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Healing Through Spiritual Song – Religious Songs Can Help Cancer Patients Heal

[Singing] I grew up in a little Baptist Church
called Mills Chapel Baptist Church and it was right beside the house that I
grew up in, so I tell everybody, every time the church doors opened, I was there
because there was nothing else to do but go to church. Dr. Jill Hamilton has come a long
way as a nursing professor and researcher, but her heart has never strayed far
from Black Mountain, North Carolina, where the grandmother who raised her with church and song championed her ambition to go to college. “My grandmother used to always say to me, ‘I couldn’t go, but you gonna go.’ She’d
always brag on me, and you know she was always encouraging, and so I think what
motivates me now to really do what I do, do the research that I ] do, do the nursing
care that I do for the population is because I used to always say, ‘I want to
do something to give back to people like my grandmama.’ So my passion even today is with the
care of older and African Americans. Because when I give back to
them, I’m giving back to my grandmama.” Hamilton’s most recent study intends to
demonstrate that positive health outcomes for African Americans with
serious diseases like cancer can be buoyed by religious comforts like
favorite songs or Bible verses. “When a patient first comes in, part of the
assessment should be, ‘Do you have a song or Bible verse that you use when you are
stressed, when you’re worried, when you’re nervous, when you’re anxious?’ and we
should document that in the chart.” Hamilton has amassed a database of
several dozen, recordings showing people reciting a prayer, Bible verse, or singing
a song of comfort. She plans on sharing the scenes with willing patients as part
of a forthcoming study that will try and find out to what degree this type of
spiritual therapy can aid the healing process. But when Hamilton began her work conventional wisdom was not on her side. “They said, ‘What else was published?’
and I would say, ‘Well, we’re gonna change that!’ But at the time this was like in
1997, when I first started doing my dissertation research, and it was
absolutely forbidden just to talk about God in healthcare. I was told, ‘No, you can’t
do that,’ but I kept doing it anyway because that’s what people that
was what was important to the population. We think of social support coming from a
spouse, from a friend, from a family member, and yes, African Americans have that also, but for African Americans, and I’m sure for
other racial ethnic groups as well, but particularly for older African Americans,
they have come to rely on God as a source of support, and you can’t ignore
that, you can’t separate it, because God is as real in their network of support as any
other close relative that we can actually see.” Cory Woodyatt is a student of Hamilton’s
who got the notion to try out her approach during one of his clinical rotations.
“The ER was busy. There was a lot of people, there was a long line up for folks to
get in and we received a new patient who came into the main ED with his wife.” The patient was impaired and agitated, and so it was
difficult for the medical staff to help him. “He was getting a lot more anxious
and he was shaking and he was trying to get out of the bed, and he was getting
more confused, so I pulled out my cell phone and I put on ‘Amazing Grace.’ The moment that the song came on he calmed right down.” “Perceptions have changed about spirituality
and now we realize that is a very important part of health care.

Otis Rodgers



  1. Danish Hussain Posted on December 24, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    (Healing For All human being)


    An interview of Baba G Makhdoom Safder Ali Bukhari & Dr Muhammad Javed Ahmad by MBC UAE in 2004

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  2. Lee Yost Posted on May 18, 2019 at 8:56 pm

    What a wonderful grandmama she had. Beautiful story. She is the modern day Rosa Parks of the medical community in her community. If God says it’s ok man better move over!