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Pagan Journaling Challenge #7-13

Hello again i Saved or Angela Whichever name You want to call me Again sage is my Magic name Angela is my first name so i’m going With Either one We are for this Witchy Wednesdays we’re going to do heart to the pagan Journaling challenge for them one of September so we’re gonna do a questions 7 Through 13 Today It started Number 7 i have my list Pulled Up right Here That’s why you can see me look that Way Number 7 do i Work with Deities if yes who and Why if not why not i Do Work with Deities i have for a Very long Time? It’s hard to Remember That something Like 12 Years but i believe the first data i worked with Was fast from Egyptian Mythology That or Either The Goddess nix from Greek Mythology Who’s not so much a Goddess as she is a Primordial personification of Night One Of Those two is definitely My first They were definitely my first two Vast Has Always Spoke Deeply to me because of My love of cats and Because She’s a Protector of Women and Things like that so Like you can See That’s a Little Best on my Necklace Ready and in my Altar Tour and My best incense Holder Which is right Here So i have multiple representations of Best She’s Very motherly and Kinda effective so Mix as i mentioned is another one at Work with a Lot she and Anubis who i will get to in a moment I’ve both Helped me a lot with my fear of the Dark i’ve Been afraid of The Dark since i was a Child Because My Vision at nighttime Is so much worse i Worn Glasses or contact since i Was like eight did i Blazek done Ten Years Ago Wait Let me think more Than That Thirteen Years Ago It’s Been a While But My Vision Was never 20/20 after the least i’ve Actually had to weigh 16 Second Was a four months Out of the person but The Point is it still even Holds to this day As It gets darker My Vision gets Blurrier so once the lights are out nothing has definite Lines and Shapes Everything has Blurred i Mean it’s blur all Along But Definitely The Edges are Blurred so even something Big like a dresser When Edges are Blurred Like That They look Like They’re moving and When you’re a Child That’s Really Hard to get fast and i’ll be freaked Out and even as an adult i have to sort of Talk Myself down sometimes and you Know rationalize it out But Nixon anubis Have Helped me with That Nyx is Rather mysterious she Doesn’t come to me often with us sometimes Who else anubis is Actually the first Deity I thought Was Truly Like Connected to me like completely connected i wasn’t looking for another deity but i was doing a tarot Spread someone had made That Was Themed Around Talking to Death and asking Death questions and After I drew The Card before i started interpreting My Cards i thought you know it might be fun to Call Him a Deity Who’s associated with Death and Anubis Originally Was the God of Death and EgyPtian Mythology But Then our Cyrus took over That But he was still Very much i knew this was still Very Much associated with Death he One Way is your soul your heart Actually an Egyptian Mythology Against a Feather to see where you’re going When you die and See if you’re worthy and then He’s also the god of the afterlife My name’s Timothy Ology so he’s still Very Much associated with Death So i decided to Just Call Him him he kind of Struck me as though and i was most Interested in for the Various Deaths of Deities and he responded and He helped me interpret my sprite he basically gave me He was the one sort of putting the answer in my Head as i looked at Each Card To interpret the questions and i felt this Just intense Connection With Him and He called me his Daughter and i already had a strong Feeling That i’ve had Past lives in Egypt But This Actually Solidified It more i believe in my past life More Than One Past life in Egypt i believe i was i haven’t done a Huge Study of ancient EgyPtian culture so i’m not on your percent sure like What i could have Been but I feel i was devoted to anubis definitely he is probably my closest deity relationship Right Now I’ve Worked with several others i Work with aphrodite have worked with persephone i worked with Lilith I’ve Worked with Mainly Greek and Egyptian Lilith Doesn’t Fall on Either of Those but i worked with Mainly Greek and Egyptian Greek Mythology I’ve Been fascinated with since i was a Child i Read Books on Greek myths When i was a Child and Always Loved it and Then Egypt Like i Said Pretty Certain I had Past Lives there Certainly Actually I also have a Bit of an interest in celtic mythology and i haven’t interested north Mythology as well smith Ology in General Interests me so Deities are Really interesting to me Number eight Now that We took That long Answer to number six number eight is how would i like to change or improve my Daily practice Really i Would Just like to improve it overall in Consistency and increase What i do I would like My Daily practice to be tied up at the moon phase two but My biggest issue i deal with is My Medical Issues Chronic Migraines and Some Other Medical issues And If They make It Really hard sometimes to have The Energy to do? The Things i want to do in my Daily Spiritual life i Always Pretty Much Always meditate it’s rare for me to go a day Without meditating Most Days I pull tarot or oracle Cards i Usually When i’m meditating i also Sit at My altar and Which is right Here now and burn incense but i don’t Spend as much time with My spirit Guides in the eighties as i would like I’m also Very Exhausted so yeah Number Nine One of my Top three resource Books and Why i don’t have any resource Books i Just don’t When i first i Told You Guys in the last video i started Out with