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Pagans Motorcycle Club Freddy Augello Part 2 of 2 with Special Guest Patty Falkinburg

and how you doing this is James
Hollywood Macecari with motorcycle madhouse a car so you guys know that
that’s been with us for a while but for those new guys and women joining us and
that’s who I am you probably don’t give a crap but it
Hey just putting it out there anyway our past episode of motorcycle madhouse we
had Patti Falkenberg on and we were talking about Freddy Angelo and for
those that don’t know it it’s a messed up case to say to Lisa I’ve been doing a
lot of research a lot of the staff over here has been doing a lot of research on
this it’s slow going but we are continuing our search for the truth and
Patty’s been one of those that has actually provided us the truth from one
perspective anyway you know I know a lot of people out there would say hey that’s
her truth and not ours well she’s helping out and you know if I was
sitting in a joint I would want somebody behind me like her to actually get out
there and try to get the truth out but about we you know in the last episode we
talked about how it all went down up to the arrests now we’re gonna be talking
about the actual court case and how everything went down there and again we
have patty joining us how you doing patty I’m doing great it to actually
frickin sunny out here in Northern Illinois we’ve been drenched with
monsoon weather so I’m happy here today to that’s Austin I have had it
we’ve had a rough I might as well be living in Seattle but anyway you know we
left off with the arrest of Freddie Angelo for those that know don’t know
again watch the first episode we’re actually retooling the episodes for
motorcycle madhouse radio and that’ll be out coming out soon but right now we’re
on all about platforms like YouTube VX Casey – around the world so this is
getting heard worldwide and let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the trial
okay go well as I said in the previous
segment I didn’t go to the trial every day
however certain other individuals did and you can read excerpts of the trials
through the press of Atlantic City and breaking ac’s websites even though there as you would they’re a little one-sided
um it was one of the worst things I’ve witnessed
in the 30 years I’ve been in the legal field I would have to say that it was a
shit show and then some very sad the public defenders that Freddie had
obviously did not do their job at all I they didn’t even really call any
witnesses on Freddie’s behalf well here’s my here’s my here’s my first
question public pretenders okay why in the heck
did Freddie go in with a public defender and we didn’t have the finances and like
everybody I guess boycotted him like like has happened to me in my personal
world in the last year-and-a-half like people boycott you and turn their back
on you and you need the most and I die I can’t answer why everybody did that to
him but I know he financially did not have the funds to go pay you know five
ten fifty thousand dollars one up for a skilled criminal attorney that’s why he
ended up with do you know if he was or is or was at the time a full patch
member or a retired one and good standing tired did he still hang out
with guys and stuff like that when it I believe so but that that’s
like as a question you’d have to ask him I know that’s one of the questions that
were gonna be obviously yes he’s still hung out with people in Andrew Glick was
at his house all the time like I did he still have friendships I guess and
really you know relationships with individuals from the motorcycle club yep
as for the pertinence about eating’s or anything like that I’m not in that
motorcycle club obviously so I couldn’t honestly say yes or no to his
involvement after but you know I’m not trying to put you on the spot or
anything I’m just you know thinking out loud here and the answer I was just
confused why you know cuz I’ve been getting since the first episode I’d be
getting a lot of people asking well why didn’t the club helped him out with
attorney fees why didn’t the club getting a man tourney and stuff like
that especially since one of their you know presidents turned red on him why
didn’t you know that’s just the questions that I’ve been getting from
the out of the audience that I wanted to put out there and you know what
personally I think it’s valid points I really do the sense somebody in you know
to a trial like Freddie with a public to play you know a defender it’s not gonna
end up well you know so public defenders are like in cahoots with the prosecutors
that really doesn’t help now what do you mean that the defenders were in cahoots
with the prosecution well home brother
if you’ve ever been in the label she fold and well even if you haven’t for
amusement one day as opposed to watching reality TV shows you should go sit in a
courtroom and when the judge isn’t on the bench watch how the prosecutors and
the public defenders or defense attorneys how they interact with each
other and that would kind of explain like that like things are corrupt like
that if I do something for you you’ll do something for me that that does go on in
the judicial system as well as in the outside world hmm well I’m telling you
what if I was in a predicament like Freddie man I would be yet I don’t know
if you guys ever seen the show Boston Legal but Ellen Shore and Denny Crane
those are the type of lawyers I’d want on my side right now but it’s just a
shame that he had to go through you know public defenders and we all know
especially those that have been in the legal system before how you’re just
better off by trying to plead out or something if you got to go in with one
of them because you ain’t getting nowhere with them they got too many
cases each month I think what they averaged five to a thousand cases or
something on their dockets but it’s there’s a lot of articles that have been
coming out recently about public defenders having way too large of
caseloads I personally think it’s the public you know having a public defender
in Municipal Court and things of that nature even I guess in the Superior
Court for people that you know can’t afford it but I think if you’re being
charged with something as severe as murder and things of that nature where
