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Judge Faith – Over the Hedge; Gone to the Dogs (Season 1: Episode #37)

Judge Faith…Every morning she’d look out
of her kitchen window
and see green.
So what did he do
to make her see red?
Mr. Brown came out
and cut my bushes like
he was Edward Scissorhands. BROWN: I came downstairs
and Ms. Armstrong was standing at the door. She said,
“You had the audacity “to cut down my bush!” NARRATOR:Now it’s
up to Judge Faith
to bring the peace back
to their paradise.
Life is 10% what
happens to you and 90% how
you respond to it. NARRATOR:And later,Judge Faith decides
which pooch must pay.
The ambulance came,
animal control came,
police came. And one of
the neighbors goes, “I know whose
dog this is.” In doing…
Taking out the trash, I inadvertently
left the door open. No, no, no.
Don’t tell me, “No,
it’s never happened before.” It happened this time and it’s one time
too many. NARRATOR:
Faith Jenkins.
Her distinguished legal career
began when she graduated
first in her law school class.
She quickly became a tough
New York City prosecutor
and then a preeminent
legal analyst on cable news.
And now she’s the judge
in her own courtroom.
Her cases are realand her rulings are final.She is Judge Faith.Plaintiff Priscilla Armstrongsays her friend and neighbor
of 30 years
did a hack job on her hedge
without her consent.
She is suing
for destroying her hedge
and emotional damages.
Defendant Amos Brown says
he’s been trimming the hedges
for 30 years
and she’s never had
a problem with the work.
He’s countersuing for
unpaid landscaping work.
BARBARA: Remain seated
and come to order.
Court is now in session. The honorable
Judge Faith Jenkins presiding. Your Honor, this
case isArmstrong v. Brown.Thank you, Barbara. Ms. Armstrong, you’re here
suing your neighbor for $2,500 for
damaging your hedges and for emotional damage. Mr. Brown, you say you don’t
owe the plaintiff anything because you already replaced
the bushes that you cut down. And you’re also countersuing
for $3,274 for unpaid landscaping work. Okay, Ms. Armstrong,
I’ll hear from you first. What’s going on here? Your Honor, it pains me
to have to bring Mr. Brown
here to court after being neighbors
for 30 years. Wow, that’s a long time. I looked out my back door
in my yard and I had this
big, gaping hole. I didn’t know if
lightning had struck it
or what had happened. I walked across my yard,
knock on Mr. Brown’s door, Mr. Brown comes out
and I ask him, “Did you know that
those were my bushes?” He said,
“Yeah, I knew
they were yours.” JUDGE FAITH:
So what happened? So I went, “Why would you
cut down my bushes?” He said he cut down my bushes because he wanted to put
a dumb looking gate there and he did not want to
walk all the way around
the other side of his house. So I’m standing there like, “Mr. Brown came out
and cut my bushes “like he was
Edward Scissorhands!” (JUDGE FAITH LAUGHS) They’re all the way
down to the ground. We’ve never, ever had any
words or problems. Mr. Brown had also looked out
for me at times. I had a beehive on
the top of my house, he told me I had a beehive
that I didn’t even realize
was back there. And that’s what puzzles me. To why he would
do something like this? This was my privacy
between the two of us. Okay.
What’s this a photo of? This is a photo of the way
he actually cut it down
to the ground.That’s…JUDGE FAITH:
So there was a bush there
and that’s… It was two bushes there. Okay. And that stump that
I’m seeing on the ground, that’s what’s left of it? ARMSTRONG:
That’s what’s left of it. JUDGE FAITH:And there’s,
like, a little hole. Okay,
let’s see the next picture.
Oh, now you can
really see it.
So there’s a gap.ARMSTRONG:It’s a gap.JUDGE FAITH: And is that
picture you looking out of
your door into your backyard? Absolutely. Okay, and what’s the white
building behind the bushes? ARMSTRONG:
That’s Mr. Brown’s house. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. ARMSTRONG: And that’s the gate
that he replaced. That he needed to cut down
my two bushes so he could walk around
the other side of his house. And I’m assuming
you didn’t have a discussion with
him prior to… We didn’t have a discussion. He didn’t ask for permission. I had no idea that this
was going through his head, of cutting down my bushes. Well, Mr. Brown,
why’d you do it? (BROWN LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) Well first,
Your Honor, I take pride
in being a good neighbor. I try to be the very best
neighbor I can be. Okay. BROWN: I have been trimming and cutting these bushes
for 30 years without any restrictions
or any complaints. That’s not true. Have you ever cut them down
completely like what we see
in the picture? Yes, ma’am, they have
been cut all the way
down to the ground. That’s not true. And so what happened after
you cut down the bushes? I was actually
taking a nap and I heard somebody
out there ringing the doorbell and I thought a fire or
something was going on. Why do you…
Why do you say that? Because of
the way she was
ringing the doorbell. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. You know, my wife had
gone to the Bible study. I came downstairs and
Ms. Armstrong was
standing at the door. She didn’t speak. She said, “You had the
