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MYTHOLOGICAL Artifacts That Might Still Be Out There!

From powerful rings crafted for gods to sacred
swords used by generals, here are 10 mythological artifacts that some believe are still out
there! 10. Seven League Boots
In European fairy tales, a recurring item that popped up now and again was that of the
Seven Leagues Boots. These boots did exactly what you would expect,
they would allow the wearer to move across a distance of seven leagues (which in modern
conversion is over 3 miles) with every step that they took!! Just imagine, you could move incredible distances
with little or no effort at all!! The most known well known story that features
these boots is from the French tale Hop-o’-My-Thumb. It’s the story of a boy who was abandoned
by his parents, leaving him and his brothers to fend for themselves. Things only got worse for him when an Ogre
came around and tried to eat him and his brothers. However, the boy was able to steal the Seven
Leagues Boots from the Ogre with the help of a fairy, and used the boots to help put
distance between his family and the Ogre. He also went to the monsters home and used
a magic spell to force the Ogres (the main Ogre had a wife) to leave them alone, and
give them the treasure that they had hidden. The boy was later blessed by the king and
made head Forester, and was praised by all for his spirit and intelligence. You have to admit, these boots would be a
pretty cool way to travel!!What do you think? Despite not being the most known magical or
mystical item, the Seven Leagues Boots have made appearances in other stories, including
the anime film Howl’s Flying Castle. 9. Seal of Solomon
In the Christian/Judaism religions, King Solomon was the wisest man on the face of the Earth. He was blessed with this wisdom by God himself,
but that wasn’t the only thing he gave the king. For according to legend, the Lord also gave
him a ring, one that blessed him with great power. This was the Seal of Solomon. The seal was actually supposed to be a ring
made of brass and iron. In truth, the origin of the Seal of Solomon
in regards to when its legend started is unknown. It’s believed that many stories came together
to create the mythology of the seal itself. So there are many different variations and
descriptions as to what the seal actually looked like. The story of the seal actually have Arabic
origins, and often told tales of how the seal was awarded to Solomon in order to give him
power of supernatural entities. With this ring, Solomon had the power to cast
out, or even summon, demons, genies, and more. It was also said that he could use the ring
to speak to animals. In Islam, the Seal of Solomon is referenced
in regards to the “Beast of the Earth”, which wields the Staff of Moses (which was used
to bring the 12 plagues of Egypt) in one hand, and the Seal of Solomon in the other. The ring in that story was used to brand non-believers. 8. Staff of the Monkey King
In Chinese legends, one of the most prominent characters is that of Sun Wukong, aka the
Monkey King. He was birthed from stone, and learned supernatural
powers from Taoist teachings and certain artifacts. One such thing that gave him even more power
was his legendary staff, called Ruyi Jingu Bang. In the classic story Journey To The West,
the staff is used by the Monkey King in various ways after it appears in the third chapter. It was a gift to him by the Dragon King and
Queen, who had no use for the staff, which in the chapter was an iron pillar at the time,
because of its size. It was 20 feet long, and very wide. The Monkey King accepted the gift, but wanted
it to be smaller, and the staff reacted to this and became more manageable. Here, the Monkey King read an inscription
that said that the staff would listen to its owner, and thus could grow, shrink, and in
some interpretations could even fight without the guidance of Sun Wukong. Not unlike the Monkey King himself, the staff
has been used in various incarnations over the years, and has been interpreted many different
ways. In the anime Dragon Ball, the main character
Son Goku (who is based off of Sun Wukong) has an item called the Power Pole, which can
grow and shrink based on Goku’s needs. You guys remember this right?? 7. The Ring of Gyges
The Philosopher Plato told many tales that have become legend, and one such tale was
that of the Ring of Gyges. Plato tells that the ring was found by a shepherd
named Gyges in a cave that was created when an earthquake hit! The ring was on a corpse, but one that the
story says was not of a human figure. Gyges took the ring and put it on, and soon
realized that he could turn invisible by wearing it a certain way. However, instead of using this for good purposes,
Gyges took the selfish route, and went to the palace of his kingdom, and actually seduced
the wife of the king. Once done, he then killed the king, and took
the throne for himself. The notion of a ring that turns people invisible
is very familiar to those who know modern literature, as it’s very similar to the “Ring”
from Lord of the Rings. Variations of good and evil can come about
from powerful rings, and in this case, it draws evil tidings onto its user. 6. Mjolnir
One of the most legendary and famed weapons in all of mythology is the hammer known as
Mjolnir. It was given to Thor, son of Odin of the Norse
gods, and was actually a gift from his brother Loki. However, what most people don’t know is the
rather tricky way that Mjolnir got made. Loki had gotten himself into trouble with
Thor after cutting off his wife’s hair as a cruel joke. Thor threatened Loki, and the trickster offered
to go down to the realm of dwarves to commission them to make him some new hair. After seeing the dwarves make this, along
with two other legendary Norse objects, Gungnir (Odin’s personal spear) and Skidbladnir (the
“best of all ships”), Loki decides to bet another group of rival dwarves that they couldn’t
