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Learn About Catholicism | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

-Hey, everybody! It’s a beautiful day, and the air is clean because we’re not
in Los Angeles. We’re in Fillmore. And we’re gonna be meeting
Blythe, who is a Catholic, who’s 31 and has five children. I’m 29, and I have…an XBox. So, let’s go learn
about Catholicism! Hi, you look really young
for a 31-year-old. This is incredible. Oh, she’s 2. Okay. -Hi, Zach! -Hello,
nice to meet you. -So glad you’re here.
-So good to be here. -Thanks for trekking, like,
all the way. -No, this is awesome.
-Do you want to come in? -Yeah, I’d love to come in. -Come on in.
-Hi. Nice to meet you.
I’m Zach. -Do you guys have names? -Hiro. -Hiro!
What’s your name? -Mary.
-Mary. Awesome.
-This is Peter. -Hi, Peter.
I’m sorry. I’ll get out of your hair.
I know you’re very busy. My first question for you is may
I have your family? -[ Laughs ] -Are you really attached
to them, or can we just at least set up something
where I could have them? -Yeah, let’s do that.
Like, you pick them up on a Thursday, and then
I’ll come get them, like, the following third Monday. -Glad that we got that
out of the way before I got to know you at all. So, what’s it like
to be a Catholic these days? -It’s weird
to be a Catholic these days, but I can’t say
that I know a ton because we’ve only
been a Catholic for eight years
coming up this Easter. -What were you raised?
Were you religious growing up? -Yeah, I was. I was
a Baptist minister’s daughter. When I was 13,
my dad converted to Catholicism, but I stayed
an Evangelical Christian, and then when I was
closing in on my 20s, I started to search and read
and have some questions about the Protestant faith. And that led me to a conversion
to Catholicism when I was 22. -Did you have a period
where you’re like, “I don’t know
about Christianity at all”? Or was it always
a steadfast thing? -Yeah, I think I had doubts. I mean,
I think throughout life, I have doubts, but never a doubt of the core teachings
of Christianity. I think
when I started to doubt, that’s what led us
into Catholicism, really. -I was wondering
what the main differences were between Baptists
and Catholics. -The real clincher is just
the authority of the Church. The Protestant denominations don’t accept any authority
outside of the Bible. The Catholic Church
accepts the authority of the magisterium,
which is the pope, the teaching authority
of the Church, sacred tradition, the tradition that’s been
handed down through the years, and also the authority
of the Bible. -‘Cause there are so many
denominations. -Yeah. -Why do you think it has
to split up so much? -I don’t,
and that’s why I’m a Catholic. I mean, historically, it’s
what always was until the Protestant
reformation, for the most part. There were other fractures
and splits. But that’s actually
why Kirby, my husband, and I started to search. To us, it didn’t seem to speak of the nature of God
that is one and unified. I think there’s
over 40,000 denominations since the Protestant — -40,000?!
-Yeah. -So, it’s good
to just have the one that you’re pretty confident in. -Yeah, so we just went back. We started
looking back through history, and what we found
was Catholicism, and so we made that leap. -You have 5 kids.
You’re 31. I have zero children.
I’m 29. -You got time, dude.
You got time. -So, did you always know that
you wanted to have a big family? -I always knew I wanted
to be a mom, for sure, but I don’t think I had
a specific idea or a plan as to what my family
would look like. -Can you go through
your kids’ names? -Yeah, Hiro is our oldest. -Hiro.
-She just turned 7. Mary is almost 6. Johnny is almost 4. Clementine just turned 2. And Peter is 3 months old. -How did you come
to have five kids? My parents never
had this talk with me. -[ Laughing ] -No, I’m just wondering, like — Is it something
that’s, like, “We’re gonna stop at five?” -No. I mean, it’s
’cause we’re Catholic. Part of the fundamental teaching
of the Church is that God is love, right, and that love is generous,
and it sacrifices. And so, as practicing Catholics,
we believe that our love and our marriage should mimic that generosity
and that sacrifice. So, we’re open. We’re open
to what God wants to do. We’re trusting Him that
it’ll work out. And so far, it has, and so I don’t feel afraid
of what the future holds for us. I mean, life
is certainly crazy, and it’s loud, but it’s so good, and it’s really
nourished our marriage in a really intense
and powerful way. And I would never,
ever trade that sort of bonding, intense love. Hey, you guys,
you know what would be fun? Why don’t you guys go get
a chicken out of the coop and come bring the chickens
to meet Zach? -Wait, there’s a real chicken? Are you ready
to see me terrified? -Are you gonna be terrified?
-Yeah, it’ll be great. -Really?
-How many chickens do you have? -We have six.
Come here closer, Hiro. -Yeah, come here closer. -Let’s terrify him.
Let’s terrify him. -No, no, no.
Oh, gosh. So, you’re completely
comfortable holding that chicken. -Touch it, Zach.
Come on. -I can’t! I can’t touch it!
I can’t touch it! -Come on, just rest your hand
on its back. Did it. Look at you. -Aah!
-Look at you. -Look at it.
It’s just pure terror. This is television magic. You don’t believe
in birth control, so basically, whatever happens,
happens, right? -Yeah, I mean,
we believe that God gives us life
and will take care of us and every new child
is a gift from Him. But then also,
we have to use wisdom and prudence in making those decisions
to continue our family. So, natural family