a Wiccan on my path and When i first became Awakened back in The Early 2000s i did buy a lot of Books i have a Shelf of Books in there almost all of Them are wicca related but i don’t use any of them as Resources anymore If there’s something i want to look Up i Just look It Up i have a Pinterest Board That i keep a Lot of Like Tips and Things on little Things Like you Know What Type of magic is best at each Moon phase correspondence Is for each day of the Week like Things like That That i would Need to reference i Generally Keep Those on etsy or Here’s me Yawning a Lot Which i’ve Already Kept like four Yawns Who come through Is a free sign to migraine AnyWay I don’t i don’t look at Books for reference anymore i the internet And anything i think i want a reference Frequently i either Saved to my etsy i mean not Antsy Antsy To my pinterest Board or i have an electronic book of Shadows That i put it in so That’s my resources My favorite Pagan Authors and Why are they my favorites um i Know it’s gonna be hard to say Because i haven’t Read any New Pagan Books in a While i Still Pretty Much Just Have the Ones from The Early 2000s i have a long Wish list on Amazon With Pagan Books i want to get I do like some of Konstantinos His work with like a Nocturnal WiTchcraft And His nocturnal grimoire He can be a little cheesy When it comes to the goth Thing But overall i respond well to His Emphasis on the Dark in the Shadows Because That’s what i’m Drawn to the Moon is what i’m most connected to not the sun Glad The sun is there it Gives us life i Don’t need to see Um Eden Mccoy Eda i in is her first name Is one i have a Few Books from that i enjoy scott cunningham of Course Who else I can’t think of Who else i enjoyed dj Conway’s dancing With dragons i Just don’t like how she Tends to word Stuff as if this is how you have to do it like This is the only way to do it and I don’t believe that about Pagan wicca Witchcraft i don’t believe there’s Only One Way to do your past Regardless of What of those You fall under These are Paths We Make Ourselves so If someone tells you you have to do it This Way That’s Just Their Way and They’re trying to push Their way on you don’t let That Dancing With Dragons Was lost When i read and i Read it like 10 Years ago or more but i Just reread Recently Who else I Don’t know It’s hard to answer That once They don’t many current look so bright i do have quite a Few of My Wish list though so Hopefully That Will Expand One day Let’s See number 11 What one issue Within the Pagan community a noise or Angers me My Judgment and Assholes That Goes Along Together i didn’t Expect the Pagan community to be full of closed-Minded Judgmental Assholes and I still Wouldn’t Say That it’s full of them But There’s a Lot of them like a Lot i know a Lot Actually Know quite a Few Witches and pagans that Call on Like Angels Some even Work with Jesus and mother Mary and Mary Magdalene And i have Seen So much hate Directed at them? Because of It Saying That They’re not real Pagans Because They use you know Christian Deities Well Why are Christian Deities Any different Than Using egyptian Deities or Hindu Deities or Greek Deities Why is that Any different it’s not it’s literally not What it is is these People Have Their own hatred Toward Christianity and They’re projecting It on that Other person? and That’s not Right Like It’s not Your place to Judge someone else’s Pagan path and tell them Whether They are or are not Pagan That’s Not Your Voice first of all youR Attention Should be on your own Spirituality your own life Your own Connection with Deity That define God Goddess the universe whatever you call it you Need to focus on your shit Not other People’s You Really Need to take a look Internally Sorry about That I’m going to grab some Water my Throat Was getting Right Um AnyWay If you’re One of Those People Judging and Saying Someone’s not a Pagan or or not a Witch or whatever? Get Over it It Doesn’t Affect you It literally Does not Affect you so If you’re bothered by That’s your own Shit it has nothing to do with that person you’re Judging Literally nothing Some of the absolute nicest Kindest Sweetest Pagans I’ve Come across are the ones That Work with Angels and Mary and Maybe Jesus even and it’s ridiculous That They’re persecuted by our own community The Another Judgment i see a lot is That You can’t Worship Gods for multiple Pantheon i Actually Saw someone Who in a social group i’m in for pagans That Worships all Great Gods Which is Very you Know into the Greek mythology and the Greek Pantheon and That’s awesome for her But she Actually takes offense To people having Deities for multiple Pantheon’s She Says that it’s somehow Lowers her path Because She’s Put so much Work into her path Being Only Greek and That’s bullshit it’S 100% completely utter bullshit complete total utter bullshit It Doesn’t Affect her path It absolutely Does not if i want to worship Greek Guts and Egyptian Gods and Hindu Gods Which by the way i have worked with? Some hindu Gods i’ve Worked With Ganesha Kali I think i’ve Worked with any others Really Just those two Mainly If those Gods are Willing to work with me If my Patron Deity Anubis Isn’t telling me hey What are you doing like you can’t you can’t be going to other pantheon’s then What is it to you Whether or not i do that if Anubis is Willing to work for me With me and Nyx is Willing to work with me and Ganesha is Willing to work with me and Odin is Willing to work with me then who are you to tell me i can’t Work with them You’re not it you have no Say Over my past No say Just as i have no Say Over your past so you can Tell a Little passionate about that issue It Just