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How to reach spiritual sovereignty and what it really means!

so today I'm gonna do something a little bit different I don't normally teach you guys in depth about things that I follow I usually will just give you enough information for you to go study something you're going to learn something for you to come to your own revelations about things and own awareness but today I want to give you guys a little bit different something a little bit different want you to be able to strike out a little bit harder I want you to get a little deeper today and we're going to talk about your personal sovereignty and what does your personal sovereignty now now I'm not talking about sovereign citizenship that's not what I'm talking about although it does play as a good example and I may even use that as an example but what I want you to understand is that your spiritual sovereignty is key to your development as an enlightened being that without a spiritual sovereignty you will never become an enlightened being nor will you ever see what people call so what's up everybody how you doing this is your coach means I'm gonna thank you for joining me today we're going to talk about spirituality in the 360 degrees of life spirituality is one of the subject matters that we talk about here if you finding me for the first time click on the bell icon click on the subscribe button I would love to reach 5000 subscribers before the end of this month so that'd be awesome now as we discuss this about sovereignty and foremost want us to say if you like what I say great if you don't throw it away if you like my financial videos take that throw away the risk if you like the health of take that throw away the risk whatever it is you like take it throw away to risk whatever you don't like don't worry about it it's not for you and I don't mind it doesn't bother me it's good it's good we're about sharing that's what it's about so today we're gonna talk about sovereignty about your own spiritual sovereignty now I like I said it would normally just give you guys concepts we may talk about the Dow I'll break it down when I take excerpts from the Bible Christian Bible the Hebrew Bible the Quran and break it down the Buddhist Vedic swith to break it down and then I let you guys you know hey go think about it for yourself but even in this think about first step we break down different philosophies the doubt taking thinking right for yourself the Trivium but let's do that in this one we're gonna think about the Trivium in our getting our grammar logic and rhetoric our facts or understanding and in wisdom that we put into place so we're talking about sovereignty what is sovereignty what it sounds perfect let's grab it let's look at that real quick what is sovereignty what does sovereignty mean right most people will understand that sovereignty or to be sovereign means that you are the supreme ruler right that you possess supreme and ultimate power it means that you decide and only you can decide your life that you are unrestricted that you are boundless you are infinite that you are altering you are a total you are unconditionally in charge of your life in charge of your spirit in charge of whatever you want to call your car whatever you want cause you're in charge it's all up to you the problem is that most people don't have the awareness of that you don't have the awareness I want to begin you on a journey of finding your will your awareness of knowing thyself know yourself in order to gain sovereignty over how you function in this portion of the universe this is physical existence and if you gain power over this physical existence then you can gain power over your spiritual existence you can gain power over whatever comes next let me go ahead and say we're out the back don't ask me what comes next hell I don't know I haven't been there I can hypothesize I can estimate based on the information that's been provided but can anyone beyond a shadow of doubt say that they are going to a heaven that is based on the Christian Bible they Quran the Vedic the Torah no no one can claim that they claim their literature says that it says so or says what it is but there are discrepancies even within their literature and quite frankly I wouldn't want to go to any of their heavens this sounds rather boring personally and of course I'm not even gonna discuss Hill because there is absolutely no way I believe in Hell hell does not exist hell is a state of mind and I do but I what I will say is this if you believe enough in Hell in this third dimensional form and if you go to a spiritual form another conscious level of understanding you will be in hell because that is your expectation is that you aren't worthy enough you're going to hell and maybe you'll create a character that visits you in your dream state that says that you're gonna go to heaven and then your dream state takes to heaven oh so the problem with not having sovereignty the first problem we're not knowing yourself is that you look for everything outside yourself you're searching outside yourself trying to find God trying to find him trying to find peace trying to find wealth trying to find abundance trying to find everything and life that will bring you happiness and joy and peace and elation you're looking outside yourself you're looking for God to make things visible looking for God to manifest this you mean for God to manifest they even forgot to bring your husband God to bring your way you saying God please protect my children God please protect my house God please jesus take the wheel you know Allah please give us strength and power over our enemies people have prayed to their gods for strength over their enemies for eons and yet the ones who want are the ones who got the better armies the better