you could go to away for life I personally would like to see something
changed where you have to have a certified criminal trial attorney
assigned pro bono I think there should be something done more in that area
especially for big crimes not you know maybe not the little ones but if you’ve
got somebody being charged with and they go away to for life then I really think
they should start something with more pro bono work where you know here’s a
guy making a million dollars representing criminals that can afford
it but the make a list and you know here’s there’s
one to you the next one goes to this guy to this guy best effect mmm you know
that’d be you know true justice in the the system because a lot of people you
got even people sitting on death row because they didn’t have competent
representation but 30 or 40 years later and because stuff was wrong but they’ve
lost their whole lives so it doesn’t even matter if you write em a check for
a million dollars when they’ve lost you know 30 years of their lives they can’t
get that back right how long yeah now let’s get into the trial how long did it
initially last or how long was it and a half so we it only took a week and
a half to put somebody behind bars the rest of their lives yes okay how many
prosecution witnesses if you know this question were brought forth um I’m going to estimate here give me a
second I’m gonna say under 20 we’re actually
called to the stand because you had like the people from the prosecutor’s office
somebody from like a phone company Kim Pak Mahal and like they had two
co-defendants it was under 20 for the for the prosecution I think for the
defense they had one one witness for the defense
yes should’ve had me as a witness but you they didn’t like they went no
anytime Mary Linehan actually said my name in the courtroom was when she
leaned over to Omar to bitch about me because I had been in the ladies room
during a break and she was in their course like I didn’t like assault the
woman or do anything to the woman and I was because I was even if when I told
you how I had a sheriff’s officers escort me everywhere and when I when the
ladies room of a female one would come out and stand outside the door there was
no sort nothing happened but she walked back and leaned over to Omar and had
panty : my name was brought up the whole time now who was them you know who was
you said it may be 20 who was the top five witnesses that they brought against
him Andrew Glick was obviously their star
witness he was on like I said four days he was on at Jacobs he got his big five
minutes of fame they brought him on Thursday afternoon to discuss the letter
that he made up but Mary didn’t even question him properly on that I wanting
one get into that gin scopa from the prosecutor’s office got up there and he
was the one that pulled out all of the bag Freddie’s just like anything that
had the pagan emblem or like would show that he was a pagan he did that
Barbara greenling is the nurse practitioner that worked with Jim she
was on the stand the Birdman then they had a guy I remember his name Francis
Mulholland relative who said that one day in 2012 him and Francis were driving
around and there was a newspaper or magazine that had April’s picture on it
and Francis told him like oh yeah I killed her but like I said like that’s
all hearsay you don’t know if you’ve really said that like keep it well yeah
you know any people alive let’s get to Andrew you know before we get to you
know the rat how many on that witness stand cut deals with the government well obviously Andrew Glick Joseph Mahal
in’ glen sealer beverly Augello tabatha Chapman and Shaw pizza all the
co-defendants all the co-defendants and Andrew Glico wasn’t technically a
co-defendant and never charged with anything now Freddie’s wife cut a deal
yes okay now before we go on this is something that I have always told the
audience here especially people that want to get into how can I say it the
street game you do and no offense patty but you do never ever ever trust a woman
when you’re in business you don’t tell her nothing you don’t you don’t bring
her around anything because the feds the government the cops Leo’s can they will
turn her I don’t care if you’ve been with her twenty thirty years they will
turn her against you these smart people you were hearing it right now that
freddie’s old lady turned bottom perfect example he was an ex they were they
weren’t married anymore even a nice breathe and I know a lot of except women
in the world that’s why most of my friends growing up were female because I
I agree with you there’s a lot of women out there that are some issues well you
know I think it’s just you know it’s just you know and don’t take offense to
this is when you’re in a game like this at high stakes chest a woman don’t want
to spend the rest of her life in jail she you know their emotions are
different I always say that you know women and children can if you ever watch
that one freaking movie and I forgot it was they can be you know they can
actually be careless a man can’t and this is a one point and a lot of guys
out in the world you know not even only in the one-percenter world but in the
street cruise and stuff like that you gotta learn this man you gotta learn
your lessons don’t do it I’m telling you it’s gonna end bad in the black but
anyway back to so she cut a deal Andrew Glick was he a felon yes weather yes I default like I said he
did stuff before and I don’t I don’t have a copy of his you know rap sheet or
anything but he did have a weapon I believe so yes okay and what was his
deal with the government to testify they didn’t charge him for all the drugs and
money and guns and and all that he was doing like he got a free pass mm-hmm
now another question I have is okay Freddie was a retired or whatever he was
retired club member why was it so important for the government to go after
Freddie and not the actual ones who did the crime because if he’s retired he’s a
nobody then um how do I say this they needed like I said they needed it
to do a big RICO Act especially because with dangero branded in the FBI they
needed to federal you know charges statutes whatever so they had to find
somebody to blame and they need the same circle like I said he was new jiminy bro
