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Laura Eisenhower a Voice for #SRA Victims Tells All | Satanic Ritual Abuse Part 2

Today on Edge of Wonder, we present part 2 in our
SRA series with our special guest being none other than our
good friend and whistleblower – Laura Eisenhower. Listen carefully as she
exposes cases of ritual abuse, the mental state of SRA victims, forms of abuse and how
mind control ties in. But be warned, this series may not be
for the faint of heart. If you’re ready to go dark
and deep with us, here’s another mind blowing episode from
the Edge of Wonder. Welcome to Edge of Wonder, we’re with our good friend
Laura Eisenhower, experiencer and intuitive empath. Rob do you want to start this off. Yeah so we just had a show
with Justin Deschamp, and we went over what SRA is, satanic ritual abuse and
what it does to people. Now we’re actually going to talk to Laura
more about specific cases with people, and get a little bit more into the
details of satanic ritual abuse. So Laura thanks a lot
for being with us. Thank you so much
for having me. This is interesting
as you said, you don’t usually
use the computer, but for this we
actually need to, because there’s so much
stuff going on, I just want to say I’ve watched a
few videos on YouTube with you just kind of letting loose stream
of consciousness about this stuff, and I’ve been amazed at some of
the stuff that you drop, because not only are people not open to
talking about satanic ritual abuse, they don’t actually listen to what the
people who’ve been through it, what they’re saying and what
they’ve been through, I kind of like to leave it to you, like how do you like to start this. The satanic forces have infiltrated everything
from church religion, media, Hollywood. I mean it’s something that
has actually decided that it’s wise to include blood sacrifice,
pedophilia and sodomie. And the thing is, it’s very rooted in something
that relates to the path of Typhonian tradition, and it’s used in order to manifest immortality for the
people engage with negative alien forces, they consider themselves more powerful
than the Christ’s solar deity because they’ve managed to split apart the
masculine and feminine and split apart polarity which is something
that we are encoded within our DNA, to begin to operate through that imbalance
and hold the upper hand. That’s why we see continual false flags, world wars and we’re in a trauma based society
where we’re so fragmented and split that these things consider themselves
to have more power than the Christos-Sophia divine template
that we’re all born with. So satanic forces are really here to divide that template
which keeps our DNA dumb down, so when we look metaphorically
at the tree of knowledge, the tree of knowledge has been
targeted with mind control, all the satanic ritual abuse stuff is to create
a feeding frenzy on the vulnerable, because if you’re not connected to true source in
the unified field you have to take that energy from somebody else, and the only way that they can continue it and to
stay in power is to target the youth, and to use individuals
without a birth certificate so there’s no accountability to
supplement themselves, it’s like okay we might be
deficient in vitamin C. maybe we didn’t get enough
oranges growing up, so we might take
a supplement, well it’s a lot different than having a deficiency of
life force itself and becoming a vampire, which is the systems that run this world, but we are the true powers that be. The the minute we come together and we
don’t allow ourselves to be played, and we don’t allow ourselves to be the product
of it and be the enablers, then we override it and
it falls to nothing, I mean it fall apart, so they really don’t have
any power over us, the only power it has is the
power we give it. That’s with Justin Deschamp, that’s exactly what we
were talking about, and I was saying like one thing
I was telling him is that, really you have the ninety nine
percent and one percent, we’re the ninety nine percent, if we all came together, it’s so easy to overpower
the one percent, but it’s like they’re keeping
us in the state of fear, in a constant fighting , so we don’t realize that our potential of
what we could possibly do, if we really came together. Right, and that’s where the satanic
ritual abuse comes in, because it powers up the things that
we adopt a belief system about, and for it to stay alive, it has to steal, steal and steal, and create propaganda and create belief
systems that we attach ourselves to, but the fragment, the parts of
ourselves, our belief systems, we pick and choose parts of ourselves but
we’re not coming from our core center, where we cannot discern them, so most of the people that step forward that
have talked about their experiences, have all pointed to this need to create enough
trauma to buying the child to the perpetrator, so that they feel
so guilty or so defiled, that they need to stay connected to the one that
kind of put them in that situation, because what they’ll do is
they’ll convince them, look what you did, you just killed this, you just murdered
this, you just ate this, you just did this and so they sort of
create this feeling of shame, and use it as a way to
create this loyalty, so that they won’t
say anything, on top of the fact that if
you were to say anything, this is the ramifications, and they’ve mastered the art of psychology
to the point where mind control is based on certain things
that they have studied and watched in the human race
over the course of many years, so the thing is, we’re
born with amnesia, when we’re born into
this human realm, we don’t remember
our galactic memories, they did not cut their DNA off of their galactic
memories but they cut their DNA off of having the ability to hold
avatar consciousness, so they became a
vampire grace, that have not really
digressed us, but they more kind of saw from our memories so that they can implant us
with memories that are false, which makes us feel lonely, like we need to go and be
redeemed with the centers, we need to go to church or in order to
feel any sense of self worth, we need to be successful
in this field, in the school systems, adopt this approach, or when we’re sick we give our power away
to the medical industry, that will give us you know some sense of trajectory of
whether or not we’re gonna be okay, and this is what you need
to do to be okay, instead of us recognizing that we’re sovereign and we
have everything that we need within us, so they’re sort of operating outside
