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How To Meditate For Beginners

what’s good YouTube welcome to another video in today’s video we’re going to be talking about how to meditate why meditation because meditation is the gateway to spirituality so come on let’s go so why is meditation the gateway to spirituality because meditation teaches you to go within and it teaches you to connect to the power of the source that runs through everything that is everything so now you become self-sufficient because you understand what self truly is and you are able to connect with absolute happiness absolute power absolute health absolute abundance and you cut the cords of those old disempowering belief systems that are based out of fear and condemnation and judgment you know you cut the cords of you know there’s something external to you that is holding your goodness and your rewards and judging you and condemning you and is only going to release your goodness and your your reward and your abundance to you if you pass some type of a cosmic test but only if you’re worthy so you throw out the disempowering dependency fear-based archaic belief systems and you step into your own true identity which is extremely liberating so that’s a huge reason number two meditation gets you into the present moment there is an excellent very famous book by Eckhart Tolle called the power of now I’m sure you guys are familiar with that and there’s an old proverb that says if you’re living in regret then you’re living in the past if you are living in anxiety and you’re living in the future but if you’re living in peace you’re living in the present I think while zoo said that so one of the things about meditation is that it trains you to focus on the present moment and in the present moment you’re able to ask yourself some very honest questions and maybe the things that you’re worried about are not true we’ll get into that later and then third and maybe one of the most important things is that meditation teaches you to raise your vibration guys everything is energy even solid objects if we look at it on the the quantum field it’s just vibrating energy so when you’re able to raise your energy and have a higher perspective on what’s going on in your life you’re able to look down on your problems in a state of Dominion and I say problems in quotation marks because many times your problems are really just challenges that maybe your subconscious or your higher self has called in to your physical experience and the overcoming of that challenge is an answer to the question that you may oppose to the universe which is what’s my higher purpose my true fulfillment in life and that’s a whole different video if you guys want to see a video on that concept comment down below there’s this is a narrative subject so as far as the wind to meditate there is a really good video by dr. Bruce Lipton I will link it here which talks about when your brain is in the what’s known as the theta state that is the same state that it is in with hypnosis and the theta state is the state associated with actually learning something subconsciously so it’s one thing to learn something logically on a conscious level but what you learn subconsciously is what you make as your own you live it you breathe it and you actually practice it so you want to program your mind with when it is in the theta state so first thing in the morning your brain wakes up it comes out of the Delta state the sleeping state passes through theta that’s the that’s where you want to meditate now before it goes into alpha which is when the serotonin the dopamine gets released and you wake up in your energized for your day and then at night the opposite is true they’re coming out of you pass through theta and then into Delta okay so obviously the best time to meditate is first thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night now if you’ve never meditated before I really don’t want you kind of biting off more than you can chew and try to meditate twice a day because it does take a little bit to to get used to just once a day if you’ve never done it before and you know my meditations are typically twenty sometimes twenty five minutes and you know if you guys are just starting out five minutes is perfectly fine you just want to get into the habit of centering your mind becoming still putting the monkey mind to bed I’ll explain what that is a little bit later and raising your your vibration so you know five minutes seven minutes that’s perfectly fine when you’re first starting out okay so when to do it let’s start with first thing in the morning now if you’re not able to do twice a day and you had to choose one I would say first thing in the morning because in the morning you’re actually able to program what the rest of your day is is going to look like so what I like to do is actually a little mini meditation before I even get out of bed so I’ll wake up and before I open my eyes first thing I’ll do I’ll put a smile on my face now this is a biological I’m sorry biochemical trick that sends a message to your brain that everything is ok everything is good it’s a small release of serotonin and then once I’ve got that smile going eyes are still closed then there’s a few different things that that you can do what I like to do is I like to do some affirmations I think the I am affirmations are very powerful so you’ve got a smile on your face you’ve got your eyes closed you haven’t gotten out of bed yet I am absolutely I am absolute power I am absolute abundance I am absolute healthy something like that or name five things that you’re grateful for you know I I give thanks that I’m healthy I give thanks that I am abundant I give thanks that I am loved and protected and never alone so you know just kind of tailor make it to your specifications whatever you resonate with do that now the morning time is when you really need to set it aside your time especially if you’ve got you know a spouse and kids and all of that stuff that need your attention first thing in the morning this little you know secret mini meditation before anyone knows that you’re awake really you know is worth its weight in gold so to speak now if you guys need to get up an extra 15 minutes early and I know you’re staring at the screen with these evil looks right now but I promise you if you just invest in yourself 15 minutes you literally are investing in your future so you know just get into the habit take that time for yourself and then the rest of the day is for whoever else’s is in your life but you will be able to shape your future and shape your day and create it the way that you want it to be if you just take that time and a little bit extra time in the morning to to meditate okay so morning time is best you know there’s a little thing I think maybe I saw it in the secret or somewhere I’m not gonna take credit for it but you know I’m still laying in bed I’ve got my eyes closed I’ve done my affirmations and then I put my right foot down and I say thank and then my left foot you so I start the day out and a an affirmation of gratitude the thing about gratitude is that it puts you on the frequency of receiving get you out of that fight-or-flight mode which is the state of resistance and it puts you in the state of allowing and again that’s another video if this something you guys want to see leave comment below we got a lot of different ideas for videos here guys so please keep those comments coming alright then now the next thing that I do is I go straight to my meditation spot I do not get on social media I don’t check my phone I don’t check texts I don’t do any of that stuff okay you don’t want to contaminate your white canvas that hasn’t been painted on yet with distractions oh well you know so-and-so made a comment and I got this text that I wasn’t expecting I wouldn’t no no you have your time go to your