generals that better terrain the better technology those are the ones who want those are and so are you saying that your God that the god of the Europeans who conquered the less technologically advanced Africans is stronger than the African guy or was the technology better are you saying that when the at the Battle of the Alamo that the Mexican army that the god of the Mexican army was more oh wait oh thank god sorry Wow so whose version of God was the Mexican guy at that moment stronger than the white Christian guy of those who fought at the Alamo or was it the sheer numbers and technology that caused those at the Alamo to die we put a lot on something outside of ourselves instead of looking inside ourselves instead of saying you know what what is the creator let's define it is it the Bible's creator is it the Hebrew creator is it the Arab creator is it the Vedic creator is it the Hindu creator is it the Buddhist creator are we all on a flat earth are we all on the back of a tortoise shell are we all in the matrix well they're a big bang and we just exist then we go into oblivion what who is this creator this it is it male or female or is it androgynous or is it just a it is it a creative mind that just created things out of thought and we all exist in the mind of the of the creator of this being this entity this it does it has a corporal body doesn't walk through the cool of the day does it did it did it come down and speak to Abraham where is the body is there a body how does it speak people of all religions playing that they speak with God and have a relationship with God and God told them this and God told them that that my book is inspired by God and your book is not and they narrow him my look is inspired by God and your book is not so is that speaking in the mind of a person or is God an amoral character or a moral brain that just created and it created all things in nature and everything in the universe has a fit everything in universe works well with each other everything in the universe is controlled by its environment the wind is controlled by us environment the Sun is controlled by its environment the lion is controlled by its environment the dolphin the Pelican everything on the planet is controlled by his environment one entity that's right that's you you're not controlled by your environment unless you allow yourself to be controlled by your environment so is God this puppeteer that's moving you about no God is it the universe the programmer the unlimited resource of information in mind that's it it doesn't have a body it doesn't favor one group over over the other it doesn't say that this God is not a racist guy that says that the black people are right all the white people are right all the Asian people are right or that they are my favorite children it is just it exists it just does it just acts it just have an abundance of knowledge and resources and information for you to download and make it a part of you because if you believe that you were created in the image of this creator as far as being the only other creature that can bin its environment to fit it the other thing about it a God that created the universe must be outside of that universe it must have powers outside of that unit powers that can control how the universe functions otherwise if it's controlled by other forces within the universe then that is not God because that guy is has a power that supersedes it so that can't be God so God has to be able to bend the universe to his will and that we are made in the image of that God then we must have the ability to bend our environment to fit us much like if you've talked to me about where we should live on the planet I'll tell you naturally if we were had to conform to our environment then naturally we should only live in the tropics we should only live in the tropics because if you put a button naked human on in Michigan by yourself no shelter it will die but a but naked human down near the equator in the tropics is going to be able to live outside does not need shelter to protect it from the elements it is not conformed to you it would we would be conformed to the evidence but no we know how to make housing we know how to make coats we've made air-conditioning we've made heating we've made different things to conform our environment to fit us to build a place where we can exist in areas where we would normally freeze to death but we can exist in major cities of this New York Boston Chicago Detroit Seattle we can exist in these cities Toronto no Montreal we can exist there we can exist in London we can exist in Beijing we can exist in these places where they get was super cold there are people existing down in Antarctica and it's cold Juneau Alaska no human who is controlled by environment can exist in Juneau Alaska but we control our environment because we take sovereignty over the environment some of you of your Christian you're gonna say that yes God gave man power whatever but then later on gave power to the devil over so I don't know who got power over but what I am saying is that if we're made in the image of this divine man because we have the mind to create we can say I want to build this and it can just be something in our head just an image in our head or a concept in our head and I just thought and then all of a sudden over time over work we create it we make what is in our head manifest in reality we focus on it we think about it we do works towards it and it manifests we have sovereignty over our over ourselves within our environment just as a Creator must have sovereignty over the universe being outside of the universe the universal laws cannot affect that sovereignty so since we are made in that image we are made in that consciousness then we must be like what was created because think about it as well if God