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Leo Defending What You Hold Dear To You August 2019 Spiritual Conversation

hmm happy birthday leo it's Lulu I love how special I want to wish all of y'all a very happy birthday it is Leo season I dressed up a little bit thank you not much doing too much y'all expect too much now then this thank you for your like share subscribe and comments thank you for your love and support any information that you need will be in the description box I mean yes so I'm not doing the crystal for others I'm going to do this is the art through the eyes of the soul Oracle try not to get to live up in here today so I won't start coughing and sneezing just behalf of the young thank you now alright so in the month of August it feels as though some of you may be taking a change of course when it comes to your life purpose you may be having a change a shift in your direction when it comes to what it is that really set your heart on fire people place to situations I feel as though many of you may go back to your roots or began to go back in you may already be going through it now and going throughout August is going to continue to roll out thank you there may be a need for you to stay focused on what it is that you truly believe in because it feels as though there may be some situation where you have to defend defend yourself or defend your truth stand in your truth on a certain situation really keep your eye on the prize so that you can have the best results possible moving forward it may also have something to do with the choices that you are making in this shift that is either you are creating yourself following the call to your soul is just happy probably came out of nowhere there is going to be throughout the month of August I feel as though you will begin to see a number of things unravel right before your eyes you will be able to I was gonna say program your steps it's like things will begin to come together quickly for you in August there you will begin to see how one thing is connected to the other even more so in August especially when it comes to your divine destiny what it is that you you know like your steps are ordered here now then I'm just gonna clarify these codes thank you doctor so many of you are moving into calmer waters you are leaving behind what no longer serves you you are being very thoughtful about what it is that you your direction right what you need from your past in order for you to have a very to make the journey safe some of you may even be taking some type of for going to some type of a retreat or taking your kids to some type of retreat but overall it may even just be relocation and travel but I feel as though many of you have really gone through some type of rite of passage and you have graduated so you have graduated you some of you have gone from a space of barely getting by to calmer waters and things are beginning to pick up in your finances or the way that you do things over wrong you may have asked for help and the help came miraculously out of nowhere but overall I just see that you are detaching from your old ways moving away from old ways into new ways of doing things and you're only taking select people with you everybody ain't going to do whatever and you are standing you are defending that right for you to move on and move away you are standing in your truth about this right here something may have been some type of secret may have been revealed that you were waiting on you weren't acting until you found out like oh okay now I got the fix right and it was revealed to you and you were really focused on maybe a Sagittarius let's clarify this card yeah you may because you may have been restricted by certain circumstances people whatever you were restricted by something you felt as though you couldn't make a move or do certain things until something you had some type of clarity and once you broke free you got to it right you want you it may have even been that you were restricted from being happy you were restricted from coming together with your family members that you were restricted from taking this vacation that you want to take go to have this relocation you felt restricted and at the end of the day I feel as though some of you maybe cohabitating or deciding to cohabitate here and through deep contemplation it feels as though you know you've asserted yourself message your emotions and you act being very logical in the month of August yeah yeah some of you are really in the space of wanting to you're pulling in you're doing like a soul retrieval you're pulling in parts of yourself from the past past live past whatever right because of whatever happened in mercury retrograde you have figured some out sure it may even be buying at some type of car that you wanted from your childhood and trying to figure out how you can make this happen but overall I'm seeing here where you have a decision to make when it comes to possibly a connection with someone from your past there's a decision that needs to be made do you reach out to this person or will they reach out to you with an apology so that you can have a clear conscious moving forward can you work on this can you move forward there's a lot of extension going on so many of you may already feel be in that and feel as though you're ascending to an even higher state of awareness and you are also being pulled back into what love is what is hard work what is unconditional love what is that known joy that you had for a certain situation personal what happy but like it has to be internal in order your internalizing that feeling thank you now then for one of y'all after this just came to me real quick and I'm trying to get the Biggers and somebody here left someone behind and the person feels as though they can't they brought them back and they can't get them back right and the other person is like left them to you know do some soul-searching some healing here moved away from hopped in the car put everything they could fit in the car in there and today is may feel as though to someone who needs a divorce and they don't know how they someone may need a divorce from this person or has divorced this person in order to go back or seek a soulmate situation someone who is more on their frequency or what-have-you and want that happily-ever-after with them so that's other way that can come big girls finally out hmm not too much trying to be professional someone coughing sneeze on camera I just want information you have for the oh and all this is thank you I got to figure it out why am I hurt you got it figured out okay I could see if I had these cards came up and threw her watch this yeah I've been waiting some of y'all been laying waiting just like a damn line sitting in the bushes wait for the right time to strike whatever to hear you striking whatever you focused on alright so let's take our time and keep it in line here today got time for the coffee show y'all just go understand damn reals hurt oh I'm tired up under her understand if I was having a runny nose later got a little ooh naveen so some of you are sitting back waiting all you have this may be in a recent past sitting back waiting for the opportunity to make a move sitting back waiting for some things to be revealed sitting back waiting because you notice coming that's the high priestess right you've had some intuitive nudges or you also may be