It Drives me insane how many People in the Pagan community want to control Other People’s Pagan Paths It Doesn’t Affect you What others do and They’re Paying a Path Unless They’re trying to harm You It Doesn’t Affect you it Just Doesn’t so Work on Yourself Stop Paying Attention to what others are doing to the point that you’re getting outraged about How others are living Their life and how somehow That’S diminishing Yours it’s not That’s your own Insecurities iF Other People What They’re doing diminishes Yours so Next two questions deal with Spells Winner Number 12 was One of My favorite Types of spells and Why and i’m a 13 or one of My least favorite Types of Spells and Why so let’s talk about those I don’t do a Lot of spells i Really don’t My favorite types of spells though are Simple easy you Know Let me burn a piece of Paper Let me like Candle Put some Intention into it Things Like That Because i don’t Feel Magic has to be elaborate Now if you like elaborate Ceremonial Magic you Like Getting Dressed and magical Garb and Casting a Circle and you Know having five herbs and three Instances and Two oils and a Whole bunch of Stuff for your you Know Crystals and all of That for Your Spells Linked all for It That’s What Makes you happy do it for me It’s not Necessary i prefer a Much Smaller Collection i Prefer more Simple Easy to do spells that don’t require me to go to three different stores for materials for that men you Know two hours of Prep Work I don’t change clothes for Spells or rituals i wear What stuff What i Really Try to do is Just incorporate magic and my Spirituality Into my Daily life Just Throughout The day so Meditations Doing tarot and oracle Pulls Lighting incense and Just Kind of relaxing Breathing It in and focusing on My Breath for a While Things like That So i don’t feel the need to like separate magical from mundane i don’t want. To i want My magical Life to be incorporated into my Monday in life so that Makes sense That’s one of The reasons that i prefer the simpler easier spells Because It Feels more Like it’s Just a Part of my Daily life Which is what i want it to be others want Their Magic life to be separate from Their mundane life Because They want Their magic Life to Feel like more Special and Big and and if That’s you Go for it i See how That’s appealing and It Doesn’t bother me at all The others like to do that i Prefer to have mine more incorporated in Daily life? so that It Just Feels Like it’S all One life and not you know two different things so That’s my Thoughts Hope It didn’t ramble too Much Fairly Certain i Got a Little Ranty At That question of What Angers me in the pagan community That’s Really The Biggest Thing That bothers me is Just the Judgment I’ve seen so much i’ve Seen It everywhere i was seeing It in tarot Communities you know if you don’t Read tarot Exactly Like This you’re not as Your tarot reader bullshit absolute bullshit There is no such Thing in in the Pagan World At all regardless of What your path is whether it’s celtic Shamanistic Working With Fairies Whatever There Is no such Thing as Only One Right Way now if you do choose a specific path Like Say It’S a Garden area and Wicca That’s a Path i don’t know or like There’s an online School Called Sacred Mists i Tried them for a Little While didn’t like It they Called The path That They’ve created The celtic Fairy path and If you choose to follow that path and yeah there’s probably Things Within That path that you need to do To be like Considered to Be part of That Path Right But especially for those of us that don’t have a specific path we Kind of Make her own Way there’s Absolutely no such Thing as Only One Way do Things And i think even in most paths There are Ways to customize It and make It your own Instead of Saying You have to do this or you have to do that so? Just My Thoughts i always shoot all The best oh? i didn’t Explain The reason I’m in a different Setup Today Is because hurricane our wettest came Through and we were not sure What Kind of Winds we were gonna give damage we were gonna get and The Patio Doors about there if You remember My computer Was like Right Next to them That Wall Actually Wait Wait That Wall you can Still see this little Board up on the wall that was above my desk um Slowly Like Right Against That Wall and Our computers are Kind of Like our Livelihoods And our Lives and Like Everything so we didn’t want To take a Chance on computers being Ruined by like Water damage or debris or anything Since we Didn’t Know how Bad It was gonna be so We decided to Try to lessen that by moving our computers as far Away from the Glass and outside as possible to you Know that Way iF something Happened and maybe That Glass Shattered Hopefully you Know nothing Would Happen to our computer still Of Course we Ended Up not getting that Bad are all There’s a Lot of tree Branches down a Lot of tree Branches down Power did Go Out There’s Still quite a Few People in the City They don’t Actually Mainly From Like Transformers Blowing and Like tree Branches hitting Power Lines and Things Like that so nothing Major Though Thankfully So we we Haven’t decided if we’re gonna Keep our desks Here Just Because it’s a pain in the ass. To move them back or if we’re gonna move them back so we’ll see all right Thank you all so much for Joining me i appreciate your time so much I keep Feeling the urge to say I love you all but then i’m like i Always Feel Like That’s Cheesy When People Say That but Now i want to say it Because I Feel that Way i Truly appreciate You being Here so i will see you in my next video thank you so much for Joining me bye

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