February 23, 2020
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In This House of Faith, We Believe Big!

KENNETH: Hello everybody.
I'm Kenneth Copeland and this is the believers voice of victory
broadcast. Now, last week, my grandson Jeremy Pearsons and his
lovely wife, Sarah, ministered the Word of God to you on the
broadcast. It was powerful teaching on living a legacy
and staying connected to the family of faith. Now they're
back on the broadcast for week two of their study. Now,
many of you know Jeremy, you say, Hey, Jeremy, man, he does
all the closes and stuff, but let me tell you about this young
man I have learned from him. He's been in the ministry all of
his life, his mother and daddy are George and Terri Pearsons
pastor EMIC for years and years, both he and Sarah are
anointed ministers of the Gospel. It blesses me to hear
them teach and preach the Word. JEREMY: Hello. Welcome to
the believers voice of victory broadcast, we're Jeremy and
Sarah Pearsons and we're glad to be with you again today. It has
been our joy, our privilege, our honor, to have been with you all
this week and last week on the broadcast, and I want to say one
more time to my grandparents. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.
Thank you. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to minister to
this awesome congregation of people all over the world. This
is a privilege and it's a rich honor for us to when we, when we
think about, uh, the, the 30 years that this daily broadcast
has been on TV and, and many more years of outreach through
weekly television and meetings going on all over the world. And
I'm telling you, it's an awesome thing to us. And we are honored,
so thankful to be a part of your family. So thankful to be a part
of this ministry, to be partners with you in ministry and we're
grateful for this opportunity today. And those of you
watching, if you've not been a caught up. We've had a great
time. I've had fun. You had fun. I've had fun. You're cute. And
uh, get caught up with us. Sorry, I got distracted there
for a second. But get caught up with all the broadcasts.
Anything that you've missed. We've been talking about living
a legacy, not just leaving a legacy but living a legacy
because the life that you live is the legacy that you leave and
all these two weeks. To me in my own heart, and I know Sarah
would say the same, that this has been, we've been preaching
in honor of of my grandparents, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and
her family our moms and dads and our Mimi's and our pawpaws. Just
thankful for the legacy of faith that we've been given. And on
last week's broadcast, I read to you that quote from Reverend
Billy Graham that said, the greatest legacy one could leave
one's children or grandchildren is a legacy of character and
faith. And that's what Sarah and I believe we've been given from
our parents and grandparents. So to sit on this broadcast and get
to share some of these things with you has been a real rich
joy in a privileged for us. And you can, you can get all the
study notes for all these broadcasts read along with the
us. Study along with us, and then turn around and preach it.
Preach it like you made it up. I mean, just go for it. Get this
Word into your life and then turn around and so it in the
lives of other people. Let's pray together. Get right back
into the Word. Lord we love you. We worship you. Thank you for
your help on these broadcasts. We have had such a wonderful
time with your people and spending time in your Word and
in your presence. We ask you today to help us finish these
things strong. Give us Words to speak in an unction from the
Holy Spirit. We have an anointing and we trust in it.
Rest in it. Rely on you in it. Father, we thank you for your
Word. We thank you for giving us foundation underneath our feet.
We declare over everybody watching and listening today
that this'll be a strength, a support and an encouragement to
them and they will hear this and be changed in Jesus name. Amen.
Amen. So again, we've been talking about living this legacy
and raising a family in the house of faith. And I feel like
if there's anything I can draw, experience, draw on from my own
experience and talk about it would be that because this is,
this was my house, this is what it was like growing up in my
house. It was faith, faith all the time. Faith in the Word
faith in Jesus. And it was faith in the morning faith at
noontime, faith when the sun went down and uh, we just did
things different in my house that was just different in my
house that it was at other kid's house and uh, I, all my friends
were Christian kids. I went to a Christian school, they were all
church going kids. But somewhere along, I dunno, late elementary,
early junior high, I started figuring out and there's a
difference. We're a little bit different than the rest of these
guys. I know I had some friends I had, I'll just be honest, I
liked going over there cause we got to watch stuff. I didn't get
to watch it at home and that's not a good thing. You know, we
got to eat things over there. What are these Twinkies when I
don't, you know, we didn't get all that stuff in my house. But
anyway, it just a, I recognized a difference in growing up in
the house that I was in as opposed to other houses. And
that's the same thing I want for us and for our, our children.
And right now we're raising kids in a house of faith and it's
been a joy to watch them develop their own walk in relationship
with the Lord. And our kids have said things to us, things that
have, I'll be honest, steered some direction in our lives and
been some confirmation of some things that the Lord had for us.
Um, tell them about some of justice, vision lists and