audacity to cut down my bush.” They belonged to me! BROWN: All right, can I tell
you about how I tried
to replace these bushes? Yes, I would like
to hear about that. BROWN: Okay. Because you said you
actually replaced the bush. What did you do? When Ms. Armstrong
came over there, she was almost
totally out of control. So she was really upset? Yeah, she was
really upset. And did that surprise you? Mmm-hmm.
That’s true. Uh, yes it did. Yes. (STAMMERING)
Yes, it did surprise me. JUDGE FAITH: Mmm-hmm. Because I have been
taking care of these bushes
for 30 years. So Ms. Armstrong never did
anything to those bushes. When Ms. Armstrong
came over, and I saw she was
so upset, I said, “I didn’t you know
you cared that much
about the bushes “because you never did
anything to the bushes.” That’s not true! NARRATOR:Coming up…Judge Faith gets neighborly.I told Priscilla, I said, “What can I do
to make this right?” Because she knew
that would grow back. All right… When both me and you
have turned to dust! You’ve been neighbors
for 30 years, you’ve been friends with
this family, you were friends
with her husband. I’m just sad to see… BROWN: I am too. …that it has come to this
over these bushes. NARRATOR:
And later…
I feel like I don’t owe that. If my dog
did bite her that I would pay… There’s no if! Your dog
definitely bit me. I don’t want… I don’t want
to hear hypotheticals about
what could have happened because you were
not there. SEKONANAA: Yeah. NARRATOR:Plaintiff
Priscilla Armstrong says
her neighbor
destroyed her bushes.
She is suing for
the cost of the hedge
and emotional damages.
Defendant Amos Brown sayshe’s been cutting
the bushes for 30 years
and there’s never
been a complaint.
He’s countersuing for
unpaid landscaping work.
Can I ask you a question? ARMSTRONG: Yes, ma’am. Why… Why do the… These bushes seem to mean
an awful lot to you. Why…
Why is that? We’ve had
birthday parties
back there. My daughter got married
in that backyard. Is this your daughter? Why don’t you step up.
What’s your name? Stephanie Armstrong. Okay. My daughter got
married in
that backyard. We had baby showers. We had cook-outs… So these bushes had a lot
of sentimental value to you. They had a lot
of sentimental value. JUDGE FAITH: And is this a part of your
emotional damages claim? Is that what it is? It’s part of my
emotional damages claim. Okay, what do you
have to add? Briefly. I knew that it
bothered my mom because when it happened
my mom called every day. And I was more so worried
about her health. Um, my mom has
high blood pressure. I lost my father
about a year ago. If Mr. Brown would
have called and
asked my mom and said, “You know what, I can’t
get around my property.” “Is it okay if I cut down
your bushes?” BROWN: Your Honor… Okay, Mr. Brown. Go ahead and comment
on your replacement
of the bushes. What happened? I told Priscilla,
I said, “What can I do
to make this right?” “Because she knew
they would grow back.” When both me and you
have turned to dust! JUDGE FAITH: Hold on a second,
Ms. Armstrong,
let him finish. Uh… JUDGE FAITH: Go ahead. Now… She… She told me she didn’t want to
hear any of that. JUDGE FAITH: Mmm-hmm. BROWN: That’s what she said. I went to several
places to try to
find the bush. I called her
from each place. I said, “I’m out here
at this nursery here, “what kind of bush
do I need to get? “I don’t know
what to get.” “Well, that’s your problem.
Get whatever kind of bush
you want to get.” So she, now… ARMSTRONG:
That’s not true. She didn’t…
She did not say what
kind of bush to put there. Okay. All right.
And tell me about
your counterclaim. You have a counterclaim
saying… BROWN: Well, uh, because I have been
trimming those bushes
for 30 years, I have been trimming
and cutting those bushes. And spraying those bushes. But you didn’t have
an agreement in place with her that you would
trim those bushes in exchange for her
paying you for it, right? Uh, no, ma’am,
I did not. I did not have
an agreement with her. JUDGE FAITH: Okay,
go ahead and tell me
your counterclaim. She had never complained
about me cutting those bushes. Go ahead and
tell me about your… Why did you bring
the counterclaim? BROWN: When she… When she decided to sue me for
cutting the bush down and claim that they
were her bushes, then I say, “Well, you know,
she needs to pay me “for maintaining them.” But she didn’t have an
agreement in place to maintain
the bushes with you, that was something you
were doing voluntarily. Right. On your own as a
good neighbor, right? That is correct. What is interesting
about this case is I have people coming
here all the time who encroach on other
people’s property, and they have no respect
for their neighbors’ land. I just don’t think that
this was something… He didn’t intentionally try
to do something malicious. Um, although you should
have gotten permission because these are her bushes
and they are on her property and I think you know that and you said that
in your answer. Um, but I don’t think
that there was
malicious intent here and as you stand here
today, you seem like
a really nice man and that you really do try
to be a good neighbor. And I think that you
guys should work this
out as neighbors. You’ve been neighbors
for 30 years. You were friends, you’ve been