planning is a method that the Church encourages. -What’s natural family planning? -It’s learning about
what your body does and when it’s time
to get pregnant. And if you’re not
ready to get pregnant, you abstain during those times. The good part of it is that it’s
a constant reminder that the possibility
of having a child is always a part of sex, which is really the key teaching
of the Church, and that’s why we don’t believe
in birth control ’cause we don’t think those two things
are mutually exclusive. -You homeschool your kids.
-Yeah. -What made you decide
to homeschool your children? -I really had sort of,
like, an epiphany when my oldest was 2 or 3. It just hit me one day
that I would only have her for another two years
and then her life would be mostly dictated
by whatever sort of institution she belonged to until she was
gone out of our lives. But also, I love the idea that my kids can all learn at
their varying levels, you know, and I can really understand what their strengths
and weaknesses are and sort of customize their learning
experience for them. -For me, a lot
of what was great about school was the socializing
and getting the outside stimulus from other kids
and other points of view. Is there a way that you can
expose your children to that and still homeschool them? -Yeah. We have
a homeschool community, so we have a park day
once a week where we all kind
of get together, and the kids all run around. It’s pretty intense.
I mean, these are, for the most part,
fairly large Catholic families. -We’re not getting into a “Lord
of the Flies” situation, are we? -The possibilities are endless. -Did you catch all the bad guys?
-No. -No?
Who’s left? -Hey, Johnny!
-100 bad guys. -100 bad guys? Dude, we better get to it. What made you guys
want to, like, all come together
as homeschool parents? -You get a lot of support — mutual support
from hanging out together. -We’re all leading similar lives
in a way, you know? So it’s good to not feel
like you’re the only weirdo with a million kids. -Hi, I’m Amy. This is Claire
and Josephine, Mimi, Annie, Zaylee, and my oldest is at home. -I’m Hope, and we have six children. Elijah is the oldest,
then Henry and Trina, Indigo, Maury,
and Baby Jude. -Hi, I’m Anne Marie,
and I have seven. Six are here.
Andrew, Samuel, Francesca, Isabella,
and Nathaniel. Actually, sorry, five are here. -Do you confess your sins?
Do you go to confession? -Yeah, I love confession. -What is that like? -It’s like spiritual therapy. -What would you say
the role of confession is? ‘Cause I think
I would be in there for about three days straight. -A good priest in
the confessional will stop you, will, like, look at
what you’re struggling with, will give you advice,
and really talk you through. It’s not just — -Oh, I never —
I never knew that. I thought you just
give them the list, and then they tell you
how many Hail Marys to do. -I mean, sometimes you do.
That still does the job. Like, you still walk
out of there a clean slate. You’re still forgiven.
You know, when a priest really wants to engage with you
and talk about your life and give you constructive advice for getting back out
in the world and trying to avoid
those same mistakes, then I appreciate
that on a whole different level. -How many Hail Marys
would I have to say for all the “Games of Thrones”
that I’ve downloaded? -Oh, wait,
for illegally downloading? -Yeah. -My priest is pretty soft on me.
He’s pretty easy on me. I’m sure he’d just
give you a couple. -Can I ask you — It might be a tough
hypothetical question. -Okay.
-What would you do if, when one of your kids
gets older, they do their own searching
and they say, “Mom, I kind of want
to leave the Church”? -Yeah. I totally think
that would be hard. I mean, that is so hypothetical. I don’t even know what it’s like
to have an adult child, let alone one that, you know, blatantly
disagrees with our faith and leaves it,
but I would really hope that I would be
the kind of parent that my response would be,
“Let’s talk about it. You know, tell me what you’re
thinking and tell me why.” And I would love them
and I would pray for them, but I would want
to still be really engaged in their life
on every level. -You wouldn’t excommunicate them
because they were — -No, gosh.
-Okay. -And I think that goes
back to the fundamental belief of who God is, right?
That we’re all His children. He’s always kind
of after us. He’s always wanting to love us
and wanting to receive our love. My kids
are really His, you know? I have —
I’ve been given the job of raising them in this world
and in this life, but at the end of the day, I have to give them back
to Him and trust that He’s really got
it handled, you know? -I’ve had a great time today, so I just —
Thank you so much for, like, being so open and, like, being so cool
with your kids and then terrifying me
with a chicken. You know,
it was just so wonderful to share your faith with you. -Thank you.
I’m so grateful that you came and loved — I loved you being here.
It was so great. -I always thought of Catholicism
as this ornate — Hi, Spider-Man. I always thought of Catholicism as this ornate,
very sort of dark, maybe slightly somber religion, but seeing all the joy that it brings Blythe
and her family is really, really cool. And seeing all the kids it brings her family
is also pretty awesome. I’m not sure
if I could have that many because I just — I can’t play superheroes
for more than five hours a day, or I’d get tired out. So, I’ve got to go
fight some bad guys. But remember,
always have a little faith in — Hi, how’s it going? This is Iceman
and this is Mary and this is Hiro.
Can you say goodbye? ‘Cause this the end
of the episode. -Bye.

