January 18, 2020
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OCCULT Expert Breaks Down the Science of MIND CONTROL Methodology, Satanic Ritual Abuse Part 1

Today on Edge of Wonder. we expose a hidden topic
that no one dares talk about. the taboo subject of satanic
ritual abuse. Our special guest for today
is Justin Deschamp. who talks about satanic
ritual abuse or sra. what it is, what
it does to people. and how it is spread outside
the 13 family bloodlines. We also talk about real cancer treatments that
you won’t find in any hospital. but be warned. this series may not be
for the faint of heart. Now if you’re ready to go
dark and deep with us. here’s another mind blowing episode
on the Edge of Wonder. Hey everybody. welcome to an episode
of Edge of Wonder. We’re here with
Justin Deschamp. who’s founder of Stillness
in the Storm. and we’re about to have an awesome
conversation on beards. I have one of them. Just kidding. actually we’re going to
talk about something rather controversial. especially right now,
satanic ritual abuse. which is also known as SRA. Justin actually knows
quite a bit about this. and we wanted to
ask him questions. and help you guys understand
what is satanic ritual abuse. what are the effects
in society right now. and whether or not it’s real and whether or not there’s things that
we ourselves should be worried about. and whether to take
it seriously or not. So Justin thanks a lot
for being here really. Glad to be here. It’s great having you. So why don’t you just tell us
what satanic ritual abuse is. and just how it’s
spread to the people. Well satanic ritual abuse is. what basically happened is families
who have a personal agenda. they pass on their personal agenda through
abusing their own family members. so they keep people in
the agenda of the family. the cabal family, the
deep state family. the shadow government,
the illumidonkey. all these various types of orders
for control in opposition society. In order to keep
people in the ranks. They have to actually
control their minds. they have to do mind control
programming on. so what satanic ritual abuse is a
set of ritualized methods of basically ancient mind control
reaching back thousands of years. that they programmed
into a set of rituals. now it’s interesting from the
research I’ve done is that, most of the people in
these dynastic families. they don’t actually understand the way
the mind control works. they are just traditions, like familiar with traditions. And that’s actually part
of the programming. the mystique is to get somebody to believe
in the the grandiosity of the power of the programming. and then through the power of their own conscience
and free will they make it a reality. So from a
cultural standpoint. satanic ritual abuse uses the narrative of satanism
that there is this dark lord Lucifer or Baal or Belial
that they worship. and he’s the central nexus
of their certain power. and then through these various demonic entities
they can call forth to have power in realms either
to influence people to do voodoo or
things like this. or to just keep their own
family members in line. so satanic ritual abuse
deals with not only the how to keep the family
members in line. but also had actually
to call forth what might be called like magical
or dark magical power. necromantic powers the
ghosts and spirits to pull forth do something
for the practitioner. Geez. Very interesting. So some not so friendly stuff. Yeah, that’s for sure. Now you’ve mentioned some families right. or like keeping it in the family. does it happen to people outside of those families
too or are we just looking at mostly like generational
kind of thing. and is it mostly like the 13 families that
are doing this kind of thing. like what’s your take on that. It is mostly kept in the family but people who
interact with the family have to go through some level of abuse
and programming. so basically the kind of the distinction
you can make is that. if you’re going to interact in any way
shape or form with the agenda. you’re going to have to go through
some form of abuse. it might not necessarily be satanic
ritual abuse . might be some other
form of abuse. but the abuse is going to be there. I would say that the satanic
form of the abuses more related to the religious micro
culture of the family. So every family has a
tradition right. You might be Christian. you might be Jewish. buddhist whatever it is. And that culture that
tradition is literally gonna shape the culture of your
familial environment. which will determine the values and the behaviors of the people that are
raised in that environment right. So the same thing happens in
the satanic families. except the religion is satanism. Have you caught any of that new show
Sabrina the Teenage Witch? I haven’t, this has been
on my queue though. Actually I’ve been
watching it. Yeah because I wanted to see what the heck
was going on with that show. Because I mean, one of our recent episode, we did this cover about witches and I mean
they bring in the main demon, in the show? In the show. Dude, it’s full on. And my take on it has been that the
show is actually an accurate representation of what happens in these
families just like what you are talking about. Sure yes. It’s just their culture like it’s a
religion like anything else. they’re saying you know creeps
me and craps like that. Really saying that. They are saying that you chose the path of the
night or do you follow light. and then it’s like everyone is
choosing the dark. Obviously like I’m watching it just because I’m trying
to figure it out what’s going on. but it’s astounding how they’re
trying to get this culture into like. In my understanding of it is they’re
trying to normalize this. They want it in people’s consciousness to be like
oh it’s just a TV show. it’s ok. I have kids watching it. Then there are gonna be kids walking around
saying praise Satan now like what the heck. Exactly, it’s funny I talked to a friend of
mine at a coffee shop and I was telling her about the Obama
yes we can. which if you play backwards
sounds like thank you satan. I don’t know if you’ve
heard about it. I have heard about that. So yeah look that up if you
guys have a chance. it’s pretty distinct. So I was telling her about it and I thought her
