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HIGHER SELF shows how to change your future, NEW YEAR’S RITUAL loa

Happy New Year guys I’m stormy storm
and this video is gonna be about changing your future or manifesting your
future I don’t quite know what exactly this does yet because my Higher Self
just taught me about this and they had me do it so I could explain it to you
guys I wanted to throw in a bunch of messages that I’ve got that were very
small but we’re important so I just want to throw these messages in at the end of
the video so my Higher Self had me do this thing where I kind of wrote to
myself and you kind of get into a zone of automatic writing but the intention
of when you’re talking to your Higher Self and wanting a positive future it’s
like manifestation so it’s it really is a mix of channeling and manifestation
but it’s also your Higher Self letting you know what’s happening in the future
and this higher self was only a year advanced the latest she came in was 2020
so she’s not that much she’s not that much further ahead than I am so I kind
of loved this technique because I never do New Year’s resolutions I mean I
always say I’m gonna do something and I never do it I want to do it I just
they’re not that important I guess but this was interesting I was thinking
about the future and thinking about other people’s future mainly but I had a
feeling that I really needed to focus on my own so I got a piece of paper I got
this idea and I realized it came from my Higher Self I only realised that as I
was writing and the idea was write as if I’m in my future body talking to myself
now because of the last message with my Higher Self and saying that I could
change any timeline I wanted after doing that video I thought I should have imply
it right I thought I should use that to my advantage so what a great way to do
that by channeling your higher-self in the
future and it’s a good New Year’s resolution so it was like killing two
birds with one stone that’s a horrible saying I just realized
that that is horrible i sat down and I started writing and I wrote everything
was important about this and I didn’t realize this usually till moments after
I started doing it but I grabbed a piece of paper which I also the book that I
always write down all my ideas for these videos which seemed to be important it
was an important book of mine or blank slates
I always doodle on it and everything i doodle my dreams on it and then I
grabbed a permanent marker which was signifying that this is permanent this
is permanent this is gonna happen and actually when I
was writing my Higher Self mentioned that they were like don’t grab a pencil
grab a marker cuz I couldn’t find my pencil and they did they did that on
purpose I guess and they had me start off with writing things that I hoped to
happen and things that were like not that important if they didn’t happen
because um they needed me to get into a trance first so as soon as I started
writing the first couple of paragraph I started zoning out and it definitely
felt like channeling and it didn’t feel like I was me anymore it felt like my
Higher Self I wrote out about three pages and the three was important as
well which you don’t think any of these things mean something until you have the
art of observation and seeing the synchronicities and the connections and
the symbolism behind it what I wrote was really personal to me
but it kind of encompassed everything it could this you know family love career
health well-being spirituality just about anything you can think of and
little details in between there too that just
don’t fit into a category and since this was really personal to me I’m not gonna
like share it but I will mention a couple things that I thought were really
interesting that I was not expecting was not planning for and overall are pretty
fucking cool the first would be that my Higher Self wrote down you will have
your first et contact like physical contact which I pray to God like yes
please oh my gosh I’ve been begging and they didn’t mention when that was gonna
happen cuz a lot of when I was writing this they would put like the beginning
of the year or mid of the year or at the ended by the end of the year like so
they did give kind of like general timelines but nothing so specific that
it didn’t happen on this date I would freak out and think that it was never
gonna happen and therefore change my reality that seemed to be important to
them they wanted me to not set dates like specific dates just general dates
because some of this stuff was outside my realm of thinking what was possible
another thing they did say was that I’d be able to channel fluidly physically
without needing any modalities like tools like carrots tarot cards automatic
writing I could just be able to talk to them
as though they were physical and hear them as though they were physical they
didn’t give me a date on that either they implied that with this purpose I
help other people and therefore I am happier as a human being because I’m
doing what I’m supposed to be doing when I reach a certain point I’ll be able to
let go of the old ways of living which have made me kind of unhappy and a lot
of senses I think the biggest message was they have permeance that I was gonna
be happy I was gonna be happy I was gonna feel fulfilled and a lot of the
struggles I have now I’m gonna get over the letting go and the letting go of
worry I think was is what they keep pushing the people to keep pushing this
as I’ve been working on it working on past pains and seeing it as differently
and letting go of anger resentment those anxieties those pains those emotions
those overwhelming fears begin to dull and there’s moments of clarity so
there’s moments of I know it’s gonna be ok no matter what even if it doesn’t
happen the way it’s supposed to happen in my head it may be better than what I
expect and they keep showing me that time and time again I keep getting hit
with bad news and then somehow it turns out to be better than normal don’t
really get bad news and it’s a it’s bad right you’re like this sucks
recently it’s it’s almost like testing me it’s testing me and it’s hit with bad
news and it’s like how is she gonna react
she’s gonna flip out like she always does and they keep doing that and I
don’t I’ve been getting better and because I’ve been getting better than
you somehow turns around to be a miracle in some cases after I wrote this letter
I folded it up three times which I just noticed right now the three seems to be
very important when I was doing this I bought a candle that day it was a mother
Mary candle it was just I bought a candle because it was white and they
just it was a cheap candle in this bursary store so I grabbed it and I
bought two others with it Oh shape the three again okay so this is this is
important then I didn’t light all three at once I only lit the big candle which
was a merry candle and I did that while I was writing I had sent in a message to
a channeler and I asked what spirits are around me and why are they there the
next day I saw the response and it was mother Mary is around you and then
parents of past lives the thing is is I didn’t realize that was a mother Mary
candle so as soon as I heard that I was like why is mother married around me I
don’t think I’ve ever once prayed to her so I go oh there was a person on that
candle maybe that’s that’s her they like to show synchronicities for me so I can
put together the pieces sure enough it’s a mother Mary candle I mean I never pay
attention to anything really at face value I just don’t I just can block out
