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check check one two I’m just gonna come
right out and say it *GARBLED NOISE* sorry about that
what I meant to say is that having good audio in your videos is as important if
not more important than having good quality video what is up people Dunna
here and today I’m gonna tell you how to get better audio in your videos if
you’re new around the channel welcome I do videos every Monday about video photo
music and life so if you’re into any of those things make sure to subscribe to
the channel to see more I try my best to answer every single comment so drop one
down below and let’s chat so how do you get better audio for your videos and
today we’re gonna be specifically talking about choosing the right
microphone believe it or not I am NOT a full time youtuber I know
crazy right for the past 10 years I have been working as an audio engineer and
music producer so I record people and I produce music for people so audio is a
pretty huge part of my life and with that being said I am pretty confident in
telling you that there is not one microphone that is best for every single
situation there are a pile of different types of microphones that you can use
and some are best in some situations and some are best in other ones so today
we’re gonna go over three different microphones three and a half that you
can be using on your videos I’m gonna show you what each of those microphones
sound like talk about what they’re good for what they’re not so good for when it
makes sense to use them and I’m also gonna give you some tips on how to get
the most out of them first and foremost the most popular choice amongst
youtubers is the on-camera shotgun microphone now you’ve seen this in
videos before where the youtubers have a microphone right up on their camera it’s
like this big kind of handle looking thing don’t pick it up by the microphone
it’s not good for it a popular choice for this is the rode videomic series I
personally use a microphone called the Sony ECM GZ 1m and it’s built just for
Sony cameras it fits in the hot shoe so rather than actually using the audio
input port you just slide this thing right in the hot shoe and it
automatically connects to the camera one of the things to note about this is
you don’t get to set the volume with this microphone it automatically does it
for you in the camera so if you want to set your own volume maybe something like
a rode videomic might be a little bit better for you an on-camera shotgun mic
is gonna be great for run-and-gun situations if you’re vlogging or if
you’re running around town and you’re not sure what you’re gonna be capturing
exactly this can be a great microphone for you because it’s just kind of always
there it does a good job of picking up high-quality audio with that being said
there are two ways that I transfer files from my camera to my phone the first way
being that I shoot Sony and I know that a lot of other camera manufacturers have
this built in as well it’s super easy to set up you throw it on your camera you
plug it in and you’re good to go one of the best things about this setup is that
there’s no syncing of audio and video and post because you’re going straight
into the camera it’s already synced up for you so when you pull the video in
it’s already got the audio lined up some of the downsides to this setup is that
you can only really use this well with the wide-angle lens the reason that I
say this is because you want to be close to the camera general rule of thumb is
to keep the microphone as close to you as possible so if you’re using the
wide-angle lens you can get the camera closer which means you’re gonna get
better quality audio another downside to this is that sometimes because of the
proximity of the microphone to the lens it picks up some of the sounds in the
camera it depends on the lens and how loud the focusing system is but I
noticed sometimes it can pick up some of my lenses generally it’s not a huge deal
but it is there so it’s something to consider for example right now my camera
is sitting about five feet away from me because I’ve got a thirty millimeter
lens on the Sony ECM gz1m microphone is on top of the camera and you’ll
notice that it’s picking up the whole room all of that echo and reverb that’s
going on so this is not an ideal situation for the way that I’m currently
shooting where this does best is when I’m out and I’m holding the camera on a
gorilla pod or something and it’s fairly close to my face and you don’t have to
worry about cables or any of that kind of stuff you can just run a gun and
you’re good to go the second microphone setup I want to
talk about today is the lav mic now we’ve all seen these guys too they clip
onto the shirt or they go inside the shirt and generally the idea is to try and
hide this as best as possible one of the things that I really hate is when you
can see a lav mic it just kind of takes you out of the whole experience
now this microphone for me was kind of an experiment I wanted to see how this
would stand up against something like the on-camera shotgun microphone and I
was pleasantly surprised this is just a super cheap lav or lapel mic that they
sell on Amazon from a company called poweredewise I’m pretty sure I picked
it up for pretty close to $20 it says that it’s normally like $55 but it was
on sale when I bought it and I just checked now and it’s still on sale so go
check that out if you want and it does perform really well one thing that’s
awesome about this is that I can plug it straight into my phone well not straight
into my phone you know iPhone users no headphone jack you can either use the
built-in voice message app or if you want a little better quality there are
lots of apps out there I personally use the one made by Rode you don’t have to
have a rode microphone to use it and it’s totally free and it works great
recently I made a video about my 16 millimeter Sigma lens and I tested this
setup and it worked awesome I can say from personal experience that I use this
thing all the time it’s a little bit deceiving because 16 millimeters on an
aps-c size sensor like this camera it’s actually the equivalent of a 24
millimeter if it was on a full-frame camera so what that means is it’s
actually cropping in a little bit more than the name suggests some of the nice
things about this are that the microphone ends up being very close to
your mouth so you’re mostly picking up what you’re saying and not so much of
the surroundings another thing is that you don’t need to be close to the camera
because no matter where you are the microphone stays close to your mouth
because I just plug it straight into my phone I can move around as much as I
want and the setup kind of goes with me like I said this one was really cheap
and it still does a great job some of the things that aren’t so good about
this is that you can get a ruffling sound from the clothes or from people
moving around or touching it with this one if you’re gonna record to your phone
you do have to sync the audio later and setting it up is a little bit of a pain
the little clips that come with it kind of suck and I don’t like when you can
see it so the way that I prefer to do it is I use a little bit of gaff tape make
a gaff tape triangle put it on the front
side and I take another tiny little piece of gaff tape put it in front of it
like this there on it up my shirt I’m gonna tape it just out