of the lack of memories, but they still compromise our DNA where for the human
race that DNA is just dormant, it’s not compromised,
it hasn’t been cut off, so there’s a huge difference,
so they’re threatened by us, one of the most important things
that I’ve noticed is that, every time somebody wants to come
forward with their story, there is something that’s put in place
to undermine your story, so immediately when you start to share
it or if they start to share it, people draw the conclusion that they must
be false memory implants, because they’re already figuring that there’s
mind control involved, but what’s different about somebody that’s been
through satanic ritual abuse is very often when they remember things, they’re beginning to download
something that can’t be a risk, because there’s a lot about
mind mapping, especially with secret soldier programs,
or MILAB situations, the satanic ritual abuse because it starts
at such a young age, not only do they program somebody to be completely
terrorized at the thought of bringing anything forward, if they’re able to
get over that hump, then they have something that they send them to try
and convince them that those memories are false, so for example, the first
part of it would be, if you were to expose the
Luciferian covenant, and this agreement, this is
what will happen to you, and they’ll show the child pictures in real life of somebody
being absolutely tortured if they were to go through those motions, and I don’t want to throw out the graphic details of this but
a person could speculate oh what are you getting that from, the internet, some sort of stories
that you’re getting, well I do readings, I’ve been doing sessions with satanic ritual
abuse victims for the last decade, I wouldn’t say that all my clients are people
that have experienced this, but I have heard enough cases that are completely
and totally similar with individuals that have become more public, and so a lot of these folks that are coming forward
have been victims of child trafficking, and there is a lot more cases
than we can imagine, like I said, I talk to people all the time that are
not ready to share their stories, some have written books that feel more comfortable now. You know the minute you give
somebody like that respect, and you give them a voice, and and they still
feel loved and appreciated, they’re just ready to spill the beans, because the thing is, you can
wipe memories again, they do that with SRA victims, they also do that with
people that are in secret space programs, but wiping a memory is only so much because we have so much more to our multidimensional
body that we’re beginning to wake up to, so as we’re moving into this ascension cycle, a lot of people are beginning to recall memories, and a lot of these memories are very similar, and I can say from experience that I can
talk to one person in this country, and then two weeks later talk to somebody
else with very similar stories, they don’t even know each other, and then there’s also books written, so somebody might be like well
they might have read the book, and they’re mimicking the memories. A lot of them have not even heard of that, these are very painful stories, most of the clients that I have
are like completely scared, They’re like I can’t talk about this for until
either my father or grandfather dies, or my uncle who do this to me. This family line I’m connected to you does
not have this grip on me anymore. There’s a lot of people that are trying to tell their
stories about the satanic ritual abuse that they’ve been under, they all had very very similar stories, there’s naming the same names, they’re coming from different countries, they don’t have a
political agenda and it has nothing to do with right or left, it has nothing to do with
Donald Trump, it has nothing to do with
the Democratic Party. Alright so now we’re actually gonna go into some specific
cases that Laura has compiled for us of folks that have actually been through this,
and what they’ve experienced. So most of these cases,
and I’m going to name a few names, Svali is one of them, she talks about
how they cover up the rituals, and they have mastered the art of
covering up rituals, so that they can’t be busted right, because I think a lot of people think why is the law
enforcement not going after these people, we have all these people in prisons all over the
country jails all over the world, why are they able to get
away with this, and so she talks about
all the cover ups, and all the things that they do to clear the
scene of any wrongdoing and how they exterminate the bodies and how they
plan ahead for certain rituals in certain locations that nobody
will know about. To exterminate the bodies.
So they are sacrificed right. I mean there’s different methods that they use apparently
to sacrifice these bodies, some of it is even in. you’ve seen in some of these shows like they use that acid
but actually this is what I’ve heard is, They melt bodies, they’ll totally destroy people’s bodies to
get rid of the evidence right? Right and they’ll pick and choose people that
nobody is really missing right, so they might choose homeless
people, or orphans, and then they have breeding programs so that
there’s no record of the birth, and they will use women to create babies
that they take and use, and then sometimes they simulate
something to just traumatize a child, where it’s not even an actual ritual, because they don’t feel like they can
get away with murder, and they’ll simulate something to
create the same effect, because ultimately what they want
is the life force of the child, and so whether they’re doing something sacrificial to take
the adrenaline or something from the pineal gland is one thing, the other thing would be how can we control that child
so that we can have them be the handler, and be the one that passes this on
generation to generation, so there is the whole
needing to feed but also needing to create the next generation
of controllers and handlers. And I’ve seen it first hand, so a lot of people can blow it off thinking this is
just crazy internet research, when you have these
case studies every day, at least a couple times a week. People that are surviving the stories that
are ready to come forward, and you see how it relates to
these other people, that have become more known who’ve been
willing to put their story out, there’s no doubt in one’s mind. Laura give me a ballpark figure,
like just ballpark, how many of these cases have you
