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Guided meditation for overthinking and deep sleep – One Winter’s Night

One winter’s night
Sleep meditation As the beauty of a snowy landscape brings
a different perspective to your eyes, changing everything you see, this can be likened to
your way of thinking before you fall asleep. The quiet solitude of retreating to warmth
and safety is appreciated in every way. Winter is about finding comfort, and in doing
so, looking inward with quiet contemplation. Darker nights allow for more a reasonable
and peaceful inward reflection, without the need for any overthinking. Winter is about patience, rumination and getting
ready for new beginnings, much like the preparation of your mind before going to sleep. As you shift about a little to get as comfortable
as you can, give your mind the acceptance of relaxing completely. This time is personal to you, and as such,
you owe it to yourself to get the rest that you need. As you hear the gentle crackle of the fire
and visualise the words that you hear, feel the indirect images that you form in your
mind to affect your every muscle. to help the process of falling asleep you
may focus on the sound of your breath, or the subtle rise and fall of your chest as
you listen. Feel any likeness to the quiet and stillness
of this winter’s night. your every thought, feeling, and emotion down
into peace. By letting go of your awareness, you will
soon transition into a calm, deep sleep. Sleep starts by making the decision to go
to bed, here and now you have already made that
Agreement with yourself. Comfortable and beginning to relax, you now
listen to the silence. In hearing nothing but the sound of the restful
and hypnotic crackle of the fireplace, your body begins to settle. The snow outside dampens and absorbs any sound,
almost as if creating a habitat just for sleeping. With that silence comes peace and the ability
to snuggle down further into a very comfortable slumber. Your breathing now mellowing to the release
of any thought process. here, Inside, you are safe and the soothing
slow burning logs keep you warm, whilst helping you to slip a little deeper with each crackle. The moonlight on this long wintery night shines
through the drifting clouds every now and then, catching the gradual floating snowflakes
that build on the ground without a sound. As you observe out of your window, and as
you follow the snowflakes down, your eyelids become abundant with heaviness. Your ears are pleasantly hypnotised by the
seasoned logs that glow shadows of warmth on the walls and around the outlines of each
surface. with a hush of clearness in mind, you can
now start to release any thoughts or emotions of today that you would like to leave behind
to enable you to sleep. With the fire slowly burning a natural symphony
of stillness, send each thought as a flow of energy, into the fire. visualising each concern glowing as a ball
of energy slowly drifting out and away from your mind and into the fireplace. no sooner than your thoughts touch the flames,
like a bubble, they burst into a puff of smoke, up into the chimney and far away. As they disappear, your mind becomes relaxed
and clearer than before, easing your body down into a very peaceful heaviness. You sense your shoulders and neck loosen,
your face now exhibiting an expression of contentedness. Further down you relax. Now drawn back to the silence around your
own personal space, you are brought back to your breath. The now deepened and lengthier inhalations
and exhalations only recline and soften your body more, listening to each breath, your
eyelids become a little heavier. The weight of your eyelids now assisting your
head to sink further into your pillow. Comfort is all you feel in this more sleepier
state as your heartbeat slows to a restful and calm rhythm. With the glowing fireplace collecting and
extinguishing any imbalances of peace in your mind, you now feel it’s warmth taking away
all tension throughout your whole body. your toes now pacified into a soothing release,
softening the tops and bottoms of your feet, the underside of each foot now noticeably
smooth. As your ankles mitigate a pleasant ache, your
feet hinge down softly resting on the softer surface. Each breath now consoling the last, deepening
and lengthening on each cycle around. On breathing out on your next exhalation,
not only does your mind ease a little more, so too do your shins and calf muscles, drooping
your lower legs down a settling position. Your knees give in to the gentle positive
warmth that you absorb, as they encourage your lower legs to ebb into a lethargic posture. Each soft crackle of the fire allowing your
mind to let go more now, and your body to continue seeking that restful deep sleep that
you desire. As the glowing energy of warmth reaches your
thighs, your breathing automatically deepens more, your eyelids now finding it harder to
stay open as you watch the dance of shadows on the walls and ceiling. With the influx of that soothing warmth now
reaching your pelvis and hips, your spine aligns into a beautifully cozy position, which
is more than adequate in bringing your calmness levels down to a lull. Now beginning to fall asleep, your awareness
drifts in and out, your breath silently reassuring you to let go more. The snowflakes seen through the window now
become out of focus, as your eyes drift between here and a more unconscious state. Unaware as you resist no more, your abdomen
loosens, accepting those deeper breaths to soften any feelings of going to sleep. You feel warm and safe as you sense your mind
and body letting go, into a heaviness and peacefulness. As the warmth radiates up your body further,
your chest and rib cage thaw downward, gravitating only to the idea of tranquility. Now, the tops of your arms and shoulders take
an outward and downward motion to rest for the night, feeling warm, still and in a state
of bliss. Even though the sustaining warmth of the fire
continues to relax every part of you, there is a freshness of oxygen and air in the room. Freely with each intake, you loosen your chest
and sides without doubt and naturally become weighted to the surface of your bed. As your neck becomes warmer, you welcome the
loosening of each muscle, as your head sinks further into your plush padded pillow. Your face now warm, relaxed and sinking downwards
too, every muscle from your brow to your chin drooping to the calm ambiance of the room. Without a moment more, you become unaware
of the drifting into sleep, as you follow each breath down into sleep. Now releasing yourself, you go deeper into
that sleep filled state, as you drift off and become unconscious from the sound of the
crackling fire, you begin to see snowflakes within a darkness. Floating down, at the same gentle speed as
the soft ice crystals that sparkle as they tumble, you feel free, on this winter’s night. Your mind now detached from any other thinking,
