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Pastor Tim Henderson clarifies and contends for the Faith!

hi wackadoodle family its pastor Tim for those who don't know that is an endearing term that we adopted early on I was called a wackadoodle freak for Jesus and so some of this channel family kind of went with it and we adopted it so it's an endearing term well I want to clarify I've done a couple videos and I and I know there's a lot of questions first of all I want to say I love all of you and sometimes it's very challenging to address all the issues obviously on a youtube well it is when I preach a sermon – that's why we ask Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us in what we say we always want it to be based on the Word of God hallelujah so I want to answer a couple questions because I I don't want you to meet be misinformed so you're gonna hear it right from the horse's mouth first of all I am a grace preacher I absolutely 100% the video will be a video link will be on this faith plus nothing equals salvation and eternal security I believe in the ABCs of salvation when a sinner admits they're a sinner in need of a savior and believes we believe in an eternally self-existing God in the person's of Father Son and Holy Spirit we believe that God the Son left glory laid down his glory was born of flesh born of a virgin lived a perfect life never sinned shed his precious blood on the cross of Calvary to pay the sin debt 2nd Corinthians 5:21 says that God made him who knew no sin to be sin that we might be the righteousness of God in Jesus shed his precious blood to pay the debt for our sin died and was buried on the third day he rose from the dead Romans 10:9 in 10 says if you confess the Lord Jesus with your mouth and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved for with the heart man and believes and is justified and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation Rome Ephesians 2:8 9 says for by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God not by works lest any man should boast and the abcs will be in this description as well as the link if you want more information we thank Jesus for his precious blood which was all sufficient once and for all for all my sins the nanosecond I believed on his redemptive work I was saved and sealed until the day of redemption and dwelt with Holy Spirit I know it with every fiber of my being and no one no teacher no group of people if I had to stand alone will convince me otherwise I have placed all my trust all my faith and His redemptive work glory to God what I couldn't do for myself Jesus did and it was all sufficient he loves us that much John 3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life John 3:17 God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved when I said on a video I want to clarify because I believe and teach the gospel of grace unadulterated you will not find back ending back during works into it yes I always say this we are not saved by works we are not kept saved by works we are saved for works that's our reasonable service because we love God I've preached and taught on that I will never call sin righteousness and righteousness in the repentance unto salvation is Metanoia a change of mine I'm trusting completely and the work of Christ on the cross of Calvary and the gospel has that line in 1st Corinthians 15 1 to 4 as the scripture states Christ died for our sins was buried and on the third day rose from the dead as the scripture states Paulson in Galatians 1 8 and 9 if anyone even an angel from heaven preach as or teachers of gospel other than that Christ death burial resurrection that person is accursed and if people say I believe that we are saved by grace through faith but you must do your part but you must live righteous but no we are saved and sealed until the day of redemption I want to make that clear yes I have said if a saved person in a moment of weakness in an iniquity goes and robs the bank they will have to pay the consequences they will have an issue with fellowship with God I've preached that sermon on 1st John chapter 1 boy I got beat up about that I don't care if they've placed their trust in the redemptive work of Christ on the cross of Calvary no we Holy Spirit doesn't condemn us and doesn't convict us to sin he convicts us to righteousness but we can't quench or grieve Holy Spirit my point was believers still we still have a sin nature we are 100% justified 100% positionally sanctified then our sanctification is progressive or experiential we want to grow in our christ-like character because we love him I use that as an illustration so what if a believer someone who has placed their trust in Christ did they were under pressure they had financial needs and they robbed the bank you're saying they'd lost their security because they were weak and sinned well then what about when you lie what about when you gossip what about when you over indulge in food or anything else what about the 70 thousand thoughts we have today you're telling me that every thought is to God's standard or moral perfection I am so thankful because Jesus cried out on that cross at Calvary lol Oh a lama sabachthani my God my God why have you forsaken me because Habakkuk 1:13 tells us that the eyes of the Father are so pure he's so holy he can't tolerate wrongdoing and look on evil Christ the propitiation for our sin he was our substance substitutionary atonement on the cross of Calvary and paid the debt for our sin he cried out it is finished to tell us die it is perfectly paid for there is no more never again does it need to be paid for judicially I am forgiven and my sins are they are no more hallelujah sin can no longer be attributed to my account now I have a carnal nature and so when I sin that can impact my fellowship with God but I'm still as a child I'm still saved I'm heaven bound and I'm rapture ready hallelujah I will never apologize I will continue as Holy Spirit gives me breath and ability praise God and to live as Christ to die is gain I can't lose and I will not compromise if anyone thinks for one nanosecond that I moved off of that or softened on that I apologize to you I have not softened on that message nor