February 27, 2020
  • 11:34 am Monday 2/15/20 Faith And Obedience DVD # 41233
  • 11:34 am Faith Is the Connector to Miraculous Healing
  • 4:15 pm معايدة صاحب الغبطةيوحنا العاشر بطريرك أنطاكية وسائر المشرقميلاد ٢٠١٩
Prayer List Ideas

Your prayer life’s crucial, you’ll never go anywhere without creating some type of prayer
life. It’s foundational!! I do what Pastor says here, I pray first thing in the
morning. I get down on my knees, pray first thing. And the last thing at night. Bonnie
says goodnight, and I roll over and I start praying. And you know it gives me
great sleep, it gives me great sleep at night. The greatest invention for
prayer is a kitchen timer: You turn it, you can turn it for an hour,
half hour. I’m busy, busy, busy. We’re all busy, busy, busy. But I say I’m gonna pray
for a half hour, and I take that timer and switch it to a half hour and then I
don’t have to look at the clock, I don’t have to worry about anything, I can just
pray. Because I know in a half hour that thing will ring and I can stop.
And so I’ve used that, I’ve used that for a long time, that really works good. I keep
my prayer list in the binder, I brought it tonight. I don’t want to
forget people, I don’t want to forget things, or areas that I’m praying.
So I write them down, I write them down. And I’m gonna go through here what, I
going to go through my whole prayer list here and so you understand what I do. There’s a gentleman by the name of Pastor Cho, largest church in the world, in Korea. And Pastor Cho has created a preparation prayer. And so
I read through that. I teach on that and that’s just making declaration. It uses
the articles in the Old Testament Temple. Example: it goes to the Altar, it goes to
the Laver, it talks about the Golden Candlesticks, The Table of Shewbread
and the Ark of the Covenant. And it’s a declaration on each one of those. For the
Brazen Altar it talks about forgiveness of sins. What does the Blood do?
Altar is a place of Blood isn’t it? They sacrificed things on the altar. It talks
about forgiveness of sins, deliverance from the power of Satan, talks about
healing, the Blood is for healing. The Blood is for being redeemed from the
Adamic curse. The Blood gives us the blessings of Abraham. And the Blood
allows us to be delivered from death and hell. And that’s one sheet. And I just
make declaration of all these things. I’m delivered etc. etc. Then I go into my own personal prayer list. I always come before his presence with singing. It says come before his presence sing and so I
always do that, I sing a little song and then I tell God I love him. I asked, I
claim to Blood for myself and for my family. And a bunch of, couple little
things here and then I pray for Pastors. There’s Pastors that have meant a lot to
me over the years. I got a whole slew of them. And so if they haven’t died or passed on,
then I pray for them each day. I really appreciate being able to do that. Then I
pray for my family. I list each one of them out. Some of them I’m
not talking to, they’re not talking to me for years and years. But I’m
still gonna pray for them. And one of the things I pray for is reconciliation. Like
I’m not reconciled to my sister’s, two of them. None of them talk to me.
And so I pray for reconciliation. Then on my sheet I pray for Christian Retreat (Church)
leadership. I pray for a bunch of other people. I pray for the IOM class that
I went through, pray for those people. Then I have a wayward son. He was here
one time and so I have a bunch of stuff I pray for him. So that’s my individual
prayer list. On my prayer sheets here, I pray for the men in his house. Joshua sends me a list every time there’s a chance, guys come and go and
they send me a list. So I print that out and I pray for everybody. Everybody
that’s here now, I prayed for you today. And I do that every day first thing.
I tried to pray for the people that left too, that got to be too much. I don’t know who they are. guys are here A day or two, I got their
name but I don’t really know who they are. And so I stopped that and said that won’t work. In a notebook again I have the Congo Bible School students.
Bonnie and I supported a teacher at the Congo Bible School, just one or two lumps
of money. And he sent me a list of all the students, and so I pray for them each
day. And that’s been a lo, t that’s been a couple years ago, but they’re still on my
list, I enjoy doing it. And I’m sure they’re all gone out of the Bible school
now, but you know praying for somebody overseas, I like doing that. I pray for the North River churches in Manatee County. I want to talk to all these pastors and
share with my vision to them on the ministry. Not and I do need teachers, I
need editing help, I need a whole bunch of things. And so I pray for the churches.
I went through the computer and I made a list of, there’s 32 churches North River.