just waiting for something intuitively to happen like you need a sign you waiting for a sign and if I come then you ready to make a move right I feel like many of you are really about to receive the information in which you all have been seeking if you haven't already and it may be a number of things that are coming – yeah it is okay so there will be a number of aha moments and and this is just confirming your intuition overall though because some of you already have the intuitive nudges but you are extending it and making these folks work hard yeah I'll just be working these folks on the other realms I need more clarity I need more information I need this I need what the hell is you doing building a case up against what move forward so the information is coming to you I also feel as though like the first part of August you will be having a very strong download that is going to have something to do with your commitment to your obligation and whatever it is that you signed up to in this lifetime y'all know y'all wait I'm saying here there will be a lot of activity I knew it look at okay so with this waiting some people may feel as though you are being standoffish with them but like really it's time for y'all chill at that time if you've already passed this I'm not talking to you now you'll be in the space of needing the chill because you've already had some type of epiphany something when something comes to you and how you need to move forward you'll be analyzing it really sitting back and analyzing things so that you'll know which direction to go and how to go there is someone who may be coming in to clear up some things for with you I really feel like whoever this is that has come trying to keep all this in her but there may be someone coming to clear up things I thought I fixed that white balance see how this darkening move forward but someone may be coming in to clear up some things with you ain't trying to communicate with them I also feel as though some of you your enemies will be revealed to you and you were waiting because it feels as though someone may have been playing a certain type of role in your life and you like no matter what other people were saying other people couldn't see what you knew intuitively about this person so it's going to be revealed and then you gonna clear up some some of you may also be coming out of a space where you thought you were depressed but you really weren't and it's time for you to really get back in the get back in the game here there is some type of contract or some type of obligation some of you may be signing some type of deal signing for something going to court over on you see what's crossing and get these out the way yeah maybe a divorce or a marriage either way but I'm saying that someone is trying to there is a need to stop saying someone there is some type of paperwork maybe you're renewing your lease you finally you want to move but you decide to stay there because you got this information that came through like this is what you need to do and whether the information came through from conspirator works through people Spirit works through everything right so whatever there's some these synchronicities or what-have-you that came through and you're going ahead and making a commitment or someone is to you so let's see what this commitment is maybe with an earth sign or a Libra but I feel as though this may even be a new job for some of you you finally get that bit or work whatever it is that you have been working on if you have a decision to make there may be two offers coming in or you are really indecisive about if you really want to do this or if you want to move forward in another with another prospect you know you're trying to got to make a decision that you got to make that bitch face right once you make a decision is for a movement from there many of you will be working on your heart center as I thought you're really feeling very loved there will be a lot of love coming in for you whatever a lot of love coming in in the month of August so you will be as long as you continue to internalize what it is that you want to have reflected externally it's here if that's what you want if you don't that's your life you will be taking time to mend fences here there is some I feel like someone may have been heartbroken or left out left in the cold look at them to me close but somebody come in and make it right whether you doing this yourself because you know I'd be having much in the cups by myself something like what I don't know how to get them to you by yourself but I feel as though they're just maybe dealing with family overall there's some healing on that level for some of you I feel as though some of you will be reclaiming your power and that's where they enter that that explosion of beautiful love energy is coming from as well and I feel as though once that happens once you really take into consideration what it wants me to work on when it comes to your when it comes to making self-care a priority making that decision to really take care of yourself moving forward take care of you know you're setting things in order and that's what that weaving of the destiny comes in you're setting things in order and you're allowing things to you know you're slowly weaving as you go you're fixing yourself fixing relationships cutting people out taking time out for reflection etc now for those of you who feel as though you know either okay someone may feel brokenhearted because they were really trying to make something work and it just didn't work so here comes the tower gets shaken up but is in the dark is coming to the light in August honey so I feel as though but a lot of things that you thought were one way or the there was this way to do this or something huge is about to happen right I really feel just may have to do with a new moon or second quarter moon which one is it moving forward in dream state there may be some things that come to you that frighten you there may be some things in dream state that I revealed to you that will be they may be scare you because you feel as though how can I do this how can I answer the calls of that that's so much Wow well it was revealed to you so apparently you can do it right so what they're saying here is that you will be the destiny directed with whatever this is that happens in this tower moment whether it's unreal you feel like it's a bad dream because you're just like I don't know how I'm gonna do that this is brilliance use that if I got to you got to – did I be scared sometimes like who gonna do it just gone with it after I please get over the initial shock we clarified his talent yeah there may be mixed emotions there may be this huge when this change comes this change of direction this change of approach the some of you may even have a okay I never heard that before some of you may all of a sudden be able to speak a different language that you I'm just saying stranger things have happened her at the house of ocean okay but I never heard it but you may all of a sudden be able to speak different languages but I am seeing here that whatever this with this tower moment it's going it may cause some type of arguments there may be some arguments or some disagreements regarding some type of secret that it may be a family secret overall that's explosive and causes some huge uproar moving forward after this I do see a cornucopia blessing