will we endorse or tolerate those who come against the gospel of grace we'll never do it we'll never do it what we do though we want to always I'm gonna share with you and then I'm gonna get on about this date setting because there's been a lot of questions about that too so for those I hope that clarifies no in these false teachers and preachers we are people do call them out and and that's right but I want to remind us how we should do it and just so you know I don't take those things lightly the Lord has to lead me when I said I'm tired of the pointing of the finger pointing we have to love one another that's in regard to the brothers and sisters in Christ if someone believes that you must have faith in Christ Plus be water baptized and speak in tongues to be saved they're not saved some of your gonna say pastor Tim that's harsh that's truth they're not saved unless they have at some point place their trust completely in Christ they are not saved because they have to saviors they're depending on Jesus and on their own works ability then why did he die on the cross in the first place you either believe his sacrifice that he was the Hebrew term for it would be ha ha ha and we mean our sin offering sacrifice here's the question folks did Jesus death on the cross with the shedding of his precious blood I've taught on Passover and the foreshadowing of what Christ would do and he died on a Passover was his sacrifice sufficient for all your sins or was it not if you say I have to believe in him plus I have to live to a certain standard and wrong answer then you have not planned I beseech you I implore you please build yourself up and we'll go to the word there are over 200 verses about faith alone in Christ alone we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone period now yes I'm not negating the rest of the Word of God of course we want to live according to a standard so that's a reasonable service but you are not saved by that and you are not kept saved by that and I am so concerned because the rapture is imminent I'm gonna get to that let's go to Jude and verse 3 it says beloved while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the Saints now I want to break this down in my notes so Jude had originally intended this is what was original Jude originally intended to write about the glorious salvation that is the common possession of all believers remember I've been saying there are many professors but there are a few possessors but God's Spirit so influence this yielded scribe that he sensed a change of direction a simple doctrinal essay would no longer do it it must be fervent appeal that would strengthen the readers they must be stirred up to contend earnestly for the faith tacks were being made on the sacred deposit of Christian truth Christ's death burial and resurrection attacks and that's what's happening today and efforts were already launched to whittle away the great fundamental doctrines God's people must stand uncompromising for the inspiration in Aaron see Authority and sufficiency of God's Holy Word yet in contending for the faith the believers must speak and act as a Christian this is important we contend for the faith no listen I'm not going if I'm called and invited to the Vatican with a bunch of other religious leaders I'll go as I'll pray and ask the Lord but when I do they're gonna hear and I'm gonna continue for the truth of God's Word and I'm gonna call out that error and that heresy and pray that someone hears and believes but I will never hold hands and sing Kumbaya and go against the Word of God not gonna happen here I'd rather die I would rather die who I don't know why you know there's a righteous indignation that rises up I promised you I've been prayed up this is not in the flesh this is in the spirit because we I will never hold hands with a bunch of religious leaders and sing Kumbaya and make sure I know of a president of a Theological Seminary and christen them who has debated with me argued I listen I gave it up no I said my piece and I moved on I'm not gonna get distracted in nonsense I'm gonna let the Lord lead me but he takes the students being trained being taught to get their m.div and doctor and divinity and taking them to the American Muslim college to pray with those being trained to be Imams Muslims and what we love and we praise God for those who have converted and come to faith in Christ and Christ alone I'm not going at praying Allah is not the eternal self-existent God and the persons of Father Son and Holy Spirit Allah is a demon at best Satan wurst you might as well go hold hands with the Satanic temple priests as to do that hello I'm gonna get some people upset but it's truth and I love you enough to tell you you know nice would be let's get along let's hold hands let's sing Kumbaya we're all good kindness is telling the truth kindness is a fruit of the Spirit not the world's definition of nice here though in Jude were told yet in contending for the faith the believer must speak and act as a Christian as Paul wrote a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all able to teach and patient I'll admit that's been an iniquity event toward sin that I have had to deal with and I have repented not repented to be saved or maintain my salvation but repented because I'd allowed Tim to rise up and it needs to be in the spirit do you hear what he said second Timothy 2:24 a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all able to teach patient so that's what I wanted to bring out and so if I didn't do that well I apologize to you guys I already confess that to the Lord you know if I wasn't bringing that message correctly I apologize there seem to be a lot of confusion and God is not a god of chaos or confusion but a God of order so I love this wackadoodle family and so I apologize to those who may not have understood and I'll take the blame for that I praise God for your grace and your mercy toward me and most of all his hallelujah I love you guys God loves you and I always want you to understand so if you're ever confused thank you to those who have messaged me or come through the moderators and said hey we're a little confused there is no offense there you will not offend