different things and how we've seen some of that come true.
SARAH: Every year, we create a vision lists at our house and
we, we write down every single thing we're believing God for
for that year. And I asked the kids to get involved with me on
it. And we have, well, they, they come up with some stuff,
you know, oftentimes I'm like, really like the, in my heart,
I'm thinking, is that really what you're believing for? Like
that's extravagant. And the Lord will check me and say, don't
limit them. Don't keep them from believing big. Don't stop them
from trust in me and, and dreaming big. And so we've had
that happen quite a few times in our house. A few of the times
we've had it happen. Um, they've, they've come to pass
and they've been big deals, like a, I don't know, do which ones,
JEREMY: thinking about that house we used to live in and
some of the things he was in. Yeah. SARAH: Yeah. He, he wrote
on his vision list, he wanted to go kart track. And he wanted a
soccer field. And so at first when he told me the go-kart
track, I thought, okay, well, you know, that's reasonable. But
then when he said the soccer field, I thought, hmm, I was
thinking really buddy. And the Lord is like, don't check him.
Don't, or I had to check in my heart and don't say anything to
him. Don't stop him from believing. And he sure did. We
had that on our vision list we pray. You see, we get serious
about these vision lists. I mean we hold them up before the Lord.
We pray and release our faith and believe God for all those
things to come into our life. And um, and sure enough, uh, we
were looking at a house and came to find, we one day we were
looking at Google maps and we zoomed in on the backyard, this
house right before we got into it. And there was a go kart
track in the backyard, the back acre where their boys had rode
go karts all over. There was a soccer field two soccer goals in
the very back. And we realized, man, this stuff, that God is so
good and it is important to include them and take them on
your journey. And so much can happen when we all come together
in faith. Amen. Believe God together over specific things
and get specific with it, with your family. Get specific and,
and begin to dream big and see things, pray and ask the Lord,
what do you see for our family? And we've had this happen in a
lot of times JEREMY: We have over and over. And uh, it's
interesting that we go this direction today. I was thinking
about this specifically. Um, SARAH: Is this in then the house
of faith we believe big? JEREMY: Yes, that's what I was really
sensing the Lord wanted to say today, you know, we've talked
about different things that distinguish us from other
houses. And number one, we put the Word of God first. Yeah. And
that's just not happening everywhere. But in this house,
yeah, that's what we do. We put the Word first. We, we don't
live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of
the mouth of God in this house. What was the second one I knew
SARAH: Led by the Spirit. JEREMY: Well, the, I think that
was the third Word led by the Spirit. Um, we talked to them on
yesterday's broadcast. We pursue his plan and not our own, but in
this house. And I think this was one of those things that
distinguish us and differentiate us from any other house. And
that is this we believe big. We believe big. I know one time the
Lord had to correct me on something. We were driving, I
was driving away from the House one day and uh, there was so
much change and transition going on in our lives and we were
believing God for a place to live. And I know at the time we
were needing a new car and I'm just, you know, making my faith
boy confessions over our house and our car every day. House and
car house and car, House and car. And the, nothing wrong with
any of that. But the Lord really did arrest me. And said, Jeremy
is this it, you're talking to me everyday about a house and a car
is this, is, is this where your faith taps out? Is that a house
and a car? And there's nothing wrong with believing God
concerning these things. He wants us to have him and he
wants to provide for them. But what I was recognizing was, here
I am growing up in this house, I'm, you know, faith boy and I
had been taught all these things and the very most that I can
come up with up out of my heart was these little things that we
needed. And the Lord helped me with it when he led me to the
book of Psalm Chapter Two, verse eight and he said, ask of me and
I'll give you the nations. Now that's asking big, that is
believing big. That's slightly larger than God. I need a house
and a car. Ask of me and I'll give you nations. He said, I'll
give you nations for your inheritance and the ends of the
earth for your possession. Now you're listening to that going,
okay, well that sounds great, but what am I going to do with a
nation? What he's talking about is influence. That's how I see
it. Father, I'm asking you, give me influence. Give us an impact
for the Kingdom of God in nations all over the world.
SARAH: We've got our mind on these little things. You have a
house in a car. He's thinking about families and the nations
of the earth. JEREMY: You want to hear something really cool? I
did not see this until earlier today before we started taping
and I didn't know we're going in this direction, but as soon as
you started talking, listen to this. This verse out of the
Passion Translation says, ask me to give you the nations and I
will do it, and they shall become your legacy. Wow. They
shall become your legacy. Wow, that's inheritance. Isn't that
awesome. Ask of me and I'll give you nations
believe big. We've got to get our minds way up higher than
they've been. We got to get our hearts way bigger, wider open
