April 7, 2020
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News 6 Investigates: Sexual Abuse Confession

tonight prosecutors are trying to put an accused child molester in prison and they say they need a central Florida priest to help by taking the stands but now all new at 11 a court has ruled the priests will not be required to testify new six investigator Mike DeForest shows us why the Catholic Church generally prohibits priests from discussing anything they learn during confession including allegations of child sexual abuse tonight a Florida appeals court has ruled that in one local case the priests right to religious freedom outweighs the needs of prosecutors three years ago a Central Florida girl went to church with a troubling secret during confession she reportedly told her priest that she had been sexually molested by a relative Lauren Burton who has pleaded not guilty when Burton goes on trial prosecutors say they need the priest to take the witness stand since he is the only person who can corroborate the alleged victim story they’re trying to prosecute a an accused sex offender that’s accused of the most heinous Grievous sex crimes against a child but even though the alleged victim has given the priests permission to disclose her confession attorneys representing father Vincenzo ronke say doing so would lead to his excommunication from the church what the Catholic Church has essentially asserted here is that the seal of the confessional is unbreakable tonight the fifth District Court of Appeal has ruled in favor of the priest saying his force testimony would violate the Florida Religious Freedom Restoration Act that 1998 law states the government shall not substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion and what it establishes is a two-part test one does the government have a compelling reason for the steps they’re taking and two is that action that the government seeking to take the least restrictive action that they can take the court determined the government does have a compelling interest in prosecuting sex offenses against children but the judges believe the state can achieve that by putting the alleged victim on the witness stand who is now an adult so they’re basically saying that the priests testimony is not essential here and of course the state’s position is completely divergent the office of orange Osceola County State Attorney aramis I Ella which is prosecuting this case says they need the priests testimony to win a conviction tonight they are not giving up a state attorney spokesperson tells me they will be challenging this new court ruling Mike DeForest News 6

Otis Rodgers