seen over the last 10 years? In the work that I do. Like 100 or To be fair I would say 30 to 50 and in the events that I do and the people that
I’ve met that I haven’t done readings with that are super soldiers that I’ve been
through projects and programs, like Project Mannequin,
and James Casbolt, who is also known as Michael
Prince who is now in jail, he was a part of Project Mannequin, and anybody who is curious about him,
you can find him online, he wrote an online book
called “Agent Buried Alive”, he gives a lot of information about the origins
of all of this, his particular experience, but the thing is, when it comes out
a trauma based mind control, you have alters and they can trigger
alter, so you might get and then this is what we see
with our politicians, you can get a really sincere side
of a politician or a leader, and I feel really good about them, because a lot of us are very intuitive and vibrationally
we can feel really good about somebody, they seem sincere, but the minute they put in a different code
and they activate something else, that person can be off dealing
with sex slavery, being an assassin, or joining in with this sort of
demonic child handling that they do, like Bohemian Grove where they’ll send a bunch
of kids out and they’ll hunt them. The thing is that they have compromised their
physical vessel to allow demonic energies to possess them, so we can’t even look at it
like that’s George Bush, oh that’s Bill Clinton, oh
that’s Hillary Clinton. So I don’t want to name
names which I just did. The Clintons they don’t mind. It is a part of this belief system that goes back
way into our ancient history, it has to do with how to maintain the
Illuminati bloodlines, and they utilize technology
to jump timeline, so they don’t have to go through the death cycle
and be purified like the rest of us, who have to kind of reset our energy and
come into a physical incarnation, and advance ourselves even if
it means through hardship, where as you don’t see them
having hardship so much, you see them just gaining wealth
and gaining control, but they actually have
major hardship, we’re talking trauma
based mind control, we’re talking childhood
rape and abuse,and a lot of these people that are in power are so
traumatized that they’re not even themselves anymore, because something else is we fragmented you enough
and now we’re a race that’s taken over, so we’re in an alien
government, So in other words, you’re saying that
like even these people, these high level elites in government
and these officials and everything, themselves have been through this process of trauma
based mind control and everything else, that’s what you’re saying, but they have certain alters that are in agreement
to be greedy and after power and they’re so afraid of losing it, that they’re willing to
give their children away, they’re willing to have their own kids be
breeders of these ritual abuses, they’ve been taught that this
is actually a good thing, there’s even like the head and the hand and his
whole thing where if we create enough darkness in this polarity, something’s going to come
and turn it all around, but it depends who
you are within all of it, because there’s compartmentalization, there’s this whole kind of
pyramid sort of thing. The thing is like why are some know
how to shield themselves, like I’m in a presidential bloodline it could easily become
that somehow they wanted to infiltrate, I don’t know why there’s a difference there and how
we didn’t get all caught up in that, because I’ve never
been in any projects, none of my family
members have been, but I think that there has to be a certain
instinct or teaching there already, the Aleister Crowley and Thothian energies are
part of the origination of the ET government treaty, so we’re not just talking
satanic ritual abuse, we’re talking how that also translates into the
grey alien reptilian agenda, and how certain beings in ET races have wanted to
heal their genetic digression by adopting, and becoming actually better because of the
agreements that they have with certain humans that they interfaced with, whereas others stay under
that sort of rulership, and only want to do the bidding of
those more controlling forces, so just like we have the ability to snap out
of what we were raised in , whatever matrix program, we have the ability to step back and say
wait a second, I don’t comply, but somebody else could look at us and say well
you’re surrounded by all these other people that have complied, so it takes a little bit of extra momentum
coming from us saying hey you know, I’m not in agreement to that, okay first of all, people
like Fiona Barnett, which people should Google has been talking about
the Australian pedophilia network, there is this thing going on
between Australia, the United States and the U. K. , those are kind of like the prime centers of
where these rings are taking place, and she has a documentary out there called “Candy Girl”
which I would recommend, but if this kind of thing is
too difficult for people, I would take your time with it, because it’s almost like
you’ll never be the same again. I’ve spent enough years bedridden
over this kind of information, it’s not like something I can easily share like hey this
is what’s going on in the world, it’s like you have to be
prepared and ready, and so I’m not coming from a place of
let me just throw this out there, and I’m sure it’s easy for
you all to integrate, I have a lot of respect for the process it takes
a person to go through, because so many people have invested
their lives into the system, into believing in these power structures from
the royal family to the politicians to whatever, and they’re arguing about
the surface stuff, like Donald trump’s is like a womanizer or
it’s like the surface stuff is important, but if we don’t start looking at the war
that’s going on underneath it all, to see who is the deep
state and who isn’t, and we end up just fighting
over the surface stuff, we’re gonna find ourselves
in a very very limited dynamic, it’s a similar thing with just
obsessing in a relationship like, you don’t like me
because I’m fat, sorry you know, sorry
don’t put that in there. It’s just like at a
certain point it’s just, It’s definitely getting in there. I mean it’s like come on people, we’re looking at all the surface stuff
which is important, but if we don’t look at the programming
and mind control behind it, we’re never going to heal, Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, Fiona Barnett was very
much standing up for her when she came out with the fact that she