created God is interested if God created all of us to be like him right and then we're sitting here being controlled by our environment not taking on our sovereignty then that would be a parent that's disappointed in the child that will be open when I look at my children I see their potential when they don't live up to that potential McCarron who's disappointed in the child when I see them Deus make decisions that go against their nature what's good gets to us best for them against what they have the ability to change and control in their lives it became I become a disappoint parent and if God is so powerful and I'm the president he must have said I'm making these people it must have said I'm making these things that are just like me but singing up smaller I'm making them and they have the ability to do wonderful things and do amazing things and I'm gonna give them that ability to do that to make and do and be I'm giving the free will and that guy had to have said but they will have different ways of understanding this free will they will have different ways of understanding this universe they'll have different ways of understanding this earth they will come to understand who they are in me by many different forms and fashions so I'm not going to tell them this is the absolute narrow way or this is the absolute narrow way I'm going to give them a breadth of ways that they can get to me that they must find individually within themselves in order to get to where they can potentially be because I'm going to give them that because I'm 1/8 more of God that not so much focused on punishing him and called him whether to destroy them so basically if God dwells inside everyone and everything this is why I said the rock will scream out its awareness of God by just being a rock the lion doesn't have a choice the lion just Lions when his hungry goes and eats it hunts down the antelope in the east antelope now we don't hunt down other humans and eat them but when we want to eat we search out for food but we have the ability to create food to plant seeds to farm to raise animals and then use them as meat I don't eat meat but we have the ability to do that we have the ability to make our food for whenever we want to have it we even have the ability to make synthetic foods out of kind of plant plastics and things like that it's not good for you but we have the ability to do so the lion can't do that the lion can't make an antelope steak it can't do it it can't make a water buffalo souffle it can't just make it out of other material that is that's around it it can't the lion doesn't put fences up and keep the water buffalo in the fence in the in the area and say well I'm eating you today and then two months of eating you there two months later believe you know it doesn't organize that way it doesn't think that way it doesn't have that ability to do that but we do we can control our environment and here's the thing what makes us godlike is when we do it in such a way that it is in concert with the betterment of everything and everyone around us not just ourselves not just our family not just our community our friends but also what is the betterment of the earth of the planet yourself when we're doing that when we're when we control the things that way now when we come form everything in the negative light from everything around us when we make it where we are destroying online we are destroying our bodies your body was engineered to last about 200 years based on most scientists they said your body should be able to continue to regenerate its cells regenerate itself if in a perfect healthy state for about 200 years barring any major issues in a major accidents but we have so many toxins in the air it depletes that ability the food doesn't have enough nutrients to provide our sales with the strength to be able to keep going as long so it diminishes that time as well we smoke we drink we eat dead flesh we do all these different things that go against our body's ability to prolong itself and therefore it is much faster a hundred years old should be looking like a fifty year old but instead a hundred year old looks like a 200 year old simply because we live in a toxic environment but we do have the sovereignty to change a lot of those things even though I don't agree with Guinness Book of World Records records the oldest person to ever live according to the Chinese emperors who wrote the man letters congratulating him on his hundredth birthday encouragement on his 200th birthday the man who was supposedly 256 years old he lived in the Chinese mountains he ate herbs and he knew how to mix the earth he was an herbalist he knew how to put things in his body to keep him going to keep his body regenerating itself suppose we had hundreds of kids and all this sort of thing I don't know I don't know man he died for I got a chance me but he developed sovereignty over himself by controlling his environment so when we control our money we control our environment better when we control how we live in control our environment how we breathe we control our environment but we start to gain sovereignty over our body / I environment now cultures have conformed God to fit whatever they desire got to be cultures have made God into this tyrunt tyrunt may God into this lover of just their people and hater and all other people have made God into this jealous angry benevolent being that does the worst thing to people who don't agree with their who created this place and according to the Islam Allah will send you to a Hell where your skin is peeled back every day and you burned all day then you go and rest that night and your skin grows back so that tomorrow morning you can go through the same process again you know communities have conformed God into these structures and our minds have agreed with