friends with his family. You were friends
with her husband. And I think that this is… I’m just sad to see
that it has… I am too. …come to this over
these bushes. I know, based on
everything you told me, that this meant
a lot to you. But I just think you should
consider the fact that I really don’t think that
this was malicious. Most people wouldn’t go out… It’s just a misunderstanding. Most people wouldn’t
go out and spend their own money, almost
$300 to replace bushes, um, if they really didn’t have some type of good
intent there. And I also… You know, I don’t want this to
be something that really
stresses you out. Your daughter talked
about your health. You have to think about
the fact that life is 10% what
happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. The bushes were cut down, you can’t go back and undo
that act by Mr. Brown, but going forward, how are you going
to address this? Is this something
that’s really going
to impact your life every single day or are you gonna try to
work this out with your
neighbor of 30 years? I really think you should try
to do that, okay? Mrs. Armstrong? Yes, ma’am. (JUDGE FAITH LAUGHING) I’m listening. (LAUGHING) JUDGE FAITH:
Okay, all right. Um, for your counterclaim… You’re not going to
get anything for
your counterclaim because there was not an
agreement in place for you
to do landscaping. And, Ms. Armstrong, you agreed, when he… When Mr. Brown calls you,
when he offered to
replace the bush with another bush, you agreed and you said,
“Yes” and, “Okay” to that. And he actually went
out and spent money
to replace the bush. I believe that the two of
you came to an agreement about that bush. And
so now, you’re suing for the bush to be replaced,
but he already replaced it! Your Honor, may I
say something, please? You may not like… No, let me finish.
You may not like the bush that he
replaced it with but you gave him the okay to go ahead and
spend his money and replace the bush, so that’s… That’s what
you have now. So if you want to
replace it on your own with another bush,
that’s on you, but as far as what he
was obligated to do… You guys had a conversation
and came to an agreement. You asked for $2,000
in emotional damage. I have not heard of the
kind of severe emotional
stress that warrants an emotional damage claim
in this case. Cost of a new bush, $500. I can’t award that to you because he’s already replaced
the bush with another bush. It may not be one that
you like but that was
your agreement with him. So my verdict in this case
is for the defendant but you’re getting zero
on your counterclaim. Have a good day, folks, and
I hope you work it out. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And by the way, make this up.
Make this up. NARRATOR:
Plaintiff Kim Spencer says
her neighbor’s dog
attacked her.
She’s suing for unpaid
hospital bills and
pain and suffering.
Defendant Emalini Sekonanaasays her neighbor is
exaggerating her injuries
for financial gain
and is refusing
to pay the bills.
Karen Spencer? SPENCER: Yes. You are suing the defendant,
Emalini Sekonanaa for $1,001 for injury you sustained
during a dog attack? Correct. And you say the
defendant’s dog bit you and you have hospital bills
and vet bills? Correct. Okay. Tell me about
what happened. Uh, I go to take my
dog for a walk. She’s a little girl,
she’s only 36 pounds. And we go on the
normal route we always go. We cross the street
and she stopped
to pee a minute and I’m just standing there.
I had headphones on with
music playing and stuff and I look up and all
of a sudden I see this large dog barreling
down the street coming right towards me and
we were just standing still. It crosses the street and
then jumps on my dog. My dog’s trying to get away
from the attack dog and then she’s wrapping
her leash around me and I reach down just in
the madness just trying
to get my dog away and the defendant’s dog
bit my left hand. Uh, it was just puncture
wounds, but I had
eight puncture wounds and tearing under
my thumb here. JUDGE FAITH: Wow. My dog thankfully ended
up being okay. She had a couple puncture
wounds behind her neck. The ambulance came,
the animal control came,
police came. Uh, the neighbors
were all… It was a big commotion.
Neighbors were all
standing out and one of the neighbors goes,
“I know who’s dog this is.” So one of the neighbors
was holding the dog and the other neighbor
went to her house to go say, uh,
“Your dog is loose
and has bit someone.” NARRATOR:Next on
Judge Faith…Emalini claims she tried
to cover the costs.
I said, “Okay, well let me
have the bill “and let me see.”
I heard nothing. NARRATOR:But Kim
calls her out in court.
You agreed to pay the bills. I called you when the bills
came in and you’ve returned
none of my phone calls. NARRATOR:And Judge Faith
sets them both straight.
There’s one fact that is
not in dispute here and it’s the fact that
your dog got out. NARRATOR:
Plaintiff Kim Spencer says
her neighbor’s dog
attacked her
and now she wants
the bills paid.
Defendant Emalini Sekonanaasays her neighbor is
exaggerating her injuries
for financial gain.
Okay, what kind of dog
do you have? SEKONANAA: Your Honor. I have a Bullmastiff, half Bullmastiff, half Lab. I want to know how