meditative spot one of the things that you want to do is you want to make sure that you’re your spine is straight and your head is straight chin is straight I particularly like my couch and I put a little pillow behind my lower back to make sure that my my spine is erect some people like to be on the floor in the lotus position perfectly fine whatever you are comfortable with meditation is about being comfortable and not being distracted with your physical body so however you need to sit to make that happen definitely go for it now one of the things that the Yogi’s practice in Kundalini is where they put the tip of their tongue on to the roof of their mouth and they call this closing the circuit so supposed to connect the circuit or closed the circuit of all the chakras if you don’t know what what chakras are you definitely want to try to research that also it’s another video and I can certainly make if you guys leave that down in the comments below but I sit there back is is up right I have the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth and then I close my eyes now this is what meditation is about it’s becoming still and it is about living in the present moment and a lot of people ask what do I think about when I close my eyes what do I do one of the first things that you can do is to focus on your breath you’re focusing on the inhale and you’re focusing on the exhaling and you’re giving your mind something to do because you want to calm what they call the monkey mind right the the mind is like a little monkey that’s running around and it’s thinking about you know the day and you know what did my boss say to me yesterday and my coworker did this and I can’t believe that person cut me off in traffic coming home last night you know your monkey mind is all over the place so the trick though is to not turn your mind into your enemy don’t fight it if you start getting off focus of your breath you want to step into what’s called the observer mind okay so the observer mind is just sitting back and that little distracting thought it’s floating by and you’re just observing it none non-judgmentally it with a neutral opinion about it it’s just just let it go and get back to focusing on your breath and this allows you to Center yourself get yourself clear in the present moment and you start to raise your vibration all right guys so everything that I have said so far has been pretty textbook as far as what you’re going to find on most meditation videos but this is where I go off of the beaten path a little bit and I say that because most hard-core meditators like Yogi’s they will tell you that the point of meditation is to reach a state of nothingness a state of emptiness and if that is your goal by all means please do that but for me when you are in a heightened state of awareness and your vibration is raised in your focus that is prime mental real estate to create the life that you want to experience the outcomes and the goal that you want for that day for the week for the month whatever it is and I use that time to to structure my life basically so one of the things that is very important in spirituality and meditation both is visualization and imagination so what I like to do is when I’m sitting there I’ll imagine absolute white light energy all around me the Yogi’s might call this prana and what I do is I imagine that white light coming for my my Crown Chakra all the way down to every fiber of my being in raising my vibration now and so plays about I just feel I have this image of myself being filled with with white light energy and my vibration is raised now that I’m in this heightened state this heightened vibrational state I actually can focus feel the emotions of experiencing what I want to experience in the physical I give thanks that have already experienced the physical reality of X notice I didn’t say a track so and that’s all that’s a whole nother video but if you guys want me to make a video on how to the most effective there’s a lot of different ways to create the reality that you want to experience but the most effective one that I have found and I’ve tried a lot of them if you want a video on that you know what to do comments down below so now you’ve raised your vibration and you get up from that meditation and a heightened vibrational state you are now the creator of your life and you’re on a higher vibratory frequency than anything that you’re going to experience in your physical reality now you actually have dominion over everything in your physical reality because you’re on a higher vibration everything in your reality has to either come up to match that vibration or it can’t share the same space so now you are in control of your life and honestly this is the whole point of meditation dr. Joe Dispenza has an amazing video on the point of meditation which I will link right here which says we’re not meditating just to meditate we’re not meditating for meditation sake we’re meditating to change our biochemistry to raise our vibrational frequency and once that vibrational frequency is raised then we’re able to interact with the rest of our day maybe we don’t act the same when someone cuts us off maybe we don’t react we respond we might respond in love we might respond in kindness these are things that keep the stress hormones like cortisol out of your life and disease out of your life because you’re not living in an egoic state of fight-or-flight you’re in an allowing state of love and one thing about love when you’re in a state of love you’re in a state of just receiving but you’re in a state of giving and when you’re in a mindset of giving you can’t be in a mindset of lack so there you have it guys my quick step-by-step guide on how I meditate meditation is as unique as the individual there’s literally thousands of ways to meditate hopefully I’ve given you a good starting point where you can take those first baby steps just get into the habit maybe do a little bit more research and see what resonates with you but remember the point of the meditation is to in that meditative session with a higher state of consciousness a higher vibrational frequency so that you can go into your day as the observer observing from a higher viewpoint with dominion over and everything that you choose to experience in the physical okay guys if you liked this video please like it if you know anyone that you think could benefit from this video please share it please subscribe make sure you hit that notification bell I’ve got a lot of great videos on the way including my series that I’m going to be doing at the end of each week reflecting on what I learned that week spiritually and how I applied it light love and abundance to all that are watching and to all you love these guys [Music] you [Music]

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    Hey everyone, if you’re new to the channel, check out this video for an overview If this video resonates with you, hit the like button and leave some comments or even questions on spirituality or how you like to meditate so we can get some deep conversations going! Love and light to all!

  2. Esplanade Enterprises Posted on October 28, 2019 at 2:18 am

    Wow, definitely worth the wait. I'm going to need to watch that a few times because you touched quite a few things that I need to grasp. Thanks!

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    Hey also at 3:33 "Truth Bomb", yes please do make a video about how problems are called in by our higher selves as an answer to a question we've asked (did I say that right??lol).

  4. Katherine Wolf Posted on October 28, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    This was very informative for me! I tend to listen to these types of videos on my drive back home! Would love to watch the new videos you mentioned like Truth bomb! I am still a beginner to this so can't wait to learn more!