like people all knew each other and he wasn’t a big drug dealer so of course
the big drug dealers decided we’re going to blame him this’ll draw you know get
the attention away from us so they they picked him and his you know figure well
he looks a lot scarier than Andrew Glick with long hair and so like you know
people like stereotype I was saying so they picked him and actually he had
stuck up for himself see in Pennsylvania years ago they brought him Steven
Whitmore there’s a group of them and I can get you that too well I’m thinking
of it cuz I forgot about that there was a bunch of them that actually filed a
section 1983 claim in Pennsylvania it ended up being like discharged like they
didn’t pursue it after a while and I don’t know all the reasons for that yet
either but he was a plaintiff in Pennsylvania it’s like I said Stephen
went war I’m trying to get the other ones there was a group of them that cuz
the police and everybody had been targeting them for being in a motorcycle
club in Pennsylvania they were in Pennsylvania so they had filed so of
course they didn’t like him because he had stuck up you know technically for
himself fire hmm my well my just my confusion
comes in is you know why the government would go after a retired one instead of
active members where they could he get out you know sure shot at Rico but I
guess that’s just the way the government acts who was the confirmed shooter in
this case I believe it’s Jim Kaufman that’s what I
was just going to say unless somebody proves otherwise to me I I know in my
heart of hearts that he killed April himself because this had nothing to do
with with the motorcycle club there’s I’ve gotten to do with with him having a
big pill ring drug ring with these guys I mean if you look at how many
prescriptions he wrote to the ones that were in the club I think it was like 100
and some over like a couple years like it wasn’t this massive you know and like
they weren’t getting the oxycontin and selling them even though that’s what the
prosecutor told every day were telling everybody this was a major drug empire
but it wasn’t there was it was not a drug empire at all there was no drug
empire with the pagans now Andrew Glick we’re selling we’re
like cocaine mess like that kind of shit and you know what I mean this this was
all a big made-up story now means now you you feel Jim did it who actually
took the fall those stories they made up was that
Joseph mohandro Francis Mahone over there on in the morning at like 6
o’clock in the morning he went and shot her twice and left now that it was he
able to cut a deal or is he in the joint he’s dead oh there’s a lot of people
dead from this this isn’t funny this is not funny at all people are
dying and there’s like Ben Davila got run over what two weeks ago oh my god
this is most people’s lives this is not a joke if people are listening it’s not
a fucking joke people are dying I’ve had my life
threatened my daughter’s lives have been threatened this is not a joke you don’t
screw with people’s lives like this this is not right and it’s not right that the
police and nobody else will help me this is not right at all I think they’re all
waiting and just hoping if somebody blows me away that this story will go
away but the problem with that is is I
covered my ass for over two years and recorded every time I was with law
enforcement whether that meant in a Police Department in the FBI and the
prosecutor’s office even in the fucking woods so whoever thinks that if I die
this story goes away you’re sadly mistaken
well you know I’m sorry to hear that you know what the threats and stuff like
that that’s um that’s funny and I know that’s why bang got run over
and of course I forwarded you stuff regarding that – like everybody knows
there’s a people that know there’s a problem and people are looking for
answers as to why this happened and why things are the way they are and this
poor guy got run over like like it’s just so wrong it’s so wrong now you’re
talking about the one guy now that he actually Ted was he able to testify
before he got killed Frances mom oh no he got murdered by I just want that I just want the
audience in the know how serious this is I wasn’t there but this would be here
say that Joseph Mulholland killed Francis Mulholland to shut him up but it
wasn’t shutting him up for killing April it was to shut him up for other
information he had regarding other things and I really don’t want to like
it anybody else hurt or involved early bring up any other subject except what
we’re working on right now but let’s just say he got a hot shot and he died
and what makes this even more bizarre now at least thank God to keep me County
Prosecutor’s Office is investigating his death is when he died they called
Barbara Greenlee Jim Kaufman’s nurse practitioner at home or wherever the
hell she was she was the one who went and pronounced him dead he wasn’t on
hospice care like I took care of my Uncle Tom that was a veteran like I told
it for hospice care and when he passed away you know a nurse practitioner came
to the house but it was because he had a pre-existing condition that we were just
waiting for him to pass away there is no reason in hell this woman should have
been called out of Atlantic County to go to Cape May County there’s someone’s
house who was dead like none like there’s just it just sounds kind of
fishy don’t you think well thank god there’s possibly opened it up and
they’re looking at it now and who’s on that case is it local or federal I
really don’t know I know the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office did announce
after Freddie’s trial that they were reopening up the case so I really don’t
know so far not or not so so far you have what two dead
even when Tyler he’s three
Jim Coffman don’t even know if he’s really dead I’m
trying to get confirmation on that I really don’t know well let’s just say
for you know sakes so we looking at what for now yeah and
it been I don’t know if he passed away or if he’s still in ICU I don’t know
like I told you like I I’m not going out and asking a lot of questions right now
I’m pretty much in hiding like this is crazy
now who now who is hurt and now who you and hiding from is that from the feds
