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Instantly Open Your Third Eye With This Powerful 3rd Eye Meditation!

[inaudible]. Welcome to your third
eye opening meditation. At this time, sit up straight, close your eyes and relax. As you begin to direct
your awareness within, attuning your attention
to your heart center, bringing your awareness into
the center of your chest and becoming aware as any warmth, tingling, or sensation you experienced there in at this time. Your team of guides, angels and ascended
masters of the middle path stepped forward to surround you with divine
light and healing frequency, the golden light of peace and divine
presence that supports you now in letting go. Letting go of any expectation, letting go of whatever else you
have on your to do list today, letting go of the desire to
try and make anything happen. Knowing that it is when
you relax and allow that the life is able to enter in. Tune in through your
awareness to your open heart, allowing your heart open and become
illuminated with the golden light of the divine that is all around. Move your awareness into
the center of your chest, the center of your heart, into
the center of any tingling, warmth, pressure, or sensation
you experienced there. And move inward. Enter in, open your heart, relax, let go. And in this light of love, in the light of your
awakened heart center, your energy now begins to unlock, to open, and to left. The light of your awakened heart
center begins to shine upward up into your throat,
the center of your mind, and up into the energetic center between
your eyebrows in the middle of your forehead, your third eye at this time. Allow all of your awareness to
enter into your third eye center. Allow your attention to find any sense of tingling, warrant, pressure, light, or sensation in the area
between your eyebrow, that area of your third eye. You’re not trying to make anything happen. Only awareness. Letting go, observing and tuning in to any pressure, tingling, or sensation as your team in spirit steps forward now
to support in clearing your third eye, clearing any blockages or resistance. Let go. Allow your third eye to open and
allow your awareness to enter in. Moving into the center of any sensation, tingling or pressure. Simply being aware of
whatever sensation you do. Feel feeling some pain in
this area of your third eye. Whatever you do or do not feel as okay. Continue to breathe, relax deeply. Let go of trying. Embrace, allowing, embrace awareness, becoming fully aware of the quality of energy in your third
eye center and moving inward into feeling, into the experience, the sensation of energy that begins
to appear between your eyebrows, awakening your third eye. Move deeper and deeper into
the center of your third eye. Becoming aware now of the
music that is playing. Allow yourself to now feel
the music rather than here. Feel the muse that through
your third eye energy center. Feel the sensation of the music in between your eyebrows. Tangibly feel the quality of energy, the light frequency flowing in to your third eye center to unlock your clairvoyance. [inaudible] open your psychic site. You’re not trying to feel anything. Only awareness, only letting go. Breathing in and becoming
aware of your third eye center. Exhaling and entering in
to whatever sensation, whatever experience is the
appearing between your eyebrows. Move inward deeper and
deeper into your third eye. Knowing that as you move your
awareness, your third eye, your third eye, I’m Mark relaxes and open so you can feel through this
energy center so you can proceed the inner realm and moving deeper and deeper into the
tingling that something you’re beginning to feel. You may naturally through relaxing
and allowing [inaudible] begin to see a backdrop of light, a movement of color. Allow, relax and observe. Moving your awareness into
the center of any light, color, frequency, or sensation you’re experiencing. Just allowing relaxing and letting go. Feel the music in the area of your third eye. Perceive the infinite through this center of your psychic site. Enter inward, [inaudible] moving deeper, relaxing, breathing, and moving in knowing
that this inner pole, this dive within, moving in to the center of your
third eye unlocks your perception on the nonphysical plane. Unlocks feeling and seeing through your third eye. Allow whatever is the Piering what
ever you are feeling to be beyond the need to understand or define. For now, just relax, open, unlocked as you feel and experience through your awakening. Third eye, feeling the music through
your third eye center, releasing attachment. [inaudible] embracing pure awareness. Simply aware of any light or color that appears not focusing, just allowing, allowing your third eye to open
to receive the blessing of light, geometry, color, sound, and frequency. And as you move into the center of
whatever it is that is arising for you in your third eye, moving into the center of the center
of your third eye energy center, this inward movement, unlock your perception. Open your awareness, open your psychic site. You are able to begin to see to the extent you are able to allow, and so do you not react
to whatever arising, release the need to judge or analyze
what does not or dies up here. Feel the sensation in your third eye and relax to perceive the light and color. As you now open more and more with each breath, with each moment of clear, calm mind, you awaken your third eye more and more. Activating your higher awareness and your higher psychic state. Breathe relaxed. Let go. Feel through your third
eye. Center them. Use it. Observe any purple or golden movement or light. Relax and receive the love and support the blessing and frequency of your team in spirit,
your angels and guides who have stepped forward to bless, honor and support you. Now at this time, as you begin to return
awareness to your physical body, feel your hand and feel your toes. Tune into the perception
of the room around you, the space around you, hearing any sounds, feeling the energy, and when you’re ready, opening your eyes, letting go of this meditation state, but allowing your third eye
center to continue to glow. Take a moment to thank yourself for taking
this time to open your third eye and know that as you repeat this meditation, you will more fully open your clairvoyant
perception and open your third eye to perceive beyond the physical
and into the realms of spirit, love and light. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And so it.

Otis Rodgers



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  3. Doug Potosky Posted on December 28, 2019 at 11:24 pm

    Another way live a honest and real life. Be nice to others! Help others! That is the real way to open your heart ! In return many amazing things can happen. I even have friends who do every thing there Gururs say to do. But they tell me it's not working. The real work is how you live you life everyday! How you treat others. Yes! mediation can help. Ok!! Now your third eye is open. Now what do you do? I know so many people into all this. Like going to a weekend workshop. You leave and feel great. Then a few weeks ot less time. Your back into the same patterns! It's not permanent! That's the point I am trying to make. I have so much more to say. But I hope maybe I made one point someone can relate to. I am just tired of so many people putting on a false face in the name of Love! Peace&Light too everyone! Please try to find your own path. It's the only true one! Because it will be yours!

  4. Patrick McGovern Posted on December 28, 2019 at 11:25 pm

    Honestly your 3rd eye will not be open and activated in 7 days with any type of process. And why would you call it instant. You might feel a bit of pressure on the calcium deposit over your pineal gland but you have to work on breaking that away for months possibly longer depending on how much floride you yousd over time. Anyway then opening it is another thing where it takes allot of concentration and dedication. Seeing your 3rd eye in the middle of your external eye's is activation then opening it is a whole new ball game also you must learn to close it and keep up with the other chakras so you don't create blockages and have it take longer to do these steps and practices. Using frequencies and chakra bowls from meditations and binuaral beats works really well. You Even have ones that are decalcifiers. Even right now I'm feeling the pressure of my 3rd eye just from talking about it. Not a joke this happens. You'll see anyway just thought you'd like to know. Love light and eternal happiness bro you and your families…..with perfect balance and alignment… Namaste

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