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Guided meditation for overthinking and deep sleep – The Autogenic Beach

Autogenic sleep meditation In the course of the next few minutes you
will become heavily relaxed and clear in mind to sleep deeply tonight.
Autogenic or autogenous meaning self generated or self produced, is the mind’s ability to
imagine a state of being or sensation and then experiencing that imagined thought through
visualisation in the body. Going deep into your mind’s eye, follow along
by using your perception to see, hear and feel the scenes depicted, keeping the focus
completely on your breath and your body. please make sure that you are in a safe position
and that there are no distractions as you will become very relaxed.
Now, with your willingness, inhale deeply into your chest and as you release that breath,
gently close your eyes. As you rest, imagine walking on a beautiful
sandy beach with a rich deep blue sky above. Begin to feel the warmth of the sun on your
skin as you watch the gentle waves lap up onto the shore.
Every so often the heat from the sun felt on your face is eased from a soft current
of cooler air, relaxing your eyes, cheeks and mouth.
Your feet sink down into the fine abundance of white sand granules, warming the underside
of each foot, even your toes. the oceanic mineralised oxygen you breathe
begins to calm your every thought, allowing your shoulders to slide downwards, alleviating
any tension. Each arm lazily sways back and forth with
the rhythm of your slow paced amble through the soft sand.
With each plunge of your feet, you are massaged into calmer thinking, as your heartbeat and
mind chatter begins too slow, altering your state to a more peaceful offering.
The calming clean air, the clear blue sky and the soothing white noise of the low key
waves make for a truly tranquil setting. As your arms gently swing at your sides, you
feel the delicate and almost unnoticeable breeze between each finger help in distracting
you from any thoughts. With each moment calming your body and clearing
your mind, your breathing has deepened substantially. Calmly taking in this moment, you decrease
you’re walking speed as you walk up to the water’s edge.
As the dry warm sand transitions into a cooler silt that is easier to walk upon, you observe
the hypnotic waves rolling in. In hearing and seeing the waves wash to a
fizzle, you become aware that an inexplicable cleansing effect can be felt.
You a drawn towards the water more. Wading your feet up to your ankles, you feel
the cleansing properties of the sea with delight, the cooler mineral abundant water takes you
further up the tranquility scale. Wanting to experience more of this sensation,
you walk a little further, not too far into the water, as each part of you begins to bathe
you become ever so present. Enjoying the sway of the soft waves that pass
like pulses of new energy, you assume a more clear thought process without any distractions.
Soaking up this new found energy, as every wave rolls past, you observe your body loosening
more and your mind to be completely free. As the water contours around your feet and
ankles, you feel the release of everything that was holding you back from relaxing.
splaying in relief as you feel the sea take all tension away in between each toe.
the warm water caresses past your legs, washing away all stresses and strains to a looseness.
Solace is found from the aligning of your back as you hips and thighs receive the profound
cleansing sensation. your abdomen and chest feel a liberation as
each natural breathe becomes beautifully steady and longer.
From the tops of your arms to your elbows, to your wrists, every one of them unlocking
their hinges, allowing your hands and fingers to waver in the undercurrent of healing.
Your shoulders and neck now, loose as loose can be as you move with the water, taking
in every restful sensation. Thinking no more, you take a moment to appreciate
the pleasant and pleasing release that you now experience, swaying ever more detached
from any thoughts that pass. Slowly, you begin to walk out of the water,
an easy movement with the sea gently helping you ashore.
As you reach the short, soft white waves your body becomes heavier as the weightless sensation
disperses, though you feel abundantly relaxed and cleansed.
Turning around you look in awe at the sea and what it has provided for you in this moment
and give a deeply gratifying nod of agreement. as the sun heats your body once more, the
tingle of the water evaporating from your skin brings a delightful peace and strength
upon you. The strength being that you can infect let
go of things and the peace found from doing so.