response is going to be like oh my god that’s so reprehensible. she’s like I love Obama even more. Yeah that was her response. So if you need any more proof that they’re
promulgating propaganda and selling the satanic ideology to society. Here it is. What does sra do to people. Satanic ritual abuse basically what it
does at a fundamental level or where they were talking about
somebody is deep in it. there is an actual member of the
illumidonkey or the cabal Or there are just somebody who’s coming
peripherally as it destroys their ability to self evaluate. destroys their sense of autonomy. So psychologically . you need your sense of
timing to do everything. So when we talk about timing. it’s your sense of confidence in your own
abilities to do what you’re doing. and part of that is intrinsic value. so you need to be able to evaluate
your own personal behaviors. your desires how well you do
them on your own ground. and if you can’t do that. then now you’re dependent
on somebody else. But basically what it does is that it
creates a break in the personality so because you have
no grand personality. all these personalities together. You get multiple personality disorder
borderline personality disorder. so literally your personality get
shattered through the ritual abuse, whether it’s from childhood or
you get subjected to it as adulthood, You go through some extreme trauma
that breaks down your personality and now the neurologically
what’s happening. you have the the hindbrain
the reptilian brain. your limbic brain in the middle
that manages your emotions. and then you have the neocortex
and prefrontal cortex. the prefrontal cortex that’s where all of
the executive decision making is happening. so when you’re conscious. when you’re in a beta state,
when your lucid. when you’re be able
to think rationally. then your conscious mind,
your human self. your soul is making the
decisions right. If you subjects somebody to enough trauma than
that shuts down literally that part of the brain breaks down. now it’s only the hindbrain and the
limbic brain that’re firing. and those animalistic centers
of the brain. and those parts they actually contain a kind of
like primordial personality. it’s like built in stuff right. Built in like in the way this works is that
every time you face a challenge in your life, you create a personality structure. An ego structure to deal with
whatever that challenge is. and that little installs
itself in your biology. So this is dissociative identity
disorder right. also known as multiple
personality disorder right. Exactly, also like trauma
based mind control too. that’s what I’ve heard a lot with of these
ritual abuse type of things. because through the
trauma aspect. they control that person’s
decisions like knowing what that person is going
to be doing. how they’re going to be making
decisions in the future. and they can control them from
that point on. Exactly yeah the technique or the method
for breaking down a personality is trauma. you destroy the personality through
some type of trauma. it could be something like one of the things
I discovered in MK ultra was if you put somebody through sensory
deprivation from 40 to 48 hours. And you know they can still eat
and do things like this. but they have no sensation. they have this opaque mask over their face. everything’s blurred. they have white noise in their ears. they have these desensitization
patterns in their body. You put somebody in that condition 48 hours
and they literally crack psychologically. and now the proposed
personality breaks down. That’s just two days. just imagine ritual abuse then right. I mean trauma based abuse I mean the things
that they do if you want to look more into this. Fritz Springmeier put out a book
“The Illumi*** formula used to create an undetectable total
mind controlled slave” and the things that they talks about But I mean I won’t mention necessarily
but they involve like torturing somebody taking
somebody’s puppy or cat. and killing it in front of them. And be like this is what you did. see which you did. You know we can get into all the details of
how that works like a library. but the effect is to create dissociative personality
disorder or borderline personality disorder. which is to get into that for a moment. You need like I was saying. you have all of these ego personality types
that are managing your life. so right now I’m in talking mode. when you talk, I go into
listening mode right. Well if you need a host personality to manage
all those different ego personality types. and if you don’t, then you get like stuck in one. and then when you go to switch. this is what happens to borderline
personality types often, as they go to switch between
one personality. they have this like moments of deep anxiety
and kind of uncertainty, and that comes with a lot of negative emotions
and how they feel threatened by the world. So yeah this can create all sorts of issues, where your ability to manage yourself in various life
situations breaks down fundamentally. now you need some external sources
to help you manage that. and that’s the whole point, break you down, break your personality down, so somebody else can come in
and use you for their own purposes. Okay so in terms of when this is
happening to someone, what are the short term effects and
the long term effects of this. Well somebody’s gonna have what
would be called a contact with malevolence in a psychological frame so, let’s give an example because that
will be easier to understand. so let’s say. somebody kidnapped you off the street. get you in a black van. When you wake up. you are in some torture chamber
or something like that. They take your dog that you love
and they put it in front of you. say listen we need you to kill and torture
this other person if you don’t. we’re gonna kill and torture your dog. So you’re confronted with a huge choice. a choice that you don’t really know how to deal
with at a psychological level. it’s a fait accompli. you don’t need a choices acceptable. so that literally break down a
person’s psychology. they go into a fight or
flight response. an extreme fight or
flight response. so what happens is the
neocortex shuts down. literally the soul at a spiritual level,
the soul leaves. and now the animalistic imprints of