your body with full freedom of movement. Below, you observe the log cabin where you
lie asleep, the wooded mountain range and fields for as far as you can see. As you slowly descend and the nearer you become,
you feel a sense of wonder. Touching down with a crunch on the snow, you
feel no cold, you hear no sound, though you see your own breath expelled with a stream
of moisture into the air, illuminated by the glow of the moon. Taking in the beautiful sights of the changed
landscape, where fields and trees were once green, you notice something much more personal. From observing the change that the snow has
on the land, you know inside that you can fill your your own thoughts with a metaphorical
dusting of snow. Here, you see change, new beginnings and stillness,
you can apply this to your thoughts every night before going to sleep. As you meander around you take great pleasure
in seeing all the wonderful details of this changed landscape and it’s ambience. The once busy setting you find yourself in,
is as quiet as can be, where it is cold and possibly difficult to get about, most people
have stayed inside. You can liken this to your thinking process
to stop any overthinking at bedtime, imagining this beautiful place in your mind, putting
those distracting thoughts back in their houses. With this space all to yourself, you have
the freedom to move about as you wish, enjoying the silence and unhurried pace of observing
everything around. The focus is completely on you, and not your
thoughts in this moment. Feel the tranquility sink in for a moment
as you slowly study what you see. Let your eyes wander where they will, allow
a deepened relaxation to soften those muscles more. From the glistening snow on the ground to
the drooping branches of trees, the once familiar scenery is now a fresh resting place for your
mind. It’s times like these that true peaceful thought
can be enjoyed, the happiness of doing nothing but appreciating yourself and your surroundings. During winter, exploring and taking in the
beauty of the changed landscape can be a peaceful experience. winter is all about discovery. From the snow that floats gently down to the
ground, to the ice that forms on puddles, to the cold air that it brings. Every sense is stimulated into seeing, feeling,
hearing and even smelling new things. As you walk on, take notice of your surroundings. Automatically allow your mind to shift to
a state of relating to the things that catch your senses. As each foot crunches down into the evenly
placed snow, you are mindful of your steps forward in the moments before going to sleep. With each step onwards, and with each satisfying
crunch, the silence and peace inbetween reminds you that there is no overthinking, just a
quiet place to explore further. Walking past a
heavily snow covered tree, a branch gently emerges as the snow falls, plopping with a
thud onto the white ground below. It’s as if the tree is reminding you how it
can be easier to let go of the weight of today, rather than holding onto it. Curiously, you continue your slow, mellowed
walk. In this moment as your mind drifts, you think
about the summer and the positive vibes of abundance in that time. Winter is cold and dark in comparison, as
you drift off into sleep, bring the summers of your life to the forefront of your mind
to help you fall asleep a little faster. Some nights can be more challenging than others
in going to sleep but seeing a frozen puddle infront of you, brings patience, patience
with yourself. In time the icey puddle will thaw, bringing
it back to its original state. As you fall asleep now, the patience you have
with yourself in listening to your breathing and following the positive images that you
see will lead you eventually to sleep. Standing still, you observe that nothing moves
or even makes a sound, only seeing your breath in the air front of your face, slowly cloud
up and disappear. Your mind and body completely feel completely
composed in this moment of blissful quiet. Being so silent, your mind drifts away back
to the plush nest you lie comfortably in and the where the warmth of the crackling fireplace
soothes you further. No more thinking for today as the stillness
you experienced is brought into this moment. The gentle soft crackling fireplace warms
your body once again, and your now deepened breaths of sleep allow you to drift off easier. Your body becoming heavier with each peace
filled breath, you feel the warmth radiate from your toes once more. In this moment of silent thoughts, your toes
absorb the heat of the slowly burning logs, transforming your feet to a loosened state,
that help them to rest down for the night. As that heat radiates up towards your shins
and calfs, your ankles are cupped in warm positive energy, unlocking them into total
relaxation. Your lower legs now resting heavily as your
knees hinge them down into comfort. Warm and safe, your mind is free to just let
go. That warming and very homely sensation can
be felt in your thighs, releasing your lower back, hips and pelvis to a loose position. From what these peaceful moments bring, your
abdomen and chest lose any and all tension, freeing up your mind to drift down heavier
into sleep. As your fingers, hands, wrists and arms flop
down, you feel safe and very content in entering that deep sleep of refreshment and rejuvenation
as you let go more. With each and every breath allowing your mind
to float on into sleep, your shoulders receive the relief of trust that you feel in being
safe. Now with your neck loosening, your head sinks
down deeper into your plush pillow, as your face muscles droop to an unawareness. You are now like the winter outside, your
mind still as your patience has achieved a comfortable relaxation in thought, every part
of your body still as can be. As you hear the gentle wind blow on this winter’s
night, your mind travels far and effortlessly in to a deep sleep. Your every breath calming this already moment
of stillness. With your mind now filled with peace and your
body comfortably warm and loose, without another thought, you let go and sleep a deep sleep. Following the sound of the gentle blowing
breeze, the darkness behind your eyelids leads to positive dreams for tonight. If you want to, you can imagine those slow
falling snowflakes and follow them on their descent, ultimately leading to a positive
rest filled place in your mind. Every muscle loose, your mind clear to focus
on your smooth breaths as you drift off more. Allow the sound of your breath to keep calming
the peaceful state that you now experience. everything silent now, even the sound of my
voice and the gently crackling fireplace seems to fade off and away. Warm, safe and blissfully unaware now. your eyelids closed heavily now, you gravitate
down, safely and warm to sleep.

Otis Rodgers



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