Otis Rodgers



  1. sweetsweatyfeet Posted on November 29, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    Beware of faith, it is a pathway to delusion and wishful thinking. I care that what I believe is actually true and therefore rely only on reason an evidence. Every religion that ever existed requires of it's followers the exercise of faith; yet every one of these religions claims different things that are "truth" above all others. It's a con game that preys on credulity and desperation of their followers.

  2. David Gonzales Posted on December 2, 2014 at 9:31 am

    There's a person on this page named Addison Moreno.  He or she claims that God doesn't exist, but when you challenge this person, this person deletes your comments and blocks you, so this person could get the last word in.  people like this are the typical atheist.  They talk a big game, than run and hide when they know their about to be backed against the wall when trying to prove that Jesus Christ is a "fairy tale."  Their all the same, they only have a few things to throw around with their argument, they all eventually block you or quit!

  3. v stone Posted on December 27, 2014 at 7:27 am

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  4. David Gonzales Posted on February 4, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    I'm curious as to why people are saying the teachings of catholcism is "truth?" The bible doesn't see it that way. The man-made traditions and false beliefs make it into more of a cult. The false belief in purgatory, putting somone on an elevated Godly status and putting faith in that person to forgive sin; by telling you to recite a repitition of prayers which some of those prayers aren't even to the Heavenly Father. The praise and worship to others other than who it should be directed towards?

  5. kckc1289 Posted on March 3, 2015 at 2:10 am

    I'm a young Catholic teen and when telling teens my age that I'm Catholic I've received jokes and insults. I'm proud of what I believe in. I'm in the confirmation program at my church and I'm a leader for the middle school youth ministry. I've met such amazing people in my church community and young teens and never felt greater. I'm proud of my faith and my involvement and nothing will change that.

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    2. Protestantism does not have a problem because its only authority is the Bible and Jesus. Catholicism has a problem because it recognizes man-made entities as authority, even if they disagree with the Bible. Scripture is clear about obeying God rather than men: We gave you strict orders not to teach in this name,” he said. “Yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching
    and are determined to make us responsible for this man’s blood.” But Peter and the other apostles replied, “We must obey God rather than men. The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom you had killed by hanging Him on a tree. –Acts 5:28-30

    3. The history of the Catholic church is rich in corruption. This led to the reformation, where Martin Luther risked his life by posting his 95 thesis to the church door, exposing all of its wrongdoings in scholarly detail. There were major abuses. Today, as then, the catholic church does not encourage reading the bible, but rather, getting your teaching from church leaders. Back then, you could pay the church for "indulgences" to reduce punishment for sin, or be forgiven completely. You could buy salvation. Today, you go to confession to have your sins removed. Why stop sinning when you can simply erase it through ritual? This is blatantly living as unbelievers while expecting forgiveness from God. Our confession is meant to be to God, with prayer and supplication. We are expected to correct our mistakes and truly aim to live by God's teachings. We aren't expected to be perfect, but to make our best efforts.