me by saying pastor Tim what's going on Paul's talking about that the believer must contend without being contentious and testify without ruining his testimony we want to make sure that in what we do we don't ruin our testimony what we contend earnestly for is the faith which was once for all delivered to the Saints notice that not once upon a time it doesn't say that it says not once upon a time but once for all the body of doctrine is complete the Canon is finished nothing more can be added if it's new it's not true if it's true it's not new when some teachers claim to have a revelation which is above and beyond what is found in the Bible we reject it out of hand the faith has been delivered and we neither need nor heed anything else this is our answer to the leaders of false cults and false teachers there you have that brothers and sisters so I am contending as the Lord has led me for the faith absolutely um well so I want to say to clarify that because I'm gonna be doing a video I've gotten some godly counsel waited all prayed and now I know what I'm gonna do as the Holy Spirit is leading man it's gonna be a one-time address and then the Lord is my defense but I'm gonna do as I feel the Lord has led me in my prayer so the gospel of grace never bending from it those who teach a gospel other than that is a cursed their accursed as to the imminency of the rapture okay so the imminence C of the rapture everything that has needed to happen has occurred we are as I say in the final moments of the end of days II began 2,000 years ago and it's we're in the final moments at the end of days I teach a lot on that this channel is dedicated to my Lord Jesus and it I'm a grace preacher I I'm a great preacher hallelujah there'll be no back ending murk this channel we're not saved by works we're not kept saved by works we are saved for works faith plus nothing equals salvation and eternal security and that is based off of the Word of God look at the video faith plus nothing equals salvation and eternal security I'm gonna contend for that faith there are other things that I say they're not heaven or hell issue are they important of course they're important we want to be burying students of the Word of God second Timothy 2:15 study to show ourselves approved unto God workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth as to the time of Christ's return in Matthew 24 it says no one knows the day nor the hour I've tried to show grace to those I understand that there are different beliefs if you have been saved by grace through faith you're saved doesn't mean you can't be an error in other areas but you're saved you're my brother and sister and I want to always show grace I also at the end of the day will share the truth I want everyone to know this who's watching and is viewing and feel free to share it if I need to as Holy Spirit leads me to point out I'll continue to point out error in teaching and if I need to point out those false teachers as the Lord leads me I will do it I don't take joy in that I don't do it to hurt anyone it's but if the Lord leads me I will do that when it comes to date setting I want to tell you some of the tradition often when Jesus taught he would use write parables he would use idioms that's used to read out the Word of God when Jesus talked about no one knows the day nor hour except the father in heaven and this follows through a lot of these principles you'll see it it'll follow through it's like the blood the life was in the blood and Leviticus and the sacrifices think about Abel the blood of the animal his offering I mean think about this goes for Passover the Passover lamb they put the blood on the top and sides of the door and they ate the lamb and death and judgment passed over Christ died on Passover he shed his precious blood what did he do the night before the night before and this is why communion is an ordinance of the church it is not a requirement of salvation but it is an ordinance of the church he took the bread and he broke it and said take eat this is my body which is given for you that was a representation and like honor II took the cup when it was poured out and said this cup has a new covenant in my blood this do and remembrance of me until I come again Jesus was telling us a lot in that the Lamb of God shed his precious blood on the cross at Calvary life is in the blood it paid the debt for our sin he died was buried and on the third day rose from the dead there are a lot of types patterns and four shadows in the Old Testament a lot of times in studying and properly executing Scripture we go back to first use we understand like first Corinthians 10:32 says give no offence neither to the Jews nor the Gentiles nor the church the church is the ekklesia the called out ones the body of Christ the Bride of Christ we were the mystery from the Old Testament there were two people groups the Jews and the nations or we call them the Gentiles now in the New Testament anyone who has admitted they're sinners in need of a savior and believed on the redemptive work of Christ on the cross the Calvary for the remission of all their sins and therefore call on the name of Lord or confess are saved they become part of the ecla sea of the body of Christ we are a new creation in Christ Jesus and is coming soon for that body all of the Bible is for the believer now all of the Bible is about the believer and in understanding it you need to keep those things in mind all Scripture is given by divine inspiration 2nd Timothy 3:16 and 17 it's God breathed we believe in the verbal plenary inspiration of Scripture when Jesus said no one knows the day nor hour this is what you need to know I've talked a lot about this so he's the bridegroom of whom he's the bridegroom of the church now some people confuse and say no God is God is married to the church no that's wrong that's wrong you've got that wrong Israel is the life of God in Madison's prophetically and God deals with the nation of Israel separately as a nation that's throughout the Bible and that's coming so once we're raptured you're gonna have the Tribulation Period are also known as the time of Jacob's trouble I'm not actually teaching on that right now maybe later I will