December 9, 2019
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Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, OBEs

I do want to just document this time
because I just had a conversation like for hours on the phone with one of my
brothers and so I’ve been talking a lot chewing gum and kind of want to wet my
my mouth my throat and stuff. He’s had out-of-body experiences before. He first
had them when he was a child, I guess he was like 12 or 13. We had all these like
different kinds of books in our home and in our house like growing up and we’d
pick up these books I go I’d get into literature and all kinds of stuff, and he
picked up a book and he started following these techniques for
out-of-body and it happened to him I had no idea what he was talking about when I
was a kid and he like seriously like sat me down and explained what had happened. I didn’t
know what he was talking about and um although now like for a long time I
clearly believe and know that that’s real, I didn’t know that it was this what
just happened. I realized yesterday when he shared information about OBEs, we were
talking about different things, but we we talked about OBEs and we were
messaging and then we had a phone call after that I real because I need some
some exercises for that I thought in previous conversations that it had to do
with lucid dreaming and it is connected to lucid dreaming it’s linked to lucid
dreaming but it’s um it’s different from lucid dreaming. So the practices like
meditative practices and exercises involving meditation dreams has been
getting closer I didn’t realize but it was getting
closer to out-of-body experiences and so because I’ve been working on
maintaining the meditative state which I guess I can describe as being half a
week half asleep, partially awake partially asleep, and I’ve been
practicing it with meditation because in meditation, you are tricking your body
into thinking it’s asleep so that you can start dreaming “dreaming” right or
having visions like being in a trance state. It’s all connected;
meditation, dreaming, lucid dreaming, experiencing existence differently from
the third physical dimension that we’re in like the third dimensions like our
physical body is you know but we have a consciousness also and in sleep the body
goes into paralysis and a person in a way, becomes more spirit than body
because the body goes into paralysis but the mind is there and if a person can
practice their mind being awake while their body is asleep their mind is awake
and they’re aware they’re like ‘hey my body is asleep but I’m awake’ you then
experience reality differently because there’s a detachment from the body and
when you detach, you are also detaching from the physical realm, The physical
realm is bound by the laws of physics and mathematics and so we experience
time in a linear fashion and what I mean by that is that yesterday feels like it
already happened, yesterday doesn’t feel like it’s happening right now.
Yesterday feels like it happened ‘yesterday’, before right now. Yesterday
happened before this moment right now, and tomorrow I haven’t experienced it
yet. Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet, I can’t experience
it yet, because it hasn’t happened yet. Well we experience time in that linear
fashion, past, present, future, and we’re going in a line, past, present, future,
because we are in physical bodies we are in this third dimension of physicality
and so because of that, physical matter, like our physical bodies, are bound by
those laws of physics and mathematics and it makes us experience time in that
manner. Consciousness is connected to our bodies. Consciousness uses our bodies
right? Like a vehicle, to experience this physical realm existing with with
physical, you know, physical existence but when a person detaches, when
consciousness detaches from the body, the body goes to sleep; the body goes into
paralysis. It starts regulating itself you know, regulating its digestive system,
recovering, doing all sorts of stuff right, resting. It also goes into
paralysis it becomes paralyzed. The mind, can stay awake and the body is
actually sleeping but you’re still awake. When that happens, a person is then
experiencing existence outside of the physical realm. One of the things that
can happen is that the past, the present, and future, is experienced differently so
you can actually access the past, access the present, and access the future, and
it’s all there at the same time. The past doesn’t feel like it already
happened, the future doesn’t feel like it hasn’t happened yet, it’s all there and
you can actually verify. For example, going into the future and then waking up
fully you know when you wake up where your body wakes up you can document the
future, a future event, whatever, pick something really unusual or experience
something that there’s no possible way you could ever know that that’s gonna
happen document it the mind that realm
sometimes there’s a jumbling of order and don’t like this happened then this
happened and then this happened it’s sort of time again it’s not like first
this happened and then this happened sometimes the order is a little jumbled
but anyway, that can happen and those are ways to verify and exist. A way of
existing and that’s done in another dimension. So yeah, so that’s all tied in
to a lot of the practices that I’m doing with meditation,
lucid dreaming, leads into out-of-body experiences I guess that’s what I was