the personality are there. the alter personalities. so what this looks like from an outside
perspective as a person. is really unsettled. they’re in what’s called the spastic tone so their palms are sweating. their heartbeats racing all the time. they’re in a fight or flight response. their eye pupils are really dilated. they’re just kind of like frantic. and they can’t keep themselves stable
at any point of time. they might be doing a lot of self
petting behaviors like this. rocking back and forth. or biting the fingernails. or extreme forms of self petting like
cutting things like this. So that’s when they’re in the throes of
the personality disturbance. Depending on the nature of the
programming they’re receiving. they either receive programming
that give them stability. so for example if they’re trying
to program somebody to become a sex kitten or
something like this. they’ll encourage them to
do certain behaviors. anything outside of the behavior. they get scolded right. so they’ll be a figure in that scenario. because these involved
like narratives right. where the master controller is
like the mommy or daddy that’s encouraging them to
do the good behavior. and then there’s like a bad cop behind them
kind of like whipping them into shape. So the person will start to move
towards the good behavior. and then they’ll be
encouraged a little bit. so if that’s the case. the disturbance can be
someone hard to notice because the person’s moving into
the program’s personality. and they’ll seem stable. but as soon as you peck at the
stability of the personality. it starts to break down. Well if you want to do a different
type of programming. it causes more long term disturbance. so this can be I would say
if you’re noticing somebody who their personality like it just
changed fundamentally. it’s like all of a sudden they’re just not
the same person anymore. It’s because they’re in the throes of some
deep personality disturbance. they might be hyper reactionary where
you know if you don’t complement them or say the right thing. Then all of a sudden really defensive
and jumping down your throat something like that. And as time goes on. that just becomes an instantiated
part of their personality. we know it as narcissism right. eventually this is kind of like the screwed
up part of consciousness so to speak. your consciousness will get
used to normalize anything over a long enough time. So they keep these conditions usually for
anywhere from a week to 90 days. 90 days is how long it takes for a program
to bet itself on your biology. And then the person might develop
a somewhat stable personality. but you can tell
something’s really changed. they’re really hyper sensitive
to their environment. they become hyper dependent
on the routines. very similar to
an artistic person. so if you look at the psychology of an aesthetic person. the way they put their knife and
fork on the table. and the music they listen to. and the rituals they have kinda keep
their psychology in place. and your move those rituals and a person… yeah I used to work with autistic people
and I mean that was exactly and especially this one guy. everything had to be just
the way he wanted it. and anything was slightly off. he would get pretty violent
and defensive about it. But the other guy I worked with. he was more open and playful
and fun and and whatever. but the other guy he was very
very like you know. Yeah, that’s exactly it. So this next part I actually
want to read this. because this is kind of nuts. but if you do a search for sra on Google. almost every link you find
in the first few pages basically says it’s nothing
more than social dilution That’s where I call it right. So some use terms like
American fear mongering. like they actually put
American in front of it yeah. and I’ve seen moral panic, satanic panic. many of the reports say that
the allegations are empty. and point to disassociate mental disorder
as being the cause not actually satanic ritual abuse. so I wanted to know what is
your response to this. and what is your response to people who
want to actually research this. where should they go to
find out the truth. because to me it looks like there’s just a bunch of crap
on Google when you actually go to search for this. Well the short answer is there was a
PsyOps done on the world. specifically about satanic ritual abuse. that happened to me which is
what I was referring to. basically two kind of forms of satanic
ritual abuse people encounter . they’re trying to research this stuff. there is the debunked version. the PsyOps version right. which is what you found and
then there’s the real version. which is more of the monarch mind
control programming. dynastic family occult all that stuff. so the satanic panic, I mean my theory I’ll present to you my
theory what I think happened. which is that they use that as the PsyOps
to condition people out of taking interest in these issues. so they have what psychologists call
the false knowledge anchor. so if I can presents to you
a series of information. but you think it’s unreal and
fictional like a movie for example. you’ll have the information. you’ll be conditioned to it. but your bias towards it being false
and actually compartmentalize it in your… just basically what Hollywood does. Exactly. So this is what happened. in the early eighties. I believe it’s 1980, a group of psychologists about 14 of them, started doing extreme forms regression therapy
hypnotherapy on people. these people were either adults like 20-30 years
old up to like 40-50 or they were young children. And they were to regress them and they’d use
fairly suggestive techniques to coax out information. and they started to peruse thousands of
cases of the satanic ritual abuse which the story kind of went like this. for women they tend to be women, they would be raised in this family, there’d be horribly sexually abused, they had witnessed like child sacrifice, all sorts of horrible things like this. Usually at the hands of their own parents. they’d be impregnated and you know I mean
the stories get really graphic. so I’m not sure if you want it out there. It’s just what’s interesting about
what you’re saying is, it almost sounds like they’re planting ideas
in people of things that actually happened. specifically to make it so that no one
