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Michael Porter Jr.’s Journey Through Heartbreak and Faith | The Players’ Tribune

– It was heartbreaking. That’s what I’ve been working
my whole life towards. Packed stands, sold-out crowd, everybody’s cheering like crazy, and I can’t even jump off the ground. – Smile at the camera. Dribble and turn around and smile, so it looks natural. – Haha. When I moved to Missouri,
my dad works at the arena, so I’m in the gym every day,
getting used to the facility. So I saw when the arena was packed. The first couple years they had Kim English, Marcus Denmon, Lawrence. I went to the games and I had
to sit at the highest section. Mizzou was my first offer and
then I’m slowly becoming like, dang, I can actually play on that floor that I was watching a few years ago. And then I committed to Washington. But then, in the back of
my head, I was kinda like, dang I kinda wish I coulda revived Mizzou. And I wish it was a Cinderella
story where I come back, and we win and then we make
it far in the tournament. But, you know, that’s not what happened. – Michael Porter Jr., the nation’s No. 1
recruit, has decommitted from Washington and is headed to Mizzou, where he will join his dad, the Tigers’ newest assistant coach. – What does this do to affect the landscape of Mizzou basketball? – It impacts the entire SEC. – I lived in Columbia for a long time, so the vibe within that
second that I committed, it was like the whole city
changed, it was crazy. Season tickets are sold out,
people are crazy excited. The attendance at Mizzou is going up, like people are deciding
to go to Mizzou for school because the basketball team’s
gonna be…. It was crazy. We’re ready to turn college
basketball upside down – and three days before the first
game, my hip starts hurting. My leg, my hip, and then
it was going down my leg, and I’m like, “O.K., like what’s going on? Lemme get some extra rest tonight, see if I feel better tomorrow.” And I sleep and I wake
up and it feels worse. It was scary. It was so scary. So then
I know I’m not 100%, but then the game day comes. I remember going over to
my dad and just being like, “Dad, you know I’ll play
through any type of pain, I’ll play through broken – I can’t play. I won’t help the team playing like this.” And he was like, “Alright, go tell coach.” I got on the phone that night, got an MRI. I had to get surgery. – Michael Porter Jr., their No. 1 overall recruit,
done for the season. – And it’s not meant to be for the Missouri Tigers. – People are like, “Aw, he’s just soft.” “He’s just this.” “He’s just that.” “You know, he really
didn’t care about Mizzou.” “He just wants to sit out
and then go to the NBA.” And I’m sittin’ there
like, “This is crazy.” I really was gettin’ ready
to put my heart and soul into this university and
try to help change it. The same fans that was
all excited about me – now that I’m hurt, now
they’re not with me anymore. It was heartbreaking. That’s my home. But, you know, the
world’s a messed-up place and people care about the wrong things. – Michael Porter Jr. went viral for the wrong story this week. What he did this weekend,
cannot be topped. Porter Jr. met with
pediatric cancer patient, Lizzy Wampler. In his Instagram post he said, “This little girl is one
of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She only has hours left in this world, but she is excited because she
knows she gets to spend eternity in heaven, with God.” – You see what’s important. Like she wasn’t talking about anything except hoping her friends
made it to heaven. And you know, when you talk about that, basketball doesn’t matter,
money doesn’t matter, fame doesn’t matter. It’s just the important
things that matter, and that’s a relationship with God. I look on this life as try
to help people any way I can realize what’s real. And I’m still figuring out what’s real. But like those moments with Lizzy … Like after that moment,
during that moment, I didn’t care about basketball,
I didn’t care about money, I didn’t care about any of that, I just cared about being
there with that little girl. You know, we had three
players that had just got hurt and couldn’t play. So we had six players on
scholarship at the time, headin’ into the tournament,
and I was just like, “Man, I gotta try to do this for my team.” I go to the doctor. “Mike, you don’t have
any explosiveness yet. You don’t have any power yet. You haven’t been to the
gym at all. Don’t play.” But he said I wouldn’t re-injure it. So I’m taking that as like,
“O.K., I’m gonna give this a go. I at least wanna play
one game before I leave.” – It’s the moment everybody
in Columbia, Missouri’s been waiting for – it’s
a healthy Michael Porter. – And also, watch for Jontay, Michael’s brother,
who’s also on this team. And Michael Sr. telling me, to get those two on the court will be a beautiful
moment for this family, something Jontay has prayed
for every single day since Michael got injured. – I think it happened just the way it was supposed to happen. I wouldn’t change getting hurt. I think I wasn’t the person I needed to be when I first walked on campus. I wasn’t the person I needed to be to handle everything
that’s about to happen now. I wanted to go back to Mizzou
for another year to play. The reason that I declared for the draft and that “because” question is my big goal is just to be on
the biggest stage that I can, get as good as I can, influence
as many people as I can. I think God’s got a big plan for me and I think that’s why He gave
me those moments with Lizzy. And people ask me now – they’re like, “Mike, are you still happy that
you made that decision? Now that you all lost, do you kinda wish you woulda just….” And I’m like, “No, because
people got to see the real me, people got to see that
I don’t play this game just for my own benefit. I play it to inspire
others and not be selfish with the gifts God’s given me. – With the 14th pick
in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Denver Nuggets select,
Michael Porter Jr., from the University of Missouri. – Blessed is the one who
preserves under trial, because having stood that test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised
to those who love Him.

Otis Rodgers



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    I love MPJ ever since High School the kid has come off truly humble and beyond his years. Before he got hurt I thought he’d be the next media darling. But instead the media was lazy and called him a PF lol. Anyways I wish him the best and he’ll be. Star by 2020-2021 season

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    The number of Mizzou fans who turned on Mike after he got hurt were a tiny minority– the vast majority of Mizzou fans know that MPJ had every intention of doing great things at Mizzou, and a lot of us think he DID do great things at Mizzou. Our men's hoops program was floundering in mediocrity for several years, then the Porter family moves back to Columbia and everything changes for the better. The entire Porter/Pingeton family is so intertwined with Mizzou and Columbia, we are lucky to have them as part of the Mizzou family.

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    When the head coach for the U-Dub got fired, his dad packed his family up and moved. There was soooo many under the table deal for this kid. So NO, i will not shed a tear for MPJ.
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    I went and watched almost every single high school game that u played in I could find and I still watch ur highlights when I'm sad
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