law enforcement the club um item there’s it is a wider range and
it’s just a wider range mmm all over it all across the board right
now is there are people upset day you’re helping Freddie yes there have been people upset I might
as well just come out well don’t say something you’re not
comfortable with no I don’t care hi my daughter
Merrick got married on October 5th last year to someone there was a the Isle
police officer and on the campaign County SWAT team they’ve been together
for 13 years nine years ago his mother got murdered
and that was the first summer he became a cop
that’s why and here the day after that it was kind of like karma that her
husband died and he was in the same motorcycle club is Joseph Muhammad
somebody wouldn’t say I know things that I shouldn’t know about people like
because people just look at me and think of this bitch don’t they’re nothing like
how much you know I know believe me I know things I wasn’t even invited to my
own daughter’s wedding every when I say cuz they don’t want me sticking up for
somebody that’s in a motorcycle club for obvious reasons they don’t they have
their own you know obviously other own family problems because of the
motorcycle club so oh my god this woman you know oh my god don’t say I said well
at the end of the day I would be if it wasn’t Freddie that they framed whoever
it was I would be doing the same thing for them because I know that like what
really happened I know why she was murdered it was because of what we were
doing regarding him not being a veteran that says nothing to do with the
motorcycle club so it could be you that was behind bars right now for the murder
I would be doing the same thing defending you and try trying to make
things right because I know you didn’t do it right right well you know like I
said they’re lucky to have you out there fighting for him because a lot of people
would just let him sit and rot but let’s keep moving I’m with the right I didn’t
work yet but I’m still trying well let’s keep on moving through the trial
Andrew Glick what was his main can testimony at that trial well he was the
one they wired up like so they had that that they played and of course like that
he was their star way it’s like because he was in the club he
was saying that Freddy you know it arranged as that or the other but if
there had really been a big major drug empire with the pagans first of all and
I why would they pay someone else to shoot April it doesn’t make any sense
like if if if you if I was you know involved in this major Empire they said
or whatever which somebody first of all they wouldn’t have to pay to kill her
hello second of all you wouldn’t have
solicited somebody in the minor league club or especially if Francis Mahone
wasn’t even in a motorcycle club at all like why would you wouldn’t spend the
money to do that I’m sorry I’m not in a motorcycle club so maybe I shouldn’t say
it like that but that’s how I view it that just doesn’t make any sense and
then to say Jim be like oh well it’s they say left $30,000 or some shit in an
envelope with the receptionist to give to Beverly to give to Fred they were
knocking off your wife would you put $30,000 cash in an envelope out with
your receptionist would you want the receptionist to know know that like so
there’s so many things with this story that if you just somebody with a common
sense that back and thought about what they were saying it just doesn’t make
any sense and then if you look at Joseph Moll and interrogation like he even
fumbles across stuff he’s saying that that Francis had ten grand or with him
that when they went that day but didn’t have a gun but then Salah gone on the
way back and I and if somebody sat and wanted to discover it if you look at the
different people saying the amount of money when where it changes all through
it because I guess you know that the co-defendants I guess had more or less
made up this story before they were all arrested in January this they had
already Andrew Glick I believe in mister sealer and had discussions this is our
story this is what we’re going with and then of course Joseph Mahone used to be
a client at Jacobs ember bone so that’s where I took the name got the names of
Francis Mulholland and Freddie says of course Joseph already knew
Frances couldn’t testify so they could cream Freddie in this you nobody else
would be around say otherwise so like yeah this is just so all the
co-defendants they were already gonna frame ready for all this
yes okay and his ex-wife was an Anna – yes like she would came up in April and
got busted with coke and stuff but you never read about that in the papers you
didn’t get charged with that they let that charge go like these they’re the
ones that did the major drugs mm-hmm right you know what this case is sounded
more important messed up the more that we did anything like you wouldn’t
believe it like you I cydnus see Lisa one day like I tried to give an analogy
and I was like it’s like Stephen King wrote my life story while he was smoking
crack because you just can’t believe all this shit really happened and then even
even go back and this doesn’t even include crap in my world that brought me
to the FBI like you would not believe like all this shit really happened like
but you can’t make this crap up this is just mind-blowing like there’s not even
adjectives big enough for this did Freddie testify on the scene no no they
wouldn’t um they didn’t want them to and so he
took the advice of the people that were supposed to be representing him and he
didn’t get on the stand and a guy from that guy Alex from New Jersey calm just
went and met with Freddie a couple weeks ago or two of his clips up on YouTube
and I’ve shared them on my facebook pages on the Atlantic County corruption
watch page and they’re doing their own big because New Jersey con has done a
lot in the last couple years with trying to expose all of the corruption in the
police departments everything and they spent thousands of dollars and like a
couple years compiling information throughout the state that people should
really look up they like you you’ll be blown away by the stuff that they’ve
well you know I’m glad you said that and if you can forward me to clips I’ll
actually put it on this episode of them talking with Freddie but people have to
