February 23, 2020
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Powerful Gospel Music Praise and Worship Songs 2019 Playlist - Top Christian Gospel Songs For Prayer

Oh before I spoke a word you were singing over me you have been so so good to me before I took a breath you breathe your life and me you have been so so kind to me oh well me never reckless love of God oh it chases me down fine 99 I couldn't earn it I don't deserve it till you give you Oh never ding breathless love of God yeah when I was your phone still your love heart for me you have been so so good to me you'll pay you have been so so kind Oh me Ragland love guys oh it is me down by itself please I can yourself wellmy never-ending scraggly yeah there's no shall you all light up mountain you all climb up coming after me there's no wall you won't Kate down now you won't tear down coming after me there there's not never Jase's make account leave a mark build a name for yourself dream your dreams chase their heart above all make name the world remembers but all an empty world could sell is empty dreams I got lost in the lie that it was up to me to make name the world but Jesus is the old name to remember we will legacy I don't care if they remember me only Jesus oh we go on life to live every second point oh Jesus all the kingdoms built all the trophies one will crumble into dust when it's said and done it's all the real matter the truth you the ones I love life proves that there is only one stable last forever legacy care all the only go on to it every second point Oh Jesus is the only the only mate Jesus is the only Jesus is the only Jesus is the only name to remember legacy I don't care oh Jesus they'll only go on Oh we second for only but I wanna leave a legacy I don't care if they remember Jesus [Applause] say one time breathe you know [Applause] you told me yes you do so here's my testimonial so no flyer can't burn me no battle can turn me no mountain can stop me No [Applause] yes you know my oh hi you're with me know how I feel something right there [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] me second Abednego they went a fiery furnace the Bible says but they came out with the heat [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you you I keep fighting voices in my mind that say I'm not in every symbol either tells me I'm never measure a mime more than just the sum of every high and every low remind me once again just who I am because I need to know whoa you say I am loved when I can't feel thing you say I am strong when I think I am we you say I am held when I am falling short and well I don't belong oh you say I am you and I believe won't believe what you say of me the only thing that matters now is everything you think of me in you I find my worth in you I find my identity and I can't feel a thing you say I am strong I think I am and you say I am help when I am falling short and when I don't below or you'll say I'm your and I believe what you say of me taking more like having now I'm lame at your feet you have every fail you got in your life every victory and you say I am strong when I think you say what you say Oh Oh believe what you say of me Jesus you it's so wonderful it's frightening see right through the mess inside me and you blow me out and pull me in you tell me I can start again and I don't get to keep on hiding cuz I'm fully known in love by you fool you won't let go no matter what I do and it's not one or the other it's hard to see me to get Lois grace to be known falling down in the Bayou fully known and of by you it's so like you to keep the silly it sounds like me to go astray with your true love that body bruised I surrender to you climb [Applause] no matter what and it's not one or the other Roger Siri to give us grace to be known salty down in the slowly No right how will the word help me get outside I cannot find the reasons why you give me so I will her original her is your I cannot find the reason why you gave me so lino in go [Applause] no matter it's not one or the other it's hard to see me to give us grace to know foligno in love by you fully know in the Faline ah falling in love with Jesus are you falling in love with Jesus falling in love with Jesus is the best thing I've ever ever done in love with Jesus falling in love with Jesus falling in love with Zhi Jesus is the best thing I've ever ever in his us I feel protected in his arms never disconnected no place I'd rather be falling love with Jesus falling in love with Jesus falling in love with G is his birthday every time Milas arms together never his arms I feel protects there is no place I'd rather be singing again no place [Applause] is the best thing oh yeah [Applause] there is no face she picked me up now I'm set apart from the ash I am born forever saving this that's right she won I follow you and fix my eyes follow me is [Applause] the darkest night the darkest night breaking change stitches everything I'm pressing on I was living I will live crazy [Applause] Ryu you are my freedom we lift you higher lift you higher because he [Applause] you are you you [Applause] I was very the need washing Lukie can't boy he was my to me I tried to you my soul Oh [Applause] [Applause] our every word rescue my citrus head but shames break I need a show now you like the frost don't lose when two comes forward Oh how nature equate with nature of patience like seed and snow either Newbery to grow for your promise is Lord from C to Sequoia and I know though the winter is long even Richard the harvest pray though my waiting prolongs even greater if you promise for me like a sea I believe the most easy like the low winter Sun as I gaze I am in the light of like fighters I'm renewed in your melty ice of his mouth till the Baron is beautiful and I know though the winter is long even richer the harvest break along the even greater you promise for me like I see I believe in my season I can see the promise I can see the future you're the god of seasons and I'm just in the winter if all I know of harvest is that it's worth my patience then if you're not I'm working thank God I'm not I'm waiting you can see my promise even in the winter controlling cattle greatness even in a manger all know seasons is that you take your time you could say just in a second instead you send a child the winter is long either richer the harvested bread even greater your promise for me like see I believe my season and when I finally see my tree still I believe there's a season to come like saved your soul for the sake of us all from Bethlehem Souls you grew Calvary so yeah sick and tired of being sick and tired had as much as you as I can take I'm so done so over being afraid I've gone doing emotions I've been back and forth I know that you're thinking you've heard this before I don't know how to say it so I'm just gonna say fear you don't have me there ain't no room in that story I ain't got time for telling me what I'm not like know me or guys would know who I am I know I'm sir my own identity