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OSHO: What Is the Secret of Meditation

Presents What Is the Secret of Meditation? In my meditation you need not torture yourself in any way. If you love the lotus posture, good; you can sit in it. But Westerners go to India and it takes them six months to learn the lotus posture, and they are torturing themselves so much. And they think that when they have learned the lotus posture, they have gained something. The whole of India sits in the lotus posture – nobody has gained anything. It is just their natural way of sitting. In a cold country you need a chair to sit on, you can’t sit on the ground. In a hot country, who bothers about a chair? You sit anywhere. No special posture is needed, no special time is needed. There are people who think there are special times. No, not for meditation; any time is the right time – you just have to be relaxed and playful. And if it does not happen it does not matter; don’t feel sad…. Because I am not telling you that it will happen today, or tomorrow, or within three months or six months. I am not giving you any expectation because that will become a tension in your mind. It can happen any day, it may not happen: it all depends on how playful you are. Just start playing – in the bathtub, when you are not doing anything, why not play? Sitting under your shower, you are not doing anything; the shower is doing its work. You are simply standing there; for those few moments just be playful. Walking on the road, walking can be done by the body; you are not needed, the legs do it. Any moment where you can feel relaxed, non-tense, play with the idea of meditation the way I have explained to you. Just be silent, centered in yourself, and someday…. And there are only seven days – don’t be worried! So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or by Sunday at least – within seven day – some day it is going to happen. Just enjoy yourself with the idea and play with the idea as many times as you can. If nothing happens – I am not promising you anything – if nothing happens that’s perfectly good, you enjoyed yourself. You played with the idea, you gave it a chance.

Otis Rodgers



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    The only thing we have is the present. Why not play with it?
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