was abused by Hillary Clinton just like Cathy O’Brien, I’ve had a lot of clients that have
talked about Hillary too. One of the quotes from Sarah Ruth Ashcraft is
“I was only 8 when I encountered Hillary as a part of an
occult ritual abuse event. I’m now 36. It never goes
away. As a fellow survivor,” so when you
actually find her, this isn’t some troll, this isn’t like you Google somebody
who doesn’t have a real profile, they have documentaries, they have stories,
they have names, they have locations. They are being largely ignored, and everybody’s getting all heated up about
somebody groping somebody at work. Okay that’s important
that sexual harassment. We’re not paying attention to
the child trafficking, she says just even looking at her profile she’s a
survivor of ritual abuse, mind control, child porn and sex trafficking, and she also considers herself a philosopher by
education and truth warrior she brought up celebrity, she named names that nobody
has even looked into, like Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, everybody is still like
fine with that, I even visit their like pages,
their celebrity pages, you might have one
person that says, wow I heard somebody bring up this kind
of pedophilia thing against you, whereas somebody like Garrison Keillor that
touch somebody inappropriately on their back has been fired from his career. So when you see
this sort of thing, and Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford and a lot
of the fakery that’s connected to it, I’m not trying to undermine
people coming forward, I’m not trying to say, you shouldn’t come
forward with your story, but if you’re gonna come
forward with your story. Bring the rest of the
iceberg with you, and be willing to have
those people’s back, if they have the courage to tell us
what they’ve been through, we need to have the
courage to talk about it. The issue comes in where the names that are being
hitting on are names that people have grown up with. Of course, same with Bill Cosby. Actually when that
happened with Bill Cosby, that was like, I was like
devastated actually, I didn’t want to
believe it at all, and that was like
the first time… You had your
Jello Pudding? You bring it and
you’re like… I had so many pudding pops
when I was a kid too. It was when he was on CNN right in the beginning of
everything and CNN was believing him at the time, it was like when
you first came out, and I was like
yeah you know, this can’t be true blablabla, but then it’s like I think
it was like 3 women, and then after
that CNN interview, there was like 10
more that came out, and then I was
just like oh man. And this is the power of attachments,
creating attachments, and the thing is what’s been most heavily targeted
is sexual energy and the energy of innocence, of being a child wanting to
look up somebody, and then when it comes to
when you get older, and is about relationships
then you feel vulnerable, because you shared
a lot of yourself, you want to believe
in that person, so look at all the break ups
that have happened, look at the epidemic of divorce, if two people were willing to step
up with a whole bunch of people, two families coming together
spending a lot of money, saying I do I do with
all these vows, they believed in something, and very often
those relationships don’t work out, it’s just as crushing as seeing somebody you grew up
with or even a father figure that ends up maybe violating you, I mean the thing is attachments
are inevitable, we’re in a biological body, we
have wants and needs, and when that starts to get played,
and we form attachments, this is part of the mind control
is that they form a bond, I mean some of the clients that
I have are like Mengele , the Nazi doctor, one of the most damaging individuals
that did the worst experimentation, the worst kind of mind control, even some of the people
I’ve worked with still consider him a good thing, but then there’s a part of them and you
see more than one side of them, where they are
like all about it, and they’re like
oh my gosh right, I mean look at religion, we’re all able to
accept or at least some of us, that a lot of these cases
connected to the Vatican, connected to the church, priests who
are given a spiritual trust, had violated children, so why wouldn’t that
happen in the political arena or the we can’t be so shocked
about it and think it’s bs, I’ve had so many clients said they have been
raped and molested by their parents, that’s the last place you’d expect. I think what’s really important
is to because I mean part of the cabal’s mission is to destroy Christianity
and all the other religions anything upright, they just wanna turn
upside down right, so what better way than from
infiltrate the church and all these other religions and then it’s like it turns
everybody oh religion must be bad, And then it turns people
away from God. Exactly. It’s not the
religion that is bad, it’s just what the people have
done to the church itself, and I think that’s an important message
that’s not getting through the media, they’re like focusing on
all the scandals, because exactly
what you said, it gets people to disbelieve in God or like the the divine
creator I guess you can say as well. It’s all targeting everything that is
sacred has been targeted, so our own relationship with God, people even like the word God
anymore because of religion, you see the word Christ.
You are like eww. And if you don’t say
the word Christ. and you just talk about energy,
oh you must be a satanist, it’s like everybody’s
freaking out, nobody knows
what they think, so what I like to encourage people to do
is get into your sovereignty, get into your authenticity, understand that you’re made of the
elements, earth, air, fire, water, we’re moving into this amazing
window we already are in it, where the aether is available to
purify our inter elements, upgrader DNA, help us to the
multi dimensional cosmos, and help us to heal
the earth grids, and correct all these reversals, and so that’s what being spiritual is, it’s not about a belief systems, it’s about being a co-creator from a
level of integrity and responsibility, and not needing to give your
power away all the time, because that’s what they leverage, and if we get too much
power to ourselves, by given some sort of permission to
be in a position of leadership, that’s what they do when
they recruited me to Mars, Oh we will give you this position,
I’m like I don’t want any position, I know that you’re trying
to pump me up, and make me somebody that I’m not.
