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Postgraduate Research in Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham

The MA by Research and the PhD in Theology
and Religion is aimed at the postgraduate study of Theology and Religion. The MA by
Research is a Masters level degree designed to prepare students for a doctoral level research
on a specific topic. This type of programme is also useful if a student wants to prepare
for a career in the commercial world, where a research focus is a key aspect, but a PhD
is not specifically required. I chose the University of Birmingham really
for two reasons; the first is the structure of the PhD. If you do a PhD in the US it’s
a six year programme where you do three years of classes and then three years of study and
writing, but here in the UK, it’s only a three year dissertation writing process. Our students have a variety of interests in
biblical studies, historical theology, constructive, systematic theology, ethics, worship, literary
criticism. But also in policy making, political leadership and just in a variety of areas
that have to do with the diversity of religions and the dynamics of faith, as well as with
the character of God. The University of Birmingham has the best
reputation for my programme. There aren’t a lot of schools that kind of intertwine culture
and theology and the University of Birmingham is one of them and has a very world renowned
reputation for that. We have a high number of employment of our
graduates in Theology and Religion. Although many of our students are already in a working
relationship during their studies, to which they return. Many of our students have gone
on to traditional religious occupations, religious ministries, clergy activities, but also to
the commercial world or to public services and as well as to a variety of other areas
of employment. Because a degree in Theology and Religion develops a range of transferable
skills that are highly sought after diverse employment sectors. The greatest seat of support is coming from
my advisor. I work with Dr Davies and he meets with me every other week and just chats about
not only the research area, which is obviously important, but about life and transitioning
into Birmingham and exploring interests that lay outside of the bubble of my field but
that still help with the field.

Otis Rodgers