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Is Meditation Good

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back, checking another video. We’re going to talk right now about meditation,
relaxation. Meditation in particular, is it any good? Is it a load of crap? Does it really work? Is it for people who just want to cop out
on society and just basically chill out and do nothing? Well, I can tell you how meditation is really
popular today amongst a lot of high-powered people. A load of Google executives do it. A lot of very high-powered people do it. People involved in many different types of
businesses and industries do it. It’s not a cop out at all. And people do meditation for a very specific
reason. We’re going to go into a lot of these reasons
in a minute. Steve Jobs was a big fan of meditation, for
example. John Lennon, I mean, Oprah Winfrey. Many, many famous people. Musicians like Sting, people like that. A lot of people meditate for particular reasons,
and those reasons are quite far-reaching. The benefits are quite astounding in meditation. I’ve been involved in meditation now for over
20 years. I think it’s fantastic. I have sessions every afternoon. It really pays off, all right? So, I’ve written down a cheat sheet. Again, a couple of reasons why I’m going to
explain why meditation, particularly mindfulness meditation is of such an advantage to you
if you’re watching this video. Doesn’t matter what you’ve got. When you’ve got a disease or not a disease. Whether you’ve got candida or digestive problem
or you’ve got high blood pressure of diabetes or cancer, or, doesn’t matter. No matter whether you’ve got conditions or
not, it’s going to benefit you, right? So, point number one: It helps you deal with
stress and anxiety by calming the brain and by inducing alpha wave state it helps to really
create serenity inside the body. So it downplays stress. It pushes down the alarm phase. It helps to balance stress hormones a lot
more. This helps to down regulate stress responses
in the body. It down regulates the sympathetic, or the
fight-or-flight. It helps to up regulate the parasympathetic,
or the rest and digest. So by relaxing deeply on a daily basis, you’re
going to really improve your digestion. Even improve your circulatory system. Even improve your immune system. You’re going to improve the balance and utilization
of neurotransmitters in the brain, okay? There are seven key neurotransmitters that
benefit seriously from meditation. It’s repeatedly shown with a lot of research
I’ve done at Harvard University the people who meditate every day tend to be much calmer,
more relaxed, more easy-going, more productive. Sounds good doesn’t it? Number two: You’re going to boost skills like
short-term memory, okay, and awareness. So you’re going to remember things a lot more. People who don’t meditate and who just keep
going from job to job who don’t relax enough, they’ve got very poor recall short-term, particularly
when they get to my age, to their late-50s. They’re memory’s shot. They can’t remember where they put anything
anymore, where their keys are or where their handbag is or where they put their shoes or
their cell phone or their iPad or whatever. And when it gets really bad you can’t remember
where you put your wife, where you put your car, or your house. That’s how bad it can get. Okay? That’s called dementia when it gets really
bad and when your brain starts breaking down. So, research has also shown that people who
meditate very, very regularly daily, have got a much greater chance of staving off conditions
like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Make sense? Makes a lot of sense to me. Number two: After years, you become a pleasant
person and learn to get on with others a lot better. If you look at people like Buddhist monks,
for example, who meditate all the time, they’re very pleasant people. They smile a lot. They’re easy-going people. They don’t care about things anymore. They’re in a higher alpha state. This has a big effect on the amygdala, a part
of the brain that controls fear and anxiety. It tends to really shrink the amount of gray
matter in the amygdala. Increases the white matter. It makes you far more chilled and easy-going
and productive person. It makes you a person that other people want
to be around. Have you ever been around someone and you
think, “Oh my God, I can’t handle that girl or that guy. I just got to get away from that person.” Chances are they probably have never meditated. They think it’s a stupid concept. They don’t know how to relax, and they wind
people up. And then you meet other people and you think,
“Wow, that guy’s awesome! Oh, I feel so relaxed when I’m around that
lady. I don’t know what it is, but I just feel chill
when I’m around her. She just makes me feel good.” Chances are that that person understands about
the power of relaxation. So when you become a very relaxed calm person,
you put others at ease. When you become a really anxious and hyped-up
person, you piss other people off. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? So, meditation helps to calm the brain, it
allays anxiety. It pushes depression away. It makes you appreciate the things in life
that money can’t buy, and they’re the things that bring us the most happiness. Well, another point. Meditation is a big benefit for other body
parts apart from consciousness, emotions, cognition. It benefits the heart. It benefits the kidneys. It benefits the organs. How in the hell does it do that? Well, it’s simple, because I mentioned before,
it has an effect on regulating the autonomic nervous system. It down regulates the stress response, it
up regulates the relaxation response. It calms the heart. It drops the blood pressure down. It improves flow of blood through the kidneys
and the liver. It helps relax the skeletal muscles. It improves the digestive function. It improves the output of digestive enzymes. It has multiple effects on the body. It even improves your sleep and your libido. I mean, how much better could it get? And the last one, it prevents genetic damage,
so it can actually stave off cancer. So, you’ve got these tiny little protein complexes
called telomeres, okay? I’m not going to get into this stuff, it’s
pretty heavy, but telomere length, or the link of these protein complexes in the cell
influences whether the genes get damaged or not. So, it’s proven that people who meditate a
lot tend to have longer telomere protein length, and tend to have much less chance of getting
some mutations of cancer. Isn’t that amazing stuff? So, by meditating every day you’ve got a chance
of actually staving off cancer in the body. So, think of all those benefits. And remember what I said? The best things in life are not affordable,
because you can’t pay them with money. You’re not going to pay for meditation. That’s something that you’ve got to do yourself. So by meditating regularly, which costs nothing
but time for you, you’re going to have incredible amount of health benefits. Think about it. It’s worth it. Thanks for checking out this video.

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