And so I pray for each one of those. And then I have stuff I pray for. I pray for
their leadership, I pray for unity. I pray for missons all that. Then God impressed upon me to pray for the nation’s. Christian
Retreat used to stop it’s services and pray for the nation’s. They had all the
flags around you of the nation’s. And so you’d stop and you’d stand up and you’d
start praying out for all those nations. And God oppressed upon me that I should
be doing that. And so I met a list of all the nations. And all these little island
nations, Kingdom of to-to, Kingdom whatever it is, I don’t have on here.
There’s just too many of them. But the main nations, I got 225 nations that I
pray for each day. Now here’s how I do it: I read out their name, and then I have
things over the right hand side that I pray for. I pray that God pours out their
(His) Spirit, That there’s a revival. That’s there’s billion saved, I pray for their
Pastors, all those things. God then next impressed upon me,
we’re praying for them, why don’t you start given to them. And so what I did was, I
found a mission board that has a ton of missionaries out there.
And every month Bonnie and I select a country, a country. And we find a
missionary there and we send the mission board some money. It’s not a lot, it’s not
a lot. And so we’re up to 34 countries now. I’ve got 220, we got about another
10 years, maybe more than 10 years to go to finish all the nations. And I pray for
those missionaries every day. Now I don’t go through, I don’t know what’s happening
to Chris and Heather Schneider in Argentina. I don’t have the foggiest idea.
They don’t get in contact with you, there’s no way to tell. So I just pray
for them, I read out their names and then I go through certain things. I
just ask God to bless them. Then I have a prayer list of just things I’m thankful for. I’m gonna
praise God. And this is what I’m thankful: good health, a clean mind, my salvation my
wife, my children, opportunities to work at the Life Center. A whole bunch of things
I’m thankful for. I have a page here of healing scriptures. I went to the doctor a month or two ago and he said oh
you’ve got this. It’s something I never heard of. It’s not fatal, but it’s
affected me a little bit. And so always when you’re sick, you go up to the altar
first. He told me about it, I call Pastor Stan and said I need to be anointed.
And two weeks ago or three weeks ago, whatever it was, he anointed me.
I told exactly what it was and he prayed that. And so I’m asking God to heal me
and then I’m listing scriptures as I read. And I try to try to add one every
other day or something. I’m up to four or five now, that I call. You give
God back the Word, which what he says. It’s so interesting isn’t it. This is
what you said, I’m waiting for you to heal. It says thou art my healer, thy
servant shall be healed, he was healed in that very hour, I am, I am the God
that heals you. You read that back to him, it’s just powerful, just
powerful. With my ministry; menteachingmen.com, I got a whole bunch of needs. All this
technical stuff and lighting stuff and equipment stuff, more than I’ve ever
done. I haven’t done any of that. And so I’m learning, but it’s taken me
forever. One of the first videos I did, I put that in closed caption. You know what
closed caption is, you can read the words. It took me two weeks.
Just way too long. And so I need help with some of these things, so I pray for
that. The categories I have on my website, I pray for them. Not for those
categories, but I pray for the teachers that God will bring. Example adultery, Bible memorization, church attendance, the comforter, death, depression, faith.
Those are categories I want teachings on. And so I pray for those categories that
God would bring teachers in to fill that, so I can get the teachings in
those areas. Now how long do you think all that takes me? About a half hour, 35
minutes and I’m done. You could zip right through it. The stuff
that I know specifically about people, it’s like the life center guys.
The stuff I know about specifically, I can pray for, but I don’t really know. Maybe somebody needs a job or somebody has some physical thing, but
normally unless you tell me, or somebody tells me, I’m in the blank (dark), and so I just pray generically. Hello friends this is Homer
Knox again. I hope you enjoyed this video teaching. The question I have for you is:
are you Born Again, do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, and are
you Saved? If not, why not why not. Jesus was born of a virgin. He lived a sinless
life, He suffered and died under Pontius Pilate and the Romans. He was buried and He
rose from the dead on the third day after burial. And He’s ascended into
heaven according to the scriptures. There is salvation in no one else, no one else.
And so if this has stirred your heart and you’d like to receive Jesus as your
personal Savior, please pray with me: Dear Jesus I accept you as my personal Savior,
come into my heart. Please forgive me of all my sins, all my sins. Thank you for
saving me, thank you for making me a New Creature and thank you for the Holy
Spirit now living inside of me. Amen and Amen!! If you prayed this prayer for the
first time from your heart, you’re now Born Again, you are a
Christian. Welcome, welcome to the Family. If you prayed this prayer after slipping
away, you’re now back in the fold, you’re part of the Kingdom. Welcome,
congratulations. There’s another teaching on the menteachingmen.com website
entitle “I just got saved now what”, and that video will help you on your new
walk with Jesus Christ. god bless you. God bless you, Amen!!

Otis Rodgers