December 7, 2019
  • 10:14 pm 【故事販賣店】新加坡刑案│Ritual Murders活人獻祭
  • 10:14 pm Laura Eisenhower: Repelling Dark Alien Tech, Saturn Hexagon, Satanic Rituals & Pedophilia[CITD 2018]
  • 10:14 pm About Practical Meditation MOOC
  • 10:14 pm Meditation music, Sleeping Music, Calm Music, Relaxing Music, Deep Sleep Music, Insomnia, Spa, Yoga.
  • 10:14 pm The Heart Of Worship – Matt Redman (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover by Albert Gyorfi)
Hear from our Theology and Religion graduates

It’s been the best three years of my life,
hands down. Really amazing. i’m really proud of myself,
I’m really proud of everyone on my degree course. The best course I could have picked, amazing
modules, brilliant lecturers who are so passionate about everything. The lecturers have really
made this course for me. They really take such a personal interest in you as a person
and your interests, your likes and dislikes, how you like to write, why you’re studying
what you are. You become more independent. You meet loads
of amazing people. And from the point of view of the course, if it’s something you’re interested
in, it has so many avenues leading off it, it opens so many doors for you and there’s
so many different opportunities for development along the way. Highlights of my time have been meeting loads
of amazing people. Studying a course which is so relevant to the world around us and
being able to study it in Birmingham which is such an awesome place to study. And just
an amazing place to be studying religion in such a multicultural and diverse place. I’ve always been interested in religion and
for me it’s like allowed me to kind of own my interests a little bit more. Long time
plan is I want to work in the charity sector, I want to work in charity campaigning and
fundraising. I’d love to go on from a Masters and do a
PhD at the University. Staying here to do a pgdiped teacher training
to be an RE teacher. Looking to use my theology degree to kind
of look at contemporary society and the faults and how different factors in society can bring
about change.

Otis Rodgers