December 6, 2019
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Meditation for When You Feel Depleted & Exhausted {16 mins} | Body Scan + Savasana

hello my name is April and welcome to the yoga Ranger studio and welcome to this practice meant especially for when you are exhausted physically mentally drained feeling just you don't have the energy to continue and what you need is a really deep rest so we're gonna have you're gonna see a lot of props here but don't be afraid grab as many blankets or beach towels that you have any throw blankets off of your couch or your bed you're gonna roll one up for your knees or you can use a bolster or a pillow underneath your knees one at your feet so that you have something to kind of get the curve of your feet one for your neck and one to cover you up and if you have an eye pillow you know it's got to have cats on it right grab your eye pillow too or settle yourself in a room it's a little bit darker and quieter so I'm going to settle into a really nice shavasana here with a lot of support so set yourself up may take a little bit of kind of figuring out where things lie so you're going to take that blanket roll for your neck and just tuck it into the very nape of your neck to give your neck a little bit of support I like it a little bit wider because that gives me a little bit more comfort and then one for the knees and then one for your feet grab that extra blanket that you have and if you like you can place it over your entire body or you can just place it over your hips and belly this is very grounding and settling and kind of tuck it in around the hips you feel really secure and safe and relaxed last but not least wiggle yourself around take your eye pillow and place it over your eyes hands alongside your hips are out to the side just find that perfect spot so kind of wiggle yourself into it and make yourself as comfortable as you can once you become settled let me feel like you're just in that perfect place start to just notice your breath become aware of the rise and fall not changing it just noticing where you start this practice that maybe it's a shallow breath centered right in the center of the chest maybe it's a really kind of bumpy breath feel like you're sort of struggling to get a deep breath notice where your energy is at as you start the practice physically emotionally mentally no judgement here just noting where you start and then noting and becoming aware of where you start accepting that where you are right now is just where you are it's the beginning of self-care and self-love you're sending a little message to your body in your mind that you know what you need to do you know what it needs I'm ever so gently begin to change your breath extending your exhale a little bit longer maybe inhaling through your nose exhaling through mouth a few times and just sign filling the shoulders open the chest soften fill the ground beneath and the props that you have rising up to support your body as your body settles into the ground and the props start to smooth the breath out finding equal movement inhale and exhale and moving that breath into a three-part breath belly chest collarbones exhaling collarbones chest belly choosing to breathe into the side body filling the side body expand out to the sides intentionally breathing to that space and breathe into the back body filling the body expand down to the floor on each inhale feel a little bit lighter lifted each exhale feel a little bit more settled and grounded letting go of your control of the breath letting it just come back to a natural pace I'm gonna begin to work with the energy so throughout our day in all the situations and relationships and things that happen in our lives we have residual amounts of others energy kind of clinging to us kind of like ghosts little shadows you know what do you imagine is on each inhale you're inhaling a nice clean refreshing breath and it's reaching in and around and scooping up that residual energy from your a day and from the situations relationships and as you exhale you're clearing those out inhaling letting that air move around through the body picking up all those shadows and exhaling blowing them away sometimes those shadows are the weight of others energy those energy signatures from everything else in our lives can be kind of heavy it can weigh us down making us more exhausted more overwhelmed more depleted keep clearing that away reaching down with the breath into every single part of the body and exhaling letting it all go that deep sigh or a deep breath through the mouth and once again letting the breath rest also throughout our day with all the things that we are involved in we send out some of our energy little tendrils or threads of energy moving out to all the projects and people and things in our lives and while that's not a bad thing right now you need your energy so very gently begin as if you're sort of pulling strings back in almost feel your fingers beginning to pull those strings of energy back in a little bit maybe not completely but enough where you have a little bit more energy for you but not so much energy is going out there right now you're conserving a little bit know that this is not being selfish this is caring for you so that you may be there for others that you may be a better you so start to win that energy back into your energy center the center of your chest and maybe it's a little maybe it's just a spark maybe it's a lot of energy making its way back in whatever it is that energy you need right now for you gently gathering it into the center of the chest and then once again returning to a natural breath softening allowing stillness we're gonna take a 61 count body skin I want you to just focus on my voice and allow your awareness to roam from place to place as I name it just softly brushing up against those spaces allowing them to fully release and heal starting at the center of your forehead you're a third eye bring your awareness here allow it to soften the space move your awareness to the center of your throat gently bring your awareness over to the center of your right shoulder right elbow right wrist now through the fingertips thumb pointer finger middle finger ring finger and pinky back to the center of your wrist your elbow your shoulder center of the throat over to the left shoulder left elbow left wrist out through the fingers thumb pointer finger middle finger ring finger and pinky back to wrist elbow shoulder throat center of the chest right side of the chest back to centre left side of the chest back to centre filling the entire upper body softened for your awareness to the center of your navel the center of your pelvis right tip right knee right ankle out through the toes first toe second toe third toe fourth toe and pinky ankle knee hip pelvis left hip knee ankle out through the toes first toe second toe third toe fourth toe and pinky ankle knee hip pelvis naval chest throat center of the forehead very crown of the head gently softly sensing the entire body from the crown of the head down through the feet on the bottoms of the feet through the crown of the head fill the energy softly moving inside this entire container of you feel that energy restore recharge heal give yourself this very special time to refill your cup to restore you back to centre take as long as you need here and don't worry if you fall asleep most likely you needed the sleep and hopefully you'll have a really good recharging nap shavasana can be one of the most restorative poses so allow yourself this time may you feel refilled recharged re-energized send you healing and health and may you have a wonderful week peace in namaste

Otis Rodgers



  1. The Yoga You Posted on July 18, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    Vaginal bleeding at the age of 67 is what is worrying me. Doctors and Specialists refusing to answer my questions. Have had the ultrasounds and every test available . I guess I will just sit with the anxiety and come back to this practice time and again. It makes me feel I'm caring for my self when professionals refuse to. Sad state of affairs for Canada's people seeking health Care.

  2. Eli Ort Posted on July 18, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    ❤️🌹how sweet🌹❤️thank you 🙏

  3. The Yoga Ranger Studio with Aprille Walker Posted on July 18, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    Whether it's the weather, the busyness of the time of year, stress – whatever it is – I keep hearing people say they are exhausted. Take a little break, feel supported, rest, clear other's energy and gather your energy in while we rest, relax, heal and recover in this savasana with body scan meditation. You will feel SO much better afterwards and you deserve this self care break! Peace, Aprille

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