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Meditation To Connect With Your Higher Self | Veronica Entwistle

Hi, Veronica Entwistle here, I am an intuitive
and energy counselor, and I am sure glad you tuned in. I have radio shows on BBS radio
and today’s show is a mini version of Radiance by Design. And I’m going to show you a little
meditation to use. It’s very short, and helps you to clear your self out so you can become
more of your real self. Even in the middle of a traffic jam. We’re gonna talk a little
bit about the changes going on in our society right now and in the Universe. We are going
to talk a bit about you. and how we can really clear out old reactions so you can create
your reality. Five Minutes, it’s packed. Here we go. I’d like you to breathe deeply …. and
close your eyes and call in the violet flame, the gift from St. Germain. And See the violet
flame burning and growing and burning and growing, in every corner or your room, or
wherever you are, or your car. Burning and growing burning and growing floor to ceiling
in every corner of your room. And as they get more and more powerful, see them moving
to the left and burning and growing and burning and cleaning the entire room and it goes round
and round the room until it spirals into the center, and as it spirals into the center
the bits and pieces move together and create a huge bonfire. and as the bonfire grows and
burns and grows and burns it cleans the space that you are in. you can really feel it making
a difference. Now you are going to take a minute in your imagination and see yourself
jumping into that bonfire, and watch it buoy you up, it is like a trampoline, it is going
to toss you up and down. and as it does, it cleans up all of the radiances sticking out
of your body, radiating out of your body coming from reactions and old beliefs inside of you.
See yourself jumping in it, spinning around in it, having fun in it…good and you might
even feel all sparkly. Now come back in the room just for a minute. And I want to tell
you something. That there is some amazing amazing fields of energy moving through the
universes right now, and they are coming to get us. Meaning they’re helping you and they’re
helping me, kind of like acupuncture does. Is when you bring in the higher frequencies
that are becoming more and more available whether you want them to be there or not,
you can use those frequencies using your mind as a directing tool, and you can focus them
into your body-mind and literally clear up or neutralize old reactions in there. Those
old reactions are what has stopped you from creating the reality of your choice, a joyful
reality, a loving reality, a lucrative reality, whatever it is you want in this life. Get
your body-mind cleared all cleared out. I am here to tell you that the Universes are
on your side right now. This is Veronica Entwistle hoping that you will comment on this little
video or phone into my radio show, Radiance By Design on Thursday nights. Thanks for watching.

Otis Rodgers