February 25, 2020
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Just Community Solar: A Story of Faith in Action!

so as people of faith were called to create the world we know as possible and that's a livable future where everyone's needs are fully and fairly met the real challenges that we have at this point in the 21st century is that none of the significant problems that we have can we solve in isolation from one another racial inequities and climate change issues that are part of a bigger system and just community solar is an opportunity to address those issues community solar gardens are large solar rays these can be on rooftops large rooftops or on open fields so it's lower costs overall than putting on an individual home and people in the community can subscribe to get their power from that array and they get a credit on their xcel energy bill so that they're reducing our energy costs your solar it doesn't change anything about the way that you're going to receive your energy your lights which is going to work just the same and that means that people who don't own property people whose roofs aren't good for solar people who don't have the money to afford solar upfront can all get their energy from the Sun this is new in Minnesota because of the legislation that was passed in 2013 and 2014 community solar gardens are a great opportunity but there are some major barriers that prevent particularly low-income people and people with low credit scores from participating the way it's looking access to solar garden shares might be targeted to those who already have the advantages in the future it will be people in higher income brackets then who will save on energy costs and those who are already struggling are going to see higher bills we all know that that doesn't sound right from our faith perspective it's important to us that as this new boom in solar comes to Minnesota it's not widening the racial and economic gaps that we are already working so hard to address the just community solar coalition is a group of interfaith communities solar developers community organizations local governments people of faith who have all come together to address climate change green economic development that believe in this being a just economy within the solar realm part of our vision and mission is the spreading of solar across our city scape in a just and sustainable way we see a community solar gardens is a really important way to live out that calling I'm extremely excited about the shilo project because it's in North Minneapolis where I live as a resident solar is typically designated for those that can afford it and it's one of those things that not everybody has access to so the Charlotte project actually is a complete contrast of that within one of the areas of Minneapolis it does not necessarily have that size of cycle income or credit score what shiloh project does it creates the opportunity for that that entryway pathway and it's right there within the community which is huge part of our paradigm with this solar energy project is to produce jobs locally my role is as workforce development creating the ability for people to get the necessary job skills training and then be able to work on a project not just a shadow project but a lot of other projects won't forward that this just community solar group is actually coordinating it creates the opportunity for not just straightening out the environmental issues that we have as a country in the world but also create the pathways from poverty to prosperity for people of color are low-income residents the just community solar coalition decidete to come up with a solar value statement so that when we start to develop these projects for the first questions we asked our is this accessible to everyone is it's creating jobs in our community is as protecting our natural systems and is this telling a new story about what energy is and how it can be created my biggest hope is that we could become a model for all all communities and so when we talk about our neighbor and who is a neighbor to us we're talking about not only will all people in our community eventually have access to clean an affordable energy but that every layer of that process offers the utmost opportunity if we do this right the first time community solar has the ability to address the economic disparities climate change and the racial inequities all at once we hope that in your community in your context when opportunities arise you'll take the time to think how can I make sure that this opportunity builds a just and livable future where everyone's needs are fully and fairly met our faith says this is possible we can do this because we are the right people at the right time so let's take the next step in the next step and the next step you you

Otis Rodgers



  1. Teri Bookless Posted on July 20, 2019 at 8:02 am

    Thank you for doing this. I am thrilled that this is happening in Minnesota and that I live near to you. I have shared your video with the progressive group that I am volunteering my time. I hope we may partner with you to help you. Sincerely, Teri.