will believe that those things are actually true. Because that’s what the families do right
like everything you’re talking about, you’re talking about impregnating even
your own children sometimes and sacrificing the children. I mean that’s what
they’re talking about. It’s in one of these research that I’ve been doing. A lot of what we’ve been seeing too is
that since all the stuff is very satanic. it’s the opposite of
what the Bible teaches. I mean whether you believe in
Christianity or whatever. it’s like these guys are looking at from
what the opposite perspective. so there’s like a few sins that they believe
just can not be forgiven. Which would be like
killing your first born. killing your parents, drinking blood. sacrifice, incest. covering your neighbor’s wife
I mean things like this. so when you’re hearing about families
that are doing this to their own children. and then it gets out in society. I mean the first reaction
people have is this can’t be true. this is just too extreme, too much. but I mean we personally
have talked to people. we actually know somebody who… I actually have a personal friend who
at young age who was not directly involved but saw some of these things playing out
and of course no one believe them. because they’re young. and everyone is like oh you’re a kid. you don’t know what happened. you’re probably seeing it wrong or whatever. and when more people start talking about it. then they come out with this
PsyOps things like they’re just kids. we can’t believe what kids are saying. Remember what happened in the Salem witch trials. Exactly right. I mean that is what happened right. and then we heard that they even bring in
like more extreme things for the kids. so when they bring this up. then it’s like you’re definitely delusional. This is insane. like we’ve heard a story where they
killed an elephant in front of a kid. so then when a kid saying this. It’s like how in the world today
do they even have an elephant. so this can’t be real. but if you have all of these different
kids saying the same thing. explaining exactly what happened. that’s when you start looking at this. Like where they get the elephant from. I have another friend too who
was abused at very young age. same thing, very similar situations. and no one believed her
even growing up. it wasn’t she got older or even
her own mother was like. her understanding with
her mother was like, I just didn’t want to believe it was true, and who does want to
believe it’s true, That’s what they are playing off, it’s incredulity bias. I love my mom to death, but she has a hard time
watching our show, because it’s like you’re
presented with this stuff, and you’re just
like my head hurts. It’s like you know I mean she’s
an amazing woman, but sometimes I’ll just try to get her different
documentaries to watch. and she’ll just be like, I can’t believe this right. It’s hard for society when you start
talking about these things, even with our show it’s hard for people
to really accept what’s going on. And so you have to break
things down, and I think that’s what we’re
try to do on the show. that’s part of what they do is they
make the story so incredulous, so unbelievable, that most people just
they don’t wanna to look at it. and that actually is a component out of
the very technique they used to break somebody in the first place. you push them through an
experience that is unbelievable. and their psychology breaks down. because your beliefs literally govern
your ability to manage reality. So with the the satanic ritual abuse or
the sra PsyOps in the eighties. the satanic panic. they presented all this
information as if it was true. medical institutions are buying into it. psychologists were investigating it. police and government officials. the FBI was investigating it. I mean everybody took it very
seriously for about 8 years. And then what started to happen was . what’s interesting is all of these cases only
came from 14 psychologists. so my theory is that these 14 psychologists
were planted to find victims whether real or fabricated to present to the public
as real so you get all these people buying. and that’s what happened. there was a whole campaign actually. it was called believe the kids campaign. because these other psychologists are to come out
and say hey wait a minute. the way you guys are getting this information
is kind of dubious. and all of the people who were empathizing
compassion with the children like, no no we just got to believe the kids. don’t even question it. So what is the punchline. well at the end of the eighties. now there’s this counter movement
of people started to say. wait a minute. there’s really no substance
to these claims guys. because the FBI police have
done investigation. they couldn’t find anything. but are there really evidence of
any satanic ritual abuse. they couldn’t substantiate any
of the claims whatsoever. but says so, like says the FBI. right yeah exactly yeah. so if you trust the police. Those intelligence agencies. You know so at the end of it, and this is the punchline. you get people to buy
into something. invest emotion into it, then you make them look
like fools for believe in it. yeah that’s what happened, and to this day, anybody who even remotely describes anything
related satanic ritual abuse is considered foolish. and you’d be an idiot
to believe them. and that’s the world
we’re living in today. Well and never mind the
psychologist aspect of this. so we haven’t even started to
talk about Freud you guys. Freud is a bag of cats, and if we start to talk about
who he was connected to, and all the different things that have gone down
and the things that actually injected into our culture, I mean a lot of what we all believe
is related to his work, it’s just it was an enormous PsyOps. Also I mean you start seeing I mean, we’re doing all these episodes on the
bloodlines and committee of 300, and when you start seeing the connections
of who he is really tied to, You just can see the pathway right too. sure and it’s hard to tell who he is. I mean it was he an actual
willing participant in this, Was it just another pond
that we stepped into it, Was he also someone who’s being totally. there would always be a certain
amount of speculation because finding that information