of sight plug it into my phone and now we can listen to what this lav
microphone sounds like so you can hear that because it’s so close to my mouth
we get a nice clean signal we’re not hearing a lot of what’s going on in the
room now one of the things that I’m not crazy about about lav mics is they often
kind of sound muffled now you can fix this in post-processing but there’s
something about the fact that it’s under my chin and it’s hidden under my shirt
then it kind of muffles the sound and you have to brighten it up in post also
there’s this so any kind of movement can kind of make a muffly sound and the
third option for microphone setup is an overhead shot gun or boom mic I’m gonna
switch lenses so you can see mine so this here is my rode ntg-2 this is my
favorite option for sit down and talk at the camera type of videos because I can
just kind of set it up here and totally forget about it I can move around a
little bit and it still does a good job of picking up what’s going on around but
I don’t have to worry about something being attached to me like the lav mic I
just make sure it’s set slightly out of the frame and then I’m good to go
some of the good things about this is that you can get it very close to your
face right now this is like six to eight inches away from my face and it’s
pointing directly at my mouth so it’s picking up exactly what’s coming out
because it’s a super cardioid microphone it picks up just what’s in front of it
it’s a very directional microphone so if you point it directly at the source
you’re good to go some of the downsides to this setup is
that it’s not very portable so as you can see in the shot here
I actually am hooking it up to an external recorder and the external
recorder has to have phantom power I think this can be powered by battery as
well but I find it a little bit easier if I just do it with the phantom power
built into my zoom h4n but again I had to buy a whole separate unit so this is
starting to get to be a bit of an expensive kind of setup and then because
I’ve got the whole thing in the XLR cable and the power it’s not a very
portable thing I wouldn’t want to go running around with this and having to
set it up every time the only time that these
things can be portable is if you actually have someone holding a boom arm
with the microphone on the end of it doing sound so if you’ve got a team
around you again with this one you’re gonna run into the thing where because
I’m recording externally I’m also gonna have to sync it afterwards which again I
don’t think it’s that big of a deal but a lot of people like to complain about
it so I figured I’d mention it anyway just so you know so now we’ve talked
about the main three setups we’ve got the on-camera shotgun which I think is
best for if you’re running and gunning you’re not sure what you’re gonna be
shooting lots of vloggers like this setup because there’s nothing going on
you just put it on the camera and it’s ready to go the second one is the lav
microphone which has become one of my favorite for being out if I’m doing like
a planned video and I’m going out the third microphone is the overhead boom
shotgun microphone I personally like these for these kinds of sit down in one
place and talk at the camera kind of setups now earlier I mentioned that
there were three and a half that’s because I wanted to show you what it
sounds like to just use the microphones built into the camera if you’re new to
making videos you might think that it’s okay to use the microphones in the
camera and if that’s all you’ve got then that’s better than nothing but I do
suggest that you invest in some better quality audio because usually on most of
these cameras the audio quality is terrible so let’s do a comparison
between all four different styles in this current setting so that you can
hear what I’m talking about so again remember that the lav microphone is very
close to my face the boom microphone is very close to my face
the shotgun on the camera is about five feet away and the in-camera microphones
are also about five feet away so in a setting like this this is what that
would sound like what is up people Dunna here and today we’re talking about
how to get better audio for your videos by choosing the right microphone what is
up people Dunna here and today we’re talking about how to get better audio
for your videos by choosing the right microphone what is up people Dunna here
and today we’re talking about how to get better audio for your videos by choosing
the right microphone what is up people Dunna here and today we’re talking about
how to get better audio for your videos by choosing the right microphone
now I’ve told you about the microphones but I want to give you a couple of tips
on how you can get the best quality audio for your videos first and foremost
if at all possible record to an external recorder the
quality that’s going to come out of that is going to be far superior to the
quality coming off of the camera and the reason for that are something called the
preamps the preamps are what take the microphone signal and boost it to a
level that is recordable if you have good quality preamps there won’t be very
much noise or hiss on the signal if you have bad quality preamps you’re gonna
get some noise in your signal and it’s not going to be as good quality this
isn’t always an option depending on your situation and some camera manufacturers
have better preamps than others but if you can record to an external recorder
another tip is to get that microphone as close to your subject as possible the
closer the microphone is to the subject the more it picks up of that subject and
the less of the surroundings so if you don’t want to hear the echo or the
reverb in the room or if you don’t want to hear the birds chirping and the
traffic get that microphone nice and close another tip is to make sure you’re
setting the right level general rule of thumb is that the loudest sound you
think you’re going to get set that so it’s about three-quarters of the way up
on the meter then you’ve got a little bit of room just in case something
louder happens but also you know you’re not going to be distorting the signal
you can always turn it up a little bit in post-production if you need to
another tip that I have for you is to plan ahead if you can if you know you’re
going out to do a shoot try and plan your audio just as much as you plan your
video and your lighting like I said before it’s as important if not more
important just kidding it’s definitely more important leave a comment below and
let me know what is your audio setup why do you like it or if you don’t like your
current setup let me know what you would like and why all of the products that I
talked about today including the microphones and the recorder are all
linked in the description below as well as most of the rest of my setup as far
as camera and lenses and stuff those are affiliate links so if you feel like
buying something and use those links it helps me out and it doesn’t cost you any
extra click the thumbs up if you like this video it really does help tell
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notifies you when I post a new video if you want to watch some more there’s a
video right here I think you’ll really like it
I really hope you had fun thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys next time How To Get Better Audio In Your Videos

Otis Rodgers



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