December 6, 2019
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Journey To The INNER EARTH: Guided Meditation. Remote Viewing The Center Of The Earth.

Journey to the Center of the Earth remote view the Inner Earth welcome I'm Nicky Sutton subscribe for weekly guided meditations just for you please refrain from listening while driving or doing anything else make sure you'll be undisturbed dim the lights and lay or sit in a very comfortable position close your eyes and follow the sound of my voice many believe there is something other than a load of rock and magma at the center of the earth that there is a bright inner Sun with perhaps inhabitants or maybe an entire civilization living there or even something else as we relax down and go in wit we allow our third eye to activate and take us on a remote viewing journey now we can go wherever we wish but this guided meditation provides a structured way for your consciousness to get to the Inner Earth and back for the purpose of exploration here we go the first thing we're going to do is to relax your body and then we will go on to relax the mind so to relax your body first of all take a deep breath in and breathe out you now concentrate on your breathing for a few moments slow and steady deep breaths breathing is very important to help your body relax it also allows you to become aware of your body and relax more and more and release the tension in the muscles now allow your breathing to become normal and relaxed slow steady rhythmic breaths the next thing I'd like you to do to help relax you further is to look inside your mind as if there was a screen and I want you to imagine on that screen the word relax just see the word relax concentrate on the word relax for a few moments and now become aware of the muscles in your forehead and the little bits of tension they hold on to and I want you to just let that tension go feel the muscles release now bring your focus to your jaw it may be held tightly together feel your jaw loosen allowing it to drop to its most natural comfortable position how's your jaw relaxed is more bring your awareness down to your shoulders here we often carry a lot of tension allow your shoulders to loosen feel any tension just melting away now as your shoulders relax more and more concentrate on the muscles all the way down your back letting those muscles soften and relax focus now on your arms becoming aware that they are growing heavy now feel a wave of relaxation flow from your shoulders all the way down to your fingertips relaxing every muscle as it goes realize how heavy and relaxed your body is feeling as you just let the attention go and now to your chest and down to your stomach feeling more relaxed all the time down to the pelvic area and feel a wonderful wave of relaxation flowing down further to your thighs your knees and unto your ankles and feet you are now beautifully calm and relaxed and so you drift deeper and deeper into a deep deep state of relaxation now it's time to go within the mind in a moment I'll count you down and you will find yourself in a cozy lounge or living room it will be warm safe and comfortable there I will count you down and you will find that with each number I count you will drift deeper and deeper into a very deep deep feeling of relaxation here we go 10 9 8 drifting down down 7 6 5 drifting deeper and deeper 4 3 2 1 and step onto the floor of the beautiful lounge see that over to your right is a very comfortable chair make your way over to this chair and settle yourself down as you sink into the chair you notice that the room is a perfect temperature and has a very pleasant atmosphere indeed become aware of the pleasant decoration in this room just sink into the chair it's a very cozy and blissful feeling just relax and drift deeper and deeper drift deeper and deeper now into a deep state of peacefulness and tranquility and now in this beautiful state of relaxation your subconscious mind is active and that part of you is willing and able to allow you to continue notice that across the lounge is a doorway to a shiny new elevator get up and walk towards it and press the button on the wall beside it the elevator is already here the doors open you see that it is clean and modern inside now go ahead and enter the elevator this elevator leads down to the center of the earth you are safe and well throughout this whole process press the button inside to close the doors and now press the button which shows a down arrow feel the elevator start to sink downwards be aware of a sinking down feeling as the elevator goes down feel yourself going even deeper even more relaxed and the further down the elevator goes for more relaxed you feel be aware that when you get there you will be invisible to anyone else present there if there is anyone there they will not be able to see or detect you you are reaching the center of the earth the elevator is coming to rest now go ahead and press the button which opens the doors the doors are opening now the elevator too is invisible to any people or being said this elevator is just for you what do you see through the doorway step out of the elevator now and allow your surroundings to form no choosing or deciding or questioning just allow your surroundings to form for you now and see them Clara and Clara take some time to explore the elevator will remain here open and ready for you as soon as you wish to return what colors and shapes do you see what is this place like observe any scenery or objects around you are there any people or beings there if any if you do come across any people or beings there remember they are unaware of your presence and it will remain that way for the duration of your visit explore for a little longer now okay it's time to return to the elevator head back now you easily remember the way the elevator is very easy to find and elevator doors are visible to you now the doors are already open and the elevator is empty enter the elevator now and press the button to close the doors now press the up-arrow and feel the elevator rising and as you make your way up remember what you've observed today you are returning feeling relaxed and content the elevator continues to rise and comes to a stop returning you to the lounge press the button to open the door and step out into the beautiful lounge since the pleasant atmosphere there once again in a moment I'll count you up to return to your body and with each number I count you will feel more and more joyful and content here we go one two three four five returning rested and relaxed six seven eight nine ten and return to your body and become aware of your surroundings you can open your eyes when ready thank you for taking this journey with me today subscribe for more guided meditations with me Nikki Sutton and if you'd like to purchase the mp3 version of this guided meditation the link is in the description thanks again much love you

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  1. Lucidvibe Posted on July 12, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    Sounds awesome, Great idea for a trip! will definitely let you be my Tour Guide to visit the inner earth… when I Get a chance! 😊 ☀️🍹😃

  2. Guided Meditations with Nicky Sutton Posted on July 12, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    I hope you enjoy this, it's quite a trip! 💖💖