I’m here for unity, unfortunately you’re picking on somebody that’s a massive Libra
that lives by the law of balance and whatever. You don’t have to be a Libra to think this
way either, but the whole deal is, how can we pull people into a
polarized wave being. It’s either you’re on the
side of the left path, Aleister Crowley, the black magic,
survival of the fittest, if we have the ability to
manipulate then why not, and then the other manipulation
which is feeling like a center, and just like morality, and so these
institutions that were really well intentioned, somewhere to the Mars agenda in certain time
lines that were well intentioned, if there’s a crack in the foundation,
something easily comes in, so even though Christianity to
me is a positive thing, and it’s a great foundation for people, it doesn’t really work with a total male dominant
system, so there’s a crack right there, a lot of the satanists energies have to do
with the reversal mother coating, it has to do the Baphomet, it has
to do with the akomoth. has to do with how we fell into
this law harmonic universe, and how we got infiltrated through
that inability for us to function in our divine blueprint
of cooperation between polarity, so duality begin to grow and
grow and grow, and these dark aggressive forces began to
take advantage of everybody buying into duality, thinking we have to fight these wars, I’m on this side I’m on that side. I need to have power over her, she needs to step back. because women do it too, why
it has nothing to gender, there’s been times in history where women
were the complete and total Black Widow, just manipulative murderous so it’s really
about the energy circulation, because the thing is when we’re at war,
we’re really at war within ourselves, it’s the program and the thing is
we’re born into it, we were stuck in front of the TV
with these different scenarios, people buy into the products,
the bar being can, they’re watching the cartoons watching
the sitcom, and this and that, we don’t have real relationships
with our parents, we’re counting on Bill Cosby to
make us feel like we got a dad, we’re looking to something else and the devastating
part is not because we necessarily are attached to ourselves, because probably we just thought
they were at least to some people. That’s the hard part because you know
that they’re influencing the youth, same with priest, same with Hollywood, and it
doesn’t mean they’re all bad, so it’s not like push it all away, but how can we purge out the evils, so that the integrity of the true expression of
why it’s even there can begin to shine through. Some of the people that I’ve
gotten familiar with, some of them I’ve met personally, Cathy O’Brien who wrote
“Transformation of America”, she talks about being a sex slave and
what they call presidential model, and basically she was sold into a pedophilia ring
when she was a child and her father was already a pedophile, and they said in order for you to not
get in trouble with the law, just give your child over to us, and we will grant you immunity, and then all of a sudden she was being passed
around from different presidents, different world leaders, And people that you would look at and think
wow they’re very prominent, they’re very successful, they’re very good at what they do, we’re talking cops, we’re talking lawyers,
we’re talking doctors, we’re talking scientists, they all come together, and the thing is when there is enough of a desire
for wealth power fame beauty whatever, because it’s in Hollywood too, you open yourself up to something else, sometimes you’re given the option to
pull yourself in a little bit more, that whole selling your soul is
almost a joke from the eighties, for movies like I sold my soul to the
devil to be a famous musician, that stuff really exist, and so they use children though
that are born into these families, that are born into these agreements, that aren’t just centering
these 13 families, there’s different branches of them, this was during a time where you would hear
more about Monica Lewinsky scandals, I don’t even know what exact year that was, but when you look at when her book was
actually ready to come out, and sort of the surface layers of scandals, then that almost makes it difficult for somebody
to give that the time of day, and this is what we’re seeing today, I’m not saying that the the me too
movement is a negative thing, I think it’s incredibly important, but with all the accusations or claims that satanic
ritual abuse has been going on, or pedophilia or child trafficking, we’re spending more time looking at more of
the surface issues connected to sexual harassment and groping, and yes that’s important to call out, don’t get me wrong, but when that is
creating public outrage, but everybody else that has been through these mk ultra
satanic ritual abuse programs are being ignored, that’d been spoken about , not just in this administration but for many
many years even like a decade, then there’s a big question mark. Looking at it from the cabal’s
perspective right, it’s kind of like here’s this thing
that came out, this metoo movement and their thing is like trying to take
whatever’s in society for their own purpose in their own reason right, so if this movement started happening I could see them
coming into this me like well. Well there’s also these people now talking
about the SRA or whatever, so if we just to have everyone
focused on this, and and then it’s like less attention is
being drawn from this over here, and more people are focused
on this over here, again like this is based on
what you’re saying, it’s like this issue is
real and important, but it’s like this is where all the really dark and
evil things are really happening, but yet we’re not focusing on right, right it’s like not looking at the root, we can all have physical symptoms, we might go to a doctor and get a
pharmaceutical and get a quick fix, but we’re not looking at what is the
emotional root of it, what is the trauma behind it, so I think a lot of people get sucked into the stories
because it’s more relatable, like yes I got harassed, yes I got assaulted, and that’s really
important to address, but if we don’t look at the underbelly of these programs
and control our forces that are concentrated, and things like
satanic ritual abuse, the illumidonkey families that basically orchestrate
all the big story lines that we see in the news that are behind, things like world wars, and behind things
like weather modification, and natural disasters that we’re seeing today, if
we don’t start to go deeper. Then how can we possibly heal ourselves
from the surface issues, and resolve it once and for all, because right now we’re in this
amazing window period, where the masculine and
feminine is coming together, the integration of polarities very
available to all of us, but if we don’t start to look at the things that have been
running their programs through the power structures that we
adopt belief systems about it. It’s like what is the root of the distortions
between the masculine and feminine, between the division of the right
brain left brain, between light and dark, if we’re just arguing about the symptoms
of how they show up in our society, and we’re just demonizing each other for the mistakes
that were made when we were teenagers or as adults even
though they’re terrible, they should be called out, we need to look at the under belly and look at the
programmings and the timeline manipulations, the artificial intelligence and the manipulation
things like project mockingbird, which is control the media and
control certain people in positions of power to create a narrative
that socially engineers individuals, so we’re fighting about the product of what
we become instead of the route, and it’s so scary to look at the root of it,
because it’s so dark, as we know in a human vessel
when we’re not in balance, it’s very easy for narcissistic control freaks
to get the best of us, but when we’re sovereign
and we’re strong, we tend to deflect that, so we need to learn how
to start the the parasitic forces, and not be played with
the outer facades, and this is what we see even
in the disclosure community, when we start to put
people on pedestals, it means we’re giving
our power away, so it means that they make
up the wrong step, then we got to find a reason to
not like them anymore, what about just being sovereign and just allowing
everybody share their story without giving our power with anyone, then we can be a unified community where we can
come together with mutual love and respect, where everybody can be empowered, and we’re not just looking for
a savior or looking for a guru or looking for somebody who has a greater more
profound ET story or UFO experience, why don’t we all just give ourselves
a little bit more credit, and if we’re really
connected to the truth, some of us are going to maintain the sacred flame of integrity
to make sure it doesn’t get out of control, Absolutely, another person Vicki Polin. She appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and said
her family was a part of the satanic cult that dates back all the way to the 1700s. Do you know what’s the name of that was? No but she
goes into a lot of detail but she basically said child trafficking ritual, sex abuse and mkultra are single worldwide operation
run by the U. S. ,U. K. and Australian secret services, and she went on the Oprah show and didn’t go so well
because when she started talking about the Jewish satanists, it starts to light people up
and the thing is, we don’t want to mix these things, because the Melchizedek lines which
are considered Hebrews were infiltrated because as we stepped
out into the lower densities, we have a lot more free will and it’s easy
for us to get infiltrated, so yes certain aspects of the Jewish culture did.