so whatever it is that you have is harvest season leo whatever it is that you have been working on you doing the work making self-care a priority following along from the code justise clarifying cornucopia please you've been working hard you need this look like it may be some type of litigation going on and you've been waiting for you know what is it waiting for this you know you were pressing it just Throwdown you were pressing the issue you need this done by a certain date so you can make a move this man up and and spirit pulled you baby like hold on just leave just chill that let this play itself out and boom just it's cornucopia bliss did you start worrying about yourself and then working on your elevation and turn on elevation spiritual elevation ascension and there go today I'm placing the fairies on your side for those of you who work with the fairies now this is I really believe this is karmic justice justice has been served period we got this damn just scored twice and the Cornucopia bliss this is what it is clarified here now and just want information do you have here for Leo let's say you got what it takes you want to speak your truth in a certain situation and let somebody know I know I'm getting too drunk I was getting too excited slow down the boo me you have to speak your truth in a certain situation it feels like it may because it's up to something with that concerns matters of the heart whatever that would be for you your personal power you're gonna have to come from that space let's face of personal power inner strength having some compassion here and walking away from the situation after you go ahead and let somebody know what's up period because I feel as though you're walking away from old habits old emotional beliefs old patterns our behavior you're walking away from possibly you know being judgmental some of you may be in a space of delegating beginning to delegate like look I need you to do this stat in the oven cuz you know leo leo probably been looking out for everybody now you asking for help I don't want you to now you're walking off you got a go it's right here who is Leo walking away from a fool mm-hmm whatever but you're ready to take a leap of faith you're ready for this new journey you're open to what it is that you need to do in the month of August and moving forward you're ready for you know you've gathered a lot of information you've done a lot of the work to graduate and you're ready for this next level this is beautiful and what I'm seeing here again number six or so as you're walking away you you are moving into common waters you don't have time for the you need a balance mint a mental break probably from folks you say them it's right there's an ending and in order for things anew beginning there has to be an ending so you do before we get to this walking away things are actually coming to a close ahead of that and I feel like with this son card there's going to be a lot of light shed on you making but as you were decision like how can I put this as you continue to make decisions based on coming from a space of unconditional love and doing your work from that space as you begin to make decisions for that for your high is good and then that other all the collective over on this is bringing a lot of personal balance this is you directing your destiny I also feel as though this is going to allow you yeah you're gonna see somebody made a choice once you get something in in your life and you make this choice for this new beginning is some beautiful coming through I feel as though you make this decision from your heart you don't make it from a place of pain but you make it from a conscious space of intuitive passive logic you will be fine I hope that may see moving forward I also feel that many of you may be walking away from a third party situation you just you know you just feel like it's time like during the mercury retrograde moved on that or you just going for what it is that you know where someone is coming for you leaving a third party situation it's time somebody finally got that damn divorce they've been lying about 10 years they'll be glad Sharleen kept messing with you for them ten years cuz anybody a right mind is not gonna be lied to get along yeah it may be cause some type of conflict someone may feel as though they are torn between two people and have to make a choice and they go ahead and make a choice that they feel is right or a choice that they feel serves their highs good and this may cause a little mental conflict after the fact but the still don't and we're going to see the day ended now are they going into later but it's gonna get it right this also maybe with a business decision or what-have-you but overall what I get here is that there's a lot of communication coming in some of you may be dealing with someone who lives the world apart from you and you decide to try to make this right you move out is move out there will cuz there is an offer coming and someone who's apologizing and trying to make things right because of what the they did they lied so I'm trying to make something right because they said I paranoid by something and they you know feeling sorry feeling regret wishing they would be some different but sometimes doing too much different and he's supposed to be committed as the problem what I went back to 1990 something right there I was talking to myself cuz I was usually the perpetrator Becky now what is this personal imbalance go oriented you will be go oriented here I feel as though you will be really focused on stability security focusing on the foundation of what it is that you have built and how can't you move forward you'll be really passionate about what it is that you are creating how you are creating who's an asset who's a liability you own that you back that yeah you some of you may be waiting or waiting to hear back from someone or something waiting for something to come in that's you've been waiting for a while you want victory in this situation you want things to really begin to move forward I also feel as though you put in a lot of work and whatever this is that you are waiting for I feel as though there's a longing there's an you're open for conversing with someone that you may want to make yours but overall you may be waiting for a job offers or to receive something that will have you feeling triumphant victorious by the end of the month and I feel like it's coming through so your baby what should I feel a yellow up in here because it's got a bunch of coal in that here he's like oh is that's why they wouldn't pop it I also feel as though you know yep by the end of the month you will be reviewing reviewing what it is that you have invested in what has paid off what is rewarding and moving forward I also feel as though whatever it is that you give your time effort and energy to and the month of August by the end of August you will begin to really have even better plans for the remainder of the year so that's very beautiful all right you can't get crunk don't know how much what I'll I didn't try it that's the ending I read nothing ago but by the end of the month you are walking away from that don't need your time effort and energy tried everybody get rid of his coal if I come from the next video I'm just not I'm gonna scrap for today it's ridiculous all right I love ya hmm

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