Wanting to delve deeper into the blissful state you now feel, you Survey the area for
something else to add to the tranquility. three flat pebbles can be seen, you reach
down, extracting them from the beach. Their shiny, smooth surfaces are revealed
as the granular grains of sand spills down and diffuse with the breeze.
Clanking the warm pebbles in your hands, you walk down to the water’s edge. The sun now beginning to set on the horizon,
it’s warmth still felt in the air. placing one of the pebbles into your dominant
hand, you sense any negativity that perhaps has built up inside, and transfer that energy
to the stone. With the heat of the sun loosening your muscles,
you feel a pulse of energy working throug your body to your hand, transferring any negative
energy into the pebble. Taking a moment to observe this release, you
pitch the pebble over the waves, skimming it on the water’s surface.
Bouncing a few times, it loses it’s momentum and sinks down to the bottom of the sea floor.
From letting go of any negativity, you feel released, now, a little clearer and more relaxed.
Bringing the second pebble into your dominant hand, you begin to bring any mind chatter
down from your head to the stone. As any images or thoughts dissolve, you relax
a little more. Now feeling that all concerns are now in the
pebble you hold, you pull back and skim it across the top of the water, where it flutters,
then staggers to then plummet out of sight. Feeling more grounded, you scan your body
for any areas of tension, then move that energy down to the last pebble.
Your shoulders, chest and abdomen loosen greatly. Pulling back, you launch the stone through
the water. Rebounding off the sea water, the pebble splashes
away and down under the surface. Releasing the stress leaves you with a sensation
of freedom in your body and easement in your mind.
Now watching the sun dip down, the aura of the sky displays a warm colourful palette
of red, orange and yellow. As you continue to thoughtfully look out to
sea, your eyes close. Taking a naturally timed deeper breath, you
breathe in this moment, and clear your chest down into contentment.
Now feeling more tired, you walk up to your beach towel and lie peacefully upon it.
As you feel the positive atmosphere of this space, a gentle breeze blows between your
toes, softening the bottoms of your feet. closing your eyes whilst you enjoy the warm
sun, you slowly reach out each arm to your sides, and grasp a handful of the fine formless
sand, allowing it to fall between your fingers, which loosen from the warmth.
as the last few grains silently land, your hands descend down, resting on the miniature
dune like surface. With the waves within auditory range, the
sound of your breathing is similar to to the gentle sweeps of inward and outward soothing
rocking motion of the water. Each spill of the white wash releases the
energy of each wave, letting it seep down into wet sand.
From these short moments of relief, you recognise that your breathing sounds similar to the
tender waves that peacefully roll in on the shore.
A steady rhythm of inward cleansing breaths of oxygen and automatic hushed expulsions
that reassure you that it’s safe to feel relaxed. The swaying and rustling leaves of the palm
tree above provides a grounding point and adds to the already calm atmosphere.
Now quieter in mind, you bask in the last of the suns warm heat, whilst sinking a little
deeper into a deeply satisfying peaceful state. With the sky now a little darker and the sun
completely gone from view, night begins to slowly shift in.
The first stars of dusk appear as you look upwards, gazing at their glistening shimmers.
The color of the sky becomes a almost a purple hue as the quiet of darkness sets in.
With the temperature of the air still warm, you feel a slight dip as the night air cools
the atmosphere. Feeling ready to rest, you prepare your surroundings
for sleep. With the camp fire already set up, all you
have to do is light it. Taking a match, you slide it across the phosphorous
side of the matchbox, it ignites as you cup it from the breeze.
Teasing the dried grass and kindling at the bottom of the fire, you watch the flame expand
and start the chain reaction that will heat the logs ontop.
With a crackle and a sizzle, the logs begin to catch, seeing little to no smoke, the fire
becomes steady, safely encompassed by rocks. The heat that can now be felt and even the
smell is warming, as your shoulders relax further.