would be nearly impossible with the way that they constructed
that whole thing. but the point is people should look at that right. if we don’t look at that. we’re dumb. and that’s the thing that I don’t
think people understand. and normally what I find when people are
researching all of these things. even investigative journalist. I’m always very just shocked at
how superficial. Yes you guys hear the dog, so now
there’s a dog and a kid. so we were talking a little bit about
Freud and we were talking about how if you want to look into some of
these folks in history. you’ve laid out a lot of information and
doctrine that have actually guided a lot of different things. you really need to look into these things
yourself and and we were talking about this. it’s almost impossible to find
out the actual truth. because it’s been so hidden. but you really have to look into who
the people were connected with. and dive deep into that. and not be superficial like a lot of
these other journalists are. and how they’re looking at these
things and covering them. you really have to be more even more
responsible and dive even deeper. because if you just look at the surface. and you just take credible people in
the industry who also could be connected to these things. That’s exactly I was gonna say. because you have to look at also
the whole spectrum of this. who’s looking into this. what are they associated with. who were their friends. What other aspects have
they even reported on. and how they reported on it. There’s going to be trash
among the diamonds right. and it’s very hard to
find those diamonds. that’s the way it is
right now right. and so like you have to wade
through a lot of this dirty stuff. and it’s absolutely like that and you will
find this if you look into these things. especially with some of these issues that
the deep state would try to hide. for instance, satanic ritual abuse. or how they’re controlling things, anything to do with a lot of these
big meetings that they have, I don’t want to mention them but sure
you all know what I’m talking about. It’s critically important and just
add a little point that I study a lot of philosophy particularly of epistemology. and epistemology is the study of how do you
know if something is true or not. so it’s basically we’re talking about
the science of discernment, and discernment isn’t like this wishy washy
thing where your discernment method only works for you and you have a completely different method. now that’s not the way it works. there really is like an objective process. so part of that process is developing
your philosophic skills. I do actually interpret information. if you just believe what somebody else says
where you’re taking their belief and now it becomes yours. you don’t really have
intrinsic understanding. this is what media now is based on. Exactly right. so don’t believe anything
I’m saying blindly. take it as bread crumbs to do your
own personal research. ask yourself how do I even
know this is true. and the key I think is being
okay with uncertainty. and asking questions. Asking questions is the
most important thing. and just understanding that
your understanding is limited. and being like I can always learn more
and just being open to new information. but also being careful about the information
that you let in all the time. yeah actually if you go to my website. stillnessinthestorm.com I have an article on how to discern. and I put like all of the choice
discernment tips on there. amazing resource. what else is on there. actually tell us a little bit about it. a bunch of stuff. if you go to the start here tab. I basically cover a lot of
news and media. but I also interlaced with that like
really deep rich content. personal research I’m doing. or the research pieces that I found that are
really powerful or just really good information. so on the “start here” tab is like all of the choice
stuff I’ve been accumulating over the past 10 years of research. Tell us a little bit about yourself. a little bit about your journey
and how you got here. what you want to do. and kind of what you want to see
in the next couple years. I started my journey in 2010. I was a really heavy
science minded person. I was an atheist for
most of my life. And then I discovered
cures for cancer. discovered Max Gerson. and that completely shook
me to my foundations. I thought I know science. I would have heard about a
cure for cancer if it existed. I saw this movie. I’m like wait a minute. there must be a cure for
cancer because it sounds. my science mind is like. I’m really jiving with the principles. my program self was like. no it can’t be true. cuz I didn’t hear about it on the news. Well flash like a year later. I got into you know the occult symbolism. I got into the dark. the deep state, cabal. I got back in spirituality and realized
that I seem to have this almost intuitive gift of just being drawn to bodies of information and being able to research and distill that
so I can share with other people. that’s something I’ve always
had the ability to do. I’m not like granding myself. it’s just something I have. it’s sorely needed. it is and it seems to be a
need that’s out there. so I’m like you know maybe my part and role
to play in this is to go out there. looking to the nastiest. darkest places that need to be found
until figure out what is the ultimate solution to all of the problems we
could possibly face. and that is basically been my mission
for the past 8 years. And I developed stillnessinthestorm in 2013
as a way to basically take what I was researching on myself. and just put it out there for the world. and then I kind of took on a
life with someone. I wasn’t expecting a
response from that. and then I started to put more higher level
distillations of information. because I’m a really archetypal
kind of abstract thinker. I like to take a whole bunch of
pieces of information. put them on the table. I ask myself. all these related and how can I get a glimpse
of greater grander truth from that. and I basically have been
doing that for years. and now my premiere
focuses is on 3 fields. it’s philosophy, psychology and law. I think these are the 3 big solutions for
every problem that we have. so if you have a great
solution for something. eventually you’re gonna have to talk
