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Muslim Americans Bust Myths About Their Faith | Truth or Myth

– Moslem, Muslim, people love
saying Muslim, it’s Muslim. My name is Khadija. – My name is Soraya. – I’m Tasneem. – My name is Tom. – My name is Umar Hakim. – And I’m a Muslim. – And I’m a Muslim. – And I’m a Muslim. – That one’s a myth.
– That’s a myth. – That’s false. – For example, I’m a
white guy from Wisconsin. – I come from Southeast Asia, which has the largest Muslim
population in the world. – I’m black and I’m from America. – When they chose to enslave Africans, over 40% were Muslim brought
here to the shores of America. – Also, not all Arabs are Muslim. – Myth.
– False. – That is false. When I was young my mom gave me a choice. I cover my hair when I pray. I cover my hair when it’s
time to do specific things, but other than that I’m
out here, my hair’s out. – I have an older sister. She chose to wear the
headscarf, I chose not to. – I interpret how I wear my hijab by wearing a turban instead
of a traditional way of wearing a hijab based on how other Malaysian
Muslims would wear them. As a Muslim woman, for
me wearing the hijab gives me a sense of comfort. – The main intention is
not to be objectified. To say hey, look at me
for who I am as a person and not because of my
hair or this and that. – I’m sorry. – Myth.
– Myth. – That is a myth. – If you look at the statistics, more crimes and more
incidences being perpetrated by white men here in the United States. – The white guy aspect of my identity is the part that you should
be generalizing about me as committing domestic acts of terrorism because that’s the demographic that’s most likely to
commit mass shootings or an everyday basis to terrorize people. – I’m a descendant of
somebody who was brought here. I cannot trace my roots back. All I know is that my family line stops and begins in the South. So if you want to talk about
the only acts of terror in America started with 9/11, you’re about 400 years too late. – That’s a myth.
– That is a myth. – That’s a myth. – For you to be a Muslim
you have to believe in the Prophet Jesus. Like, you have more mention
of the Prophet Jesus than you would find the name of
Prophet Muhammad in the Quran. – I believe in Jesus
and I believe in Jesus because of what I have read in the Quran. – Jesus was an integral part
of receiving Allah’s word. We do not hold Jesus in the same regard as a lot of people as the Son of God, but he is considered a prophet. – I don’t even know where
to start with that one. – Oh, that’s a myth. – That’s a myth. – I’m in a interfaith marriage. My wife’s Christian, my
parents are Christian and we get along great. For example, at our wedding
we had a Christian priest and a Muslim imam marry us. And when we tell people
that they ask her like, oh, you’re Muslim then. She’s like, no, this guy is Muslim. – Allah knows that there’s
going to be different people from different backgrounds,
and so it is our job to have respect and love for one another regardless of what our backgrounds are. That’s straight from the book. – When he created you
from a male and female into different nations and tribes so that you may get to know one another. And I think that’s what we’re all about. – You can’t just walk up to a Muslim girl and like start spitting game or something. What am I supposed to say? Like, hey can I get your father’s number? – That can be true or
false, it really depends on what your traditions
or your background is. – You are allowed to socialize
with your counterpart but with an escort or what
you call a Wali or protector. My wife is Muslim, she’s
gonna see this so, oh man. No, that’s not how we met. Oh my, she gonna kill me. – Myth to my understanding. – That’s a myth. – I’m gonna say that’s a myth, at least in the African American
community that’s a myth. – I did not get arranged
when I met my husband. I feel like that’s also a cultural thing that depends on where you come from. – My wife was not arranged
to be married to me. In fact, we met on OkCupid
and I have the best wife ever. I just want to put that
on record, she’s amazing, but it’s not an arranged marriage. – False.
– Total myth. – That is a myth. – From an American standpoint the whole situation is misunderstood. Sharia law is not radical. – I feel that the fact that
the way sharia is Arabic causes a lot of misconception already. Sharia just refers to
how you practice Islam in a certain way like whether
you can eat pork or not pork, whether you can drink
alcohol or not alcohol. Those are things that you have in Islam that provides the framework
of how you practice Islam. – And I don’t see any
reason why it is un-American or needs to be adopted by
the American Constitution or anything like that. – I just hope people take the
time to really investigate the untruths that surround
’em instead of going by what’s on Twitter or going by some of this fake news
that’s going around. – That is a myth. – Myth. – And that one hurts, that one hurts. – Islam is a religion that means peace. If you look in the Quran itself, you won’t find violence in the sense of how it’s been twisted right now. – Violence being done in
the name of Islam is real and that hurts me more as a Muslim than I would imagine it hurts
people who are not Muslim. I remember when 9/11
happened I was in high school and in my head for days and days I had this broken record of all the things I knew about Islam that talk about peace. – It’s very funny to me that
people tend to put violence on Islam based on what they see, but they don’t talk about
Christianity and the Crusade or even what was done to slaves in South. If we’re gonna talk about
religions being violent we need to talk about it across the board and what people did quote
unquote in the name of God. – Myth.
– Well, that is true. – For me it’s false. For them it is true. – If ISIS members was Muslim, by the sharia law they wouldn’t go through the protocols of
war the way that they do. Because in the protocols of war the Muslim is not to harm the woman or the man. If you capture someone you’re
not supposed to mistreat ’em. You’re supposed to give them
the best treatment possible so that’s a major myth. – So they claim that they are Muslim, but in terms of how I practice Islam or 99.9% of Muslims practice Islam, to us that is not what Islam looks like. – ISIS people call themselves Muslim. That’s between them and God, but I will also not let that
taint my identity as a Muslim or take anything away from what it means to me to be a Muslim. – I’m trying not to get emotional. I love what it does for me as a person. I love that it speaks to the
most innate part of my being, being a kind individual. There’s a hadith in the Quran and it says when you go places you meet
people and you find things. You leave them better than you found them, and I feel that my faith allows me to fulfill that purpose in its entirety. – Everywhere in our religion
there’s this gentleness. Even the way we pray, people
sometimes mistake it for yoga ’cause it’s just such
a flowing, gentle way of submitting to God and
connecting to the Earth. – Hashtag so cool to be Muslim for one. I love about my faith the way it transform a person stuck in the dark
and bring ’em into the light. – I love the fact that women have an elevated status in Islam. Prophet Muhammad said you
should love your mother and then your mother and then your mother and after that your father. As a mother, I can’t tell
you enough how I love that because I have four boys. Just gives me sort of like, you know, you should love your mother. That’s the path for you to go paradise. – My favorite, favorite
part of being Muslim is my relationship with God. When I was young my mom told me, “Make God your best friends.” That has really stayed with me and has been the cornerstone of my faith. – When people make comments
about my faith without realizing that that’s something I’m
a part of I’m just like, oh really, tell me more, tell me more. – Well you know, the Muslims,
they be out here doing. And I was like, did you know I’m Muslim? And then the look on their face of, well, I would have never guessed that. You just, you don’t look like it. And what is a Muslim
supposed to look like? – When people realize that I am Muslim they do express surprise. Oh, you’re a Muslim? And you’re like this? Like as if, you know, and then I somehow become the exception to
what they think Muslims are. So even though they meet me and it breaks whatever stereotype it doesn’t go deep enough to say, okay, maybe all Muslims are different. You know what, you shouldn’t
be talking about all Muslims, all people, all men or women anyways. – When videos where Muslims
try to come on camera to humanize ourselves where we then erase all of the rough edges
and make it sound like, oh, I’m not mad, I’m just
your friendly neighbor. Like no, we are mad and we are upset. It’s tiring and it’s taxing to try to just get us to that
minimum level of respect to have to one relationship at a time humanize this thing that people see as the root cause of the
problems in our country. At the same time, I’ve seen how people who thought Muslims were the
devil or were terrible people, how one conversation changed
their whole perspective and from that they became allies. I hold those dichotomies in
place at the same time that yes, we as Muslims shouldn’t
have to come on here and try to humanize ourselves to people and at the same time I feel
it’s my responsibility, and so here we are. – My religion is not to prove
or perform for you at all. My religion is my moral compass and it is how I navigate the world. I get up every day doing the best I can giving complete gratitude
and doing what I can to leave people better than I found them. That should say more than
enough about the faith itself and what it does for me. – Thank you so much for watching this episode of Truth or Myth. To see another you can click below or subscribe to SoulPancake. ♪ SoulPancake, subscribe ♪