make anything better. However, another dwarf named Eitri creates
extremely fine objects, including a hammer. Since Loki didn’t want to lose the bet,
he turns into a fly and bites the elf on the eye so he messes up the handle, making it
much shorter. Odin then Thor gets the hammer, and while
it was used as a weapon, including killing giants with it and being able to destroy mountains,
Thor also used the hammer to bless people, hold rituals, and rid “chaos” from proceedings. Thus making it a ritual artifact as much as
a weapon. Mjolnir has been interpreted many ways over
the years, including in the famous Marvel incarnation of the character where it was
forged from a dying star and is able to destroy planets. 5. The Hand Of Glory
The Hand Of Glory might just be one of the darkest artifacts ever conceived in European
mythology. It was an item that was created via the hand
of a condemned killer. After being chopped off, and pickled, the
hand was turned into a candle, even using the man’s hair as the wick. Black magic was said to be infused to the
hand/candle, and because of this, whoever so wielded the hand was given special abilities. For example, it could unlock any door that
the user wanted, and even could freeze people in place, making it the perfect tool for any
thief. It could also light up any area, and the light
itself could only be put out by the person who started it. There’s even a recipe from the 1700’s
on how to make your own Hand of Glory! Though dark, the Hand of Glory has been used
in various media, including an appearance in the Harry Potter books, where it would
light up any darkness and allow the user to see no matter what. 4. The Book Of Thoth
Thoth, who resides in the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods, was the god of wisdom and magic. Using his knowledge, he wrote a book, one
that would allow anyone who read it to understand the language of the gods themselves, as well
as speak with any animal on Earth. It also had this promise:
“In it is all the magic in the world. If [you read] the first page, [you will] enchant
the sky, the earth, the abyss, the mountains, and the sea.” What the book didn’t tell people though, was
that there was a catch: Thoth had cursed it. A prince once found the book, and after getting
it, he was forced to kill his family, then kill himself in return. Another prince soon came for the book, but
the ghost of the first prince arrived to stop him from taking it, saving his life. So while the book is full of wonderful things,
no one can read it. 3. Helmet of Darkness
In Greek Mythology, a war broke out between the Gods and the Titans. To tip the scales in their favor, the Gods
released the Cyclopes, who were master forgers. The Cyclops went on to make many legendary
weapons, including the Helmet of Darkness. Whoever put on this helmet would be made invisible
to the entire world. The helmet was used by Hades (God of Death
and the Underworld) many times during the war, and he kept it for himself afterwards. However, when the gods asked him for it, he
gave it. The most legendary of these times was when
the helmet was given to Perseus, who used it to help kill the Gorgon known as Medusa. Which is a story from another video! 2. The Spear of Destiny
When Jesus Christ was crucified by Roman soldiers, many events took place. But, one of the key parts of the crucifixion
was Jesus being pierced in the side by a Roman spear. This spear would later be known to the world
as the “Spear of Destiny”, and many myths and tales have been told about it. Scientists believe the spear did/does exist. It was mentioned in the Bible, and the crucifixion
has been documented by many. Not to mention, that the Spear of Destiny
has been shown and preserved all over the world, or so they claim. As for the mythological powers of the spear,
it’s said that whoever wields the spear can take over and control the world. To that end, many have sought the spear, including
one Adolf Hitler, who famously dabbled in the occult. Supposedly he found the spear and began his
takeover of Europe. Then, when General George Patton took it from
him at the battle of Nuremberg, he soon lost the war. The reason for the spear’s “divine powers”
comes from that of Christ. Since the spear was “imbued” with the blood
of Christ, it made it godly and powerful. Since its legend grew, the Spear of Destiny
has been a source of many tales in various media all over the world. 1. Pandora Box’s
There have been many tales about how the world came into chaos, but one of the most popular
ones of all is that of Pandora’s Box. In Greek Mythology, Pandora was actually the
first woman on Earth. So, to bless her, the gods came together and
gave her a gift. One such god was Zeus, who gave her a jug
that was full of all the “evils” that the world was “saved” from. She was given instructions to not open the
jug under any circumstances. (Over time the jug became a box for simplicity’s
sake) But, as the story went, Pandora got more and more curious as to what was in the
jar/box. So, one day, she opened it, and when she did,
all the evils went out into the world, and it fell into chaos. Ironically, this was actually Zeus’ plan,
he wanted revenge on mankind because of something Pandora’s brother in law had done, and he
knew that there was no way a mere human could resist the call of the mystery box. In modern times, the phrase “opening Pandora’s
Box” is used as a warning. Meaning that if you do something, you might
NOT be able to put back in the “box” what was unleashed. Pandora herself has also been interpreted
in many different ways, including being shown in movies, TV shows, and even comic books. Thanks for watching! Do you think that any of these objects are
actually real? Let me know in the comments below, be sure
to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time!

Otis Rodgers



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