to somebody about it right. And now you have to
understand psychology. you have to have that
command there. how do you know your
solution is really great. you have to have
philosophy. you have to be able to interpret the reality
to see if it’s really what you think it is. and then you need law because law is the
thing that governs everything, particularly human interactions. how can we actually create a unity that gives
us the tools to solve all of our problems. that’s where law comes in. and those are the 3 things
I’m focusing on now in my work. It’s interesting you brought
up the cancer aspect. I actually have the stuff. This is like 2006 I think but one of my friend’s
dog had a tumor and my friend’s girlfriend’s mother got
this stuff that we’re like. I don’t even know how she got it. some Indian guy in
Minnesota or something. Seriously I don’t know. This story is going well. So anyway we got the stuff. and we were like should we use
it on the dog or whatever. we actually documented it. and within 10 days. this black stuff on it opened up. The dog like no blood but you can
see all the muscle and everything. Tumor just comes up, falls out. and you put the stuff on it within 15 days. the tumor was out and
completely sealed up. So Ben where can I get more of this. Because I want to bathe in it. so I’ve been having this stuff
for a while in my house. I have like no idea where
it is right now . but I mean I know 100 percent
for sure that this exists. and the stuff is out there. There’s a lot of fake stuff now. people are like they’ve created things
and it has caused problems with people. I didn’t. I have not really given this to anybody
because it’s kind of a… Weird gift?It’s not that. it’s like there’s potentials
of things going wrong. But it frustrates me when I see
people who have cancer dying and there are simple cures out there that
they’re not making any money from because it would completely cure a person. and it’s pretty seems
pretty simple to make. it is made of just
basic ingredients. and it’s like people are paying a fortune. they’re suffering and they are dying. we have this stuff and that’s one of the
things we’re interviewing Emery Smith and he was really talking about it. I was like I know the stuff exists. because I’ve seen it personally. yeah exactly. I mean that’s what you’re describing is
what I call conceptual controversy. so how does the awakening happening. it’s something in your belief system can’t
explain what you’re seeing in reality. so you have to go within. it’s a micro narcissism moment. you’re like wait a minute what is
actually happening here. my maps of meaning to explain what
I’m seeing just start lining up here. And if that happens
at a deep enough level. it shakes us to our foundations. and that’s what happened to me in 2010. I mean I was like. if there are half a million people dying
every year from a treatable disease that we’ve had a cure for since 1928. because when Gerson
came out with his cure. and he testified before Congress in 1946
and told them we’re not gonna take your cure here because
we can make money off of it basically. I’m like what else is going on here. to get back to the mind control sra aspect. the whole point is creating
a manufactured reality. so that reality is so fragile and that’s the thing
you use to navigate your life. that stepping out of that feels so incredibly
disturbing that most people just run for the hills. and they just say you know what . I can’t process this, it might be true. but I just can’t handle it. and I’ll never look into that it. I mean like going with this. I remember in the nineties. hearing about organizations like the
cancer cure organizations like. by the year 2002, we should have a cure for this. And it’s like ok. 2002 went way past when you’re still saying like we need money for this. and oh by 2030 we’ll have a cure for this. I’m still wondering what happened with y2k. Never mind that. And that’s why you gotta develop
personal ability to praise reality. your own personal truth
seeking process. I think a lot of people are waking up. We’re seeing now, so many of our followers. Even people that we’re so sure it was a certain
way or watching some stuff now and they’re questioning things and that’s
like the best thing that you can possibly hear. even just simply asking questions that
you’ve never thought about asking before is a beginning step
and it’s a great step. because once you’re on that point. then you’re gonna start
researching on your own. and you’re not gonna listen to
everything that you’re hearing. or just deny everything that you’re hearing. You’re gonna be like okay let me
look into this a little bit more. and I often say this like we don’t
know how brainwashed we are. no one does and that’s where I feel
like everyone has this issue especially now with all the polarization
happening politically and all of those things. Like all of us have
been through this. like why are we
fighting one another. like we’ve all been
through the same thing. you’re literally in the same camp on
a different side of it and that’s it. We’ve all been conditioned
with the same things. it’s just our belief systems has
guided us a different way and some of us are trying to break out
of it a little bit more than others. but we should be trying to help one
another with this information. I’m just like headbudding one another
for no reason is really ridiculous. I think this is ultimately
what the cabal fears. if so many people came together and
we’re like hey wait a minute. there’s a whole group of us. if we put our minds to something we
can do anything we really wanted to. and this is the ultimate fear
I think they have. is that realizing that we are
really the 99 percent. you’re the one percent. if we can realize that and understand
how much collective consciousness if we put our mind into something. how much we can shift our
reality over in a day. It would, it would. I wrote an article last year called the keys to
abundance and I described trust, law and hell. Law is actually the kind of mechanical recipe
for how to have more free will beings. pool their consciousness together to manifest
a reality that they want. Think about it. we’re all affected by poisoned food. we’re all affected by poisoned media. we’re all affected by poisoned water. we don’t have truly nurturing culture that