You warm your hands as the fire grows, sensing the radiating effect also on your face and
feet. you gaze through the hypnotic flames, all
the while, your mind drifting and your body loosening.
A quiet consumes the air, even with the sound of the crackling logs and the soft waves in
the background, everything feels peaceful. As you sense your eyes softening from the
warmth, you decide to retire to your hammock which is situated only a few feet away.
Gathering your blanket and a pillow from beneath the palm tree, you climb up into your hammock
and get comfortable. Covering yourself over and resting your head,
the pleasant warmth of the campfire can be felt as the last of any persuasion to move
any more is depleted. Now ready for sleep, you let the automatic
pull of gravity allow your head to sink deeply within your pillow.
The shape of the hammock promotes your body to feel heavy, whilst the heat of the now
glowing logs encourage your muscles to unwind. Feeling heavier with each consecutive calm
breath, your body descends into a shifting sleepful slumber.
As you breathe naturally, your body descends as your mind retreats to sleep.
Your face clear of any other expression except peace, as your jaw begins to widen in relief.
As your neck loosens, your head sinks deeper into your plush comfortable pillow, giving
your eyelids every reason to remain closed, feeling heavier.
In relaxing more, your shoulders let everything just be in this moment.
Letting go more, your arms weigh further down, anchoring your hands and fingers into a limp
state. The grasp of your awareness now diminishing,
your chest and abdomen loosens completely, allowing your back to align in a way that
encourages further relaxed thought. The warmth of the fire only helps your already
sleepy state to continue relaxing as your hips and thighs sink down into your hammock.
In the relief of delving deeper into sleep, your legs, ankles and feet rest into comfort,
softening the bottoms of each foot and unfurling each toe.
A balance of peace, warmth, clearness of mind and relaxation is achieved as you just let
go. With the balance in the soft sound of crickets
chirping further up the beach, the gentle waves calming your inner being, and the radiating
crackle of the logs, you start to drift off more deeply.
Your awareness now fading as the ambience of everything you feel takes you closer to
sleep. Delicately, every muscle becomes soothed as
your body becomes heavier from the warmth you now feel in this moment.
Your mind floating towards a peaceful night’s rest with nothing other than tranquility and
peace. The sounds that bring solace now begin to
fade out as you slip further into a heavy slumber.
Relaxing more and more, your body leans naturally towards gravity, a weight of relaxation that
feels so euphoric. Breathing deeper and longer breaths, your
abdomen and chest loosen so effortlessly. With your back easing softly, your shoulders,
neck and head give up any resistance, as the sensation helps in every way to take you deeper.
With all sounds and awareness dispersing as you enter into a deeply pleasing and refreshing
sleep, your arms sink down, enabling your wrists, hands and fingers to become loose
in a restful position. And as the last of any sounds are heard, you
legs, ankles and feet weigh down, releasing the last of today out through your toes.
As you sleep now, rejuvenating your mind and body, you will remember every sensation felt
that brought you to this wonderful state of being.
Whilst asleep, your mind will become balanced once again, your perspective and positivity
will be replenished and your body will feel refreshed.
sleeping a pleasant nights slumber, you give yourself the gift of letting go completely
in this warm and comfortable state. This quiet atmosphere of sleep now takes care
of you, and with your willingness of going deeper, you will find healing and peace.
As every calm breath relaxes you more, you just let go.

Otis Rodgers



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    The Creator is with you, with the Presence. Come into this Presence. Come into this Power. Take reprieve here. Take comfort here. Find peace and strength here, for this Presence is not threatened by the world and cannot be destroyed.
    It is invulnerable, and as you become closer to it in your experience, its invulnerability will begin to strengthen you, to fortify you and to prepare you.
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    Come into this Presence and this Power. Let it refresh your mind. Let it give you freedom and reprieve from constant consideration and concern. For when you are with the Presence, you need not have a concern.”
    The Night Meditation – a guided meditation you can find at newmessage(org)

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