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Mormons, Matrimony, and More! | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

-So, there’s been
a lot of stuff in the news lately
about Mormons. So, I thought we’d go
and visit some actual Mormons, because my only
previous exposure to Mormons was when I worked
at Disney World. All the Mormons
that worked there were the friendliest people. Like, they came right out
of a Disney movie. I want to know
what Mormonism is all about, so I’m gonna go get
to the bottom of it. We’re on a mission from God. What’s that from? “Blues Brothers,” right? Nothing?
All right. Hi. We’re here at the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints, and what that is
is the Mormon church. So, we’re gonna go meet
David and Kylee and learn all about Mormonism. So, let’s get out of here! This looks great!
You look like — You both look like
you’re out of catalogues. -It’s just a Sunday thing.
-That was the goal. -I need a jacket. I need some sort
of sports coat. Go get it on the crew
so that I can look nice. -You can have mine.
Do you want mine? -You know what?
Okay. Yeah. Well… -Let’s get casual.
-Do you want to put it on? -All right,
I’ll put it on, and then we can switch back
if you want. -Yeah. -What size are you?
I’m like a 40 regular. -That’s exactly my size!
-All right. This might be your present.
You can just keep this. -Okay, now I’m —
Now I look good. Now I’m the interviewer. What are the main parts of the Mormon faith,
the beliefs, that are different from
other forms of Christianity? -So, we have
The Book of Mormon, which is an additional scripture
on top of the Bible. And it basically tells the story of what was happening
in the Americas while what was happening
in the Bible was happening. -That’s where Joseph Smith
comes in, right? -The writings
in The Book of Mormon are ancient,
as in taking place in — you know, starting in 600 B.C. and, you know, coming
to the birth of Christ, life
and death of Christ, and then afterwards
for a few hundred years. Joseph Smith,
in the 1800s, through guidance from God, was able to locate
this ancient record and then, through inspiration,
translate it to modern English. -Joseph Smith
was a polygamist, right? -Mm-hmm. -That’s not part
of your church now. -Correct.
-Correct. -Why is that, and what is your take
on polygamy? -I know, just as a woman, if my husband came to me
and was like, “I want to marry somebody else,” I don’t think
I would like that very much. But I do believe that
he was our prophet. And so I believe there was
a reason for it at the time
and that it served a purpose. -Are there elements
of your faith that are difficult
for you to accept as a woman, a career woman? -I think that the role
of the woman and the role
of being a mother is the most important thing
you could do. And I’m not an expert in this.
This is strictly from personal experience
that I’ve very recently had. I do really believe and think that there are
very special spirits, and I think
that to give a spirit the opportunity
to have a body is one of the most beautiful
things you can give. -One of our core
beliefs is that, before we were born here,
we lived with God and that part of His plan is for us to be
born here on Earth, have a body, live a life,
learn what we need to learn. -So, the more kids you have, the more Mormon spirits we have. -This is, again, me, but you would just want
every child to be born into an environment
where they’re loved and healthy and safe. -Did you go on a mission?
-I did, yeah. I went and served
a two-year mission in Brazil. -The whole mission
over there is to convert, right? -Mm-hmm.
My day-to-day was to go out and meet people and share
what it was that I was teaching. -Do you know how many people you converted
while you were in Brazil? -Um… I have a rough idea.
-Or ballpark? -I never kept tally marks because they weren’t
tally marks to me. They were people.
So, I could tell you the story of everybody that I talked to. To be honest with you,
I’ve never sat down to total up
the total number — -Like, a rough estimate. I’m not letting you —
-He wants a number. He wants a number. -That’s great that you care
about everyone as people, but I’m talking numbers. -You know…
I think somewhere between less than 100,
more than 20. -Wide spread, wide spread.
-You’re an engineer, and there’s a pretty
wide spread, dude. -Yeah.
-So, you did a fair amount. Let’s say that.
-I did a lot of hard work, yeah. -You, I hear, are a singer. -Honestly, I’ve been singing
my whole life. I went to school
on a singing scholarship. And when I was deciding
what I wanted to do as a career, I decided that it would be
something I would always do on the side because, ultimately,
I do want to be a mom and I want a job
where I can be a mom and be at home and work
from home if I need to. And I didn’t want to have
to work evenings and weekends and tour and do all of that, so I made a choice
a long time ago. [music] Be still, my soul [music] [music] Thy God doth undertake [music] [music] To guide the future [music] [music] As He has the past [music] [music] Thy hope, thy confidence [music] [music] Let nothing shake [music] -There’s people
who sing in church who have, like, nice voices. Then there’s people who are,
like, musically trained. And then there’s Kylee. [music] Mysterious shall be bright [music] [music] At last [music] -There are different wards
of the church, right? -Mm-hmm.
-Yeah. -What are the wards,
and what is a ward? -A ward is just a congregation. It’s basically
geographically based. It’s like a neighborhood. And so you kind of pick
a specific area, and you consider
that your ward boundaries. And those people will go
to a certain meetinghouse at a certain time. We go to a specific ward designated for young,
single adults between the ages of 18 and 31. -So, why are they separated,
do you think? -I think it’s more
of transition into college, and then it kind of becomes a, “We want them to date
and be together.” And our social needs
are different than a family’s
social needs would be. -The singles ward, is that just like
a giant hookup place? -What does “hookup” mean? -I don’t know. I’ve never
done it myself, but I hear it’s excellent. -Just being
in a big city like this, you can be a little lonely. And so when you get thrown into a ward with other people
who are young and single and don’t have
other family obligations, you can get together,
and you can create sort of your own pseudo-family units. -You’re technically a couple. So, why are you
in the singles ward? -The meaning of “singles” is, like, married
or not married. -It’s not by Facebook rules.
It’s by marital — -Yeah.
-Right. No, no, no. They still keep us here
till the deal is done. -There’s something
unique about you guys as a couple in that you’re
a little bit older. There’s a lot of pressure
to get married very early. Is it the same
in your church? -There is a huge focus
on the family, so they do want
you to get married and have kids,
but it’s an individual choice. -I have to ask — What has taken so long
with the nuptials? -I don’t know
what’s taking so long. -Get it together.
-You. -It’s a mutual thing, though. -It does take two, usually.
-Yeah. -You’re planning on getting
married at some point, though, right? Oh.
Did I just hit on something? [ Laughter ] -Um, we talk about it, yeah. -We talk about it a lot, yeah. -I think any couple
who have dated nine months or more know enough
about each other to know whether they can
create a happy marriage. -How many families
do you think rush into marriage
before they’re ready? -There are an awful lot
of people who get married with the idea,
“If it doesn’t work out, why, then we’ll just move on.” I mean, that’s sort of
a prevailing feeling now. We don’t feel that way at all. Our feeling is you get married
and then you work at it. A stable family is the most
important unit of society. -So, every now and then,
after church, since people, you know,
drive a certain ways, we like to get everybody
together for a little social and — ‘Cause anytime you give
an alliteration to something, it makes it more marketable. We call it a “linger longer.”
-A linger longer. -So, after church,
we’re just gonna hang out and have some food
and meet some people. So, we’d love it if you came by. -I would love to come. Thank you so much
for inviting me. -Sure. That’s where we’re gonna
set up your date. -Wait. Okay
-Yeah. -All right. Hi.
Nice to meet you. -Hi. Nice to meet you.
I’m Jill. -Melissa, great to meet you.
-Nice to meet you. -You arrange all the music
for the church, right? -That’s my calling.
-Okay. So, what advice
do you have to all the single people that are just wandering around
like a deer in the headlights? -Well, one advice
is to be honest. -But I’m trying to make myself
seem attractive and desirable. Tell me about dating.
I know nothing about dating. -It’s all the friend zone. -You and me are in
the exact same boat. Tonight has to go well.
We’ve got to… So, what kind of girl
are you looking for? -One that thinks
I’m funny, that will laugh
at my jokes. -Not a single one you’ve found? What’s that book
you’ve got there? -This is my journal. -That’s your journal
with all your private things that I immediately asked about? -A little bit.
-I just want to meet people. That’s what we’re doing. We’re single guys
meeting people. Circle back.
-I’ll circle back, and I’ll let you know of anyone
that thinks I’m funny. -So, remember — you’re awesome. -Okay.
-I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass Mormon who don’t take no crap
from nobody, right? You’re gonna go out there,
and you’re gonna find your wife! -Yes!
-This is what we’re doing. -That was the best pep talk
I’ve ever heard. -Should we just get married? -I feel like
we could maybe get married. -All right.
Eternity should be fun, huh? -Eternity would be great.
-Great. Awesome. -We could have
the rest of eternity. -Okay.
I’m looking forward to it. -We’re getting hitched.
-We’re done! We did it!
We did it, guys! It worked out. So, it was really nice
meeting Kylee and David, and even though I know
a lot about Mormonism now, I’m still very confused
why he hasn’t put a ring on it. I feel like they are
just genuinely good people. I think that they might be
the ones to set me up
with my future wife, and I’m very excited about that.