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    Now not all Muslims are blood thirsty terrorists, but a moderate Muslim in Egypt is not the same as a moderate Muslim in the US. The first one has the freedom to be us homophobic, sexist, discriminatory towards atheists us he wants (because that's what's written in the qoran and hadith) , but the American (western) muslim can't be all of that, because it's usually liberals who are fighting against discrimination against muslims, so muslims kind of have to be liberals.
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    It becomes a part of you & your identity..

    It's a statement about identity rather than cultural one.


    Hijab is not only to protect women, but to humble women …

    HUMBLE them from vanity, superficiality, envy, lust & arrogance…

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    "And fight in Allah's cause against those who only wage war against you, but do not begin nor commit aggression for surely, Allah does not like aggressors"
    Al-Baqarah 190

    "Perhaps Allah will plant affection between you and those of them you consider enemies. God is Capable. God is Forgiving and Merciful"

    "As for those who have not fought against you for your religion, nor expelled you from your homes, Allah does not prohibit you from dealing with them kindly and equitably. Allah loves the equitable"

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    Al-mumtahina 7,8,9

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    Well on the point of the Hijab, this is really dependent on the country and culture. Here in Australia with very recent refugees there are definitely communities and people who force their women to wear Hijabs, Niqabs and burkas. In England it seems to be a lot more extreme. The question of choice comes down to whether you were told or believe in the punishment for apostates. if death is your punishment and you will offend your god, you'll believe it's really bad which is the use of force under duress, especially from a made-up entity. So it's a bit conditional.

  79. 1stNightingale Posted on August 23, 2019 at 4:39 am

    These are great people, but they are still all delusional or trying to turn to fantasy to find meaning and philosophy, just like Christians and Hindus.

  80. General Harambe Posted on August 25, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    It's ironic how a video about explaining Islam is causing even more misinterpretation in the comments. Islamophobia is too real sadly.