understand right now yes I’m gonna be getting some information from Freddie
and all that but right now I’m doing all the back
from all the other people that were you know had knowledge of this case and that
I’m gonna be talking to him because I want to make sure I have a solid
foundation that is unimpaired if you will so that is you know the reason why
we’re going about this you know there’s gonna be you know yeah we might have two
episodes with Patti but we’re gonna have more episodes of coming up because we’re
gonna because I can see it from the outside how messed up this was and I can
see the cover-up it’s easy to see you know anybody can see it
but you know it takes time to evolve the story and one thing that motorcycle
madhouse does is make sure we get the whole story before putting it out there
because we are not tinfoil hat reporters we actually make sure we get the facts
about the case out there and I don’t care if the facts have to do with one
side or the other we’re getting them all out there every one of them so just so
people know go ahead people should know that that you’ve been gracious enough to
review documents and everything else that I’ve been sending you and we didn’t
do a show last year or even the beginning of this year because you
didn’t need to verify which I don’t blame you like who is this lady and what
the hell is she talking about because nobody in the local media would report
anything and I started meeting with Claire Lowe from the press the week
after they all got arrested so like the press breaking a/c Kevin Shelley that
runs the kaufman little group facebook thing he’s got going he’s a reporter and
Jonna Weaver that works at the prosecutor’s office is like their PR
person all for them used to work together at the price of Atlantic City
so they’re all like I never knew the media was corrupt in Atlantic County
like I really didn’t they’re corrupt everywhere and that’s why I think it
took us like a year to even get you on the show because that’s how long it took
me to get everything going to verify everything
we are not going to be the ones that this wasn’t your fault or your
responsibility but thank God that you know I found you and you’re willing to
like the aging rebel how he would put stuff out and like let people commented
on on his paint like his site like cuz people know like it doesn’t take a
rocket scientist to figure out there’s something wrong with this picture
so I’m here they’re like help people connect the dots on what’s really wrong
so they can say yeah we knew something was wrong yep
here’s what’s wrong and this is why right exactly
so it was a week and a half with the trial and stuff and how long did it take
the jury to deliberate to find them guilty I want to say ours
I wasn’t there like I told you the Monday at the before his trial ended two
state troopers showed up here and took me to a psych ward that was their way to
get me off the street but it backfired because by law they’re supposed to keep
you 48 hours for observation I was out in eight that I gave blood got you know
we had to do the whole like you know so what you do when you go to it’s like
we’re like but hopefully nobody’s gonna go on a trip there anytime soon but you
have to like get naked give blood tea like you have to talk to a hundred
people and I said excuse me can you get my phone out of my purse it’s locked up
I’d like to show you something I said and so I brought out the
affidavit that I filed with judge Delores chambers on August 4th and my
last group email that was to the prosecutor Attorney General the US
Attorney all them that started held like what the fuck are you doing so the
people they’re like what I was telling them what was going on realized that
there was a problem and yet this girl needs help but it’s not in the form of
therapy and medication so they asked me after about eight hours do you have a
ride they did want to be involved in this right
they knew like because Here I am like there’s no heroin in my blood or like
like this is I’m being harassed and I like the four-page affidavit I filed
it’s self explanatory and the reason they were trying to make it like like
there was something wrong with me is because in the one like little paragraph
thing I said where I went to the State Police on January seventh of 2018
remember I went to the FBI on January 2nd I got hold Enlil I got to see police
on January 7th and I has to be put in protective custody they left me out of
the building because my husband is related to certain state troopers and
plays softball with all them legally had when I left there and I hurt myself or
someone else they would be liable that’s just the fact that’s like just a legal
statement that’s not saying I was going to go out and blow somebody’s brains out
or commit suicide and if anybody knows me I will never commit suicide because I
don’t think you go to heaven if you do but that they they couldn’t arrest be
breathing because I wasn’t doing anything wrong so they couldn’t lock me
up like they did Egyptian so that they tried to get me off the road by
locking me up in a psych ward but that didn’t work for them either right all
right well you know here’s the you know I think the PlayBook that I’m gonna be
you know just so I to get it out on air because I know I didn’t get no inquiries
about this right now basically getting the background safe
for people like you and I’m also you know asking people that knew Freddie as
friends or something go ahead and contact us and you know and I want to
make them a human you know not just somebody that the prosecution or
something made them out to be a beast or a monster and stuff I’m gonna give him
some of that human you know attention and then I’m gonna eventually you know
because I actually got a letter going out to him on Monday
you know because let’s be honest I don’t know a lot of these people that are
requesting that coming on the show it’s alright to go yeah here I was a friend
he was a good guy blah blah blah but when we get into medium potatoes or
something like this I actually want to know him and like you it took about a
year to get on this show so I’m gonna be you know I got that letter going out to
Freddie and because I got to make sure it’s actually representatives of him
actually trying to talk to me so that’s just you know the due diligence that we
got to do right now but yeah you know if your guess that there’s anybody that’s
listening send letters send letters to the prosecutor’s office send letters to
the governor send letters you know the legal you know policies letters
everywhere if you have to like you just flood these people with something right
well that’s a good thing and also send Freddie letters I’ll put the is the
address and all that stuff you know get him I know he can use some letters and
stuff like that so that was good but if you can and I and if you do you’ll see
it actually pop up we’ll have the interviews with Freddie from the other
organization as well on this show okay so if you can get those to me the links
or something I’d really appreciate that but I can but it’s
sounds like you’re going through hell and stuff then we’re gonna do all we can
over here on the madhouse to get the word out the best we can thank you I
can’t even tell you how much I appreciate it
I really really do well you know what they got a fighter in you so you’ve been
doing good whole time they messed with the wrong bitch on this one I guess
rock n roll I never I never thought in a million years I’d be involved in
something like this I this is not anything I looked forward to in life and
like I tried to stay behind the scenes I told you I felt guilty and then when all
this went down I was like oh no like and I thought I have I thought it in the
last year or so about walking away from all this and you’re saying screw this
like you know yes I have but I can’t I can’t abandon someone who is sitting in
a prison that I know had nothing to do with a murder I just can’t that’s in my
DNA or what have you I just can’t it’s it’s wrong and I’m I’m
not gonna walk away from them so this is over
rock and roll I mean and then I look like done I say I’m gonna walk away from
letting it out but you don’t I mean like I can’t abandon this now no especially
after what they put me through no well you know I appreciate having you on the
show Patti you’re gonna be on more I know that as we go on through this stuff
after the commercial break we’re actually gonna you know kind of show you
what Patti’s talking about with law enforcement and the media how they treat
motorcycle clubs specifically there’s a piece that just came out on the pagans
and the the hit job that these people done on the pagans were on reel so you
guys are be able to see that and later on it’s gonna be a big one man we’re
gonna get into some events and stuff like that but appreciate having you on
Patti need your daily dose of biker news then what are you waiting for visit
Harley Liberty calm and keep up the date with all the happenings in the bikers
and wait more insane throttle biker news is now
on Instagram come on over and give us a follow and get special video content not
seen out swear on the net just typed in insane throttle biker news in the third in your face all over the place we’re
online 24/7 24/7 three to four hundred members of the pagans from up and down
the East Coast come to Philadelphia for the day was quite a turnout yeah I mean
traditionally I think they always gather around Memorial Day that’s tradition
with the organization what we’re hearing is it’s kind of like organized crime it
is organized crime mostly but the pagans are kind trying to regroup and Conan
who’s the president lead organization out guy out of Long Island it’s
apparently old school and just like organized crime some of the guys in the
motorcycle club that started to drift away from what the code is right hanoks
pagans pulling everybody back in line from what I’m told is a very charismatic
guy is very much old school and this is a group that can fill a vacuum that
exists given the hit that the Mafia’s taken and they feel avoiding some of the
the drug on the world and that kind of stuff so I think this was one a
traditional kind of memorial they get together and – its I left everybody get
in a line that’s everybody get on the same page all right Keith Richter is the
guy we’re talking about he’s from the Long Island chapter the cleaners yeah
how the national president trying to regroup he was at the meeting some
pictures of them we’re gonna show you those kind of things
my understanding just like he has up in North Jersey and Rhode Island wants to
expand and I think they’re bringing in some new blood I heard there was some
new members area from what I’m hearing about the Philadelphia pagans motorcycle
club is about 20-something members in there now some new guys some of the old
heads that kind of thing and also our old friend Steve mod the regime known as
the guerrilla I mean everything old was new again what
we’re hearing is that Steve is back on top and Philadelphia he’s one of the
organization and again like Conan he’s old school he believes in this Nicole
and I think that’s what this is all about did the organization back together
I think it’s so funny that’s good organize all right he’s got
some tread on the tires though gorilla he’s been shot he’s been in prison he’s
out of prison a lot of mileage right I mean he had some health health problems
as well but I my understanding is he’s come out of all of that and you know
here’s a guy who used to be a police officer yeah I mean he’s had a foot in
both camps so to speak and he knows how the game is played and more importantly
I think from Conan’s perspective gorilla understands what it means to be a pagan
and you know accept it or not accept that these guys are outlaws they believe
in this code it’s it’s kind of a misogynistic organization here it’s
always been involved in drugs there’s a lot of violence they take pride in that
world one percenters here meaning we’re outlaws but to be a leader in that
organization you’ve got to buy into or believe on that and that’s a guy Keith
Richter would want to go to a guy don’t trust a guy he knows gonna run things
away he wants a block yeah I think they speak the same language they come from
the same place all right so let’s talk about this little get-together by the
way it’s three to four hundred members of the pagans they had colors on that
the rockers on the bottom now say east coast right and it’s a mr. Softee truck