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    My parents were Baptists. They took me to the Baptist Church when I was very little. I read the whole Bible all the way through for the first time when I was 11 years old. (It was because of curiosity that I did it.) It took me one year to do it. I read the whole Bible about 5 times before I was 37. (I went to auburn Church of the Nazarene for 11 years.) When I was about 37 years old Mormon Missionaries came to my house. (Females) I read the BOM and DOC and Pear of great price 4 times in 7 and a half months and then joined the LDS Church. I actively went to the LDS Church for 10 years. About that time I had read the whole Mormon Quad about 10 times. I also read the whole history of the Church very carefully 1 time. I ended up falling out with the Church leaders over "adulterous" marriages being allowed in the Church, and also because 70's were being allowed to be High Priests, when I could show them plainly 3 times in the history of the Church, that 70's were not to be High Priests. I tried going over the Church leader's heads by sending letters to Salt Lake 2 times. Both times the Stake President called me in and chewed my A**. (With threats.) And my Bishop said insulting things to me which hurt my feelings, so I stopped going to Church. I have not gone to Church for about 10 more years, and have read the whole Mormon Quad at least 20 times in total. My conclusion after all of this is that Mormonism is only just "another terrestrial" version of the gospel, as is the Bible. Bible only is 30 fold. Mormonism is 60 fold, and a Celestial version of the gospel is 100 fold. You need to get your "new understanding" of the scriptures, which is that Jesus, the Church (All Churches), and the whole Mormon Quad, are All terrestrial and not Celestial. You may know the truth of all things by the power of the Holy Ghost (Not Jesus, and Not by the Church leaders). Pray to the Holy Ghost, not Jesus to get the truth. Jesus, and His Churches, and His Quad are all terrestrial because that's the version that "beats" the devil. What you want is a Celestial version of the gospel, because without it you cannot even get your exaltation, let alone have hope of "winning the race". In other words I've progressed in the faith "beyond" Mormonism, and you should too. Job 17:4 shows you cannot be saved in the celestial kingdom through a terrestrial version of the gospel. 1 Kings 22:22 proves Jesus can and does lie, which shows He's terrestrial and not a saint of the celestial kingdom. You don't get your exaltation through a Temple marriage. Jesus is lying because He wants to divert your attention away from how you really get your exaltation, which is by defying, or disobeying His bogus (terrestrial) laws, commands, or rules. For example God (Jesus) told Abraham to "kill" his son Isaac. Tell Him NO! That's murder. God told Nephi to cut off Laban's head. Tell Him NO! That's murder. Jesus wants to do this so that He will have power to "force" you into His army. Jesus has got to defeat the devil's army with His own army in order to become "savior" correct? Seek to "win the race", and don't seek to please the Church leaders ears. (After all, they're only terrestrial.) If you win the race, you win the prize. The race is a knowledge competition. (If you shall have slightly more knowledge than another person, you will have so much the advantage in the eternal world.) So if you know the most you end up with the advantage over everybody else and win the race, and the prize. And what is the prize? You wont believe me when I tell you what the prize is. You get to become Heavenly Father. There is no Heavenly Father at the present time, Jesus is lying. You get to become Heavenly Father if you win the race, and win the prize. Go for it! Make that your only goal in life, and good luck.