than they've ever been. Paul wrote, um, where was it to I
believe, to the Corinthian church. And he says, your
heart's so constrained. It's so tight. It's so narrow. The
problem with that is if God can't get it in your heart, he
won't be able to get it in your hand. Yeah. So whatever it is
he's wanting to do for you, it's got to first be able to fit in
your heart. So that's why we've got to expand. And that's what
we've been praying this every day before these broadcasts
start, give us hearts open to receive and understand how cool
is that. I will give them to you. They will become your
legacy nations. Yeah. And this house we believe big. SARAH:
It's awesome because that goes back to the first scripture, one
of the first scriptures we started with last week in
Genesis chapter 12, where the Lord said to Abram, leave your
native country, your relatives and your father's family and go
to the land. I'll show you and I'll make you into a great
nation and I will bless you and make you famous and you will be
a blessing to others. And all the families or nations of the
earth will be blessed through you. That's what God has on his
mind. Always. Us being a blessing, leaving a legacy.
JEREMY: And, and one of the ways you train yourself into thinking
this way is thinking in terms of impact, impact. Uh, when the
Lord began dealing with us about this years ago, we began to
realize that there were people, this culture is churning out
people more and more all the time, many of which are famous
for nothing. Yeah. And it's really a pretty astounding
thing. I mean, you could go through many names, household
names, people that if you're in tune at all with what's going on
out in the culture, they would be names that you would
recognize. But then if you turn around and say, okay, well what
does that person do? You're like, ah, I don't know. Yeah. I
don't know really what they do. And one of the things the Lord
began dealing with you and I on was realizing that impact is
greater than fame. Just because somebody knows who you are
doesn't necessarily mean you're having an impact on them. Or the
world that they live in. Impact is what we're after. We're after
making a mark and leaving a mark. That's what happens when
two things impact each other. A mark gets made, a marked gets
left, and that's what we want to see happen through our ministry,
through our lives. But just just through you live in live, there
ought to be a mark made on this world around you. An impact
made. Whether anybody in this world ever knows you as a famous
person or not. We're believing God for impact. We're believing
God impact the nations with the Gospel. Thank you Lord. I was
heading somewhere with that. Thank you Jesus. SARAH: Isn't it
important for us to evaluate our life though and look at it every
day. What are we doing, Lord, to make an impact? We only have so
much time on this earth. And what if we're spending the
majority of our time doing something that is just, I see so
much of this on social media that people spending all their
time trying to make a name for themselves, trying to, uh, gain
followers, trying to build a business, trying to do all these
things. What about our impact on the world? What about doing
something that leaves a real legacy? What about focusing on
something that's really valuable and a treasure in life? And
those are, these are the things of God. These are the things of
the kingdom that we can pass on to our children. Pass onto all
the people that God brings into our, in contact with us. We have
a legacy to leave and to live. JEREMY: When you and I started,
uh, believe in God a year or so ago, uh, just on this property
that we have here in Fort Worth for our ministry, we were, we
felt like the Lord was telling us, he gave us this, these four
Words buy up and build out. That's what he told us. And when
he ministered that to us, I looked immediately at this other
building that was on our ministry property that, uh, we
wanted to purchase and bring into the ministry. There was a
TV studio in it that we could use and not 10,000 square foot
facility. And so it seemed good to to buy up and build that out.
And one of the things the Lord told us years ago when we were
first looking for ministry property, he said, I'm going to
give you a list of things and you need to be familiar with
these things so that when you actually see your property in
the flesh, you'll recognize it because you've already made the
list. I've already described it to you. And one of the things he
said to us about it was, it'll be a platform from which you
reach the nations. That's what the Lord said about years ago. A
platform from which you'd reach the nations. So we, uh, we, we
started believing God to do that. Now since that time, he's
course corrected that, that the assignments still the same. But
now we're just believe in God to do it on this property in
Colorado that we have under contract and we're purchasing
what we were, we're calling it the same thing. It's still a
platform from which we reach the nations. And the Lord ministered
to us about that Word platform and uh, in, Oh, if I take time
to find it, I wasn't there. It is. Right. There wasn't planning
on going this direction exactly, but in the book of Nehemiah
Chapter Eight, now the whole book of Nehemiah, you may know
this is a big building project. So this is why this spoke to me.
That's what we were in the middle of buying up and building
out. And that's what this entire book is about. The people of God
got it in our hearts to rebuild the city of God and rebuild the
walls and so on. But in Nehemiah Chapter Eight, in the midst of
all this building project project, it says in verse four
