January 17, 2020
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Hair and Spirituality (Spiritual Antennas, Spiritual Haircare and Hairstyles, Super Powers)

hello my name is Ireland aka at limitless Lightworker and today I talk about hair and spirituality since there is such a connection to our physical manifestation and our inner spirit being in our energy body so I was once a cosmetologist so I worked with hair a lot so I'm just now stepping out of that role and I'm looking at hair in such a different way than I once was so what I found interesting first things first is that hair is our antenna it is like a radio antenna of our body it emits and transmits and channels energy outside of the five senses so it is like our sixth sense of intuition so hair is like an extension of our nervous system so hair gathers information from the frontal lobes since it is around the forehead area which helps channel energy for visualization and meditation so it is very important so a key component in your hair is silicon so silicon is also an essential component in a computer it acts like the computers mind and memory so with our hair it's the same thing it helps with memory vitality so with the cutting of the hair aspect there is one side and there is a completely other side of cutting hair and spirituality so some people they choose not to cut their hair because they realize that when you cut your hair from that point it takes about three years for it to actually build new antennas since once you cut it you are cutting those antennas at the bottom of the hair leaving the cuticle exposed without the antenna compared to some people who obviously carry everything within your hair memories experiences old energy so people who go through midlife crisis there breakups they're like just chop it all off because they need to get that old energy off so it just depends on what your focus is are you wanting to keep those antennas or are you needing to cut that energy off if you're wanting to keep the antennas and not cut it what I would do like for me I've bleached my hair so much that my antennas are split so they need to be sealed most of the time so I use coconut oil and almond oil at nights and throughout the day because I don't want to cut the antennas if they break off they break off they're meant to but I'm trying not to cut my hair anymore and also if you choose to do straight across bangs you have a lot of porous channels in your forehead that transmit light into the pineal gland so when you have straight across bangs it does not help with that process it kind of blocks it so do understand that if you are wanting bangs or if you have them again this is all personal choices I'm not telling you don't cut your hair cut your hair don't have straight across bangs this is just the information and you can take what you want from the information I used to have extensions I used to have hair down to my stomach bleaching my hair and now I'm just feeling intuitively that I need to be doing other things so it's really how you feel intuitively that goes into the dyeing aspect so again I used to always bleach my hair and I'm choosing not to color my hair anymore I'm bleach it just because when you put unnatural dyes so unless unless it's like henna it does cause impurities within the cuticle and it blocks intuitive receptors so again dyeing your hair can be a form of self-expression it can make you feel really really good it's just what your spiritual goals are if you're wanting to make the most use out of these antennas I would a frame from afraid refrain from dyeing your hair so that is why I'm choosing to let mine grow out which is crazy because I'm so used to being blonde I feel like that is who I am as a blonde person so it is going to be a transition my natural hair is like golden blonde but slightly brown with like a reddish tint I'm not really sure anymore because I haven't seen it in so long I started dyeing my hair when I was in about seventh grade so it's been a long time and my hair really just hasn't grown that's why a lot of blondes they get extensions because the hair just keeps breaking at a certain point and your hair has a natural length that it will naturally grow to so I'm curious to see what my natural length is I not truly just have fine hair so I know it's I'm not going to be having like tons of it but I'm excited for this process again it's up to you what you choose to do with your hair so what I choose to comb with my hair is a wooden comb because that does help keep the energy within your head it helps to keep the electromagnetic field intact and it also helps to reduce static which will push all of the energy outside of the crown chakra so that is what like the metal and the plastic brushes and combs will do as with the hairstyles at first I thought I was just being lazy I was like well I'm being lazy I used to do and put so much effort into my hair every single day and now I'm putting it in a topknot what is going on and that is what I've been just feeling guided to do so apparently we're supposed to be putting our hair up during the day to help channel in solar energy to keep the energy moving in a one centered area so that is why hair cut that is why I keep my hair in this position and I keep it on the top of my head so that I can channel they prana on the top of my crown chakra some put it right at the base of their neck so there is a graph that you can look at that shows you the different points on your head that you can put these buns and they all have different meanings I just again choose on top and my Crown Chakra to get that energy moving in a clockwise direction so I do keep my hair mostly in this bun try not to have a lot of hair sticking out I do like these hairs on the side for my face some days but it does help to keep also negative subtle energies from transmitting their own frequencies through the hair shaft so if you're constantly cutting your hair and wearing it down you are more susceptible to other energies to come through into those antennas so this helps to protect you helps to keep good energy at circulating higher level higher levels of consciousness and they say to keep your hair down for this the lunar energy to get into all of the strands so I would keep your hair either down at night or in braids if you put your hair and braids in the evening that helps to balance out the electromagnetic field from the day maybe the energies you've taken in it will balance those out but I'm not telling you what to do with your hair this is your hair these are your antennas this is just the information this is what I've been guided to do I have learned so much so I hope that this video helped you understand the spiritual aspects of hair and how it all ties together make sure to like and subscribe to my youtube channel comment down below if you know someone who would benefit from this video have a beautiful day and stay blessed muah

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