supports us to maximize our soul potential. We have a database system monitor. the list of problems we’re all facing. we can go on for hours about it. yet I’m squabbling about whether or not
you support Trump or not. or whether or not you
think Q is real or not. or whether or not you believe in this version of
extraterrestrials vs this guy’s version of extraterrestrials. Let’s stop waving our truth
flags in front of each other. let’s put them in the ground. and let’s all work together around them
and see we can do together. Also on the extraterrestrial subject. they’re real. But like who cares how many there are. There’s a probably a lot of them. the universe is huge. How about we fix humans a little bit,
it’s bad out there. okay so first before we wrap this up. is there anything else that you’d like to say
about satanic ritual abuse that you’d like our audience to know more about. Satanic ritual abuse sounds really horrible
and the technique of satanic ritual abuse. hijacks an organic spiritual process that’s
built into the fabric of reality. So when you’re researching the stuff. you’ll be tempted to label certain
behaviors as bad or good. your remember that’s not how it works. So it’s not that they use a pentagram in their ritual and therefore the power of what makes satanic
ritual abuse powerful is the pentagram. no that’s just a prop. ultimately all satanic ritual abuse. all mind control is based on what
you might call like a PsyOps. and so describe this let me just lay
out something briefly here. most monarch based mind
control programming takes a child usually anywhere
from 2 to 6 years old. And they go through some ritual where this
grand wizard is supposedly calling for these demonic powers. they’re invoking the spirit of Lucifer. Belial or something like that. and this power is coming through
the necromancer the wizard. and they’re torturing the child
like look how powerful I am. how amazing I
developed this power. That’s bs. It’s all designed to get the child to believe
that the wizard has power. and then through their own belief. they schism as their own personality and
then you can go anywhere from there wherever they want to take it. All of this mind control programming is
mainly designed to get you to believe that the power that’s controlling
your mind is in the symbol. it’s in the TV show you’re watching. it’s in the poisoned food, it’s in harp. I mean whatever thing outside of you. it’s not really there. it’s you it’s all window dressing. it’s all theater to make you believe that
the power comes from the ritual itself. so that’s the biggest piece of
advice I would say. it’s not Satan, it’s not the
guy with the devil horns. it’s not that, that’s all just theater. so don’t equate the evil
with the symbol. equate the evil with the wrong ideas being
lived out in the people that are confused. Cool interesting. And it’s just last question. what is your personal
philosophy on life. like what keeps you motivated
to keep doing what you’re doing. talking about this? wow that’s a great question. Let’s see. This will be an episode too. Like I like popsicles. My kind of personal philosophy is. I feel like with the power of my consciousness. there’s nothing I can’t do. So any challenge that I have. I interpret it as this is divine providence. so people tend to think divine providence
as you getting lucky and not having to do work. that’s not real divine providence. thank you for saying that. We agree 100 percent. Divine providence is you’re on a mission. you’re here to live out some very specific
thing that only you can do. So life is going to give you a set of challenges
that if you’re willing to embrace those challenges. you’ll actualize your personality potentials. you actually bring your
higher self into the physical. And you’ll live out your sole mission. so my philosophy in life is that everything
I experience is actually part of this grand show the Truman show
I guess you could say. where I’m being challenged and
encouraged to make spiritual choices. and so that’s basically the
way I look at life. it’s like everything that I go through. If you think about like what
different great philosophers and people throughout history have said
that this world is a delusion right. so let’s say that’s true. and some people say oh
it’s a projection but it’s not. I don’t think it is. they don’t need it to be a projection. but it’s like if you can make those
choices within this right. then you’re actually making good
on everything that you came to do. Right, exactly, right. it’s about embracing that challenge. I think the challenge is make you
a stronger person and make you understand more about really
what it is that you want. when you get that. when you overcome the challenge. that’s where the feeling of like wow. you’ve obtained it. Without those challenges. it’s like you’re kind of going through life. and you’re not really learning
anything along the away. you don’t appreciate the success of
overcoming those challenges. And for people who are having a hard
time overcoming those things. I think it’s really important to remember
a couple of things that are extremely important. which is like forgiveness and
compassion to people right. you can actually harness
those powers in yourself. what you can overcome and accomplish
in what you can turn into something that’s like good and
beautiful for your life and for other people
is like unsurpassed. The other thing too is like finding hope
when the situation seems hopeless. and I think that’s something that you
and I have really been able to overcome a lot. that’s how we like this kind of been
able to manage to do the show. it’s like you know we’ve been in
situations where we were just like completely just see no hope at all. completely in the dark, and it’s like, we just gotta have faith that
the light is going to be there. and that if we take that leap
and take that step forward. that will be guided on the way. just took that leap of faith and that’s
how we got to be where we really are. Yeah now we’re
sitting here with you. I’m sitting here with the you. Beards of the square table. We didn’t mean to get ooie-gooie on you. but I guess we’ll wrap up this episode
and thanks so much for being here with us. we really appreciate it. It was a pleasure having you.