But it doesn’t mean that was.. It has always been like this, it’s like if someone’s calling
himself a Christian, someone’s calling themselves
Jewish right, if they’re not practicing that
actual religion. Why are you calling Jewish, why are you calling them Christian. This is something really important for our community
to understand too is like we have to separate out if you’re going to bring up the Jewish satanic line or
something like that just be aware of how that’s going to be perceived, so they can get the point across without
affecting people right, it’s not that you’re wrong, maybe those people consider them Jews, but actually
real Jews will be really insulted by that, exactly, and that’s where the fine line is, it’s like there’s a part of the Jewish culture
that has nothing to do with that it’s like you’re looking at a mob and a
mafia within these different races, and they all join together we
have Nazis, Zionist, and and they might claim different things
but the whole thing is, if they can say that this is the religion or this is the
race that they’re associated with, then all of a sudden we’re gonna
condemn them, even an ET race, oh all greys are bad,
all annunaki are bad, or all Jews are bad now because we’re seeing this
larger picture all Nazis are bad, all German… it’s almost like there’s a core agenda that is
streaming this sort of manipulation, so that we’re constantly
at war with each other, that even if we’re in the essential
window period, we’re holding on to these historic resentments
based on these names and labels, it is like okay so the Melchizedek
lines get infiltrated, so did the Germans, so they don’t
really care about the Jews, they don’t care about all those labels, but they know we do,because of
what our family heritages right, so we’re standing behind oh
I was raised Jewish, so I’m insulted or I come from
a German family so I’m insulted, or you know I was and I’m not
talking about me, I’m just talking about the way
people are raised, and the way these dialogues
happen that create battles. Let me ask you a question,
so Vicki Polin, who you’ve just mentioned right, she went on the Oprah show which is
actually pretty curious, Because trying to drop this information
on the Oprah show, I mean wow right, so like I’ve always kind of considered most of the things
that are mainstream talk shows to kind of have a foot in
on some of these things. I agree. So what’s going on there, like how is that even allowed on the show unless there
was something else going on I mean. I’m I’m just curious what’s your take on that. I think they’re always trying to make us feel like
we’re making progress, it’s like they’ll expose something and then they’ll kind
of be like okay well this is how we’re going to deal with it, and we will put it over there, there’s a lot of things that are set up to appease that
part of us that needs more exposure, it’s like there are a lot of cases of satanic ritual
abuse going to courts and being dealt with, their scapegoats like Kevin Spacey
or producer Weinstein, but it’s still not looking at the
pedophile rings in Hollywood, but it says well we’ll throw a few out there to
give you guys a bone to chew on to make everybody think because you have suspicions that we’re
addressing this as a human race, and we’ll deal with those few cases but that then
we will focus on the more surface stuff. Even like Bill Cosby like we
talked about earlier, I mean now after doing all of this
and researching all of this, it even made me question not saying that
what happened to Bill Cosby wasn’t true, I’m just meaning did they use him as a .. Is that a possibility. I think there were so many people coming forward
that they couldn’t say we’re not going to deal with this, so it was like there are so many witnesses
there were so many victims, that it would be an outrage of injustice
if something wasn’t going to be done whereas if you’re dealing with one
person like Fiona Barnett, saying this about Antony Kidman about
the pedophile rings in Australia, just looking at one person like Sarah Ruth Ashcraft
talking about Hillary Clinton or even Tom Hanks, that’s one person, but there’s many people
that are saying this about Hillary, so there’s a lot of tension going on
underneath the surface too, so what we see on the stage is a lot different than
what’s going on behind the scenes, because there are a lot of indictments, a lot of people think that’s bs. But look at all the fires
that are happening, look at all the chaos
that’s happening, now that they’re getting
ready to really do arrests, and then like the mainstream
media once they get hold of it, they then just like
this person is crazy, they have no credible evidence. False memories, just a
smear on the Democrats. Bush is Republican
and he’s just..It totally is. Can you tell me a little bit about
Isaac Kappy, what do you know, well all I know is he
did some minor roles, I think in Hollywood he was a really good
friend with Seth Green for a while so he was very exposed to Hollywood, one of his best friends from what I know
is Seth Green and his girlfriend, and there were a lot of exchanges that
they have between them, they got exposed as far as conversation
you know very friendly, and then I guess one day Seth had offered him
like hey this is all you need to do in order to get this, and it had to do with doing something
incredibly abusive to children, well that’s one example, there’s also a
documentary called “An Open Secret”, it’s been banned, we saw it. Yeah you have to search a little
bit to be able to find them. There’s 2 of them, the
real one came out, and then there was a disinformation with the
same name that came out a year later. This is the one on iTunes,
the other one is banned, and so you can
only watch it, I think the one on iTunes is the false one,
the one on Vimeo, if you find the
one on Vimeo. I think I saw the one on Vimeo. That’s the correct one. That’s the one with the kid in the end, he was disabled after he.. So that kind of thing where you know a person has
experienced enough of Hollywood enough in the entertainment industry
to see the pedophilia going on. A lot of the cases connected to some
of these children, they actually weren’t prosecuted,
some fled, some serve jail time, so a lot of it got covered up, they got rehired or they only had to be punished
for just a small amount of time. So folks are calling out people like Steven
Spielberg on some of these directors, some of these well known names, Isaac Kappy has been calling them out, so everybody’s always got you know just
take it with a grain of salt, everything deserves a fair investigation
as far as I’m concerned, there’s a lot of people in Hollywood that are being
the scapegoats are coming forward. But they’re not talking