that because I might not agree with it we've lost our sovereignty because we just follow along with whatever we were taught and this is what our culture taught this is what I believe this is what mommy and daddy taught this is what I believe this is what grandma and grandpa taught this is what I believe it doesn't matter how we got there it doesn't matter we came to that belief through the transatlantic slavery it doesn't matter we came to that belief through the trans-sahara slavery it doesn't matter we came to that belief through the Roman inquisitions it doesn't matter we came to that belief through Constantine it doesn't matter if it's Bayesian conquered the Jewish story it doesn't matter that the Druids were the Jewish story doesn't matter if the Druids were destroyed it doesn't matter and and we lost the druid Lee it doesn't matter if the clock and the colonias came over and destroyed the Native American belief it doesn't matter if the Japanese invaded the Chinese and change their beliefs it doesn't matter we forget those things we ignore those things we forget we have a very short historical memory we may only think a hundred to two hundred years in the past but a hundred to two hundred years in the past whatever your religion is right now was practiced much differently two three four five six eight hundred years ago most of you will be considered sinners to your religion if you went back five hundred years and practiced the way you practice all you claim that you can you catch the Holy Ghost two hundred years ago you would have been in sin it was said you were possessed by demons if you caught the Holy Ghost that only priests and the Pope could collect could connect and have the Holy Ghost but you could not and so you would have been a sinner and you would have believed that you would have believed that you would asset in church and you would have believed that if somebody starts and they felt the Holy Ghost and their know they were saying no no that you got demons if you did feel emotion you would just say you were emotional that you were caught up that you're struggling you're going through some things and and that service came you made you feel good you know made you feel like yes it's doing work just helping me through my struggles helped me through my challenges you know just known that it was emotion but now it's the Holy Ghost and of course you're gonna say that well no they have the Holy Ghost back then they just didn't know they had and pokeman papacy tried to control the people but now we have free we are free and they weren't free back then but of course they will say differently of you if they were able to converse with you so cultures have created labels of God and separated people based on what that got it and in doing so you lost your sovereignty you lost your ability to think for yourself you lost your ability to feel for yourself you lost your ability to come to your own wisdom and your own understanding with God I will give those credit who say that they have a relationship with that now I don't agree with how they say they have a relationship because everybody can think God spoke to me and said that I should tell you know God never spoke to you to tell me nothing nothing if the creator has something for me the Creator will talk to me but the Creator talks to me not through verbal as y'all say it says look at that tree that tree has no branches that fight amongst themselves so why do you fight against your fellow man why do you fight against your fellow brothers why you fight against the way the IRS's me that tree does nothing but nothing is left undone it's just like God does nothing but leaves nothing undone the tree doesn't force spring to come by making the leaves bloom in the winter the tree doesn't force the fall to come by making the leaves fall in this in the spring no it does nothing but leaves nothing undone by just being a tree and doing what is necessary to survive the tree doesn't say that hey you branches up top you're selfish because you're getting more Sun than we're getting down below it doesn't look at the other brace I didn't know the other branches just reach out and they grab the Sun where they get the Sun they don't say that you top the top leaves y'all get more Sun here being selfish now the top leaves gonna say hey we're getting more Sun so we're better than you know the lower leaves where the first leaves and because they grew it allows for the upper branches to grow because they were able to get sunlight and continue with their photosynthesis and they were able to get water and continues to grow it allow for the taller branches to go it says no we support you we are in where we're supposed to be you're all where you're supposed to be and they didn't do that on purpose they didn't say oh we got to be strong now so that we can build for the next leads to come so all they know they were the only leads they did nothing but nothing was left undone that's Christianity mixed with bow just in case you were wondering and actually I can say the other way is down next to Christianity since the Dow came before Christianity but either way it's the same thing we fight against ourselves we fight against the way we fight against the nature of love that is in us and every time we fight against that nature that is the evil that is the devil as usual so to speak that is the devil that's in your mind the negative portions of your brain controlling you to control your environment the reason why we decimate the land is because we're letting the negative portion of our brain the devil control our actions in the outcome of our environment when we reverse that then were thinking like God thinks then we act like guys we have two examples of this whether allegory or real and you know my stance on it allegory having the Christ my love the Buddha hand based on the characters of Jesus Christ based on a character or sagat's adopted the Buddha sadaqa the allegory of their life is a living example of what an ascended master is of what we are capable of becoming whether you agree with them I don't believe in worshipping either but what I do recognize is that the idea of them is what we can be I cannot turn the phrase Pharaoh who's the first Pharaoh which means to what to become to what you become what you are trying looking to become it's the elevated state of mind I cannot talk that the arctan the son was a representation that'll worship that's something you worship of the universe the Sun just does the Sun never looks at the earth and say I've shined on you you owe me the Sun just son's Sun just burns that's what it does each atom each molecule does what it does that then the son to complete the whole the Sun is doing nothing but leaving nothing but it shows that higher state of alchemy the highest state of raising your consciousness the higher state of being under to being able to will the hermetic laws the kinetic models which have a name that fits your narrative you don't care but so that you can then uh know how not only how this physical reality worried about how the universe works and you gain sovereignty when you start realizing how the universe actually works in both the physical plane the mat and the matter plane as well when you can understand the physical plane no matter playing the elemental plane and you can manipulate you can move you can contour the universe to fit what you desire then you become elevated then you become the ascended master then you become the Adele but we have a long way to go because we first have to release the things that binds us and that is an overdeveloped emotional state or an overdeveloped logic state a person with all logic and no emotion is not an adept because they have no heart a person who is all emotion and no logic is not in a depth because they have no facts to back what they're doing it's all emotional so we have to gain balance over our emotions and our logic to know when and where to employ each one by understanding the basic laws of the universe which is the law mentalism the law corresponds law vibration the law of cause and effect the law of polarity law of rhythm and the law of gender and in many videos about those laws that called the hermetics I'll do another video to updates this has been a few years so stay tuned for the next video that one but the more we strip away man's influence and cultural influences the more the higher we elevate ourselves the more we can look at a Bible at or evading a dowel and any of those things that said okay that is in line with the universal mind but that part is not the part that says that you can enslave another man isn't not the part that says just chop off another man's head and they don't believe in what you believe it's not the part that says you subjugate women it's not in line the part that says you are a pedophile of children is not in line any of those parts that takes away it strips away the sovereignty of another person or strips away the ability for nature to move and its greatest heist is not in line with the way is not in line with the Creator is not in line with your authority and therefore you will not reach your sovereignty until you ship that way you have to go deep within yourself in order to know yourself know where you fail know where you have iniquities know the areas of yourself that are not stronger as far as what you believe them to be do they believe they should be and but then understand it is up to you to maneuver through your life in such a way that it allows you to be able to live being your best self being your greatest version of yourself being able to outstrip what man has put in you a man has Dean is who your being is man I said it you're black you're white you're Asian you're oh man you're a woman you're straight you're gay you're whatever your your your you can't say new can't see everybody can st. everybody can same knows you got a voice and those you know have a some kind of abnormality what may sound good one person don't sound good – enough furs but everybody can sing you can do the act beauty is in the eye of the beholder everyone is beautiful to someone I don't know who but someone so striven away man's labels the moment you label me you negate me brings you to sovereignty brings you to sanity because then you can see the universe how it is you see people how they are you see everything how it is and then your movements change and it's a constant it's a cuff I'm not there yet I am not there yet I am still working there but not egotistical II I know I'm much further along than most people much further along than most people and you can't be – you can't be – first step is to know yourself so I appreciate you guys for being here if you like any of the things that I said take it keep it dwell upon it meditate on make it a part of your being if you don't like it throw it away it's no big deal I'm not gonna argue with you doesn't really matter to me if you agree or don't agree and I say many times for I could be the only person standing on the mountain screaming out my truth but at the end of eight it's my truth it doesn't have to be your truth I don't need you to agree with me in order for it to be my truth and I will do a video about truth so yeah I have a great day continue to support the channel use the purchasing popcorn from operas popcorn you are popcorn calm or if you want to develop your personal development for a physical mental financial join my coaching program that coach moon is not common yeah I have a great day you got to free yourself to be so because your greatness it's not negotiable

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