but I want you to get this that I want you to get this so let's go back to the the Bride of Christ he's our bridegroom remember when he went away when the angel said to them you men of Galilee and I'm giving you you know my my I'm gonna say paraphrase now because I'm recalling the scripture you know why stand you here get you know this same Jesus will come back the same way he came Jesus Jesus told us before he went in my father's house are many mansions if it weren't so I'd tell you he's gonna prepare a place for us in Jesus time when a bride and bridegroom they would have an espousal ceremony first and then the they would not be intimate they would not be intimate yet but they were as good as married it was a covenant it was a contract if they cheated on each other that could not be good that's why Joseph was going to put her away quietly until an angel revealed to him what really occurred the bridegroom would go away for about a year and he would um the body brought was looking some comments the bridegroom would go away for a year and he would prepare a home that was equal to or greater than mostly greater than that of her father's and she wouldn't see him for that year halfway through he'd sent a gift and it would be a gift that said reminded her that she was his beloved that he was coming to get her and he would take her away and they'd be together forever it was the role of the bride I groom the man's father to say when the home was ready not the bridegroom himself only the father would determine that and so the father would say it's time go get your bride he'd come with a small detachment he would not go to her home she he'd probably be outside that city if there was a little city he'd be outside the gates follow and she'd come out and he would snatch her away and take her and marry her and take her into the bridal chamber for a week and then they'd come out and they'd have a public ceremony and she'd be with him forever jesus said the Father Knows and the father is gonna say it's time go get her and we're gonna be caught up together in the clouds and we're gonna be with the Lord forever I've shared those scriptures many times here's the issue and this is where I said if our brothers and sisters our brothers and sisters in Christ we've we've got to not as Jude tells us we must maintain that christ-like character when we're dealing with those things I believe and I have dreams and visions but I will never set a date nor hour I said this last night and I meant this stop getting all frustrated over it for those who want to follow that I'm not going to follow date setting but I'm also not going to get distracted in beating up people over it because here's the reality when the date comes and goes you will know that they are a false prophet the the thing that we have that I have to caution the body is remember May 14th while many of us said whoa is this a high well we're in a high watch time all the time brothers and sisters we are the rapture is imminent meaning that it could happen at any moment I believe I believe with every fiber of my being based on the prophecies that we see unfolding the prophecies that have been fulfilled based on the birth pains and that things were seen knowing that the ant that the army of Antichrist is being formed it's being formed knowing that I believe we're seeing the false prophet in the Pope I absolutely believe he's a false prophet knowing that there are good candidates for the Antichrist but I'm not gonna know and I'm not looking for the Antichrist I'm looking for Christ to come back and the clouds of glory and snatch us away let's say some of these folks called the right date is anybody gonna be upset about that and after that date goes and those who have said the Lord have told me the Lord gave I know this is the Lord I mean there are some crazy stuff out there the problem is it becomes damaging to the body for those who are so eager and we are eagerly waiting I get it guard your hearts because here's the problem if you listen to enough of it you start to look for those things yourself I think it's called reticular activation it's kind of like when you buy a car have you ever done that have you ever seen a car and you thought oh I really like this car you might not have even recognized it before on the road years ago I'm a I'm funny this way I'm not mechanically inclined I don't think there's probably any surprise there I had both I'm not even gonna say the name of the car because other people have the car I just don't want to go there but I'll tell you the one I got I had bought up a car I was in corporate and I needed a car to get me back and forth and I bought this car and my wife really liked and she said oh this is a great car I like it too and so we bought this car although with all the kids we had she had what I called the Blue Bus a fort Econoline van because when you have seven children and we had triplets and a 20-month and one that was 20 months older than them still my wife I called it the Blue Bus but I needed a car and so I bought this car it kept breaking down kept breaking down kept breaking down well I had gone on a on a on a day trip for business I was coming back and the car broke down for like the fifth time and I was also a youth pastor but I but I worked a corporate job to pay for that it wasn't until I was a pastor here that I actually was supported by the works of the ministry before that I did it one time it wasn't volunteer but it was done so that I could bless the senior pastor in order for him to get health benefits even though I had great benefits I had to be on the plan well the plan would call for 200 a week for me in the church wanted to put me on salary but they can only afford a hundred a week so it was actually a negative and it's okay I willingly did that it was a blessing and God had blessed us and we could be a blessing but now I'm a full-time pastor and as you know I get on here and I praise God for all the prayers and support but anyway this this car broke down again and I called my wife it broke down on a highway I pulled to the side I got to the side and I turned and there's a jeep dealership I got I kid you not I I go into the dealership and I said I'm a good