about the the SRA. I also had clients that has been
through some of these Hollywood rituals, and they’re like this doctor was
there, and this is what they did, and I was called a Grande Dame
or a mother goddess, and they have all these different
things going on, and this was just confiding in me, they don’t want any money, they don’t
want me to think they’re nuts. they’re just saying you’re the kind of person
that has an open enough mind and I have to tell you,
they lived in Hollywood. Roseanne was kind of thrown
under the bus for a lot of stuff, but she’s trying to expose…
A racist comment, she gets fired and Tom Hanks is accused of pedophilia
and we probably gonna see him in the next movie. What’s going on people? It’s time to call out satanic ritual
abuse, child trafficking, we are in a position where it’s up to us,
we’re the powers that be, we need to protect our children,
need to protect future generations, and the thing is if we could take that step,
the governments will respond, it’ll morph them into something else,
but it’s from the inside out, we can’t expect from the outside in, and that’s why we keep complaining or put
pushing people of the pedestals that we thought could lead us, we are the leaders, we need to
take the responsibility. I know based on just studying it
and the earth grades are DNA, it’s like when we purify
our inner elements, the Earth has no choice
but to respond to us, if we can upgrade these
dormant strands, we’re not in the 3D
world anymore, we’re looking at the harmonic universes
that we’re able to perceive, and start to clean up the environment it starts to clean up
our dynamics amongst each other, so that’s what leadership is,
is setting that example. And I think for our viewers
who may not quite understand, I think what you’re saying is
like the 3D reality, it’s like my understanding is
everything’s kind of flat right, but it’s like beyond this, you start seeing
what creates the essence of of life beyond that, it’s like you’re seeing beyond this reality, and you can start seeing the connections
in the energies I guess you could say, that really each person holds, when you start connecting with that, that’s when I feel like that’s when
we connect as a human race, and we’re just unstoppable. Exactly, everything that stream to the television
is really separating us from nature, that’s why I love the fact that I have a background
wilderness expedition leadership, because you couldn’t
get closer to everybody, because you’re up against the element, you’re up against the creatures, you’re up against yourself and spirit
and your own will power, when we’re up against each other based on
what we saw on television and what we’re programmed to think, we’re in conflict, we’re in ego competition. we’re choosing sides where we’re
really in the low plane, so it doesn’t mean that people need to
go off and do that kind of thing, but it surrounds us, it’s that moment
to look at a tree, look at a bird, versus look at the latest bs lower
level mentality that is going to cause us to be very toxic. As far as chemtrails are concerned
or anything else, when you’re in a different higher
dimensional energy, even if you’re breathing it in, you’re
able to transmit it, because you’re in a higher dimensional space,
and nature is the ultimate, it’s not fixed, it’s evolving, it’s beyond 3D.
3D is a trap, and if we can come together with
these higher principles, and just look at the natural world
and trusted a little bit more, and work with technologies to be in
harmony with nature and start to set up a system that can sustain
us in harmony with nature, so that everybody benefits, we’re serving our soul because nature is an outer
reflection of our soul, it’s Earth fire water, everything in the earth provides heals us, the rest of it is either pharmaceuticals
artificial intelligence, things to mask who we truly are, fear anxiety
and timelines that are feeding on our traumas that they’ve created, feeding on the concrete device so we
constantly are at war with each other, and that’s not where it’s at, so the
minute we stepped away from it. Then the hardest part is completed, because I think
a lot of people are like well how do we do this, how do we ascend, So they’re waiting for something
to kind of come in, when all we have to do is surrender
to what already is, because we’re all these astrological
alignments are going, the fact that we’re in a line
with the galactic plane, the fact that the mother energy is anchored
back into the planet since 2010, and the hosting of the ascension
timelines has shifted, all we need to do is just be available
for it and receive it, and allow it to generate
into our environment, and all we have to do is
cut the rest off, which are just distractions, they’re draining,
they cause us ill health, but the beauty is that the very symptoms of our disconnect
or the very things that can bring us back to ourselves, sometimes we fear them and so we
give our power away more, but I always like to remind my
clients at least or myself, if you have a physical symptom, if you have some sort of mental
issue or emotional issue, allow it to bring you closer to
yourself not further away, you don’t have to give your
power away because of it, you don’t have to go into fear and
even people watching the video, it’s like a lot of people just want to immediately slam
anything that they can, cuz it makes them feel better, oh she talks too fast,
she’s probably sick, it’s like can we
all just be open. No more bs lower level mentality. That was my favorite thing she said all day. Nice catch. Yeah so we have to wrap it up now. We are powerful creator beings and so we really need to make sure our
creative channels aren’t coated with divine instructions, our visions our dreams our hopes our goals, our devotion to the higher
aspects of ourselves, and be willing to bring it into the physical
so the physical can change, any time we allow something else in, anytime
we give our power away, we’re compromised, and so we can all come together
and choose to be sovereign, knowing that sovereignty is a
prerequisite to unity consciousness, we don’t have to all think the same,
we can enjoy our differences, and just be a part of a greater conversation
without the conflict and division, and just really just think of the priority, here we have like people losing their homes, losing loved ones every day, whether that’s the fires
in California or something else we see in the world, the minute that hits our world, what is the
most important thing we think about, the things that we wish we could decide to
that person that died, the things that we wish we could have done to make it all different
because it’s not the money that matters, it’s not the war or the side that we
wish other people understood, it’s the love, it’s the unity, it’s the