it was great. Justin Deschamp everyone. check out stillnessinthestorm.com and until next time. make sure you hit like and subscribe. Until next time we’ll see you out on the edge. yes. On the edge until next time. we’ll see you, come on Dan. this is gonna make it in
another blooper don’t worry.

Otis Rodgers



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    Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance:

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    Table of Contents:

    NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation NSA Signals for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL). EMF Brain Stimulation has been in development since the MKUltra program of the early 1950's, which included neurological research into "radiation" (non-ionizing EMF) and bioelectric research and development. The resulting secret technology is categorized at the National Security Archives as "Radiation Intelligence," defined as "information from unintentionally emanated electromagnetic waves in the environment, not including radioactivity or nuclear detonation." Signals Intelligence implemented and kept this technology secret in the same manner as other electronic warfare programs of the U.S. government. The NSA monitors available information about this technology and withholds scientific research from the public. There are also international intelligence agency agreements to keep this technology secret. The NSA has proprietary electronic equipment that analyzes electrical activity in humans from a distance. NSA computer-generated brain mapping can continuously monitor all the electrical activity in die brain continuously. The NSA records aid decodes individual brain maps (of hundreds of thousands of persons) for national security purposes. EMF Brain Stimulation is also secretly used by the military for Brain-to-computer link. (In military fighter aircraft, for example.) For electronic surveillance purposes electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject's verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the brain's auditory cortex thus allowing audio communication direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia. Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex. bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject's brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-programming purposes.

    By above methods they conduct brain and  neurological experiment covertly by their CIA PSYCHOPATHS  WORLD WIDE.

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    We had neighbors that were Satan worshippers and they had a daycare. My parents let them babysit us once. I was a nosy kid and I went snooping and found dead cats in a cooler out in their garage freezer in the back of a shed. They had pentagrams and other items too. I got in trouble, but they were exposed.

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    Most of my research stemmed from around 13,000+ hours studying Sacred Geometry with compass' and straight edge, 16-18 hours a day seven days a week for two and a half years. THAT was amazing to say the very least. That study told/showed me quite clearly that we are in the midst of a struggle between Principalities, not 3D flesh and blood enemies. Any 3D enemy will be on the side of darkness, IMHO.

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    I was abused sexually/physically as a child, I'm in trauma therapy now, have gotten way better since 20 years ago. It was not satanic abuse, but traumatic and disgusting still. I can attest that this is one of the most dangerous and traumatizing abuse for a child to go through, 30 years later I'm still fighting this, I'm 36 now. I used to have substance abuse issues, I was gang banging and extremely violent in my past, I was institutionalized, in and out of jail, all of this due to my abuse and dissociative disorder. My life has been more peaceful in the last 10 years than any other time in my life. As I understood what it did to me things get better and better. Substance abuse is gone, temper is gone, I raise my kids abuse free. But I still deal with anxiety problems and depression and PTSD. I will NOT let it run my life. The suicide rate with boys who are abused is very high. 3 suicide attempts later, I've decided I dont want to die. I wont let these people have that kind of power. Thanks for uploading this, we survivors sit in the dark, and feel we cant talk about this. THANK YOU

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    I know you weren't saying that a young child has the slightest chance of being able to choose to just not see it as being traumatized. I think I did a pretty good job of seeing through the lies at age 3, and I never gave up believing that somehow I would be rescued, and I was. But when I was anally raped, when my knees/legs were broken with a hammer, when my hair and epidermis were burned off after I was tied to the stake, and when I endured hours of other unimaginable injuries, I didn't have the capacity to evaluate it as just a psyop. And maybe I was hallucinating, but I did see Angels, and I did see Jesus, and I did see the first 3 horses of the Apocalypse (Old Testament order of appearance). And I didn't even know about the horses of the Apocalypse when I was 3. So I'm of the opinion that spirit cooking works, but they don't always get the spirits they're trying to cook up. As I was dying and the snuff movie was wrapping up, some of my family members came home earlier than expected. My aunt and her husband were both in nursing school, and they found me and resuscitated me. I was only 3, but I had to spend the next 4 years in hospitals, getting put back together like Humpty Dumpty.

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