remain calm, collected and grounded, as if things were in slow motion.
Now your subconcious has taken in some slightly new ways of thinking that had been forgotten
you feel much more relaxed. If you would like to fall asleep you can welcome
a comforting deep rest right now as the music will
play on for a while. When you awake your subconcious will remember this audio and start to practice
it whilst you become ready. There is no rush and things can be taken as slowly as you desire
to bring change to your life.

Otis Rodgers



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  8. angela smith Posted on July 4, 2016 at 3:08 am

    thank you so much for these wonderful videos. the combination of depression and insomnia make life very difficult for me but your videos are one of the few positives in my life. I listen to two or three every night and your calming voice in my ear helps me fall asleep. the perfect cadence and tone to soothe and relax. thank you so, so much. I can finally look forward to going to bed!

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