    5. The problems of Catholicism in a nutshell:
    a. Extremely corrupt history
    b. Tendency to be intertwined with the goverment, even controlled by it, even if the government is corrupt
    c. Tendency to discourage Bible reading
    d. Creating man made authorities equal with or outweighing the Bible
    e. Creating man made traditions not in the Bible
    f. Creating its own extra books of the Bible
    g. Being all about pride and superiority, which apposes Jesus' nature and teaching of true humility
    h. Suggesting it's the only true church, which is a common component of cults
    i. Tendency to suggest salvation comes from works and ritual, not grace and a contrite heart
    j. Thousands of child abuse scandals which get swept under the carpet constantly, all over the world.

    Wickedness flourishes when it can twist God's teachings just enough to attach itself to religion, co existing with Godly ritual. But the true spirit of Christ will be hard to find, and there will not be much fruit. For they will know us by our fruit, and by our love.

    People hate to be told what to do, or give God true authority over their lives. This is why they flock to religions and spiritual entities with an element of holiness to them, that doesn't really require a true conversion and taking on Christlike heart. This is why they're ok with making petty sacrifices and rituals, but won't give up their heart and spirit. Jesus wants our hearts, not our sacrifices. If they're made in vain, it's an insult to God.

    We are to put on the full armor of God. We need to know the scriptures fully and completely, or else we will be deceived by the
    rules and ways of men and culture, always trying to lead us away from Christ and the scriptures… often in subtle ways. Deception often comes through religion, with ritual and rules that counter or distract from
    the actual teachings of the Bible.

  71. sterlingsubs Posted on November 13, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    I love Zach. I love the message of this series, that no matter what faith/belief or lack thereof someone has, we should treat everyone with respect. We should see their value and humanity even if we don't agree with it. Until someone is doing something destructive or truly wicked, we should see them all as God's children, practicing what seems right to them so far. Religion was meant to make us honor God and each other, rather than make us fight and hate.

    But when it comes down to the answer of which religion/belief is the most true, we need to all go on a quest and truly figure it out. There are many red flags within religions and belief systems, even if their followers don't realize this, and don't really do anything wrong.

    We need to read from people who have compared all the faiths and belief systems. We need to study Jesus and His teachings. We need to consider that the fact He gets the most opposition, despite being sinless and all about love, says a lot. Religions that include violence or other deeply troubling issues, don't get much criticism at all in comparison.

    The scripture that says they will know us by our love and they will know us by our fruit… says a whole lot. Love, fruit, treating others as ourselves… that is the way.

    You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. –Jeremiah 29:13

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    Found these series a bit late but I'm enjoying every second of it! gaining knowledge is such a beautiful experience <3

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    It's interesting how people can be turned more compasionate when they see the human part of life. Me being of the Mormon faith, I really can appreicate this couple's choices and willingness to follow Christ. Thank you for showing the upside to religion, Soul Pancake.

  80. Ana Mm Posted on June 6, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    🙂 lovely family

  81. Michael Stevens Posted on June 26, 2018 at 4:59 pm

    Could the Pope not sort out the pedophile priests – seems like an issue they may wish to address. I never understand why they do not see this as an issue. Have had two old guys now and zero interest on what is a criminal issue.

  82. smokeybirdman Posted on August 9, 2018 at 10:19 am

    Thank you Zach for presenting this video, you did such a nice job and was thoroughly entertained and nicely informed.
    Peace everyone

  83. smokeybirdman Posted on August 9, 2018 at 10:31 am

    Children are the biggest blessing In life given from God
    How miserably sad that feminism steals away this truth and misguides misguided women to chase careers and compete against men, when a blessed life women complement men and have a loving life with God, their husbands and children. No wonder most people are on anti depressents.

  84. GoodFruitForGod Posted on November 11, 2018 at 2:49 am

    Papal Rome/the Roman Catholic Church is the great whore, mystery babylon, the mother harlot of Revelation. God calls His people out of her lest they take part in her iniquities and then plagues. The iniquities are numerous and not hard to see for those that read the Holy Bible. I made a vid proving this, please check it out it's on my channel.

  85. Ashley faulconer Posted on February 1, 2019 at 6:50 pm

    I was raised in a mostly catholic town and from life experience if you weren’t catholic you were looked down on and were treated more like scum I was pretty much raised in the Nazarene church

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    I born and raised Catholic but my beliefs lean towards paganism.
    I don't believe we are born in sin…. Like come on. Just because Eve messed up doesn't mean it should be pawned off to me.

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