your dog got out. Okay, I was… Okay,
I was taking out the trash and in doing, taking
out the trash, I inadvertently left
the door open. Okay. So it was your fault. So… Right. All right. You know that can’t
happen, right? Right. Because you have a big dog… I brought pictures
to show. JUDGE FAITH: …and apparently
your dog bites people. No, that’s never… I mean, you’re fortunate… No, no, no, don’t tell me,
“No, it’s never
happened before.” It happened this time and
it’s one time too many. But the neighbors says
also that they are
scared of the dog and they hear the dog going
up against the fence any time
anyone walks by. So I have pictures
of my dog just to show you how… JUDGE FAITH:
What’s your dog’s name? Harley. JUDGE FAITH:
Okay, let’s see Harley. You took Harley to the vet
to get checked out and he was okay, right? SPENCER: I did. That’s good. I mean, because
I have of these cases and it’s usually far worse. I got the brunt of the
injuries, thank goodness. Hey, let’s see the photos
of your injuries. This is a few days after,
after it’s been bandaged and Neosporin and
everything like that. JUDGE FAITH:
Okay, but I see there’s… SPENCER: Yeah. JUDGE FAITH: So you…
Puncture wounds on the hand and on the thumb. Yeah, the whole…
Like, right here was all swollen with puncture
wounds all over it. Uh, it was torn around the
thumbnail and underneath here,
there’s a pretty good gash. If my dog had bit her,
Your Honor, um, I… You know, I would have… I… JUDGE FAITH:
I’m sorry, were you there? Yes. No, I was not there. You didn’t see anything. No. No. Your dog got out because
you left the gate open. And so, you think that she’s
making up the fact… Yes. I left the door open. …that your dog ran down
the street and bit her? No, I’m not… JUDGE FAITH:
What reason would she do that? Okay… JUDGE FAITH:
Why would she do that? In hysteria, because the dog is wrapping around
her like she says, it could have been while
she was trying to get… You weren’t there, ma’am. So I don’t wanna hear
hypotheticals about about what could have happened
because you were not there. Yeah. And your dog got loose. There’s one fact that’s
not in dispute here and that’s the fact that
your dog got out. My dog was on a leash.
Your dog was not. So what’s your reason
for not paying? Okay, um, Your Honor, at the time at which… I mean, the total here is…
Let me just be clear. The total here for the vet
bills and the hospital bills
are $916. What’s your defense as to
why you don’t owe that? Well, I feel that I
don’t owe that if my dog did bite her,
that I would pay her bill. There’s no if! Your dog
definitely bit me. Okay, if, like I said, that you would…
That I would pay the bill. JUDGE FAITH:
Okay, so why didn’t you? So she called me three weeks
later and says that, uh, the bill cost $500,
her emergency bill is $500 and her vet bill was 50. So then I wait, I said, “Okay, well let me have
the bill and let me see.” I heard nothing until… You never said let me have
the bill and let me see. You agreed to pay the bills. I called you when
the bills came in and you’d return
none of my phone calls. No. It’s how it happened. JUDGE FAITH: Okay,
so what’s the issue? So… She never showed
me any bills. JUDGE FAITH: Okay, so, so… And then the price, 550 and 50, and then
it turns out to be 1,000. I never said $550. JUDGE FAITH:
So what do you think, she’s inflating
the cost… The cost. …of her emergency room? And what purpose and reason… SPENCER: The bills
are right here! So do you want to see
these bills today?
Because you’re going to have to pay them, so… Well, I’m not making up
the amount of the bills. I mean, if you want to see them in advance,
I’ll show them to you. NARRATOR:
And now, Judge Faith rules.
I mean, these are two bills
from a doctor’s visit the same day that
your dog got loose and bit her. Right. And the bill from the vet,
so take a look at it, and… When all the bills came
in and I called you
multiple times with the amount
of the bills. I would have been happy
to accept a payment plan or just to be neighborly, like I felt we weren’t
being neighborly to
begin with, so… You chose this, not me. JUDGE FAITH:
So you have, uh… Ma’am, you have
no evidence that this incident happened
any other way than what the plaintiff
has described as a result of
your negligence and your dog getting out because that is what it is.
That can’t happen. I have these cases
all the time and people suffer serious
injuries from dog bites. People’s dogs suffer serious
injuries from dog bites
from other people who don’t know how to
keep their dogs locked up in a secure location where
they need to be or on a leash or whatever you need to do
to stop your dog from biting someone else. And your excuse as to
the bills being inflated, that’s ridiculous. She has two bills from
emergency room visits from the day she was
bit by your dog and a $50 vet bill, so my judgment in this case
is for the plaintiff. Judgment in this case,
$916.69 plus court costs.
Pay her
the hospital bills. (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) NARRATOR:If you or someone
you know has a dispute,
don’t take the law
into your own hands.
Let Judge Faith rule
on it for you.
To submit your case,go to
and tell us your story.
See you in court.(INDISTINCT CHATTER)

