September 20, 2019
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Kuneva on Skills Package – Committees EMPL & CULT

No matter how much the skills can improve they are not enough to reduce unemployment. It is well known by 25 million unemployed people. Surveys show in Europe that six unemployed people account for one job while in 2011 in Spain and Greece an available job can account for 20 unemployed people. If we insist that we will solve the issue of unemployment by giving priority to the unemployed people’s skills it is like believing that for the unemployment it is the unemployed people to be blamed More job-placements are needed And we do not see how this could be happening, when it is not in the Commission’s priorities for positions to be created, nor in the draft plan of the Social Rights Pillar given for consultation from the Commissioner, Ms Tissen. The European Commission believes that improving the matching of skills with the labour market will improve, as it is claimed, employability thus we will manage to achieve the target so that in 2020, 75% of the working population will have a job. But, in many countries we have multiskilled unemployed people leading hundreds of thousands to emigrate to Germany and elsewhere Who dares, when outside the door thousands of unemployed people are waiting to ask the employer for training time and improvement of his skills? The question: What are the associations of employers going to do about that? Thank you.

Otis Rodgers