December 6, 2019
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How Training Can Help With Mental Health/Wellbeing and What Other Benefits Can We Gain

in relation when it comes to Wars not as a trend in Egypt there's quite a lot better you can I see gain from this and what you can take out yes sorry spit windy and long story short self-awareness is massive when I go through client sessions one-to-one it's not always about the aesthetical look it is about you apply yourself to your set are you to push yourself to another level to obtain the goal you want to achieve by that what I mean is are we able to focus on the goal what we've set ourselves and if we're not able to focus on that we need to eliminate distractions so for instance for myself yes I like to go out yes I like to distractions from on me which hinder me from achieving my goals because I'm not concentrating on what I needs to be concentrating on and and I try to give this as like an example to my clients so that they can understand this let's use the pub as an example let's say okay you want to lose a bit of weight obviously as we know we need to be in a calorie deficit a calorie deficit is basically when we expend more calories than what we're taking in and when you go to the club at to the pub sorry and you're having a cider old mute cider sorry I'm not copyright blah blah blah and that's roughly about 240 calories in a bottle of cider and basically if you're having four of those and lots of files and calories and then you're still eating healthy on top of that let's say for instance your mince meat 2,000 calories a day and then you're having five bottles of cider and for you to actually be in deficit you need to be a been in less than 2 mm calories and you've just a three thousand are you gonna lose weight when you're doing that day in day out let's use that as a prime example know when it comes towards us actually focusing on and getting the most out of training it's more than just going in and lifting up the weights it's more than just running a set amount of distance it's more than in a set amount of calories we need to make sure that we're seeing beyond that and that we're self respecting ourselves because we're trying to improve we're trying to obtain more than that we're trying to attain mental jewels because there is times when for instance I've got to get up every day start at 6 o'clock and I've got to get there before my clients and I need to set up on the knees get this that and that balls ready so that we can smash and get done you want to focus on bettering yourself focus on how can you improve what have I done wrong there's nothing wrong with doing anything wrong like people make mistakes every single day you have to want it you got to want it you gotta get it you're not gonna get it if you're being lazy and if you're dwelling about it and if you keep on learning to buy it that is so hard I can't get this done you're never gonna get done Jesus Christ no one's gonna do it fear there's no handouts like at all like honest to god if you think those handouts out there and people so someone's just gonna magically give you something reality check it's not gonna happen you gonna be waiting for a long time and while you're doing that you're wasting a lot of time as well and before you know it you dead let's just appreciate Sheffield just for a couple seconds because goddamn what is here well I've not walked down this way in such a long time but but the point when I'm trying to get out as I stood on this bin stool it no one's around we need to make sure that we focus on yourselves and that this stuff what we can obtain from training in gym or even if you're just generally just wanting to get better mentally just start today just don't put it off by tomorrow there's an awesome rule what we can begin to follow from today and it's made by some Wallen and basically he's the creator of the sundown rule as I read it off my phone just to make sure that I say it correctly and it states why I put off until tomorrow what we can do today so to boil that down don't wait until tomorrow okay done today get your done dusty back he can't get it done today let's say for instance you fallen behind with a bit of work or that you need to message someone or you need to get something done for somebody just let them know that you've acknowledged their message then that you are working on it so that they're aware of the situation and that you're not holding off easy you just have to be a bit more logical you have to use your mind a bit more think outside the box don't ignore people that's really really really rude so just make sure that you just get your head screwed on and think a bit more long term that way you're going to get more benefits and more respect it's a wrap up today I hope that you've gained something out of today's video as a walk home on this fine Thursday afternoon with sky edging Sheffield there's quite a lot of benefits where you can get from training and attending a gym you want more than what you think you might see loved influences quite nurses often doing like this what actually doesn't make any sense well the point where I'm trying to get across is to show you logical ways we should prove in which is heaven which has helped me through tough times because I've been through a lot of times which we'll get to in the near future and it's just basically long story short you got to get some good so don't hesitate just give it a go if you fail try again I start life works and life is perfect and get better by the hour by today peace and one last thing do not forget to vacuum subscribe cuz I swear to God so like and subscribe drop a comment on future content what you'd like to see and also follow me on Instagram Jota parson I do have Facebook Joe passing PT Instagram sorry Twitter Joe passing with two ends watching retweet memes and but you support helps and we want to get this positive message out there in need have a good day back press record again like an idiot see ya

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