their guys are getting ice cream that kind of stuff very peaceful get-together
my police sources tell me that they actually met with the police before they
had just to make nice we’re not gonna cause any problems well block wall
street we don’t want cars driving through we don’t want getting a problem
with the public that kind of thing seem very quiet showed up at 2:30 they were
all gone by like 8:30 9 o’clock you know it’s like we’re Ronnie Preval used to
say sometimes a party is just a party I mean this was I get together a social
get-together was business discussed I’m sure you were
he tells it about what’s going on who’s doing what with whom and we’re probably
part of the conversation but by and large it was a social gathering and they
conducted themselves the way they normally do and interestingly in the
past they’ve gone to South Jersey they’ve gone up upstate and the Poconos
that kind of thing campground stuff like that I’m told Richter wanted it in an
urban setting here in Philadelphia on a street like that kind of to make a
statement that we’re big we’re powerful and we’re strong
by the way no other motorcycle clubs that I’m aware of showed up because any
kind of problem yeah I think you know there’s always support group support
clubs that ride with these guys I don’t know if any of those guys were there
well yeah I think this is what this is about
it says Conine established himself he’s in charge here’s the way we’re going to
do things back to the old way and the guerrilla kind of falls right in line
with that he’s my guy here in Philadelphia part of the meeting and
Philadelphia there you go that is how the media is
portraying are the clubs and that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to play that
clip because unless motorcycle club actually get it together and start using
the media to get their message out there this is what potential jurors get to
hear this is what voters get to hear and they’re doing a hell of a job turning
how can I say the citizens against motorcycle clubs look at just how the
scene is in present times I’ve talked about this all the time you
know when I came up in early 90s we would have never dreamt never dreamt of
getting in bed with Leo because as I always say they had her
side we had our side there was a defined line the rate of the fine line and
anymore her isn’t there really isn’t you know we got a lot of people you know and
I they’re mostly motorcycle enthusiasts so let’s be honest you’re right you’re
not there’s less and less of hardcore bikers that really think the way a lot
of the old guys do it’s all this New Age crap so they think it’s all right
they think it’s all right to hang out with people that will stab you in the
back that’s what they think you know and if you don’t think a cop is stamp you in
the back even though he’s wearing a patch that you have or that your best
buddy is with you’re mistaken man they’re called the blue gang for a
reason they all stick together every one of them no you know I put it
this way why this is the best way to put it unless you’ve been in the system you
know watch one of these cop shows and you just see the disgust that they have
for people that go to internal affairs yeah they call them rats and everything
too and this is how they’re being betrayed
right now and that’s just so you know so-called experts on the mob talk you
know yeah they got a big history that Channel and that publication that they
work for but that’s how they’re being portrayed and I’m the one and I know a
couple others are always out there saying hey you know I don’t care what
you call public relations officers what have you you got to talk to somebody to
get your message out and if you don’t know it by now the mainstream media
isn’t so mainstream anymore it is shows like this Biddy others that
actually have more reach to a lot of people worldwide than the so-called
mainstream media we have a lot more reach and we get it to where it needs to
be gotten to the people that are in the lifestyle so change hearts and minds but
it’s all up to you guys to use that you know if you want to come and say well we
don’t talk to the media well we can only report one you know that was funny
because I was filling out up you go on Harley Liberty calm because we got a
press Association application in and we had to put some stuff on the site as far
as how we operate how we handle different situations and one of the
things is we like trying to get both sides of the story out well if you don’t
want to talk there’s only one side of the story getting out and you know I
actually did that video that moto blog when somebody asked me well why you’re
reporting on Club stop it harms them well that’s not my problem
I’m sorry that I’m just gonna be real news organization you know we get that
out there and if clubs don’t want to give their side of the story what do you
want us to say you know we report what’s in the news you know have we broken news
yeah we broken news in the past but you got both sides of the story out but
those clubs that don’t want to talk to you know shows that have a lot of
freaking people that follow them then you know what they’re just shooting
themselves in the foot and there’s nothing that I or anybody else can do to
help them yeah we’re Club advocates but first and foremost our responsibility is
to you the viewer that’s our responsibility is to our audience it’s
not to go out there and be a propaganda machine for anybody
never will happen here at motorcycle madhouse yeah you know when you hear
motorcycle club advocate you might be saying well you know you support the
rights of something yeah we do but if you’re in the news and yeah
it’s getting reported it’s going out in the scene because that’s what we do here
so and but you know one thing about us unlike other publications we actually
give you a chance to come on throw your story out there let everybody out to the
side and you’re the one who can win the hearts and minds we’re just giving you a
platform for it so that’s just my two cents on that meteor but that’s how
they’re reporting everybody right there that video you just seen they’re tying
them to the mob they’re tying them to drug-dealing murders all that kind of
stuff that’s the media and let me tell you the media has a huge freakin impact
