December 6, 2019
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National Faith Homebuyers

my name is Dina Harris and I'm the CEO of National faith homebuyers program national faith homebuyers program is a nonprofit organization and our job is to help families realize the dream of homeownership if you walked in my door and you need its help whether it be homeownership or foreclosure we're going to put our heads together and figure out exactly what you need and how to get you bigger national faith homebuyers has helped multiple families who would never be able to achieve the dream of homeownership we do have a program that covers foreclosure prevention as well foreclosure is a very difficult time in life so when families come in the door we really want them to not feel ashamed so we embrace them the solution isn't always to stay in the home but we try to make it work for the family the team at national faith homebuyers becomes very emotionally invested in the families that we think they're very loving they're very compassionate and they're very respectful of all the clients that come in the door we help any family that walks in the door thousands of families over the years no one is turned away they treated me like one on one I mean they took the time to talk to me and find out my story and they were really really caring people you know I have some medical problems which I you know I won't get in to basically live from house to house to house I've stayed in hotels had nowhere to go so even though basically almost homeless and when I got in contact with national faith homebuyers went through the process of course now me and the family are in here and we have a stable home and good environment for my children and then I don't have to worry about where I'm laying my head which is which is a blessing what they look at is in building you up and you'll be a better person my house is immaculate its god-given my own house they helped in every way from financial banking on up to the actual closing they stayed with me right to the end all you have to do is take a step forward and they'll take two steps for you I love them I really wanted to hire people that come from all walks of life and that have been through some hardship of their own people that have experienced some things in life they are a lot more compassionate I don't think it matters to me if they have a master's degree or if they don't I think it's just important that they have the compassion and the heart to be able to help families it's so it's so surreal now and it's I do I'll call and talk to the inner Kishin I tell them thank you and God bless them again and that they've changed my life I just let them know it then people work hard they were there to help you and they won't quit on you matter of fact they'll do updates on you people would see it and think that it's too good to be true I definitely thought it was too good to be true but no it's not it's the real deal I really didn't believe that it would happen and it did obviously we're sitting here and it's it's it's really unbelievable I it kind of leaves me speechless I mean they changed my life they really did because of our relationships with different municipalities we were able to take a family who virtually would never own a home to homeownership we have huge agency results but we're a tiny agency like today alone we have three closings when we meet with families we put them on a plan to success I think of it as a life plan we identify where they are but the credits looking like we sit together with them and we figure out a plan to achieve homeownership to get them to their dream Deena and I working together over the years we've helped thousands of families from all walks of life foreclosures downpayment assistance for homeownership we've done special events where we have given homes away just recently we did a great project at the Little Caesars Pizza Pole we gave homes away to veteran families people in need I thought he was coming on to the field just a hand off the football for the opening kickoff and boy did they have a surprise at halftime if you all turn your attention to the big screen the house you're looking about has been gifted to them the greatest blessing the Deen I always talk about is when you do something for somebody that it can never be repaid that's the greatest blessing of all to us if you want to own a home if you're losing your home the first step is to call us don't sit back in and think about it I always tell families don't talk yourself out of a blessing it's so be the blessings in it you can't imagine the the hope that we give in the hope that I see in family's eyes we're changing communities one family at a time it's really emotional to be honest with you it's it's been a little over six months now and it's still sinking in I still sometimes when I come up to the house I look at it and I'll be the tear in my eye can't really even believe that it's real still even though I'm living here and my things are here it's still hard to believe that it really happened national faith homebuyers has helped thousands realize the dream of homeownership even when they thought it was impossible we've helped thousands save their home and avoid foreclosure even when they thought it was impossible the best part all of our services are free we help people from all walks of life regardless of race age or gender come to us for help and we'll go to work for you for free National faith homebuyers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping you build a better tomorrow call us so we can get started today

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