  83. DaIama Mormonlookatmy pic Posted on July 12, 2018 at 5:58 am


  84. Authentic Gay Blog Posted on January 17, 2019 at 7:45 am

    How do the LGBT mormons fit in?

  85. Imazombie1 Posted on January 27, 2019 at 10:01 am

    God had a great day when he made Zach. He's so genuine and kind, with this great view of life… I need to take some lessons from his perspective.

  86. Ashley faulconer Posted on February 1, 2019 at 6:22 pm

    I went to a Mormon church with a friend when I was young didn’t really see much of a difference I was raised going to a Nazarene church

  87. Bunny Hutch Posted on May 16, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    They have such a peaceful 💓 spirit about them.

  88. AndréSage Posted on May 18, 2019 at 5:38 am

    This husband is totally gay

  89. Jenn Emerson Posted on May 18, 2019 at 9:35 pm

    5.5 years later…still wondering if Kylee and David got married.

  90. ben vad Posted on June 14, 2019 at 4:00 am

    You’re the Marty Feldman of the Wheelchair world.

  91. Zoenitta Toler Posted on June 25, 2019 at 10:15 pm

    Please pray for me i AM confused a lady study with me she is a Baha'i writing i don't understand it she gave me a prayer book it don't line up with the word what other church have in the Bible pray for me have knowledge and understand to come to the truth about it it hard to believe when you have family in different reglion i need to know the truth about God

  92. Daniel Meehan Posted on July 6, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    I'm not gonna get negative, but left church after converting for three and half years. I respect Mormons but realized at the end it wasn't restored church and mormonism wasn't f or me.

  93. Alan Malcheski Posted on August 19, 2019 at 10:02 pm

    it means you belong to a cult that works with the CIA to do disgusting evil things. And you drink tweaker tea. They use drugs.

  94. Alan Malcheski Posted on August 19, 2019 at 10:03 pm

    those people belong in Australia. I will fund the voyage.

  95. Sydney Irene Bolton Posted on September 11, 2019 at 6:06 am

    Have you considered of doing an episode on Jehovah's Witnesses?