Sophie you will never be welcome T so take me in a lair to settle in you probably never saw it coming something's gotta give so I give up you Hey yeah there's no room for you here I've had enough no they can't see sign on my heart is Lila in case you didn't hear there ain't no room in this door I ain't got time you're telling me well I'm not like you know me or guess what I know who I am on Armstrong and I have got my own hide a selfie you will never be welcome Dean is there anybody out there just like me anybody needing fear to leave if you don't know how to say sing along with me sing fear you don't have made their main arm in the story I ain't got time for you telling me why I'm not liking me well guess what I know who I am I know I'm strong brave and I am free got my own identity show fear you will never be welcome I've gotta keep that come before the spider windows and the doors to keep me safe to keep you in my life is one I'm fine if I can find a seat you reuse the show Emma voice becomes then I won't let you screw me over boy can't keep my head down he gets hot I'll meet you there and he please don't let me let me let me drown so pull me up from down coz among the end to come driving me over home clothes I need um I need your balls keep my head he is right there me to bed and he see in the stormy weather seek me to keep it all together I can't sleep the all shine life is forever I'll meet you there and he'll say ow more I see you in the sunrise every more it's like a picture that you've painted for love letter in the sky store I could've had a really different stop shoe came down from heaven to restore forever save my love nobody loves me like you love me treason I stand in awe of your amazing ways I worship me you is loved I am can you a faithful and true nobody loves me like you breaking down the weight of Omaha even when it feels like I'm surround you never leave my like I said it all got you nobody else knew who would aside see ooh what a CIBC what a son to see who woulda son my heart keep singing jeez steady nobody I I sweat in the heat of the battle and I fought through the dust in the shadows oh you never left my side never left my side I stood at the top of the world I swam through the depths of my soul no matter what I find the battle would I find drought or famine high and low wherever I go oh we are gonna find me there wherever I go oh yeah be sad in the rise in flames even in the flood I say [Applause] [Applause] wherever I go you hold all the pieces together did you bring me a strength in the desert oh you defend my soul you defend my soul no high no depth no grave nothing on keeping oh you're my only hope you're my only old life in death this truth I know wherever I go oh oh oh in the Razia flame even in the poor even in the mud I'm saying you go forever iku you go wherever I go who wherever I go don't wanna find me there wherever I go oh yeah right beside me down in the rise in flame even in the pouring rain even in the mud I say you go wherever I go on the nights when the dog is a little bit longer then the stone is a little bit stronger for the feeling my heart is a little bit deeper my faith standing it's a little bit where could I do we could go even when I loved his even bad all the action you never we go even when the war yes with me fending doing the face up ahead look at Italy and Friday but the grim public eye sores and it'll be inside I'm a binder your grace never asked for perfection mr. Dennis dead a little shake well about all that you today I know you never we go will suffer us it in the middle of shaka giveaway to start to remember you I'm standing on the promises and pick up battle and even to the valley of the shed I'm standing on your promises our own – we could go even a few of his shake even [Applause] see chuckling Hey right they see is my [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] – yeah we see Oh for so long I carry the weight of my past crippled by putting socks ones on my back I thought I've fallen too far from your grace if you came in you show me how to love soul-searching you're the ground meat monkey when I was a blonde I'm injured you're the ass who I could see when you smoke potassium you're the air that I agree get me home gave me something to believe now I'm laughing morning risk it from the crib up Stan God your love came crashing in you pulled me out of the fire I'm a survivor now all I can see the fields of your grace wherever I want you leading the shackles off my feet I don't – no money you gave me hope gave me something to believe now I'm alive and born again rescued from the grave oh yeah yeah came crashing in you pulled me out of the survivor survivor make me me you no I rescue from the grip of sin God you love came crashing in out of the fire I'm a survivor whoo I'm a survivor [Applause] yeah you pull me out of it by I'm a survivor not all of here to Fred to lose feeling only five what you calling me too love you stray got no excuse broken people are exactly instead give me hope Moses a new baby give me a hug David be my bare hands walking face my Chinese took a shepherd boy made him King I'm gonna trust you and give you everything a big Conqueror she'll fight for me a big champion claiming your left ovary my Moses you know be give me a David by Chinese I'm gonna sing and shout and shake the walls will stop until I see oh I'm gonna stand and step back when you come and Jesus Jesus gonna sing a Shia shake the world won't stop until I see you gonna stand up step when you come in Jesus Daniel in the lion's den give me hope blah Moses in the lives of men give me a hug David to be my affairs so I can face 90 trying Bruce take me there there's face Chinese I faced my Chinese with confidence this the girls the so what I give in my hair say no whatever let me try a story about a woman with an issue had at 1200 years didn't know what to do she heard about a man coming she cut on her knees and she brought all around oh I should say come on you I'm like every mother no it i'ma tell the world Oh cause the pikemen to see this menu was the train was it fun for you and me Oh – morning oh we are 3d I Oh No Oh Oh we are grateful for hallelujah there I was on death row guilty in the first-degree son of God hanging over you till was my destiny crowd shouting crucify it could have calm these lips of mine dirty shame was killing me it would take a miracle to wash me clean I'm beginning to shake I became a freeman that day here's my wings my did huh begins to be breath of God filled my lungs and the Holy Ghost away become me yeah the Holy Ghost awakened me and the class began to shake Oh start falling and I became a free man that day for God so loved the who I will said his only son to die for me wrong although I will his arms right where my to be Jesus Saves my destiny thank you [Applause] don't began to shake who's all started falling now became a free man plenty Rizzo started falling and I am a free man today you

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