heading towards but what I thought was that OBEs out-of-body experiences were
like lucid dreams and they are connected they lead into each othe,r but I thought
the experience of out of body was more on the side of lucid dreaming, the feeling.
So I ended up in a conversation with one of my brothers, when he explained it to
me yesterday and I’ve had this explained to me before multiple times, but
yesterday, I truly captured what he meant by OBEs and I have experienced pieces of
that the the practice of meditation, yoga, running, swimming, repetitive movements
can put a person into a trance state so in running you’re doing the same movement
basically over and over and over and over and over and I used to run long
distance. I remember I would get to a point where I didn’t feel my body
anymore my body was just on auto and it was just like my mind existing induced a
trance state by running swimming also what does that: indigenous practices; dances
and activities, rhythmic things involving music, singing, chanting, and forms of
dance, are ways of inducing trance states. Connecting with ancestors who exist in
another realm, that we can have contact with because
that’s another thing that can happen in those realms and so on and they have deep
insight and practice involving those realms and in those practices. My brother
said ‘no like you’re really awake and these sensations there’s these different
stages and sensations that you go through’ and he described some exercises
and I tried a couple of them last night and um, and and I was able to feel the
buzzing feeling it’s like this tingly numbing feeling it’s not the cutting off
a circulation it’s not that, it’s a different feeling because I know when
I come out of meditation, at like you know my hands are not asleep or my feet
haven’t fallen asleep in terms of like a circulation cut off, it’s not
that. It’s this buzzing feeling you start feeling like you’re disappearing and
it’s just like this buzzing feeling. So I’ve experienced those kinds of things
and little bits like, while I’m asleep and you kind of just wake up a little
bit and go back to sleep and recall certain things that my brother was
talking about. All of that meditation practice resulted in aiding in the
experience of OBEs so it’s almost like I didn’t fully, I didn’t fully realize that
or realizing the intensity of OBEs. So today I got up early and you know I did
a bunch of things, and then I took a nap. It was hot today and so I ended up
taking a nap. I actually slept for like four hours.
I was dreaming. The dreams were pretty clear the ones that I remember, and then
actually when I fell asleep I was doing meditation I was relaxing and I wasn’t
moving and I was able to experience my body sleeping like the way I was
breathing and the way my body felt like I know my brother said that it works
for him best when he’s getting up from after he took a nap if he then goes and
you know changes location and I’ve noticed like when I sleep in a different
direction like my head is facing a different direction and in bed that
it’ll affect dreams just dreaming differently you know and then I’m also
um yeah and so stuff like that says noticing parallels just a little bit
here and there. I didn’t have a full OBE, but now, I’m just like it makes me like
cry actually like how grateful I am for experiencing like all of this stuff and
just like how wise like ancestors were, like how wise they are and how amazingly
they’ve developed you know, an understanding and practice of of the
mind and the soul and all of that it’s just like… So I was on my bed, on my back
and as I was waking up and there’s I had a large window open actually two large
windows open and one that’s just kind of bear and an open and as I was waking up
I heard I don’t know if it’s like a boy outside next door or what because I was
I was pretty awake but I was still dreaming I was I still had that sort of
visual you see in your dreams like your eyes are closed but you see stuff cuz
you’re dreaming you see stuff I still had that going on that was still active
and I heard, I heard a boy say, “Mr. Woods” so I heard that I’m like ‘oh wow there’s
someone like right outside’ you know like not on the property but like, you know,
close enough for me to hear them pretty clearly you know like next door or
whatever and then um there was some of the dream state that was also there and
in not it was my brother he said, ‘yeah when you enter into the body of light’ ‘you
enter into…’ and he was saying when I enter into the
body of light and I thought, ‘oh okay enter into the body of light’ and I know
that it had to do with OBEs out-of-body -experiences. Then there was another voice
of a person that I watch sometimes on YouTube and he said the same thing, ‘into
the body of light, stepping into the body of light’ something like that, and so that
visualization I said okay stepping into the body of light I
visualized it felt like a part of me like my soul was stepping into, it was
like a cloud but instead of like the whiteness of a cloud it was like white
light like really really really concentrated super super super bright
light that was so like bright that I could discuss the best way to describe
would be like a cloud ‘like a cloud’ and when I stepped into it, it felt like my
soul was stepping into it when I stepped into it it wasn’t a falling a sensation
you know we have a dream sometimes that you’re falling and you wake up it’s not that
sensation it was, a sensation. I’m sorry I’m chewing gum I’m just like realizing