on the citizens of this country just look how divided we are right now in
this country for two years it’s been nothing but collusion is collusion math
and even when it came out that there was no collusion that was the other side
people are still divided that shows you the power of the media and to be able to
change hearts and minds so that’s just my advice take it as you will take a
look at that what can pack out two or three times a month these interviews
break and meanwhile they’ve got the shouted help end up in here they got
teachers a permitir mom from 115 years ago I don’t love your feet they’re
gorgeous I mean in the next one they look like
scissors and these two beautiful women she’s crying on the stand it’s just
crazy and then I turn it to angle art and I
said honey I said it threw this at you kidding I go back in the room
and Merry become like little she’s stomping around returning there yeah
yeah she’s stomping around yeah yeah she used the f-word like you know there’s no
more like a truck and and then angle or I could reason with him her I couldn’t
reasonably cheap she walked out she wants his lesson made me the saw they’ve
been having a Sheldon town there the whole time
they’re painting is it’s monster I mean that’s they did a whole deal so I really
really really wanted to attack the pot and they became out of that we got it
still and then we’re saying Spotify iTunes radio Tony pann here at the Bruton rumble on
downtown Milwaukee just offered the 5th Street entrance to the Iron Horse
Hotel hotel and I’m here with Doris Weber marketing guru for a betta
Wisconsin hello so Doris tell us a little bit about this event why eight
beats involved in it and what your plans are for marketing maybe so Amy who’s
involved in this event to support the build program because we believe in
trying to get the youth to come up because it’s the youth and the families
that we need to help attract to a beta Wisconsin this program is not only
getting kids involved in learning about bikes but it’s also getting them to to
learn about the whole motorcycle culture and how to communicate with people in
general right I mean it’s really exciting to see the youth getting
involved and interested in motorcycles but with that comes a responsibility
it’s great to know how to ride it’s great to know how to build a bike but
you’re also the responsibility that they have a aki-nee we should be tuned into
with a safety aspects of riding a motorcycle and there’s also a
responsibility to learn how to preserve motorcycling and that’s through the
rights my motorcycle rights and we have to get people interested in preserving
motorcycling maybe it’s not here to tell people especially this younger
generation of riders they don’t know they don’t know the history they don’t
know the angle parking they don’t know what aviators gone through to fight for
our rights to truly be able to ride free and they don’t realize that you have to
pay attention to what’s going on because otherwise the law will be passed without
anybody paying attention and all of a sudden you won’t be able to make any
modifications to your bike or you won’t be able to even ride with the autonomous
vehicles we don’t know what’s gonna come we got to pay attention well it’s going
to be a great day it’s a beautiful day little chilly up but just perfect for
riding I’m gonna go out and enjoy the the scenery look at the people observe
some of the bikes look at some of the build bikes
it’s good it’s great day enjoy all right Tony pann that’s the first time rubble
of downtown Milwaukee and that is pan man pan is something else let me tell
you is he a killer you know he knows more history than a lot of people that I
know you know he’s up there with Charlie Breck down with over at B I see radio
and stuff but what you are seeing in the top corner is the bus that went down
with be 81 out on the East Coast and let me tell you those cops did not spare
expense by they went in there with a motorized frickin armored car look at
how many people that they needed to take down on a bus right now this is like a
military operation and you kinda can see why people across this country are now
turning against Leo because these hard and tech look at this uh tactic right
there guy runs out boom he’s onto the freaking ground you know I was almost
worried about the pit bull that came out he’s over there taking a piss on the
tree that they’re gonna shoot hit that dog you know a pretty dog too
but look at this heavy there it is when the armored ones this is the United
States of America but again lately it’s been turned into a Gestapo regime and
it’s just real sad and this is the stuff that you know we got to start fighting
against you got to get in there with a bait you know you just seen that as far
as a bait is concerned I know Ann had a question they she paid and she was
waiting to hear something from him give me your district that you’re in and I’ll
get ahold of all who’s ever in charge and get the information you need from
them you’re gonna want to joy you know go to the meetings and stuff get
involved they got a lot of activities a bait stuff man but the meetings are real
cool a lot of cool people out there so you’re gonna want to get involved that
way but you seen well with ready he gave a little reason white and
testify that was from nj.com and stuff like that
so don’t forget we are on a new episode of motorcycle madhouse every Sunday at
9:00 a.m. and I’m starting to tell everybody to really go over to our radio
station because a lot of creators right now are having a problem with all the
such recipt and stuff and it’s hit us on Facebook we got demonetised over there
that was a funny one but anyway so come monday china doll is gonna be on and boy
do we have a segment with china doll you’re gonna hear exactly what kind of
party is going on up in Black River Falls no August 2nd through the 4th and
also just in on the 25th I will be in Durango Colorado over at the second
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but with that I’ll talk to you guys later don’t forget new episode
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we appreciate all your support we’ll see you next time

Otis Rodgers



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