Otis Rodgers



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  31. habicious Posted on December 18, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    Bill Cosby's brother!

  32. OMG!! Its Tee Posted on January 8, 2019 at 12:10 am

    She said when we turned to dust

  33. Daniel Santos Posted on March 15, 2019 at 5:14 am

    I'm almost sure that the plaintiff in the second case was lying, those were very small bites to be from a bullmastiff, she was probably bitten by her own dog during the confusion they got into.

  34. Tia's way Posted on March 19, 2019 at 7:07 am

    I thought they were only supposed to speak to the judge the lady with the blonde hair continued to speak directly 2 the other lady without the judge saying a thing. I also feel like the judge didn't even give the lady with the dark hair a chance to say a word she would ask a question then talk over her

  35. Joanna Pierson Posted on March 20, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    2nd case the plaintiff's shirt looks really tight. Looks like the buttons that are buttoned are going bust off

  36. n!tromy Posted on May 1, 2019 at 7:41 am

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  37. Marilyn Willett Posted on May 12, 2019 at 3:29 am

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  38. Rhiannon Lambert Posted on May 18, 2019 at 5:52 am

    Did anyone notice the blonde girl in the first case that kept falling asleep?? 10:36–10:40 ; 11:18–11:29. Honestly me at school

  39. Ellis Hubbard Posted on May 18, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    @1230 ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I cannot do it omfg!

  40. Malaysia Robinson Posted on May 25, 2019 at 4:03 am

    No one gonna talk about the female in the front row with blonde hair falling asleep ๐Ÿ’€ 11:26

  41. oopadur Posted on June 1, 2019 at 7:10 am

    Two Grown Folks Disputing Over The Two George Bushes!, it's HILARIOUS!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

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    Oh Lord!, NOT Mr.Brown Of All People. I Think Cora Was So Embarrassed About Mr.Brown Taking Them Two George Bushes Away From His Neighbor, I Bet Madea Getting Her Life After She Saw Mr.Brown On court Tv๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

  43. hurricaneheli79 Posted on June 3, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    1st case: Verdict is correct.
    1) Neighbors for 30+ years
    2) He did work for him over the years for FREE over that time.
    3) Get a life, you should of been able to work it out with him without taking him to court. O wait he tried but you kept refusing.

    2nd case: Verdict is WRONG
    1) Faith, you cut off the defendant every time she tried to speak.
    2) There is NO FUCKING WAY that was a Bullmastiff bite. Those bites are far worse even the minor ones by them.

    Her dog biting her I'd believe, look at it better. O wait you can't now & Judge this correct.

    I have been bitten by a dog before, a lab, minor compared to how bad those bites can be & it looked far worse than her bite.

    $1000 is HIGHLY EXAGGERATED. My bite was way lower than that.

  44. Safiya Lawrence Posted on June 12, 2019 at 5:22 pm

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