negotiator and if you may I said that thing has less than 6,000 miles you fix it you can sell it it keeps breaking down on me it Shores if you make a deal with me today you tow that thing in here I'll I'll leave and a brand new Jeep I want a jeep anyway so let's go for it and I left in a new Jeep and I got home might my senior pastor my wife and his wife were all there at the church actually I went I went right to the church and they were just laughing because I know my personality and and that Jeep did well cuz I prayed I'm like Lord you guys know after having been broken down I just I'm not mechanical I didn't have time for that I'm not sure I shared that I think they encouraged someone the point is once I got that Jeep I hadn't planned on doing that that morning that was not my intention do you know every jeep that passed me on the road I noticed I couldn't believe how many jeeps there are on the road be really careful with the things you hear and the things you you take in because if you hear even if you hear a lie long enough you might begin to believe it to be truth same thing with those works/righteousness those who back-end and they'll start off by saying we believe that Jesus died to pay the price for our sins we believe that they'll come against the grace teaching the gospel of grace uns that they'll say all they know they twist one guy says he twists me he twists Ephesians 2:8 9 no I don't how how did I twist that actually in the video fake plus nothing equals salvation and eternal security I go through Ephesians right through 1 through 10 we are saved by grace through faith and that not of ourselves how do you twist that it is the gift of God we call it the free gift of salvation not by works lest anyone should boast so I said it last night and I'll say it again for those who did not understand me I saw I can't see all the comments but just ignore the nasty comments okay Lord what do you want me to say here just remember brothers and sisters to be christ-like and you're dealing with your brothers and sisters even in our dealing with the Pharisees who back-end works do you know Jesus loves them too God would that they would be saved as well we want to pray for them don't get angry you fight not against flesh and blood that's what Ephesians tells us we fight not against flesh and blood this battle is a spiritual battle do not hate the person and do not let yourself get angry at the person love the person come against that the doctrine of Aaron call it out as we must let the Holy Spirit lead us in doing that we want to contend for the faith in these final moments of the end of days this is really critical people's salvation depends on it they depend on it there are many who come are coming in and they feel they're living in fear and shame and reproach Romans 8:1 there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus and those who trust in and rest in His grace those are the ones that again who am i I'm not going to judge a sinner in their sin sinners sin I'm gonna share the love of Christ with them and let them know how much God loves them so much so that Jesus died for them we want to do that within the fellowship of believers we do want to build one another up in the faith correct one another in love but definitely correct one another as to who's in the household of faith those who believe I got to share the story with you because this really happened well let me finish the date setting I'm never gonna date set the father is gonna say when and just like in that time the bridegroom is coming and he's coming soon so praise God he's coming soon in the meantime let's occupy and redeem the time as to those in the household of faith if they add anything anything to face alone in Christ alone it's not salvation did you hear what I said faith plus nothing equals salvation and eternal security adding works for requirements or conditions after a sinner admits that they're a sinner in need of a savior and believes believes not a professor but a possessor believes it's a regenerating work of holy spirit there is a pre conversion work of holy spirit and the life of the believer because Holy Spirit does that regenerating work that nanosecond you believe and dwells you you're saved and sealed until the day of redemption in regard to that if they don't believe that they're not your brother and sister in Christ I don't care how charismatic they are I don't care how convincing they are I don't care how many scriptures they know it's grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone I know that brings a lot of vitriol and hatred brothers and sisters I'm just bringing you the truth well I love you God loves you I hope that I've answered the question for those who are confused because that's that was the intent of this and as far as loving everyone I want to love everyone I want to love those in the body of Christ I want to love the lost and reach out to them and that includes the Pharisees and the legalists I want to love them absolutely and loving them and being kind to them is not the world's definition of nice it's bringing the truth and pointing out out of my love for the Lost is pointing out the error and many of us many of them including myself have have had back ended ways of works trying to come in to the back door it's like will preach grace but while backward works don't listen to that nonsense that's heresy it is anti the Word of God and it's Antichrist steer clear of it clear of it brothers and sisters just steer clear of it well I've said this I know this may come across wow he was really because it has created such division and and I for one I I am I I just want to keep my focus on Jesus and the race it's almost over I can see the finish line hallelujah we are wearing the last lap brothers and sisters and he's coming hallelujah and that oh what we have awaiting us the Bible says no eye has seen no ear has heard no mind can conceive what God has prepared for those who love him love you guys praying for you love one another most of all let's worship Him in spirit and in truth spend time in his word always always always go back to the word it needs to be word based god bless you guys Shalom have an awesome rest of your day

