April 7, 2020
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Integration mellan religion och livet

I seek refuge with Allah
from the dreaded devil. In the name of Allah, the Entirely
Merciful, the Especially Merciful. [All] praise is [due] to
Allah, Lord of the worlds. Prayer and peace be upon Muhammad and the Muhammads family O Allah, bless Muhammad
and the Muhammads family In the name of Allah, the Entirely
Merciful, the Especially Merciful. God said in the Holy Quran: In the name of Allah, the Entirely
Merciful, the Especially Merciful. O you mankind, be pious to your
Lord, who created you of one self, and created from it its spouse, and from
the two disseminated, many men and women; and be pious to Allah, about
whom you ask one another, and to the wombs; (i.e.,
be pious to the relatives) surely Allah has been
ever watchful over you. Before I talk about this subject, I want to start with an introduction The introduction consists of two
points: the first point, with respect to filming this program, which coincided with the
holy Ramadan nights, at the invitation of Al Rassol
Association, Sweden in Växjö Sameer Al Rassam has
attended the Association. God bless him. When I listen to the sermons, I suggested we talk in the program about our opinion on the
subject of integration. Integration… Emigrants integrate with
the European community. We accepted Sameer
Al Rassam’s invitation, we welcomed this invitation, and now he is here. We thank him again and special
thanks also to Öppna Kanalen. After watching my friends, I see two definitions for integration. The first definition says: The immigrant who comes
to European countries shedding all what his fellow men think. And what he knows and comply with all
laws where they live. So, he is shedding from his old identity
to another new one. To integrate and be
a member of the community. This is the first
definition of integration. The second definition is the immigrant who comes to the country where he lives and settles in this country, and looking for commonalities
between his old and the new community, and certainly there is
a difference point. Most European countries respect religion and also respect
the specificities of the emigrant For example in Sweden. Sweden gives full freedom
of religiously held beliefs. Every man can believe
what he wants. Every man, free
in his beliefs. Religion is a private
issue for people. Religions have enough
freedom in this country. Things that pertain to emigrants, they have the freedom. But more than this, in Sweden as I’ve learned from some emigrants, Sweden teach the children in the
communities the native language. Some schools also
teach the Holy Quran and insists on the
children to learn. To have children
attend the lessons, to learn the native language. So, Integration in the
second definition is: All here in sweden
have the freedom. There are common things. For example, abiding the law and respecting others. I will now try to
diagnose an affliction, suffered by almost all emigrants It is a common case
among all emigrants It is this: I call it “the swing phenomenon” We can call it a swing-disease Emigrants feel a swing, how so? When you ask an emigrant: Do you
want to live in a European country? he will answer: I do not know! When you ask an emigrant: Do you want
to return to the motherland? he will answer: I do not know! This means that he in the middle! He feels as if he is
swinging with hesitation he doesn’t want to live here and he does not want to
return to his native country. To live there… Swing disease. Swing disease is a very
dangerous disease. Dangerous to the
emigrant and his family. For the emigrant feels that
he lives anonymously That is a negative impact
on the emigrant The financial impact The swing financial impact An emigrants that decides to
return to his native country, if he gets money, he arranges everything in his native country. This is the first step. He lives in this country now. To live in this country
you also need money For that the emigrants exerts efforts, arranges and coordinates
all his things. In these countries, in terms of the financial
situation, it is dispersant, if focus… If his mind is focused somewhere, it
will settle his financial situation. For example, he says: I
will stay in this country. I will look for suitable accommodations, focus all financial possibilities to live in this country. Or says: I am going back to the motherland. He will then focus to live in the motherland. Parents, they often don’t care to establish
strong Islamic associations and assume responsibility. The children live ambivalent. They do not know how to live
here, or how to live there! They remain swinging between the two ideas. This is very dangerous for children. Maybe parents… Perhaps parents in the home
country had problems. But the children are not supposed to keep swinging, and also… the children get psychological problems. This leads the children to not
integrate in society, because they’re lost between their life here Not knowing if they should begin life here or return to the motherland. Noone can decide this for you, stay here or go back to the motherland Who decides is you! If he chooses to live in this country and become a citizen in the country. If he decides, we must think
about several aspects. The first thing to think about is
knowing the laws of this country. What are the rights granted by this country? There are great efforts of this country
