December 13, 2019
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JingGuang Puppet Show:  Garuda vs The Singing Drunkard

( A confrontation during the cold windy night!) ( The legacy of the Ghost Valley School ignites a new flame! ) Hey boy Aren’t you gonna take some action after hearing that I’m also from the Ghost Valley School? That’s a strange question for someone meeting for the first time Meeting for the first time huh… Yet you showed great antagonism towards Xiao Yao Yiu the first time you meet him What a misunderstanding! I only brought up a piece of lost history to start some conversation! How’s the progress on your Taoist realm chronicle? Regrettably I haven’t made much progress I doubt you’re writing it at all The whole talk on the Ghost Valley School probably is just an excuse to mask your true intention What true intention? Talking takes too much time… Maybe I should just….. Beat out your true identity! ( Rolling around and staggering like a drunk ) ( Lang Piao Ping attacks with the Drunken fist!) ( Garuda tries his best to dodge and evade!) What true identity? I’m not a monster! Keep pretending you, damn conspirator!! You took the word right out of my mouth! I came because the evidence of my search led here But you called me a conspirator? Not you… but.. Talk! or you’re not walking out of here. Then where should we start? I’m sure you heard about what happened with Xi Jiang…. Then let us talk about the organization he was with.. The group known as “Capsized ship” which attacked Knief in the wind… I’m not interested in long stories Tell me which part you suspect Xiao Yao Yiu to be involved in.

Otis Rodgers



  1. Quynh Anh Le Posted on November 3, 2019 at 4:42 pm

    Thank you for the sub!
    Can you sub more videos about Mo Li Sao?