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    We are saved by God's Grace, our Faith in His Blood. Our Saviour paid for us with His Blood. The Bride, the Church is His Promised Possession.

  21. Sharn FoFarren Posted on July 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    From what I understand from walking with Jesus, is that once we are saved and sealed, the holy spirit comes to live in us and then we become a new creation in Christ and we no longer live in sin, we turn away from sin and practice righteousness. We dont want to sin because of our love for Jesus and his grace gift. When we stumble and sin we repent and go about another day of walking in faith and practicing righteousness. I dont want to insult the sacrifice that Jesus made for me as a sinner..so I chose to follow the Bible and live in a way that doesnt grieve the holy spirit. I dont consider striving to live in rightousness as a "work" I hope Im understanding what your saying correctly. "Works" are things like doing good deeds, volunteering, or giving to charity or church in order to get approval from Jesus, instead of receiving the gift of grace through faith that was given to us.

  22. Duby Redburn Posted on July 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    Amen Pastor Tim!! I stand with the true gospel of grace! There's no way I could ever save myself!

  23. david benjamin in christ Posted on July 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    Thank you brother Tim this was awesome

  24. Lone cruZader Posted on July 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    Love is telling the truth! Lies kill… lies destroy… lies lead away from God! … the truth ALWAYS leads to salvation.

  25. Enlightened Eye Posted on July 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    This was great and I'm really thankful to you for clearing up the madness from last night. God bless you and the family. 🙏🙏

  26. Rhema Songs Posted on July 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    Brothers and Sisters, (and ladies and gentlemen for those who aren't yet) this is truth! Thank you Brother, for your passion for the Truth. And the Truth is that which I've heard you preach and teach for you teach that which Jesus and the apostles taught. I know it well, for it is written throughout my heart, and has been for many many years. Glory to God, Glory to God!!! Love you Brother Tim.!!! ~~~ Bill

  27. Lone cruZader Posted on July 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    On FIRE for Jesus!

    Direct contradiction of scripture is BLASPHEMY! … PERIOD! Theres no other way to see it.

  28. 444lonnie Posted on July 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    OK, grace…..so what do I do if I "slip up" and do something against the commandments? No need to confess my sin and repent?

  29. P C Posted on July 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    Amen Tim! I was concerned yesterday. We can't have unity with teachers of false gospels. I can't wait for this date to pass, it has caused so much strife.

  30. Peg waltman Posted on July 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    Just read that even when I don't feel close to the Lord my faith in Him is knowing, he is there with me, because I have faith in His word & integrity.❤

  31. Cielo1995 Posted on July 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    Wow Pastor Tim, you had me on the verge of tears. xxx