to provide assistance for immigrants. Substantial assistance for each community
living on the land of this country. It is important to know
the laws of this country What are the laws that benefit emigrants? The focus is on these laws Secondly, you must focus on institution-building Because a group of expatriates,
they are a society. Life flourishes for active people. How have these countries evolved? And when we live with them here! We see the customs and traditions they have. How to deal with their financial lives. We have seen and lived through
all these things here, and we know how they live, and we know, that people
have built the countries. It’s the people that build
countries, not governments. This is a fact, 100% If we are to live a dignified
life, we must be influential. We make our plans, we
unite as a group of people They must unite, form associations, and find out, how the
state will support them. These associations must find meeting places,
to practice their rituals. Find a meeting place for their children a place to learn their native language. Making rituals of joys and sorrows. A place where emigrants can come to that they feel is a piece
of their native country even if it’s located on
the land of this state. So that they could keep up with the customs and traditions
of their motherland and the emigrant must obey
this new country’s laws Which has become an integral part of this country. So, The emigrant should focus on these things. For emigrants to come together
in order to be a community This community, it holds the traditions and
customs of his native country and respects the traditions and customs
of the country where they live. And these countries
do not mind this, never do they mind. And especially in Sweden. Emigrants should know,
that there is strength in unity. We all hold hands as one, and establish a life for ourselves and to establish ourselves,
a life in harmony with our religion, and in line with
a country that embraces all. After we were displaced, this country gave us everything. After suffering terrorism
and corrupt governments, this country gave us safety. We have to be loyal to this country, we must work for this country where we live. We must work for this
country that we are a part of, and we owe them our loyalty,
appreciation, love and respect. The emigrant must find work,
because work is very important. Time without work is long and boring. Unemployment hurts some emigrants, because the people here are working. Everyone in this country
is working diligently, and emigrants who do not
work will feel depressed, in addition to the financial
aspect that will be affected and the children, will be affected first. A father sitting beside
a child that works… The father should work in order
to provide everything for his son. The child’s father must provide
everything for his son. This child whose father does not work, when
sitting beside a child whose father works will develop psychological knots. These knots are very dangerous
for the personality of children. We do not want to bequeath the
children houses and money, without giving them what they need
for psychological health: self-reliance and self-confidence. A man with self-confidence,
can establish a life and help others who are making a life in this country,
to become confident themselves! As for those hesitating they have a psychological knot. They are always in retreat,
and this is a dangerous thing. The emigrants must pay
attention to this. If the emigrant has suffered in his
life, because of corrupt governments, why make these children suffer? For these children have all the
rights in this country the money that is given by the government for children here, we must
spend on the children. we must spend money to
entertain the children so the child does not develop
psychological knot in his life. It is very, very dangerous. Everything in this country
is in service for the child. Islam encourages work, encourages science. If we go back to the words of the
Prophet Muhammad and his family, God bless him and his family, “ask for knowledge even if they are in China”. At that time, China was far away. There was no good means of transport, it was primitive. There is another saying: Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave, the search for knowledge
is not determined by age. And educational opportunities
in these countries are many These States encouraged
emigrants to learn. We who live in this country, do neither
work nor study, so, what we will do? So some emigrants were not
integrated with the community, and time passed. All these things because of swing disease. If he wants to return to
his motherland, he can. He should be decisive, or live in this country
and establish his life here. To establish a scientific and social life, to establish strong associations, this country allows and helps in everything. This diversity of customs and
traditions make a positive case. This diversity, through
culture brought by emigrants, with respect for the customs
and traditions of this country. One such civilization are the Muslims There is a culture of this country,
both could benefit from each other. The swing disease must
be completely eliminated. We should think positively, and
deal with others positively, and not be passive. In conclusion, I leave you with these words: I thank God that allowed
me to speak to you. I ask forgiveness from God for me and everyone. God bless Muhammad and his family.

Otis Rodgers