December 9, 2019
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Overcoming Signs Of Identity Crisis

[Music] is free [Music] often times in our lives we face the question who are we really where did we come from what are we doing in this world what will happen to me after death these are questions that all of us face but sometimes in the midst of a walk of life we forget to know the answers of these fundamental questions of life so who are we if we take everything that the people of this world has titled us like our name social status ethnicity education caste religion etc etc what is left of us we are just a mere living being and I would say that is very discouraging sometimes people are lost in these questions till they come to the end of their lives asking the same question again so let’s be wiser friends I want you to look at a short clip I’m gonna play and let’s work out to answer this question hey are you I thought I knew now I’m not so sure don’t even know who you are oh and I suppose you know sure do your move fusses boy hi hey wait you know my father correction I know your father I hate to tell you this but he died a long time ago nope he’s alive and I’ll show him to you you follow old Rafiki he knows the way come on [Music] [Music] [Music] that’s not my father it’s just my reflection no look [Music] you see he lives in you the moment of truth is that our identity is inside of us which the world can neither give nor take away when God created this world the Bible says in Genesis 1:27 God created human beings in his own image in the image of God he created them so if we want to know how God looks like we just have to look at ourselves in the mirror because he lives inside of us it’s like how we human beings give birth to a child and the child has our genetics heritage and some characteristics in the same way when God created us he imparted his genetics and so we call him as our Heavenly Father now because God is spirit he always wanted to be with man or human through his spirit uniting his spirit with humans which basically means he wanted to live inside of us and in that way he wanted to provide his directions to man the way of life and guiding him through the knowledge of what is good and what is evil but you see when human rejected that offer in the Garden of Eden when Satan tempted even then Adam the human said we know better than God why do we even need God we can live with our own ability to choose between good and evil so we started defining what is good and evil and we can surely see how it has been working with the world we live in today this by the way is called by the Bible as sin a rebellion against God and where sin is there God cannot be because he is holy he hates sin hence his spirit departed from us and the Bible also teaches that the penalty of sin with no spirit of God in us is death but God loves his world and us so much that he could not quit on us so he decided that he will bring back the world and man which he always envisioned and that’s why Jesus came into this world he came as a man in flesh and not as spirit and took all the sins that the world committed as his own and offered himself to take the punishment of sin that is death and he died on the cross for us which made us humans once again free of all sin against God and reunited with him because of this God joined his Spirit through His Son Jesus back with ours and declared us as his children in the same way he called Jesus as his son so now tell me friends who are we do we need the title of this world to tell us who we are I would boldly say more rather I would say I am a child of the Most High Living God who loves me and gave His life for me now I worship Him and give my life to Him that’s my identity and there no one can take it away from me because of him who lives inside of me I believe you have found your identity – god bless [Music]

Otis Rodgers