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Nice – the Russian Cathedral is reborn – LUXE.TV

the Russian Cathedral of nice is reborn the Russian Cathedral of st. Nicholas has rediscovered the luster of its creation from 1912 it’s the most visited place of the French Riviera with more than 250,000 visitors per year the cathedral was built on the spot where the eldest son of Tsar Alexandra II died attached to the patriarchate of constantinople until 2011 it officially became the property of the Russian Federation on April 10th 2013 after a long legal battle confirmed three times it was the property of the Russian Federation in the period in between the Moscow Patriarchate was in charge of the administrative and cultural duties of the building and had received the keys on December 15th 2011 the state of the interior and exterior of the building required urgent and important renovations the Russian Federation decided to finance and manage the large-scale renovations over two long years of work between the end of 2013 and spring 2016 for a total cost of almost 14 million euros more than 100 people worked on the repairs and the result is simply stunning the Russian community now shares the feeling of a rediscovered space deified by a perfectly controlled light that seems to come down from heaven the eyes wander over the Forgotten
frescoes now meticulously revived all over the walls and it’s Majestic ceilings that highlight the bright sweetness of the iconostasis with its beautiful icons to celebrate this renewal and fund the operation of the building the association of the Friends of the Russian Cathedral of Nice the ACRN organized a big charity event on Ascension Day in the Julian calendar more than 300 people have contributed financially to the organization of the gala dinner held in the royal salon of the legendary Negresco Hotel in Nice what is Nice without its Russian Cathedral it is once again found its splendor and grace thanks to the Russian
Federation and we all thank them we are gathered here today to celebrate the reopening of the most beautiful and biggest Russian cathedral outside of Russia. And the peculiarity of this French language practiced by Russia is to have understood through language our mentality and we have understood many times the mentality that is French because we share something strong we are too peasant peoples French and Russian who are tied to their lands Rushar in the French Riviera is a long love story a timeless love splendid parties and relaxing langa Alexandra Feodorovna, widows of Nicholas the first, who opened the balls during the 1850s long before the arrival of the English brought in her wake the aristocracy of our country for the French Riviera mesmerizes everyone July 10th 1850 elects hasn’t a revolutionary and exile sighs finally I am here again in this hot and fragrant City that’s so calm in 1911 there are more than 156 Russians in the South of France then 2,000 in 1923 and more than 5,000 in 1930 today more than a quarter of the 200,000 russians present in france live in the french riviera mainly in Nice, Montell, Antibes and Cannes Russians give willingly to their cathedral as emphasized by Dimitri Romanovitch Romanov Prince of Russia what you keep for yourself you may lose while what you give to others you always keep fagala dinner on ascension day allowed thanks to the generosity of its participants to continue the efforts to make the russian cathedral of Nice one of the most beautiful examples of orthodox architecture in the world. Now, the next time you’re in Nice check out the prestigious st. Nicholas Russian Cathedral if you haven’t done so already

Otis Rodgers



  1. Pierre de Fermor Posted on June 20, 2016 at 11:47 am

    Thanks to the 300 participants to this charity event arranged by ACRN on June 9th 2016 at The Negresco in Nice!

  2. Antimproc Posted on August 26, 2019 at 6:08 pm

    Stolen church, the evidence put to the French Courts by the Kremlin Property Department was a pack of perjuries.