September 22, 2019
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My name is Greg Sabbot, I used to follow
the teachings of the rabbi’s, being Jewish, Now I follow the teaching of the great rabbi,
Jesus Christ. Our Father, Our King, I come to You in the name of Your son, Yeshua,
and lift up the Jewish people all over the world. Lord You have blessed them so much with wonderful
occupations, family, education, financial security, but Lord right now I ask that You
would just shake their world. I asked Lord that You would touch them,
that You would draw them, that You would start moving in their lives and circumstances.
That You can penetrate materialism, penetrate wealth, penetrate position, but ultimately
Lord that You would touch the Jewish people. Lord I pray for all
the Jewish people around the world, that they would recognise that Jesus is the
Jewish Messiah, the promised Messiah of Israel, that He has fulfilled all the prophets in the writings,
that all the Old Testament prophecies point to Him, Lord I pray that today that You would use the lips
and the actions and the thoughts and the comments of Gentile people around the world
that love You Lord, and make them jealous. That You make them so jealous that they would
come to believe in You. That they would look to other people and say ‘they have
something that I don’t have’. That they would search their heart and when they search
their heart with all their might they will find God. Father, I just asked
today that You would bring Jewish people into
the realisation of who Jesus is. That His death, burial, and resurrection is all
predicted in the Jewish Scriptures, and that there is nothing more Jewish than
believing in Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. Amen.

Otis Rodgers