sacredness of it all, and we always have that
epiphany when it’s too late, so let’s not wait till that
moment happens, let’s have it now. Celebrate each other and and recognize
that there is no true death, we’re multi dimensional
infinite beings, but let’s start to improve the
quality of our life , and not let anybody else play us, and just not wait for
tragedy to recognize the true priority. How can you not agree
with this message. Aww thank you. So guys, as always hit like
and subscribe, and make sure you hit the notification bell
and we’ll see you out on the edge. So we’re gonna say
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Otis Rodgers



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    I have a question I totaly believe your story's of other stories because of my own life and experiences, so I have a question I am or was a child of rage from trauma early childhood events, I was adopted by a wonderful woman, but she was desperate to help me so insued countless behavior child institution, the most traumatic experience was due to a organization named ACE TREATMENT CENTER OF EVERGREEN COLORADO. This is for children with traumatic experience disorder ect child of rage,attachment disorder children mental illness of all kinds, it basically was way before the blue print of like sound time manipulations, then they had a thing called rebrithing, were they you under layer of heavy thick blankets and how many ever strong grown adult sit in circle on top of you and blankets and have struggle and fight your way free,no you cant breathe and yes countless children have died, eventually a high profile kid died then got busted and shut down and no longer a valid practice to preform? My point is I then was in foster care all my life,they throw away children, it's TRUE only no cares what happens to them, no believe there story's, but they boldly and most probably wiped all memory cause the life of me I can't remember what people tell me it's like there tell me a story or talking about something or someone else, no memory no emotions to said events like it's very very crazy so thank you for what you do or try to do it's not easy I know and understand so thank you thank to all🙏👀👀👀🙏💕💕💕💕💕💕👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏 so I dont have money but I'm interested in a reading of mind wiping or remembering but I don't trust anyone but I trust and respect Laura Eisenhower I know she be extremely busy with much important work but how can in touch for a reading or something like that cause I think maybe maybe not I could have experienced this,and have no were to go

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    Me two movement is a pedophile p.r. campaign that has not run its course. They will put so many fake me twos out there to attack their enemies for one and if they are found out to be a fraud it will work into their p.r. plot to drive the me to movement back in to the closet.

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    My mother was a 11th generation witch and my Father went around saying ,"I don't believe in God."I was born into a military genetic experimental lab, in Germany.Fortunately, I was born a girl so I was not sacrificed, but USAF and CIA have used me for 50 years.I used to go into a lab in Hawaii when I was 6, 7, and on the front door of a trailer was an emblem with SRA and SRI USAF with pride .MK Ultra sub project #24. I have many alters and have died many times. Trauma is constant and mind wiping after mission knocks you off your balance. Every day is a fight just to not kill myself. My life has been over for a while and there seems to be no help any where to recover at all. Separated from all connection with people is difficult. If not for my relationship with the SUPREME CREATOR I would have no one at all in my life.Shows like this make me think that someday maybe someone will care enough to stop this from happening. I am Delta Force but have no brothers or sisters in arms, I'm the freak that doesn't fit. Military doesn't accept us and the public doesn't accept us, so where do we go?Everyone just wants us to go away………………….lolly

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    There is overwhelming evidence we've been lied to and deceived for millennia on a grand scale about almost everything by a group of "elites," 13 families, council of 300 et al.

    A huge tapestry of deceit, greed & secrecy to control and keep the true nature of humanity from ourselves, our history, true origin and keep us enslaved to debt, cause constant wars, confusion and tension for them to get more wealth, control and power over us.

    From the Annunaki, Adamu, even our redacted and currupt bible, nibiru, monoatomic gold, religion, wars, Lincoln, Jackson, Garfield, JFK,  the federal reserve, USS Liberty,  giant skeletons, abduction/disappearances, pedophilia, PNAC, COFR, Tri Lat Comm to 911 and now the war on "terror." We ARE the terrorists. Let's stop these ridiculous, insane, self-created bankers wars.

    Bring our troops home now!

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    … before anyone jumps to conclusions , here is my take on that verse of many from the bible on the current subject when bringing up greys and various of alien species vs celestial beings from fallen angels to demons and evil spirits. I see that the verse is pointing out 4 classifications of entities that are not homo sapien sapien / that being mankind. I keep in mind when Jesus made direct reference to Beelzebub "lord of flies"/demons often times the name of the entity is describing the appearance of the entity, and the name Beelzebub would be most fitting for "aliens" that looks like the greys or the long necks with grey's facial features, they do resemble the appearance of flies. And then you take the Genesis 3 of the Serpent in Eden where the Serpent was addressed directly to have seed/ offspring and this is where i think there is that possibility the "aliens" are the offspring of the Serpent Nachash. And since those fallen entities are not "plugged" into the life source that being God , they are in dire need to find an energy supply source to feed off of. That would make those fallen entities to be parasitical in nature. Basically all of their religions and political and governmental structure's design as we know it throughout history to this very day and hour that it's foundation and core is a souless parasite. That is what the sellouts are selling their soul to and committing treason against God, humanity, and creation against. They are selling themselves out to be a souless parasite to the souless parasitical Beast to feed off of us , God , and creation.

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