November 17, 2019
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OSHO: सक्रीय ध्यान फिर विपस्सना Sakriy Dhyan Fir Vipassana

If any person from the twentieth century has to reach the heights of meditation then he has to start with dynamic meditation. Because the thousands of types of desires that are repressed inside, are taken and thrown out by dynamic meditation. And the second meditation I told him was Buddha’s famous Vipassana meditation. That is also not in Jaina scriptures. That is from Buddha. Dynamic meditation is mine; vipassana is from Buddha. I had told him to do these two meditations. Because these two balance each other. If dynamic meditation is alone, then it is helpful in throwing out, but how will you fill up again? The garbage has to be separated, definitely removed; but the diamonds and jewels? The stones and pebbles have to be separated, but just by removing the stones diamonds do not become available. Dynamic meditation is one half. It is primary. It is absolutely necessary. But when dynamic meditation is complete, then seeds of vipassana have to be sown. And I say certainly that vipassana is not my discovery. It is Gautam Buddha’s discovery. What is his, is his. And I have no objection in using Gautam Buddha’s discovery. Because these discoveries are not someone’s property. Yes, this much honesty should be there that we should at least attribute it to the person who discovered it, to have the sincerity to say that it is his. The meaning of ‘Vipassana’ is: inspection. The word ‘vipassana’ means to watch; in Hindi also we have a word: ‘daras-paras’; to see.’ Buddha said: just go on watching your thoughts. They fall silent as you are watching. This finding of Buddha, Krishnamurti calls ‘choice-less awareness’. Although he never accepts that it is from Buddha. In his non-acceptance I see a glimpse of dishonesty. Ordinarily he opposes the whole past, but that which he calls choice-less awareness, it is Buddha’s discovery. And from childhood Krishnamurti was taught Buddha’s way by Annie Beasant, Leadbeater and other thesophosists. Because all their effort was for the future incarnation of Buddha, the Maitreya, Krishnamurti is being prepared for that incarnation. When Krishnamurti becomes ready, completely pure, then Buddha’s soul will descend in him– and as a world master he will make the entire mankind religious again. That is why he was made aware of Buddha’s process from childhood. When he was only nine years old he made to do vipassana. But Krishnamurti also wants to break his connection with the past and say that I have no relation with the past. That is why he cannot say that what I call ‘choice-less awareness’ is only a new word; but it is something old. The bottle is new, the wine is old! And the older the wine, the more valuable it is. Keep on changing bottles. Bottles go bad, break up, crack; there is nothing to worry. But we should have the fidelity to say what belongs to whom. So I had told him that dynamic meditation is my discovery. And Buddha could not have found it; neither Mahavira could have done it. Because in that century it was not needed. People were not so repressed. People were simple. Natural and unsophisticated. Life was more natural, was close to nature. Today life has gone far away from nature. And two and half thousand years of civilization has filled so many worms and maggots inside man, hidden snakes and scorpions inside that unless we throw them out, until we do not clean out the dirt from our vessel, till then a meditation like vipassana cannot happen. Vipassana is a unique process. Nothing is more valuable than it in the world of meditation. But that is not Mahavira’s meditation technique. So I had told him: dynamic meditation should be done. But in dynamic meditation he was afraid. He said screaming and shouting, dancing and jumping, this will be difficult! Where will we find support for this in the scriptures? I said, there is no support anyway. You cannot find support in scriptures. But support for everything cannot exist in scriptures. Is there a support for trains? Any support for an airplane? There is no support for a bicycle even! But you are happily riding the bicycle. But the support-seekers have an obsession. They look for support in everything! A christian was explaining the Bible and was saying everything is in it. God made everything.
A small child got up and said I cannot believe this. I have also read it. But where has God made the railway train? Who made the trains? The padre hesitated a little bit, but the religious people are cunning. Then he said clearly in the Bible that God has made all things that move. And the train also moves. It is included. You see the trick! Things that move were made, it means worms, lizards, snakes. Including these in that which moves was fine. But the trains– that which moves was made by him! They are counted in that which moves! So I said to use dynamic meditation if you break it down then finding something is possible. Like for Patanjali bhastrika is a form of pranayam. So the first stage of dynamic meditation can be connected to bhastrika, where the breath is inhaled and exhaled deeply. If you really want then bhastrika can be connected to the first stage. For the second stage there is no answer with Patanjali. But in all the scriptures the word ‘rechan’ (catharsis) is used. Rechan means: to clean, to take out, throw away, vomit. That is why the things used to clean out the stomach, are called ‘rechak’. So I said: if you to look for it in the word rechan, then you can, find the second stage in it. For the third stage there is nothing in the Hindu scriptures, but in Islam there is a way. If you are courageous then the third stage is of Hoo-Hoo, that is part of Allah-hoo. That is the meditation technique of the sufis. If a person goes on repeating Allahoo-Allahoo-Allahoo-Allahoo continuously does it with such fervor that Allahoos climb on top of each other, as if the bogies of a train climb on top of each other, if the coaches of a goods train climb on top of each other. Then gradually, by the end, allahoo-allahoo is not heard completely. Just Hoo-Hoo-Hoo is heard. The allah is suppressed, jumps from first Hoo to the second Hoo. The allah is suppressed inside the hoo. In the end the sound of Hoo-Hoo is left. So I said: if you really want to find, then you can find it like this. But you have to search in many places. And you will not be so courageous to accept Patanjali, to also accept the techniques of catharsis, which are not mentioned in Jaina scriptures. And then you will be in trouble with Alla-hoo. Which is not mentioned in any Hindu, Jaina, Buddhist scriptures. Which is an technique from Islam. But if you want, then we have the word ‘Hoonkar’. Hoonkar means the sound of hoo. If you have to manage it somehow then you do it. But it will all be a compulsion. This dynamic meditation is a twentieth century discovery. And it is for the twentieth century. And in the coming centuries will become more valuable. But it is like cleaning the garden. After the cleaning vipassana. Once the cleaning is complete, then there is no obstacle to blossoming of the flowers of vipassana.

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