that Ezra, the scribe stood on a platform of wood, which they had
made for the purpose. Now, I won't take time to read all the
verses around this, but if you go back, you'll find out that
the purpose he's talking is they wanted a place to be able to
stand out in the congregation of the people and to declare the
Word of the Lord, to declare the Word of God. That's why they
built this platform. Don't you know that means something to God
that his people would specifically and expressly build
something for one purpose. And that was to have a place to
preach the Word from awesome. And that's what we're believing
God to do in this property that we're headed towards. And that's
what we're doing in this buy-up and build out project is it's
not about a platform for Jeremy, a platform for Sarah. It's not
about a platform for a person. It's about a platform with a
purpose. And the purpose is the preaching of the Word of God,
serving our generation and others all over the world. A
platform from which we reach the nations. I believe that's what
the Lord is wanting to say in this broadcast today is it's
time for us to get the nations on our mind and in our heart and
what… SARAH: For a family, for a family together to get the
nations on their heart to sow to give, to be a part of kingdom
projects that think bigger than this. My small little thing that
I have going on my little world, I'm going to be a part of the
kingdom and what God's doing in all the earth. JEREMY: Yeah. It
is something you can do as a family. Sow as a family into a
project, into something going on and it can be right there around
you, but it might be somewhere else in the world. And what that
serves to do is, is it opens up the hearts of your children to
realize, hey, there's something going on beyond this little
three foot circle that surrounds me. Yeah. There's something
happening in this world. And God's called me to be a part of
it and we begin to ask him for for nations, and that's what
we've always known for years leading up even now to the
launch of this church. This is what's been in our hearts for so
long, is that it would be a local church with a global call,
a local church with a global calling, and that's what legacy
church, our church that's launching later this year.
That's really what it is. It will be a local church, but it
has a global assignment and that that church will serve as a
platform from which we reach nations. We got to start asking
big. Yeah, we've got to start believe in big. Now I'm not
belittling the things that you're believing for. Hey, some
of those same things are still on our list, so to speak. We're
still believe in God for these things in our lives and that's a
good thing. We've got to be doing that, but what I am
encouraging you to do is not limit yourself to just the
things that you feel like you need in this life. It's what I'm
encouraging you to do is let the Lord Begin to put a big vision
on the inside of you. It's like the story I tell when we take
the kids to Disney world all those years ago, and we were
standing there at the parade when Jesse was real little and
all those lights go down and then the big show lights come on
and it's, it's big, it's loud, it's bright. And for a little
girl, like that first time she'd ever seen it, it was sensory
overload and she's kind of hiding her face, buried it down
in my chest. She'd never seen anything like that. And all of a
sudden Mickey mouse comes tap dancing right at her. Well, what
do you do with that? You know, you're two years old for all you
know, that's an actual six foot mouse tap dancing right at you.
And that could be startling. And it doesn't scare me. Now she's
up here, I'm holding her, she's seeing at my eye level, she's
seeing what I see, but she's not yet seeing how I see it doesn't
scare me. I know that the, the only thing going on there is
that's a starving college kid in a mouse costume. I'm not afraid.
We see it differently. So for her to begin to see, not just
what I see, but how I see it means she's just going to have
to keep living, going to have to keep growing, have to keep
understanding. Well, same thing's true when we get a
vision of the bigness of God's plan for our lives, man,
sometimes, sometimes it looks big, always. It looks big and
always it looks like more than what you can meet, the need of
on your own. And there are people that get a glimpse of
what God's called them to do and the impact he's called them to
have and maybe even a global impact, but they think, oh,
that's too far from where I am. That's not me. And instead of
running at it in faith, they run from it and fear. But it's time
for us when we get a glimpse of the plan of God for our lives.
Don't run in fear. Run at it and faith, God will get you there.
He'll get you. He's gotten you as far as you are now.
Right? And if he got you this far, he can get you all
the way. It's time to start believing big in this
house. We believe big. Sarah and I are out of time
right now, but don't go anywhere. We'll be back
in just a moment. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today's teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.

Otis Rodgers



  1. Richard Chrisp Posted on August 1, 2019 at 11:12 am

    we try to often or most of us limit God or try to put God in a box. We need to believe that God is a big God.

  2. Manuella wilson Posted on August 1, 2019 at 11:12 am

    This is so Inspiring. I am learning a lot in the field of family building. I love the Lord and I desire to have a family that pleases His heart which I know only faith pleases the Lord😬

  3. Crystal River777 Posted on August 1, 2019 at 11:12 am

    Great messages!! On my third one this morning catching up!! Jesus I want to live by faith!!