I choose to block out a lot of the surroundings because I know it’s fake in
a lot of ways so after I folded it I took the wax from this candle that I
still was unaware of being a Mary there Mary Campbell and I put it on the piece
of paper pushed it down so it would say steel
and then I put it underneath my pillow they guided me to do that and they
implied that it would help me manifest if I slept with those words underneath
my head so if I spent a lot of time with that letter
it’s not about repeating the letter over and over again but absorbing the energy
that came from the letter because I think a lot of people get stuck on the
the how the why the when and they didn’t want me to do that they didn’t want me
to keep opening up the letter they just wanted me to absorb what I got so
anyways I’ve been sleeping with it under my bed and so far I do feel better when
I wake up in the morning I hope everyone just kind of tries this because without
having any goals or anything to look forward to you might just keep yourself
in the same patterns and I think that’s why they had me do this is so I can
start preparing myself to the new patterns that I would go into so hey
feel free to try this and see what you get I think you’ll start to notice as
you’re writing these words down that you will have a separation between yourself
and then what is coming in it may take like one page until you get to that
point but it’ll you’ll start becoming that higher self but let me give you
some messages from my Higher Self that I couldn’t fit into videos until at this
point right now and I think this is for the new year these are very short
messages my Higher Self say that meditation is not the act of being
silent so it’s not quieting the mind it’s the active observing as observing
your body observing how you feel observing what’s around you how does
that make you feel like in that made sense
it made a lot of sense when you start to notice patterns in your environment in
the synchronicities that are constantly pointing to to wake up and and look
around you like bigger the patterns out the patterns help you
I don’t meditate like others my brain has a million things coming all at once
and then it forms a dream I don’t try to silence the mind at all because I just
know that – useless it’s almost like what my focus is in – with all those
images and things coming into my brain my brain will focus on one thing so
really observing the patterns and observing how you feel and is serving
your body and your mind and realizing what got each of those states and
understanding it is is really the key to meditation and when they send meditation
they didn’t mean normal meditation that was it was more like a spiritual
meditation to get messages it’s like a hypnotic state another one is to people
to start observing their dreams including myself if you have a lot of
bad dreams it’s an indication that you are off course you’re not following what
you want to do and that you subconsciously know you want to do and
then there is this there’s this rift and that shows in your dreams and it when
you look at dreams as a very simple way like only take the main messages out of
it and then maybe try to decipher it from there but just pick out the main
messages about the dream and that’ll help you figure out where you’re off
course in the last thing which I feel was very
specific to me and this is anyone with a certain kind of disease but people with
diseases especially with me they were talking about Lyme disease because I
have had chronic Lyme disease since I was 20
they showed me that that was a part of my attention people who have this
disease they were forced to figure out what they really wanted and what they
were willing to invest their energy into because they were limited on energy so
they were forced to only care about the things that were truly made them happy
people who have this just don’t have the energy to do anything that drains them
and they showed me with lung disease the iconic way of figuring you have lung
disease is when you get bit by a tick and you have the bullseye rash my higher
self or higher consciousness showed me that that bullseye mark was you were a
target you were chosen to experience this and they showed me that the people
who got chosen to experience this hell of a disease were some of the most
amazing people out there gifted individuals very gifted and this brought
them to a human reality this was a necessary this was necessary because it
made us more sensitive and Dee sensitive in some areas
definitely more aware of the things that affect you and that was the point where
I thought this was a curse this was part of my ascension and part of a lot of
people’s ascension a lot of people get so low in this and feel so detached from
people that they have nowhere else to look but within themselves and to trust
their gut know their body because everybody else is telling them something
different and this is all part of it these were all lessons that I wasn’t
going to learn without this disease because I was I felt like superwoman and
when I got brought down to my knees it made me realize what what was worth
spending my energy on because it’s not fighting it’s not I don’t have the
energy to fight like I like I used to and that’s a good thing and it taught me
also don’t trust anyone that’s trying to tell you how you feel
only you’re gonna know that’s really important with ascension it’s teaching
me how to be okay being alone in a lot of senses I’m still working on this
lesson because it is an extreme suit extreme alone and sometimes it’ll even
cut you off from spirit to make you more human so you can empathize more with
others who are living this very human existence this was a big message but I
did not know how to put a video into it but this could be true with any disease
if they were just showing it in relation with what I have dealt with with the
Lyme disease but they definitely did show me that the target the bull’s in
that abnormal rash being being a bull’s-eye you were meant to have it and
even though it’s really hard and I know it’s really hard and you feel like you
got the soul sucked out of you it’s gaining that back and learning from
those experiences which is gonna help you ascend and that having that
sensitivity that you will always have and not only that that that disease
actually switches your the wires in your brain is which is the wires in your
brain to perceive things differently and that’s important they were trying to
show me that it was a blessing even though I still have hang-ups on it and
I’m like really wish I could have learned a different way maybe an easier
way I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and they make some kickass resolutions
and get over the past pains and cuz that’s really important
I’m gonna keep saying that and I really want to turn my videos into being more
fun but that’s a message they they keep showing me and so like I want to make
fun of videos but they keep blocking me off to that because they’ll send me
another experience that has to do with letting go pain
let it go pain letting go pain I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready for
2019 I wish all of you guys the best and I’m almost at like a hundred subs and I
just want to thank everyone because I learn so much from you guys that I’m
unaware of each thing that you guys say makes me think about it and I look into
it and guess what I find a synchronicity with it so thank you so much commoners
and likers and shares love you guys stay well I’m stormy storm 2019 yo

Otis Rodgers



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