that’s probably rude. It was a sensation and then my body that was in the bed
felt like it was getting, I don’t know, stunned with electricity like
electrocution I don’t know I’ve never been electrocuted but you know hit by
lightning something like that you know it was such a strong feeling the only
thing I can think of that would compare in terms of visualization maybe the
DeLorean in Back to the Future the car you know it would be like connected
to the clock tower and there was electricity involved and it would have
to drive a certain speed and then it would have this sort of electrocution
kind of thing that would happen and then it would be transported into a different
time. It felt like my body was the DeLorean
and I realized my goodness I can continue and my body it felt like I was
leaving my body and I know that my body would be asleep it’s fine it’s breathing
it’s sleeping it’s gonna be fine but I thought of the window I had a window
that was wide open you know it has the screen on it but still it was like wide
open and I just kind of felt like if it was closed and locked
there’s no like I didn’t perceive danger but I became aware of the window being
open and that it’s a large window because I heard a boy’s voice outside so
I’m up so I was awake enough to be able it you know to just sit up turned on or
recording and I I wanted to document I wanted to document you know what is
experiencing and just say you know what was on my mind at that time because I
was I just know I called my brother to tell him. I think the wisest and most
advanced body of knowledge is that which has been preserved and passed down in
Indigenous populations and in my opinion, have the most advanced techniques, have
the most advanced forms of preparation, I did it did feel a little bit scary and I
know that fear, it’s important that fear not be an obstacle.
I want to experience it but it is something so big and it was so vivid and
a part of me was so awake that it was just tremendous and then the window
being open threw me off. I kind of felt worried about the window being open
it kind of felt like vulnerability and so um I didn’t want to fully let go and
go through that electric stage of OBEs um it’s been kind of hot there’s kind of
like that I don’t know a heat wave or whatever
you know it’s like hotter than usual I know it’s summertime right now and but
I’m so had the window open and I’m I’m gonna fix that and have a way where it
can be partially open but in a safe manner or it’s closed and locked you
know so I can feel totally safe when I experience that way is a person can hold
space for a person so people that have experience with things like out-of-body
and meditation and so on, and they are able to sort of like guard over you and and
guard the energy around you so that you know you know your you’re safe their
consciousness is there and is aware of it and they’re able to protect a person
you know if a person needs that cleansing of energy is good like burning
sage and stuff beforehand with this I don’t have a candle on and I don’t have
incense burning or like sage or anything like that because of the chances of
falling asleep anytime I do something where I’m flat on the bed or just
you know in a couch flat and I don’t have anything that’s on like a candle or
anything like that for safety reasons because I know there’s a high chance I
can fall asleep and I do fall asleep sometimes. I just wanted to like talk
about it cuz it happened today I haven’t had a full OBE yet I mean in this manner, we go out of our bodies all the time when we sleep. This was the most
awake one where the start was experienced. It was like just absolutely
amazing and right now I have the clearest picture I think that I’ve ever
had of what it would be like like I’m
realizing how tremendous an OBE is. I’m just so grateful, so grateful. All the
lineages and all the people that came before me that I’ve preserved and like
refined those abilities because like what it means about
life and like the meaning of life and what life is and what we are and what
everything is was just like a life-changing thing after a
life-changing thing like one after another and’s like I was dancing
around OBEs all this time you know? Like this this kind of OBE you know? Like and
my brother did say that he’s experienced lucidity that it’s connected which I
understand it makes sense that it would be connected to the dream world because
meditation is connected to the dream world it makes sense that OBEs would be
connected to the dream world. Meditation is so important because it it’s a bridge
it’s a tool and a connection between different states of consciousness.

Otis Rodgers



  1. Stephanie Brooke Posted on July 31, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    I really appreciate these videos.. I cab relate and am learning a lot from you. Much respect♡

  2. Greg Baker Posted on August 4, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Had one fully lucid dream. Been desperate to get back there since.

    Tell more of your pre sleep story info 🙂

  3. CosmicTribe Posted on August 29, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    I always find myself becoming lucid when a dream is scary or weird and I'm able to pull myself out of it, but never become fully aware to the point of controlling my dreams, need more meditation maybe?

  4. EXTRABLK Posted on October 20, 2019 at 6:03 am

    Must honestly say I learned something new today..