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HOODOO | 5 ingredient PAGAN, WICCA spells for FAST money!!  The craft

Yep, you landed on the right video, you know what it is because today we bout to discuss Hulu five-ingredient pagans slash Wicca spells to get more money Faster. Hey Congress. Thank you. You contribute to my bank account faithful Cheese, bicycle. What yo y’all get was good as your girls. Hi, Jane, hashtag cup game Put it down below. If you rocking with us. Listen, man. I already told you what this video is about There’s no need to repeat it again If you know join a family by pressing the subscribe button and pressing a bell right next to it to be always Notified on videos drop. Let’s go ahead and get into this bro. You’re ready to get rich and you ready to get rich? Oh, yeah Alright guys. Look I’m holding the camera today because I want to make this personal, you know what I’m saying? So look, the first thing you go need obviously is a red phone It can’t be any other color, but ring if you have any other color, this will not work. Do you hear me? Say it. Say it with me crying. What color do you need? The head red sirtalis job great job. C’mere C’mere c’mere c’mere smart students martini. Good job Alright listen, so the first thing we don’t have to do is we don’t have to add some cinnamon Okay. Now listen to me, it has to be ground cinnamon It can’t be anything but ground cinnamon if you get it from the sky it ain’t right. Okay, it has to be ground cinnamon So what you’re gonna do is to go go ahead and open this shit Yeah, one hand the x-games beach So you need to learn a lot of money. You gotta put a lot of agree eat a banana. Ok Now this might sound weird but just trust me and hear me out really work. I’m a good guy fail to say and everything Five-ingredient ways to get more might wanna open up an end. Ok, your bananas likely it’s fine. It doesn’t need to be perfect Don’t worry about not having a plate or anything because you need to keep these ingredients Well, you have to have a rainbow We have to have a white bird in a night what time for their needless routine one time for the girls mainly three times for? your mama who pay them four times coz you still gonna be x cuz you’re stupid as fuck and Nine times because you clean out of look now. Let’s see if you want phone I need a spell on that tool if you want mom I get more bananas you gonna take these bananas take all of the bananas And you gonna drop them in in the sentences? Probably one of the most Easiest feels amazing. I’m taking it I’m talking I took it then I toast again I frosted jumping up these mark though. They’re pulling hands Let’s step over here. Come on, come on come with grab this you see what this is straight in the third birdie has to be a lot you have to Cover it You need to use five ingredients you actually need seven Okay, like we only use a five in this bowl, but you still need meal and power you give me coffee But you don’t want to miss the end of the video. I’m going to show you proof I’m gonna actually do the spell on camera and everything in the bold is gonna turn into money What you need to do now is add this raw honey. I got the rash Up. Don’t worry about too much level. It doesn’t matter if they if it gets stuck on the spoon. It doesn’t man you’re over That looks like my make this fun working with one hand here so thick bro is so thick Let’s go blood is thicker than water. I don’t forget. I’m providing proof at the end of this video Oh, Get off the phone this is beyond Men, you want to make sure you have a blender. Okay, not a beauty blender Not a booty booty booty Blender this kind of blender you need this kind of blender specifically this brand. This is not a sponsored video That’s how you don’t telling you you need this brand. No other brand will work. Okay I don’t know if they’re into the whole ope spell thingy, but no other brand works just this one you see that? Bananas, that’s how you know, it works because I got a picture of bananas so we won’t turn this box around I’m a provider at the end of this video We got our blender set up over there we meet you When you race, okay, I need to leave a little bit of water So my smartass I wasn’t recording when I was touring the ingredients and I apologize This is what we need to go to the freezer now Don’t say that. This is more than five ingredients in ice and water is free. You wanna top it up. I didn’t What now here you have a few options there’s chop mix great blender and liquify we want to do is liquefy And you want to blend this for a good No, just like two minutes or so. Looking good. Look at me now. We got all of our stuff mix It’s all good. You want to take just a little bit and pour it into a cup? You’re gonna come back and you’re gonna take the ring and pour it back Into the bins is what I’m gonna use to show you our proof that the spill we’re gonna come back over here You’re gonna get our cup this little bit right here You have to drink some of you have to drink all of it But the more you drink the more money that you could possibly have we’re gonna take what’s in that bow and I’m gonna show you Guys proof that this world first you got a drink because the money comes from within front pick, so let’s get this down Let’s get that there Definitely tastes like ass But now we have to go outside 250 oh shit. I almost the I finally made it. See I got my tripod set up over there. I’m out of breath y’all Carry everything over here Legend has it The hair that’s hanging right up here. Oh Oh The hair that singing right up here. It’s like some blue hair something like that. I’m not sure but Got my tripod right here. No like later on in another video Cuz I heard this thing is actually like hunted or something. So later on in a future video like a 3 a.m. Video I won 840 you see really what’s going on go home without further ado, bro. Let’s go ahead and grab our bowl We finally have our bowls set up on the podium So there’s some magic words that you actually have to say in order to get this going And you’re gonna see as I say the spell Supposedly this bowl is supposed to start smoking and that’s how you know that it’s working again It has to be done in a specific areas. It’s fine. I’ve shit or something like that that you can do it in Mine is hunted. So he’s even better. Ok, so these are the magic words Abra Cadabra It’s working it’s definitely working. He’s definitely working So, where’s the fuck what the fuck is the money where the fuck is the money in? A minute. So where the fuck is the money? Get up where’s the money

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